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"What A Fine Mess"
Part 12
by John
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(The week since " The ride" has been uneventful. Through a strange alignment of the stars, the friends haven't been able to spend much time together. Maria was sick and Liz has had to spend a lot of time at the Crashdown to cover for her. Max had been coming by but they couldn't really "do" anything. Michael kept asking Liz all week how Maria was doing and Liz kept telling him to call her...that she's wasn't so sick she couldn't talk. In addition, the Evans kids grandparents were visiting and they've had to spend some time with them. That means Alex hasn't been able to see Isabel much either. Liz is looking forward to the week ahead, however. She's part of a field trip. The schools top ten science students are invited to tour the National Laboratories in Los Alamos, N.M. Max and Alex are also in the top ten and will be on the trip. She's dreaming of a several hour bus ride with Max not to mention time together during the tour. The Laboratories are where much of the work on the first US atom bomb was done, and at one time it took security clearance to even enter Los Alamos. More recently, the labs have expanded into many areas of research, including genetics, astrophysics, and super computer research among other things. It's still kind of a high security, government controlled area...which has Max a bit nervous. He did have an interesting flash when he had to fill out a security clearance form and answer the question, "are you a U.S. citizen". He decided he was actually a pretty good one so he said yes. He started thinking about how he probably doesn't have a birth certificate. But he does have a Social Security card and a driver's license. He is certainly a student in school. Maybe his parents have some sort of documentation that takes the place of a birth certificate from the adoption agency. After all, couples adopt foreign infants and children all the time. He thought about asking his mother, but decided that might lead to other questions he'd rather not answer. Michael did manage a few minutes with Max to discuss his worries that Max' recent power loss and the unexpected ability of Alex to be in a connection are somehow related. He points to that as another reason to not be involved so much with the humans. So far, Max is not convinced.

Everyone is packed and ready to leave when the science teacher announces that the bus which was to have taken them has broken down and they're going to have to take two mini-vans. He says students with last names A-M go in one van and N-Z in another. Liz' heart sank and Max actually almost looked tearful. Despite some protestations, they have to go on the assigned busses. Liz soulfully wonders if she'll ever have a name starting with E. At least, Liz thinks, I can be with my almost brother. The vans leave.

(Liz and Alex got in the far back seat so they could talk)

Liz: Alex, you've been awful quiet.

Alex: I have a really bad headache...and I haven't been sleeping much.

Liz: Isabel withdrawal?

Alex: A know she's been busy...

Liz: ...with the grandparents, yes. Max has had the same situation

Alex: I've also been having nightmares.

Liz: Can you remember them?

Alex: Yes...each time one of our group is in a life threatening situation.

Liz: But nobody dies?

Alex: Not yet...the rest of the gang has always come through each time to save them.

Liz: I think, maybe you're totally into the spirit I wanted you to be in.

Alex: Maybe more than I want to be. There's more, but I'll have to tell you in private.

Ken: (another student) Hey you two back there...not too close.

Liz: Mind your...

(Meanwhile in the other van, Max is his usual quiet self. He thinks," I wonder if I could change places with Alex when we stop for gas or something?"

Alex: (mumbles aloud) I willing to try it.

Liz: What?

Alex: Oh, nothing. (He whispers in her ear) I just thought I heard Max. He wants to see if he and I could swap places at the next gas stop.

Liz: How do you know that.

Alex: He told me.

Liz: Uh...Houston we have a problem.

Alex: Tell me about it.

(Finally as the vans stop for gas and a stretch...the friends meet privately)

Alex: You wanta try to swap...I don't think anyone would tell. These kids are our friends.

Max: What?

Alex: I thought you wanted to swap places with me.

Max: I had a fleeting thought about that.

Alex: I know!

Max: Are you telling me what I think you're telling me? Come to think about it, you said you were willing to try it didn't you?

Alex: Yes, I did...and I am...but you weren't exactly within earshot.

Liz: He did answer you aloud.

Max: Oh my...I sensed you a week or so ago too...but I was so hosed that it didn't register at the time that there was anything wrong with it...frankly I was glad for it.

Alex: Yea...I felt that from you...and I really don't mind if you want to communicate with me this's fine if it's just you...but since then I've been getting all sorts of weird input...even flashes just from just looking at pictures or thinking of people. Weird dreams too. I've been having weird dreams.

Max: Michael might have been right.

Alex: You know...I've always had a little ability this way. It's not something I've talked about...but every once in a while I could finish a persons thought before they would say it. I've studied the phenomenon a little bit. I've discovered there are people who can and do read others...but I've never seen anything described that is this complete. Can you tell me how to control first I could easily block it...but it's getting harder and harder.

Max: I usually don't have to block it...I usually have to work on receiving anything...same with Michael and Isabel.

Alex: You forget...I have a little different physiology.

Max: I didn't forget and it has me concerned. I'm afraid we've somehow given you something you might not want.

Alex: Michael was concerned that it had something in common with what you experienced. Can you still....

Max: I don't know...I could earlier. (Tries to move a candy wrapper on the ground.)

Liz: So?

Max: Great! Here we are...away for 2 days visiting a government research facility...which is already making me nervous...I've lost my power again and you're having goodness knows what...going on. Liz, are you OK?

Liz: I was until I listened to you two.

(Drivers are yelling...back in the vans everyone!)

Alex: Great...and I didn't even make it to the bathroom. Max, slip in with'll be OK.

Max: Thanks Alex. Call if you need something. Oh...know how I know I could manipulate things earlier? I made sure the rooming list had us as roommates. We can talk later.

Alex: Good man! Thank goodness for that. Later!

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