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"A Fine Mess"
Part 14
by John
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Liz and Max concluded their night. Liz did tell Max she was kidding about the desirability of a forced relationship...even though she probably thinks it would be nice. She wants Max to love her and need her for herself...not just to keep his power alive. For now however that seems to be the case. Max is not totally convinced, but the evidence does seem to be mounting. Max walked Liz to her room under the watchful eye of the science advisors and returned to his room to talk to Alex.

Max: Still say electricity?

Alex: That's still my best guess.

Max: Know what? Liz and I went for swim in the pool. Do you think that could have shorted out some electrons?

Alex: I don't think water affects bio-chemical electricity, otherwise drinking would not be advisable. Are you going to tell me your power came back?

Max: Did you read my mind or...

Alex: No...that was a deduction. I get headaches when these mind melds happen. Now I know why Spock always looked so pained.

Max: That was science fiction.

Alex: This isn't?

Max: You must be feeling better.

Alex: I'm OK unless I fixate on a person, place, or thing...then I see and hear things...or unless you call me.

Max: I'll try and avoid that.

Alex: Actually, you're a pleasant diversion since I know you. It's looking at a person and getting flashes of their life's history that bugs me. So did you guys do anything besides swim?

Max: Do I have to tell?

Alex: No...but if you want my analysis you will.

Max: Well, we went swimming, talked, kissed, got dressed, and ate some BBQ sandwiches.

Alex: I don't think it was the BBQ.

Max: Liz thinks she sees a pattern. My power fades...we comes back.

Alex: What brought it back the first time.

Max: I don't know, but we kissed then too.

Alex: Sounds like a pattern all right.

Max: But why all of a sudden. Liz and I were seeing each other on and off since the day I healed her.

Alex: Ah...but she told me you decided to slow down the relationship...and you hadn't seen her much since just before the e-mail caper. Maybe it didn't show up until you were actually away from her for awhile...although it was a result of what you did for her earlier. Maybe you had to transfer so much of a certain type of electricity to heal her that you have to get it back from her. This is all speculation. Come up with something else.

Max: I'd like to. We both agreed that it's not a good situation...although I think she likes the power over me right now.

Alex: Well that's the best theory I can offer tonight. It's probably something else though.

Max: What about you. What do you supposed awakened your sensory tendency?

Alex:'m not sure....

Max: Anything to do with Isabel? She's my suspect, because she's the best at reading people.

Alex: I think I could give her a run right now...but it hurts too much to do it.

Max: Remember, I can read you if I have to.

Alex: I'll talk...I'll talk. We didn't do anything we shouldn't, if that's what you mean. But yea...we kissed and made out a little...oh God...she's your sister...I shouldn't have to tell you this.

Max: It's OK. If I can kiss Liz, she can kiss whomever she wants.

Alex: OK...but I want you to know you can trust me with her.

Max: I do.

Alex: Well...I know she's been in my dreams at least twice. I think the first time was when you were deciding if I was trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, you know...the Boy Scout stuff. The second time? I'm not sure why or exactly when, but it was more recently. I supposed something could have supercharged a tendency I already had. That, coupled with the power transferred when Michael healed my arm...geez...this is getting way too far out.

Max: No further out that your guess as to my problem. What else have we got to go on.

Alex: Nothing else comes to mind. The bigger question is how do we reverse all this. I mean...I assume you want to keep seeing Liz...for the right reasons...and I'd like to see Isabel. We've got to get it solved.

Max: Maybe Michael was right all along about our getting involved with humans.

Alex: No, he was wrong. Good friends are worth a price. I'd be willing to live with this rather than lose you three as friends...but that won't be necessary. I'm sure there is a solution. There is a good scientific reason for this; we just have to find it.

Max: When we get back...I can't believe I'm saying this...we have to do an experiment. I'm going to not kiss Liz for a few days and see if the power fades again. I'll tell her it's in the name of science. You on the other hand get to kiss Isabel...again in the name of science.

Alex: She may not want to...I think she was half- asleep the night we did it. I'm not sure our relationships' at that point yet. We're along way from you and Liz!

Max: She was in your dream; that may have started it. We'll just tell her we have to try this and maybe that will discharge your hyper-sensing mind.

Alex: This all seems pretty far out.

Max: I'm open to another suggestion.

Alex: Maybe we could call an electrician.

Max: Goodnight Alex!

Alex: Goodnight Max!

(In the morning, the friends awoke and played games in the hotel game room until time to leave. In a gesture that was almost ironic, given that Max had decided to refrain from kissing Liz in the name of science, the bus drivers decided that the students could ride wherever they wanted...the alphabet not with standing. The three friends at least got to go back together in the same van. Three of the top ten top science students at Roswell High were never so glad to see home as they were when they got there. Oh well...just another day in Roswell!)

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