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Part 10
by John
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Summary: Finishing up the "e-mail caper"
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Rating: PG
(Later that night at the Crashdown, Isabel and Liz are anxious to know the results of the "mysterious e-mail caper")

Liz: Max said we'd all meet here for ice cream if it turned out to be Topolsky. One thing that got omitted in this choreograph was where we'd meet if it wasn't.

Isabel: They'll be here. If they'd been caught, I think we'd have heard the rumblings by now.

Liz: You're right as usual. Now that it's over, I thought it was kinda interesting the way everything just came together. By the way, great idea that circle thing. I've never felt more strength than I did as part of that.

Isabel: I'm not sure why I wanted to do that. I think it was kind of my way of finally letting you, Maria, and Alex in. We've been so afraid for so long to trust or rely on anyone but ourselves, having you all there, knowing we had nothing to hide, and just being able to assume everyone would make it happen was a new and refreshing experience for me too.

Liz: I can't speak for Maria, but for myself, and I could feel this from Alex too, there is no more "is this friendship a good idea". I can say, once and for makes zilch difference to me where your parents were from or where you were born. You guys are just great people to know...and of course you know how I feel about your brother...

Max: What about her brother?

Liz: Why do I always feel like a fool when you sneak up on me?

(stares at Max and Alex) Don't you dare answer that...either of you.


Liz: Well?

Max: Liz...could we all go up to your balcony or something. I want to talk...but I'm also not in the mood for people and confusion.

Liz: Sure's not home anyway.

(In a more quiet setting, Alex and Michael rehearse the details of what they found. No one seems to know quite what to make of it...or what the next move, if any, should be.)

Liz: So you're pretty sure Bunker knows nothing for certain.

Alex: Stands to reason. I can't see how he could. But, he IS the sheriffs' cousin.

Michael: I feel like Alex is right. The only trouble I can see coming from him is if he decides to e-mail someone besides one of us. But even so...except maybe for your mother Isabel... I'm not sure that would even be problem. It would just sound crazy.

Alex: The best approach is to ignore him. If you show even the slightest concern, he'll make more out of it than he should. If any more mail from him comes in...I'd view it as entertainment.

Isabel: Max and Michael are in his class. Don't you think he's going to be watching you closely?

Michael: Not me! I don't think he has any interest in me...except maybe getting me to come to class.

Liz: Max, what do you think?

( response)

Liz: Max?

Max: Oh...sorry. You're right...whatever Michael says. I'm sure he knows best.

Michael: Max isn't quite himself. I think tonight was a little too much for him.

Max: Tonight, yesterday, last week, last month....

Liz: Max ...(takes his hand)...that's not the Max I love talking. What's wrong?

(Long silence...Michael, Alex and Maria know what's on Max' mind...but none of them wants to bring it up)

Max: (in a silent connection) "Michael"...(he suddenly pauses; he's surprised...he's sensing Alex in the connection as well]..."and Alex, please don't talk about me...")

Max: (aloud) I don't know if I'm the Max you love anymore, Liz. I don't know who I am...or what I am...or why I am.

Isabel: I've never heard you talk like that before. Tell me what's wrong?

(long agonizing pause)

Max: I can't. Not now! I need some time...I need to experiment.

Liz: Experiment?

Max: Never mind...forget I said that. I think it's time we all hit the sack. Oh...and everybody...we made a great team tonight. Thanks!

(The gang breaks up. Isabel and Max return home. Isabel goes to her room leaving Max alone)

(Max to himself: What is happening? I feel fine physically. I should feel relieved that the crazy e-mail is probably nothing to be concerned about. We've got some great friends...they can and will help us do what we have to do. They proved that tonight. So why can't I molecular manipulate? (Max tries to move an object-nothing happens) What happened? Will the power come back? Why did I have it in the first place? I've always viewed that power as something made available to us so that we could use it to help keep our secret...and maybe to help others along the way. Having it or not shouldn't make any difference in how I think...but the others look to me...I just don't see how I can be the groups unofficial leader without it. I'll have to defer to Michael. it a matter of time?...Will he lose it too? Does it only last for so long in this earth environment? And what about Isabel...I don't know how to tell her without scaring her. Why is this happening? (pause) I wonder if I can still make a connection? Picks up a picture of Liz.

WHAM...FLASH...I'm in. Shouldn't have done that! "Sorry to you you!" Well, at least that still works.)

(Sometime later, Max is unable to sleep. I wonder if Maria's asleep by now? I'd like her not to tell Liz what happened to me...not yet. If things come back to normal...then no need to worry her about it. If not...I'd like to tell her in my own way. I'm sure she'll say it makes no difference. But does it? Is that a part of me that's important to her? Max concentrates...he enters Maria's dream.'s Max. I know you want to tell Liz what happened to me...and it will be hard not to...but I beg you...don't...not just yet. Maybe this is temporary. If it's not, I want to tell her myself...please? There's a long quiet, then he feels like she got the message. Relieved, he finally falls asleep)

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