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"A Fine Mess"
Part 13
by John
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(The group has arrived in Los Alamos, had dinner and checked into a hotel. At least they didn't alphabetize dinner and Liz was able to join Max and Alex. The Roswell group of 10 is part of several other groups from around the state who will tour the National Laboratories. Being school sponsored...the guy's and gal's sleeping arrangements are PTA approved.

It seems this trip is doing its best to keep Liz and Max apart. Some earlier handiwork by Max at least put he and Alex together, which, given what their both dealing with right now, is the only thing that may keep them sane during what was supposed to be a fun experience)

(The guy's room...they finally can flop for awhile)

Alex: Electricity!

Max: Huh?

Alex: Electricity...both our problems are probably a result of a short circuit somewhere.

Max: Think so?

Alex: As I said, I've had a small tendency towards reading people for some time. It's the most basic form of e-mail. It's not something I asked for...nor talk about...nor was it a problem until recently. I have studied it a little however. People who can read others and people who can have telekinesis exist...this is well documented. I think what you guys have is a supercharged version of the talent.

Max: Go on.

Alex: You know from studying biology that the body functions on very small electrical impulses. They pulse the heart...they charge the brain. They can be measured. I dare say yours are either higher than what would be considered normal, or they're of different polarity and/or phase. Somehow you can amplify and project them too...but I have no idea how. I'm speculating of course...but I'm being scientific. My studies indicate people who have these talents have a slightly different electrical condition in their bodies. I suspect, even though I've never been anywhere that they can measure it, that even in normal conditions I have a slightly elevated impulse somewhere. Right now...I think it's off the chart. As for you...I'll bet there is just some small decrease...or maybe even increase in electricity somewhere in your body goofing things up.

Max: As I understand, it's mostly a biochemical reaction that makes the electricity.

Alex: Right...and that's why things can get messed up.

Max: A chemical imbalance.

Alex: It the scientific explanation. Of course the real explanation may be unscientific. That you are here with me right now is not exactly something science would attest to.

Max: Thanks a lot!

Alex: I didn't mean that in an unkind manner man...just stating a fact.

Max: I know...just giving you a dose of your own medicine.

Alex: I'm too intense to try and be funny right now. Blocking out impressions from people and things is wearing me out. It was novel at first...but coupled with the nightmares, I'm ready to scream.

Max: I think you're actually having a worse time than I am...but I don't feel comfortable without my molecular power, especially going into that secure facility tomorrow. Ever get an uneasy feeling about going somewhere? That's me right now.

Alex: Actually, I was looking forward to seeing the super computer and the genetics lab...especially if they're doing any "electrical" tests on subjects.

Max: You'll excuse me if I don't like the hearing the words "tests" and "subjects" used in the same phrase.

Alex: Totally excused!

Max: Let's try and get some sleep...they want us up at 7:00.

Alex: Wake me if I scream. I might be having a nightmare that I'm sleeping in the same room with an alien.

Max: I thought you weren't able to be funny right now.

Alex: For you friend, anything!

(Morning comes...Alex has had two nightmares and Max worried more than he slept.

The guys met Liz at breakfast but they're afraid the alphabet is going to split them up again. Max is wishing he could be a "Vans" rather than an Evans right now. After a short ride, they arrive at the labs and merge with about six other school groups. [The guide on a bullhorn] "A through M...we'll go the museum first...then tour the labs you'll be allowed to go see. N through Z, we'll do he opposite. We'll then all meet in the auditorium where various scientists will speak and answer questions. Please stay with your guide. There are some classified areas here where we stop people first and ask questions later." Max shuddered. Liz gave him a "you'll be fine" look and a quick little kiss as they split up again. The kiss seemed like just what he needed. Alex is excited about seeing the labs...but he's also still getting visions as he sees various people and things. At least he can stare at Liz for some least most things he senses with her he's already prepared for. As Alex and Liz join the group to go see the facilities, they are surprised to have their fingerprints taken as they enter the secure area. The guide explains that the fingerprint equipment is experimental, but is the result of some genetic studies that can pinpoint the nationality of each person with about 75% accuracy. " Don't worry if it reads "unknown". We still get quite a bit of that. But come back after another year of development...if we get an unknown then, we'll see you in the genetics lab. Liz shuddered as she thought of Max...he'll probably be OK today...but what about the would it read his prints? As they approach the genetics lab, the guide speaks of some of the advances being made toward overcoming birth related defects and other genetic related problems. Liz is smiling thinking about how she someday might help in the research. She can't help but wonder if an alien/human baby would have defects. As Alex looks around the lab, he gets a frightening flash. He envisions several animals and people being tortured there. He feels a lack of compassion. He feels terror.

He remembers Max' joke about tests and subjects. God, could it ever be his friend in here. Never, if I can help it, he promises himself. The group moves on to the super computer and Alex is excited.

The guide is rambling about the number of processes the computer can do and the scientific research that it is enabling. Alex gets a flash. Somehow he feels that there is some other not so noble work being done on it. Geez, why can't I enjoy this? I've been wanting to see this for along time. It's the mother of all computers. I should be happy.

After some questions and answers, the group heads for the museum. Just then, Alex is startled again.)

(Silent connection communication)

Max: Alex, help!

Alex: (senses panic) You come in clearer each time...what's wrong?

Max: I'm entering this secure area...they want fingerprints.

Alex: I know, I had to do that too.

Max: I've never had my taken...I don't know how close they are to human? Alex...put your hand up to your face?

Alex: That's gonna look stupid to everyone around me.

Max: Please...I just want to compare mine to yours...see if they're close enough to pass.

Alex: They said they get unknowns all the time...the machine's not perfected yet.

Max: (stressed) I know...but if it completely smokes...and I have no power to change anything...

Alex: OK, here.

(Puts hand up to face)

Alex: Max?

Max: It's OK...mine actually look close enough...nothing telltale I don't think.

Alex: We'll get through this guy...gotta head hurts!

(Silent communication ends)

Liz: Alex, why were you looking at your hand?

Alex: Tell you later.

Liz: Max?

(Liz, Alex and the rest of he group enter the museum part of the complex. They spend time with exhibits...and generally things start to seem less tense. Finally both groups are reunited in the auditorium. Alex is tempted to ask questions of the genetic researchers, but the ones he wants to ask he doesn't want Max to hear. Finally the day at the laboratories comes to an end and they head back to the hotel. The advisor says that they'll be leaving for home about noon, but the students can come to the lab library in the morning if they want to. Liz, Alex, and Max agree they don't want to do that. Being together sounds better...and Alex is kind of fading anyway. For the evening, they are free until the 10:00 p.m. room check. Alex wants to rest, so Liz and Max decide to explore the hotel.

Max: Bring your swimsuit? I see there's an indoor pool.

Liz: Actually I did...Maria told me to put it in...she said I might have free time.

Max: Wanta check out the pool?

Liz: I'll check out anything you want, Max.

Max: That's not what I mean.

Liz: I know...but it was nice to see you smile again.

(At the pool, they enjoy a swim and some talk time. Several of the other students are also there. Liz and Max agree that what should have been a fun and educational trip has just been more hyper- tension. A silent glance seems to mean they both agree an embrace might relieve some of that. The couple hugs at the pool's end and Liz slips her lips toward Max. As they touch...almost like last time...the pleasure for Max is augmented by flashes of things the past few days...the terror at the fingerprint machine...Alex and the seat exchange...the candy wrapper that wouldn't move. A second kiss is better...just a feeling of love between the two... their bathing suit clad bodies making it all the more romantic. As much as she doesn't want to stop, the situation is too public. She's breaks the embrace and suggests she's hungry. Max agrees to take her for a snack as soon as they're dressed.

Liz: That was the best part of this trip.

Max: Yeh, I agree. I felt really uptight at the labs.

Liz: So did Alex...and I thought he'd be in seventh heaven at a place like that.

Max: Is this our new "normal".

Liz: I hope not...we should be able to do normal things, right?

Max: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Liz: Don't even think it...I have no second thoughts.

Max: Good!

Liz: Here's the snack bar.

Max: What sounds good?

Liz: Anything, surprise me.

(Max orders up some BBQ sandwiches and drinks and they sit down)

Liz: Swimming makes me hungry.

Max: Me too...and for more than just food.

Liz: romantic.

Max: Haven't had much of a chance for that lately.

Liz: And for a change it wasn't your fault.

Max: What's that supposed to mean?

Liz: Just kidding. Hey, this sandwich is kinda cold, is yours?

(Max instinctively puts his hand on it, forgetting for a moment that he was in failure mode again)

Liz: Thanks!

Max: worked?

Liz: Yeh! It did! Hmmmm. Do you notice a pattern here?

Max: No...only that this on again/ off again thing is frustrating.

Liz: No, I mean a real pattern. We don't get close for awhile. Your power fades. We have a close encounter. You're back in business. You're welcome!

Max: I hope that's not a "new normal".

Liz: I do!

(Could it be? Should it be? And does this have anything to do with Alex' problem? Time and the authors twisted mind will tell)

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