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"The Beginning of the End "
Part 15
by John
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The three New Mexico State travelers are back at school. The trip was an eye opener for Liz and Alex. They now have a greater understanding of what being friends with the Czechoslovakians means, the responsibility it carries, and why their new friends have been so reluctant to open up to them. They clearly see how they too must now live a new normal. What should have been an exciting and educational field trip was anything but. As for Max, it was just more of the same thing he's had to live with for most of his life. Can you really blame him for being the reserved individual that he is? It's hard enough just living the way he has too...indeed the way they all now have to...without deliberately reaching out and asking for increased involvement in anything. Liz is grasping what Max has been telling her...what it will be like to be with him. Despite the realization, she wouldn't have it any other way. Max means more to her than anything. If this is the way it must be then so be it, and she's told him so. As for that a rather impassioned kiss from Isabel has cured his headaches and stopped the life history flashes coming from everyone he looks at...he too thinks being part of the "We Six" is just fine. His life before inclusion was just too "same old". Isabel at first didn't believe what Max and Alex told her about Alex' sensory problems and thought it was a set up...but she went along with what she thought was a gag and gave Alex the most thrilling kiss of his life. Almost immediately, the hyper- sensitivity to others and the flashes he would get from seeing things ceased. It didn't set everything back to a complete normal ...he can still read Max and Isabel (probably Michael too) if they want him to and they can read him if he wants...but at least it's on demand. Given the experience Max had at the fingerprint machine, Alex said he doesn't mind...if he can help, he's available. Max is still waiting for his power to fail again...but he's pretty convinced that it will and that a kiss from Liz will bring it back. Both men realize that the "physical contact with their women" fix is a band-aid and Alex keeps assuring Max and Isabel that they'll find a less sexually oriented solution. Against this backdrop, we join our friends as they meet at lunchtime.

Michael: Let me get this straight. Your molecular power keeps failing...then you kiss Liz and it comes back? And you Alex, somehow your slight sensory ability goes into overdrive and contact with Isabel fixes it?

Max: Let's not publicize it.

Michael: Who's left to tell...I mean that we could tell?

Max: I meant that you were speaking rather loudly...and it's OK if Maria knows. (He nods towards Maria)

Maria: I feel left out...I need a Michael connection.

Michael: Don't even think that...with this weirdness, it might happen.

Alex: Things are under control for the moment and I'm determined to find a solution.

Liz: I much as pulling Max' chain about it is fun, it's not the way things should be. I mean...I can live with a new normal...but only up to a point. This is just too weird.

Isabel: (towards Alex) ...and if you think I'm doing that kiss every few better get real...and find a permanent solution fast.

Michael: I'm gonna say I told you so...involvement with humans...

Max: ..and I'm gonna say I don't care...what's done is done. Being able to open up to and rely on Liz, Alex , and Maria, just like I can rely on you and Isabel...know what...this is one reach out I don't want to reverse. I don't know what I would have done without Alex and Liz on the field trip.

Michael: You're so far gone there's no turning back, is there?

Max: Nope...but you can come's really OK.

Michael: Well...uh...would you believe me if I said I was feeling a bit left out of the kissing equation?

Maria: (surprised) You don't have to have an excuse...I mean...I'll let you kiss me anytime.

Michael: Like this? (Long kiss)

Maria: It's a start.

Liz: I hate to say anything...but it's time for classes.

Alex: We've got Computer Science. I'm a little scared to go in there after the lab run the other night. Michael, did you go to that class while we were gone?

Michael: You're probably going to be amazed, but yea...I did. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. But then, like I told you...Mr. Bunker has no reason to suspect me of anything...

Isabel: Let's get together after school...I'm glad you guys are back.

Liz, Max, Alex: (in unison) So are we!

(The women head for a math class and the guys go to Computer Science)

(Near the end of class...)

Mr. Bunker: (the C.S. teacher) ...and so you see, computers run on switching power supplies that provide plus 12 volts, minus 12 volts, plus 5 volts, and minus 5 volts. These voltages must be balanced. If your power supply malfunctions, your computer will behave erratically, and the supply must be replaced. (Bell rings)

Alex: (thinking to himself) Power must be balanced...power must be balanced. THAT'S IT! But can I prove it?

(Just as the guys are walking out)

Mr. Bunker: Evans, Guerin and Whitman...I need to see you privately!

(Parts VIII and IX of this incredibly diverse story would explain why Mr. Bunker might want to see them...just in case you forgot or came in late. In any case...this loose end needs to be tied up doesn't it?)

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