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"The Dance"
Part 7
by John
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Summary: It's been a few days since the mysterious e-mail showed up on Liz' computer. There has been nothing more. Alex has been trying to trace it, but has run up against a brick wall. Max even tried to "feel" something from a print out of it, but no luck. Alex thinks that if he could send a reply from a computer at the school computer lab he might be able to trace it. Seems the school, with it's .edu url, has a more direct path to .gov addresses than Liz has from her home. But, for now, the gang has decided enough is enough when it comes to problems. It's the day of the dance (finally) and they need some fun. Liz and Max are the only couple of the "we six" that actually have a formal date for it. Michael has said he might show up. Maria is going, hoping he won't, praying he will. Isabel is planning on going with her friends. Alex will probably show up with hope in his heart.
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(At the Crashdown, late afternoon)

Maria:'s so great we could both get the night off. Doesn't happen very often anymore.

Liz: This is something I was wanting to look forward to since Max said we could go; but things have been so crazy I haven't have had any looking forward to time. Maria, I hope you can have fun regardless of your man situation.

Maria: I'll try. But you're the one I'm worried about. You look so nervous.

Liz: I'm not sure how to handle Max. Does he want talk, touch...maybe just dancing? If I had my way, we'd turn off the world again, just for tonight, but I know Max won't do that.

Maria: Just do what come naturally for both of you. You may not get him to turn off the world, but I'll bet you can get him to turn his head...if you know what I mean.

Liz: Oh I hope so. Just one kiss would hold me for awhile.

Maria: Well, gotta go pick up some things before tonight. See you there.

(At the dance)

Max: Liz, you've been sitting there with about as much life as an icicle. This is really OK. I wanted tonight to be like before. I thought we could have some together time.

Liz: It hard to be to close together when we're two steps away from each other.

Max: Liz, you've got that all wrong. You took what I said as meaning I wanted to break up. All I wanted to do was slow things down a little so I could rebalance my life. As I told you in the e-mail, it was just too much too fast. By the way...I really appreciated your e-mail. It calmed me down a lot. The night I left your balcony, when I told you I wasn't the same, I really wasn't. So many things had been happening...then Michael got sick and...

Liz: I know...In my head, I know...I think even in my heart I know. It's just that giving up even a little bit of you is so hard...

Max: Liz, how can I say this. We can't just pick up where we were. But I can't stand our being at a total halt either. Can you work with me on this a little? Quit punishing me. You've removed yourself from my life worked. I need you back. But I'm still scared. I still don't know how this can work. I have so many questions. But one thing I've noticed. Sometimes, if you can just ignore things for awhile, they have a way of working themselves out. I want to try...I really do. You said you were "here". Well, so am I. All I can do is ask you to be patient with me. By the way, thanks for telling me about the strange e-mail. Alex said you didn't want to at first out of fear I'd step back further, but you did...and that means a lot.

Liz: Thought we weren't going to talk about that tonight?

Max: Right...I forgot. See? You are going to have to have patience. Some things you just can't forget.

(Liz startled...didn't see anyone come up)

Michael: Hey you two...haven't seen you dance all night.

Maria: Can't say we've been much better...but have you noticed Isabel and Alex. I didn't think Alex could dance...and I didn't think Isabel would leave her friends and be seen with him in public.

Liz: I hope he doesn't get so distracted that he turns off the world. We need him to follow up on Mr. Someone.

Max: Ahhh! Now you're talking about it.

Michael: What "it" are you talking about?

Maria: Max, didn't you tell him?

Max: I thought you would.

Maria: Well...we haven't been talking much...but there has been something about tonight...I hope it lasts.

Michael: Would someone please tell me about Someone...I mean, I'm really confused.

Liz: Let's do it later...I don't want tonight ruined.

Max: I'll tell you tomorrow.

Maria: Yeah...he'll tell you tomorrow.

(Alex and Isabel swing by)

Isabel: What is this, a private meeting?

Liz: Yes, but you're always invited.

Alex: If we're here they'll have to shape up...let's go get a drink or something.

Liz: See you guys.

(After the dance)

Liz: Max, it was a great night. Everyone seemed so at ease.

Max: Things are seldom what they seem...but tonight I have to agree.

Liz: So where are we, Max?

Max: I think we're on your balcony.

Liz: Quit avoiding the issue. You know what I mean.

Max: I think we're kinda back together. I want to be. Can you do it my way for a while...please. I'll be OK, I think...assuming Mr. Someone doesn't rear his head...or some other disaster come out of the woodwork.

Liz: Max, I can't explain what I'm about to say. All I can say it's my heart talking through my head. Somehow, I just know things will work out if you'll just quit fighting it. OK, so you're high risk. I don't care. I want to be there to help you through every inch of your life if necessary. I've thought, reasoned, rationalized, prayed, done everything but ask a fortune- teller...and everything I taste, touch or feel says we can be together. Somehow I just know there's nothing ... even the biology if we eventually have to... that we can't work together to solve. You're just not that different. Do you know how amazing that is? That two races could have evolved or been created and be so similar. There has to be a common something...and that's why I'm not afraid any longer. I don't know what it is and I don't care. I just feel it, Max. What ever that commonality's why our souls can touch the way they do. And if you ever had to leave and I couldn't come, I'd always be waiting for you. I couldn't be happy with anyone else. It's such an overpowering feeling...I can only say, trust me on this. It can work. I'll approach it however you want, but let's quit making ourselves miserable. Max, I'm here. I want to be part of your life however I can. So does everyone else. Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex; we can all help each other. All we have to do it let it happen. Wonderful things can happen. We've got to stop blocking it. I told Alex I had a dream of the type of unity that can be shared. I want this to happen. The only thing I want more that the group to function as a group is for you and I to get closer...solving our problems along the way.

Max: You're pretty convinced, aren't you?

Liz: Ever known me to be wrong?

Max: Not on anything that matters!

(One very looooong romantic kiss)

Liz: Pleasant dreams Max.

Max: Goodnight Liz!

(Meanwhile across town)

Michael: I should be taking you home; not the other way around.

Maria: Hey, this is the 21st century...if you believe some doesn't matter who has the car.

Michael: Stop somewhere before you get to my so called house. I'd rather look at you without seeing it.

Maria: That's the nicest thing you've said to me...maybe ever.

Michael: I'm not as bad as you think.

Maria: You're not bad at all, you just have a one track mind.

Michael: Meaning?

Maria: Hiding, blocking people out...along with feeling you've been shortchanged on the home and family situation...that's your whole existence.

Michael: Well, what else is there for me?

Maria: Love!

Michael: You've gotta be kidding.

Maria: No...people really do care about you. Me, Max, Isabel, Alex, Liz

Michael: Well two of the above anyway.

Maria: I won't ask which two.

Michael: Isn't it obvious?

Maria: I'm afraid so...but you are soooo wrong. Everyone of those people care about you greatly. That we're even having this conversation is proof of that.

Michael: Hey, I thanked much gratitude do you want?

Maria: For saving your life...I've had enough. For caring about you've got along way to go spaceboy.

Michael: I've told you, being involved with me can only hurt you. My home situation is the pits. I still dream of finding more of my own people and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Maria: Think about that Michael. I know this will be hard...but it hasn't happened in ten years. There hasn't been any activity like that for much longer. You could wait for that all your life and still be right where you are. If it happens, it happens, but you can't bank on it. You've got to make a life here. You can make it whatever you want. The people who care about you are right here. Repeat after me, "I, Michael, can have a good life right here". Right now, your home isn't where the heart is...but look elsewhere. You'll find lots of heart, starting with me. You'll leave your so called home in a few years and look back on it as just a roof over your head. I know you think you got a raw deal compared to Max and Isabel...and you're right. But you can be better for it...I just know it.

Michael: It' so hard...the thought of getting involved with anyone...I can't.

Maria: Can't or won't.

Michael: Both!

Maria: Guess what already are. You'll never be rid of me. I know what you are...and it doesn't matter. I want to know more of who you are. You opened the window a crack tonight...I beg you...don't close it again...not now. There's very little love can't overcome...start by letting it in...maybe later you can let some out...but for now you can start by just being a "guy" to me.

Michael: Hang around then...but I can't promise you'll like it.

Maria: I can!

(Big embarrassing kiss)

Maria: Yea...can I ever.

Michael: Start this car or something else is going to start.

Maria: That's're getting the idea.

Michael: Don't you get the wrong one.

Maria: Never!

(Drives him home)

And, almost at the same moment

Isabel: Thanks for taking me home. I don't know where Max went.

Alex: I can guess.

Isabel: I can't believe my friends left without talking to me.

Alex: I'm afraid it's because of me.

Isabel: If so, I can handle it.

Alex: You need your friends. Between you, Max, and Michael, you're the most social. You seem to have accepted that you're here and need to make a life.

Isabel: It's all phony...but it helps keep away the loneliness sometimes. You only real friend is my mother...and Max won't let me close the loop with her...although if it ever comes down to losing her I'm going to do it despite what Max and Michael may say.

Alex: I think you ought to.

Isabel: I'm close...when the time is right. In the meantime...there's something about you that makes me feel the same way.

Alex: You mean I'm like your mother.

Isabel: Not exactly.

Alex: Good! I've never been very motherly.

Isabel: I mean from the friendship side. I just feel I can totally trust you...maybe I now have co-best friends. But if anybody asks me, I'll probably deny it.

Alex: Deny, Deny, Deny...didn't somebody famous once say that?

Isabel: This planet's history is not something I spend a lot of time with.

Alex: Maybe you should.

Isabel: Oh!

Alex: History is about overcoming adversity...about fighting for a way of life...about finding peace.

Isabel: I never thought of it that way; I sure could use all of the above.

Alex: Well, here we are. No jeep...guess Max is where he ought to be...with Liz.

Isabel: I'm not sure that's where he ought to be.

Alex: Yes you just can't bring yourself to admit it.

Isabel: Maybe...but I know I'm where I should be right now.

Quick kiss on the cheek...pretty good for Isabel...and she goes inside.

Well, it's been magic night in Roswell. Maybe Liz' dream of togetherness can come true. The fact is, it's going to have to. Someone, somewhere may enter the scene with a chilling effect on all our hero's lives.

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