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Part 6
by John
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Summary: Liz can't believe what she's just read on her e-mail. A non-Alex encrypted message from: someone@somwhere.a51 It said, "Do you know any aliens? I do!" She's somewhere between panic and shock!
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"Oh God, what next", Liz says aloud, even though no one is with her. (She grabs the phone, no time for mail now.)

Alex: "Hello"

Liz: "Alex...Alex...can you come over...I mean 5 minutes ago".

Alex: Hi Liz...just got your e-mail. I want....

Liz: Alex, this isn't about the e-mail...well maybe it kinda is in part... Please, just come over."

Alex: "What's wrong Liz? You sound scared, like when Michael was sick; only worse".

Liz: "I can't explain on the phone...I'm not sure I can explain in person...but I've got to talk to somebody about someone."

Alex: "Who?"

Liz: "Someone, somewhere...I'll explain when you get here."

Alex: "You've got to talk to somebody about someone, somewhere. Well somebody is who I can be then. I'm on the way."

(Liz, still trembling, looks around as Maria comes in.)

Maria: "Hey...thanks for the e-mail. Your logic is just what I need sometimes...a lot of the time...there's so little logic with Michael and I..."

Liz: "I wish this were logical" (Liz points to the computer screen)

Maria: "This is not good.

Liz: "It's not good if it means you think it might be some kind of joke?"

Maria: "Pretty sick joke."

Liz: "Alex is on the way. I hope with his computer expertise he can figure out where it came from...and if it's legitimate"


Liz: "Come in Alex, quickly."

Alex: "Who's this someone you've got to talk to me about?"

Liz: "Someone, somewhere".

Alex: "Huh?"

Liz: "Look at this and tell me what you think. I'm scared...unless of course it's a joke...then I'm still scared. Who would do something like that?

Alex: "This looks weird...I need to look at the header information...and the paths... .a51 is not something the internet would recognize. It's not obvious how it would even get here"

Liz: "I was hoping you'd tell me it had to be a hoax. Do you think you can tell where it came from?"

Alex: "Not without some research...maybe not even then. If this were PBS instead of Warner Brothers I say it was 'Ghostwriter.' Max better see this".

Liz: "Yes, I know he...Max...Max...I forgot to get back to him about the dance...well if he sees this it will scare him back another 20 steps. The only dancing I'll be doing is trying to explain why it would come to me...and I have NO idea. Maybe we better not tell him until you can research it."

Alex: "If not Max, Michael then. This is too close for comfort. One of the guys needs to know. No need to worry Isabel though.

Liz: " were right in the first place. Max is the one who should see this...I just hate to do it to him. If anything else happens I'm afraid he might crack. He's pretty scared as it is, although I think my e-mail calmed him a bit. I like the e-mail. I can say what I think without getting interrupted."

(Alex on phone)

Alex: "Max...this is Alex. Can you come over to Liz' right away. There's something you better see...although let me warn you, you won't want to.

Max: "Is it bad Alex? "I've really had enough bad lately".

Alex: " Better not talk about it on the may be nothing...but I don't feel good not showing it to you...OK...see ya in a few."

"He's on his way."

Liz: "Any more ideas?"

Alex: "Someone had to have made a couple of alias's to fool the web into delivering this. Let me check a couple of things. Give me a governmentagency."

Maria: "How about the FCC...we could complain about the bad programs on TV". Alex types in

Alex: "Look! Some of this delivery path to that government agency matches the one from our 'someone'. I'd say there's a 60% chance this came from a government agency, even though it had a ".a51" rather than a ".gov" url.

Liz: "Not good, is it?"

Alex: "I'd say it reduces the chances it's a joke".

(Window rattles)

Liz: "Max...(quick kiss on the cheek) I've missed you so much...but this isn't the way I envisioned our getting back together...I..."

Max: "You never got back to me about the dance".

Liz: "Yes...we're remember that as you look at this", says Liz.

Max stares at the cryptic message on the computer

Max: "Is this some kind of joke"

Liz: "That was my hope too but Alex says probably not."

Max: "Alex?"

Alex: " Well, I've got to do some more research. That sending address should not even have allowed mail to be sent ...but it was cleverly coded with an alias or two. And why would it come to Liz? Max, you better hang on to one of us for this...( Max willingly grabs Liz' hand)... I'm pretty sure it came from a government agency...could be national...state...even Roswell...can't tell for sure...yet.(pause)

Max: "Liz, we'll go to that dance if I'm still in town..."

Liz: "Max I...."

Maria: "Don't worry Max." "We'll get to the bottom of this".

Alex: "And Liz"..."I'm in. I can see I better be".

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