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Part 8
by John
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Summary: The Day After the Dance
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(Liz to her journal)

Last night was great...almost normal. I had my Max back. If he was scared he wasn't showing it. He said were kinda together his mind he never broke us up. He said he just wanted to slow things down, whatever that means. Biology class was even good today. Max and I talked... even laughed for the first time in a while. I even touched him and neither of us pulled back. I'll take whatever of him I can's sure better that the last month or so. The others were talking last night too...even communicating. I wish last night could have gone on forever, but now, it's back to reality. I've got to work on defining my "normal" for the next little while. I've got to let Max lead...set the pace for us for awhile. I just know in my heart and my head that things can work out. I just hope Max believes it. No one...not even someone...better ever think of taking him from me again.

(At the Evans home)

Michael: Hey!

Max: (startled) Didn't hear you come in.

Michael: Didn't sense me either, huh? You're slipping Max.

Max: Actually I was just thinking about you. I need to tell you about someone.

Michael: Yea...that came up last night and I felt like the odd man out.

Max: Well?

Michael: You know what I mean.

Max: Try not to go ballistic on me here, please.

Michael: Me? Ballistic?

Max: This is pretty serious. Liz got e-mail.

Michael: Yea, I know you guys have been exchanging mail. Alex gave me the encryption decoder, but my keeper spilled beer in the keyboard so our computer doesn't work.

Max: In a way, I'm sorry to hear that. I had a small hope you might have been playing a joke. Now that I know that's not the case I'm even more worried. The e-mail said it was from someone@somewhere.a51. Pretty weird in itself. But the message...It said," Know any aliens? I do!"

Michael: Not good!

Max: Alex says with that address it never should have made it through the internet, but it that it was aliased or something.

Michael: Liz got that a few days ago?

Max: Yes!

Michael: And you don't tell me until now?

Max: Maria was supposed to tell you.

Michael: Figures! Well... maybe she tried. Until last night I wasn't listening to her much.

Max: you know! Feel better?

Michael: No! This could mean my life as well as yours you know.

Max: I thought you said your life sucked.

Michael: It does, but maybe a little less right now than is has for awhile. Besides being citizens and not prisoners in "the home of the free" is the best option.

Max: With that I have to agree!

Michael: Think we better get packing? It may be time to split for Cuba.

Max: I've not pushed the panic button all the way yet...but it's part way down.

Michael: It ought to be through the floor.

Max: That's what I mean about ballistic. We don't know enough yet.

Alex says there's a good chance it originated at some government level, but he can't tell for sure. Oh...and he and I decided not to worry Isabel with least not yet.

Michael: You and he decided? Since when do we let humans decide anything for us?

Max: Michael, Alex is a very good friend. He's as much concerned about this as we are. He wants to help trace it...although I'm not sure what I'll do if we find out where it came from.

Michael: You mean what we'll do!

(Meanwhile, in the den downstairs, Isabel is heading for the computer. Alex gave her another copy of the encryption decoder (he knew Max wouldn't leave his on the computer) and told her to check her e-mail. She asks the computer for e-mail)

Re: Last night!

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(Guess this is where the decoder comes in she thinks...runs program)

Re: Last Night

I enjoyed the dance...and after. Thanks for the trust. Trust is something I can both give and return. Hope your girlfriends are still your friends. I'm sure they don't like me...but I'm glad you can. Alex

(Isabel thinks..."he's so nice...and he's someone I can be myself with.")

(As she's about to log out, she notices:

Fm: someone@somewhere.a51


(She stares at the screen...not sure what to think. Does someone know something they shouldn't? Is this a joke? Should I show Max? Is he too stressed right now? Michael? He'd just go wild, but he's got to see it. Alex? Yes...he'd be calm...I can trust him...and he knows computers. Maybe he could shed some light on this. Isabel hits the print key, then quickly closes the program. No one else must see this she thinks.)

Isabel: (on phone) Alex...I just got an email.

Alex: From someone you can trust no doubt?

Isabel: I got yours...and the trust goes without saying. But I got this other one... It's from someone@somewhere...

Alex: WHAT? Don't say another word on the phone. I need to see you. I need to see IT.

Isabel: (sensing panic in his voice) You know something about this?

Alex: Isabel, don't. I've got to talk to you and!

Isabel: Does Max know something about this too?

Alex: it to him now or you can wait until I get there. This has now gone way too far.

Isabel: Come quick. I think I need you.

(Alex to himself: This just got personal. Isabel's involved. Got to get to the bottom of this. Guess you've got to careful what you wish for)

(Isabel takes printout to Max' room where he and Michael are still talking)

Isabel: Max...I need to show you something.

(Takes print out...reads it...he just freezes...does not speak or move)

Michael: What is it Max?

Max: This might be the end, my friend.

(Hands Michael the paper)

Isabel: What are you saying Max?

Max: This isn't the first message like this we've seen.

Michael: Liz got one from this same source.

Isabel: It wouldn't make sense to talk about her brother...she doesn't have one.

Michael: It didn't say the same thing. What was is it said, Max?

Alex: The one Liz got said, " Know any aliens? I do!" (Alex spoke while making a Michael style entry)

Max: How'd you do that entry?

Alex: Getting to know your house a little.

Isabel: Why didn't any of you tell me?

Max: We weren't sure what it meant. Up until today I had hope it was Michael playing a joke.

Michael: I might send a bogus message...but NEVER EVER would it have anything to do with that...

Isabel: Did you think I couldn't understand what this means?

Alex: No...we knew you would understand...and I confess it was part my idea not to worry you.

Isabel: Next time, worry me. But I understand the gesture anyway.

Alex: Notice something odd about this latest note?

Max: I'm to shaken to notice much of anything.

Alex: If we read this right...and I hope I am...the writer thinks he knows something about you Max...but, from the way it's written, I don't think he suspects Isabel. He only suspects she knows about you.

Michael: God I hope that's true. I mean...bad enough Max is suspect... public healings will do that...but maybe Is and I are OK.

Max: Even if he doesn't suspect Is or you, he knows she's my sister and thinks she probably knows my secret. And now I'm really worried about Liz. Whoever this is knows about Liz and me...and if he knows that...he knows Michael and Alex hang with us too. Tell me...why, oh why can't we just be left alone...I go from euphoria last night to agony today. Last night was one of the best nights in a long time...and now this is one of the worst days ever.

Alex: we pursue this? I've got some ideas on tracing the mail paths, but I need the school computer lab to do it. I also need to take either yours or Liz' computer to the lab with me and that's a huge problem. The advisors are worried about viruses and won't let any outside computer gear on that network. It's going to have to be an "after hours" job...if you get the idea. Geez, I can't believe I'm even thinking this. I give my blood...I go to jail...I break into the school.

Max: You really are a special friend Alex. Thanks!

Alex: Friends don't let friends have their lives screwed up. So we do it then?

Michael: Have we got a choice?

Max: Yes, we can wait and let him do us in completely. He wrote to Isabel and Liz and they know the truth...what if he writes to mom? Change "brother" to "son" on that message and we've got an even bigger problem.

Isabel: You're assuming it's a he?

Michael: You're thinking Topolski?

Isabel: Makes sense. She knows everyone we hang with...and our addresses and stuff.

Alex: Having been grilled by her...I don't think this is her style. Be nice if it was. If so, this is nothing but a fishing expedition on her part. She suspects something, but she has no proof. She's trying to get a response.

Max: I agree. If we can prove it's her we can all breathe easier, but like you, I'm not so sure.

Michael: So, when's the midnight run. I'm getting pretty good at windows, doors, and locks.

Isabel: It's a good thing you're basically honest.

Michael: You know that for sure?

Isabel: Yes!

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