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"The Loose End"
Part 16
by John
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Summary: Continued from some other continueds!
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Max, Michael and Alex gave each other an "we better all hang together all we'll all hang separately look" as they moved to the front of the computer lab. Each was feeling the others' anxiety and Alex was glad his over active sensory abilities had been calmed by Isabel. If not, the vibes coming from Max and Michael might have sent him screaming.

Mr. Bunker: People...or whatever you are...may I show you something?

(Turns on a VCR playing the tape from the security camera the guys didn't know existed. if on "Roswell's Most Wanted"... were the three friends during their' after hours visit to the computer lab. Max silently asked the others to remain calm. He reminded them that they do have a trump card)

Mr. Bunker: Before I turn you into the police, I demand to know what you were doing in my laboratory after hours...and how you got in?

Alex: We were doing a little computer research and I needed a higher level network...

Max: (Interrupting and very forceful, especially for Max) You can turn us in if you want...but if you do...we'll turn you in for harassing of my sister Isabel. One thing we know for certain is that it was you who sent the clandestine e-mail accusing me of being "spaced" and "out of this world".

Mr. Bunker: You can't prove that.

Alex: Yes, I can. We know my replies came right back to your computer here. Frankly we were amazed. The only reason we were in here was to track down the source of the disturbing e-mail.

Mr. Bunker: I'll bet it was disturbing. My cousin is the sheriff. He said you'd be worried. If it comes down to stories, who's he gonna believe?

Max: I don't think it matters.

Mr. Bunker: It matters to you I thought it would.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Mr. Bunker: I'm talking about what the sheriff told me. He said he was sure that you, Max Evans, are not a human being but a creature from outer space. He's gonna flip when I tell him there are two more as well.

(Max, Michael and Alex all cringed at the word "creature"...Alex was the most pained...he doesn't consider his friends creatures)

Max: Valenti told you that?

Mr. Bunker: Yes, he said he just needed proof that an alien was among us and he could free the family from all the embarrassment that his father had caused it with his alien searches. I'm sure of it now. You had to find the source of the e-mail to get it stopped. You got in here without the slightest problem...must have been alien powers...and you figured out the mail came from me. It would take superior intelligence track that. And no way would you'd let any humans know what you were that means you two are aliens as well.

(Alex was about to say something at that last statement, but a quiet message from Max told him to let it go. Max was right, he couldn't refute it with out giving away Max and Michael...and besides...who cares...this guy's psycho)

Max: (Max should get an Oscar for this next part) That explains a lot.

Mr. Bunker: It does?

Max: Yes. The sheriff has been asking me strange questions...talking to my mom...he even asked me once if I had any rights? I thought he meant because I was only 16.

Mr. Bunker: Well?

Max: Mr. Bunker...come on any of us look like aliens?

Mr. Bunker: No, but what he said was...

Max: Here...shake my I feel like an alien?

Mr. Bunker: You feel like any 16 year old up to his ears in trouble...but feel human to me.

Max: Look...I'll take off my shirt...see...there aren't any green scales covered by a human looking plastic skin.

Mr. Bunker: But you guys got in here...and found me out?

Alex: I was able to do find you because you taught me so well.

Max: Mr. Bunker...I know he's your cousin...but Sheriff Valenti has something against me...I don't know what. I don't know what I ever did to upset him.

Mr. Bunker: But why doesn't he just talk to you...tell you what he thinks you've done wrong?

Max: I have no idea, but it's obvious the sheriff has been obsessing on his fathers' fantasies for too fact he's probably been living in Roswell too long. What else would a Roswell sheriff accuse someone of if he wanted to paint him as a suspicious person?

Michael: Besides, if we were aliens, why the hell would we stay in Roswell?

Max: If you start with this alien nonsense're gonna look as silly as the sheriffs father and bring more ridicule to your family. You need to stop Valenti too...or he's going to wind up like his father.

Mr. Bunker: So if you're not aliens, why did you have to track me down. And you still haven't explained how you got in here.

Michael: It was easy. I hid in the school after hours. I let the others in.

Mr. Bunker: Must have been pretty important to you to trace the mail.

Max: It really upset my sister...and my girlfriend. (Max smiled as he said that...he hadn't been admitting he had a girlfriend for awhile) I felt like we needed to get it stopped for their sakes.

Mr. Bunker: Your girlfriend?

Max: Come on! Don't deny it. Liz Parker showed me the mail she didn't make any sense to her...she asked me if I knew what that was all about.

Mr. Bunker: I confess...I'd been watching you and I saw her in your jeep several times. As I think about it though , I don't suppose an alien would have a human girlfriend.

Michael: (his usual worried self) Wouldn't make sense.

Alex: Liz has better taste than that.

(Nasty glare from Max...but the smile on Alex face said enough to change it to a grin)

Mr. Bunker: So Alex, you really did figure out how to trace my e-mail.

Alex: Yes...and I used an encryption routine I wrote to help me track it. I'll have to show it to you sometime.

Mr. Bunker: Well, you really are some of my better students (Michael laughed to himself)...and I think my cousin maybe has been in Roswell too long. Say Max, don't you work at the museum?

Max: You really have been watching me.

Mr. Bunker: That wouldn't be a place I'd expect to find an alien either.

Max: Why's owner believes in them...maybe some will come visit him...I just hope I'm not there when they come.

Mr. Bunker: I'm ready to let this whole matter drop if you are...I'll even erase the tape.

Max: OK...I'll tell my sister the matter is closed...but I won't say who was responsible.

Mr. Bunker: Alex...I really would like to see how you found me...obviously I need some coaching.

Alex: If I show you, will I get an A.

Mr. Bunker: If you don't you may get an F.

(With that...the guys left the lab. It was all they could do to keep from laughing until they were out of Mr. Bunker's earshot.)

Alex: Max...have you considered Hollywood? What a performance!

Max: It's amazing what you can do when your life's at stake. You guys weren't so bad either ...Alex... the way you patronized him...classic.

Michael: OK...before you guys sign up for the Screen Actors Guild, I'm hungry.

Alex: Me too...let's head to the Crashdown. I can't wait to tell the gals about this.

Michael: I thought Max promised to not tell Isabel who sent the mail.

Max: Did I say that?...Must have been a TV script!

(At The Crashdown)

Alex: It was really classic...Max even unbuttoned his shirt to show him there were no green scales underneath.

Liz: I'm glad everything's OK. Max has been worried about that whole thing on and off.

Max: Check off one more close call. I don't know how many more I can take.

Michael: We're gonna keep have'n them...may as well just call it normal.

Liz: Have you been reading my e-mail?

Michael: No, why?

Liz: Never mind!

Isabel: We were worried about you ...when you didn't show up right away.

Alex: We couldn't exactly walk out on him.

Michael: Been better if we skipped his whole class today.

Alex: Noooo! I gotta go home and think on this...but he may have accidentally given us the answer to our power control problem. Everyone, check your e-mail in the morning. If I'm right on this...we're all going to have some thinking to do.

Isabel: Hey, if you've got an answer to that, don't be holding out for another kiss.

Alex: Would I do that?

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