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Part 11
by John
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(It's Saturday, finally. Everyone...but especially Max, needs a break to regroup...or rebalance...or re-something. Max' molecular powers have not returned and he's feeling more and more depressed. He comes out of his room only enough to put up a facade so that Isabel and his mom won't be asking, "what's wrong?" Isabel senses something's not right, but remembers that last time she asked and the shutdown she got. It's the topic of discussion between the friends that know. a move that would have been unheard of just a short time ago, Michael actually seeks out Alex.)

Michael: Hey! Someplace we can talk?

Alex: Come on in...nobody's home but me...this is a first...but...really I hope it won't be the last. We did good the other night.

Michael: I'm concerned about...

Alex: Max? Me too, in a big way. I tried to call him.

Michael: So did I. He doesn't want to talk and doesn't want company.

Alex: And he doesn't want us to talk about what happened to him.

Michael: I do you know that?

Alex: The other night...when we were telling Liz and Isabel about the e-mail and the computer lab...remember we asked him a question...he seemed pre-occupied. Liz asked what was wrong. A tense expression came on his face...

Michael: You deduced that he didn't want us to say anything about his not being able to heal your arm.

Alex: was more than was weird. It was as if I heard him say something about it, although he didn't.

Michael: What did you hear?

Alex: Well, I didn't exactly hear it...but it was like I did. First it was directed at you...then...I can't really describe was like, "Michael" (pause) then, like he was quite surprised and almost relieved that I was there too... he said, "and Alex...please don't talk about me." Then I couldn't read him anymore.

Michael: (serious expression) That wasn't supposed to happen.

Alex: What?

Michael: That was meant for me. There was more after that that you didn't get...but the fact is you shouldn't have gotten any of it That was a kind of connection we sometimes have.

Alex: Well, I was definitely on the extension.

Michael: I think Max knows it too. He asked me to check on Maria and make sure she'll keep quiet. I thought at the time it odd he didn't mention you. Something's wrong! Max loses a power, and suddenly, you're able to be in a connection unharmed.

Alex: Is the connection dangerous?

Michael: For a human yes, usually, unless he's asleep. I can see I'll have to bring you up to date on that sometime...but not now. We've got to talk to Max...whether he wants to or not. I promised Max I'd check in with Maria. Let's go do that, then head to the Evans'.

(Meanwhile at the Crashdown)

Liz: Maria, I'm so concerned about Max. I know he's wanting to take our relationship slowly right now...but he's barely talking to me again. He says he's OK. He says he's OK with our relationship. He says nothings wrong. Know what? I don't believe him...and he's never lied to me that I know of...ever...not even when we were totally stepped back.

Maria: He's been through so much lately, I think he's just tired of the constant pressure.

Liz: That's what I'm worried about. I'm afraid he might crack. He's showing the signs of depression.

Maria: Can he get depressed.

Liz: The more I "feel" him, the more I know he's not that different from us. Yes, I think it's possible. I want to help him. I wish I knew what to do.

Michael: Hey you two!

Maria: Hey you two!

Liz: Maria and I were just talking about Max.

Michael: (looking panicked) What about him?

Liz: It's like he's in a depression. Michael, is that possible?

Michael: I honestly don't know, Liz. You know there's a lot we don't know about ourselves. (lowers voice) More all the time!

Maria: (knowingly) I hear you.

Liz: Is there something you're not telling me? If it's about Max...come on, if you know what's wrong with him, tell me.

Alex: He's just really overwhelmed. I think the fact that we found out that the crazy e-mail is probably nothing to worry about just caused him to just feel like he could relax a bit and he relaxed a bit too much. Just give him some time and space. He'll be OK.

Liz: You sure you don't know why he won't talk to me?

Michael: He won't talk to us least not much. We're gonna give him some time...then we'll try and find our normal Max again. I'm sure he's still in there.

Maria: Liz and I have to keep working here right now, but I'd like to see you later, Michael.

Michael: OK, I'll stop back. Maybe we can go for a drive or something.

(Alex saw Liz' eyebrows raise a bit at Michael's offer of an almost date. Maria's a bit surprised too...but she's sure he wants to talk about Max...not revisit the kiss she gave him the other night)

Alex: We gotta go. I need to talk to Isabel.

Liz: I'm sure you do. The question is does she need to talk to you?

Alex: I'll let you know.

(Meanwhile at the Evans)

Isabel: Max...something's wrong with you. You haven't been yourself since the computer e-mail deal the other night. I can feel it. I can see it Your occasional trip to the refrigerator does not fool me. Is there really still a problem with the Computer Science teacher? I'm not leaving to you tell me what's got you so down.

Max: I think the deal with Mr. Bunker is a non- problem for now...but I do have a feeling that it might rear its head again.

Isabel: There's something else, isn't there. And Michael knows it doesn't he? I felt you block me out the other night. Max, you never do that. What's wrong. You all have to quit protecting me. I'm as old as you are. I can handle what life throws at us... we've never had any secrets... Max, you're really hurting me. I want to help. I want to know.

Max: You're right! I should have told you the other's just... I thought this problem might resolve itself and I wouldn't have to worry you.

Isabel: What problem?

Max: The other we were leaving the school, someone yelled at us to stop. Instead, we ran as fast as we could for Maria's car. Alex was carrying a computer and he tripped...he got a big gash on his arm.

Isabel: Did you heal it for him? After all...he really helped us's the least you could do.

Max: I tried...twice...and I couldn't do it. Michael finally did it. I was kind of in a state of shock after that. I wanted to help him and I couldn't. I felt bad about that. Then I wondered what was wrong with me?

Isabel: So?

Max: I still couldn't help him if he needed it again, Iz. I can't molecular manipulate anything?

Isabel: I can see now why you're worried. You still should have told me.

Max: I've got to figure out what's going on. What happened? Is this permanent? Will you and Michael be affected? Too many questions...and I don't have any answers.

Isabel: We'll find them...together.

(Max feels as if a great weight is now off his shoulders. Telling Isabel was the thing he had dreaded most...she took it better than he he feels better about life in general.)

Max: I'm afraid I don't have the mettle to call the shots in our group right now. As long as Michael has the power and I don't...I think he better do it.

Isabel: That's wrong! You know what sometimes happens with him and that power! You're mind's OK...and it's the cool thinking and logical approaches we need. I know you've still got that.

Max: Yes...I feel fine physically. Emotionally I'm tearing apart. Besides, Michael did fine with the locks and doors...and healing Alex.

Isabel: That power helps protect our secret. You're supposed to have it. It'll come back, I know it.

Max: I wish I was as sure as you are.

Isabel: Does everyone else know?

Max: Everyone except Liz...and I think I better tell her now. I had asked everyone not to.

Isabel: If Maria knew, Liz does.

Max: I don't think so. I was in her dream and I asked her not to tell.

Isabel: So you can still do that?

Max: Yeh...that seems unaffected.

Isabel: I'm sure there's a cause and effect. We've just got to find it.

(Michael & Alex arrive)

Max: Hey! Come to cheer me up?

Michael: Cheer you up, prop you up, pull you up, whatever it takes.

Max: I'm actually feeling a little better now.

Isabel: He told don't feel like you have to...

Alex: Thank God! The last thing I wanted to do was have to beat around the bushes with you...unless maybe it's the bushes outside and we could...

Isabel: Alex!

Alex: Sorry!

Max: You know...telling her made me feel about 30% better. I need to tell Liz...that should be good for another 30%...then if I can figure out what happened...that will be the other 40%. I really do feel better. Sorry I've been such a limp biscuit.

Alex: So now you feel like a rock star?

Max: Please, I don't feel good enough for jokes like that yet.

Michael: I hate to throw cold water on this cheery scene, but we've gotta talk.

Max: Oh...just when things were looking up.

Michael: Well...maybe we could wait a little bit on about we go see the women at the Crashdown. You look like you could use a chocolate sundae with Tabasco sauce.

Alex: Is that how someone who needs one of those looks?

(At the Crashdown)

(Liz brings them all sundaes)

Max: Hey!

Liz: (Hugs Max) I can't tell you how good it is to see you here. The last couple of days...

Max: Yeh..I know I've been as much fun as mud...

Liz: Never mind. You're here...all is well.

Max: Not really Liz. I'm over being afraid to talk about it...but all is not well.

Liz: Does it have to do with the crazy e-mail. It sounds like that's nothing to worry about.

Max: I've still got a bad feeling about that...but I don't think it's today's problem.

Liz: What then?

Max: Let's go for a drive. I'll tell you about it.

Maria: Michael...that reminds promised me a drive.

Michael: That was before Max came out of his shell...I was just wanting to make sure you were...

Maria: Oh no you don' said we're going and we are...or I'm making you pay for that sundae.

Michael: Since you put it that way...

Alex: Not fair! I don't have a car.

Maria: two come with us...but look out the side windows all the time...OK?

Isabel: The ones on the opposite side from where we're sitting...right?

(The Drive)

(Max and Liz take off in the jeep. Max drives to a dirt road outside of town and out into the desert a ways. He pulls over in a secluded area by some trees)

Liz:'s so good to be with you...I've been so worried...again.

Max: I'm sorry...again. It seems all I do is give you hyper-tension.

Liz: I think you're giving yourself some too...I'm really worried about how much stress you can take.

Max: I'll be OK. I'm young.

Liz: About 50 maybe?

Max: We don't know that.

Liz: Just teasing...I needed to see you smile.

Max: Can I ask you something?

Liz: I'm a little concerned that you thought you needed to ask.

Max: Why do you like me?

Liz: What kind of question is that?

Max: I just wonder sometimes...Is it because I saved you? Is it because you know I'm not quite human and that infatuates you? Is it because you're excited by all the secrecy that surrounds my life?

Liz: (pause) MAX EVANS...LISTEN TO ME!!! I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE YOU. There's nothing I don't like about you. Your body, your mind, your spirit! I've had a crush on you since before I knew you well at all, so it couldn't be any of the above. I'm grateful to you for my life...but...admit it're grateful to yourself for my life too, aren't you?

Max: You've never called me Maxamillion before.

Liz: And if you don't want me to again...don't ask questions you already know the answer to.

I felt you the other night. Was that an experiment?

Max: I knew that was going to come back to haunt me. Yes, kind of...but that was a mistake. I'd never invade you.

Liz: I have no secrets from you.

Max: I'm going to tell you something and I'm asking these questions because I'm afraid this might make you look at me differently.

Liz: Nothing could do that.

Max: Something happened to me...and I've lost the power to manipulate things...and to heal.

Liz: (pause) What happened? When?

Max: I don't know. I found out when Alex cut his arm the other night and I couldn't heal it. Sometimes I go for days and don't use that power so I don't know when it went away. I was afraid if I told you that you would feel less safe being with me.

Liz: I'd feel safe with you if your hands were tied behind your back. What you just said doesn't change my love for you. (She takes Max' hand) I love you for all that you any given time. What I want is to be there for help you. Please don't ever be afraid to tell me if something's bothering you.

(Max notices that her hand feels unusually warm.)

Max: I told myself you'd say that; I just want to believe it.

Liz: Believe it!

Max: I do!

Liz: So, do you think that power will come back? Can anyone help you? Riverdog maybe?

Max: If I knew, I wouldn't be so uptight about it.


Max: (a little smile) You've been around Alex too long.

Liz: But I haven't been around you enough lately.

(Liz puts her head on Max' shoulder...he pulls her toward him...and they have the best kiss they've had since their very first one. One...then another...and another! Time seems to have stopped...not that either of them cares. Enjoyable as it is, Max is noticing something. He is getting flashes of his life the past few weeks...Michael sick...the step back encounter with Liz...the lonely feelings he's had...the e-mail caper...being unable to heal Alex' arm. It's like an instant replay...and somehow he feels stronger. Their embrace slowly ends and they decide to head back. Max starts the jeep and pulls back onto the main road.

Max: I guess I've learned something.

Liz: What?

Max: I worry too much.

Liz: I've been telling you that for weeks.

Max: I was dreading telling Isabel and you about this. I was afraid of the reaction. I was afraid I'd somehow be perceived as weaker. In a strange way, I actually feel stronger. Everyone just wants to help me.

Liz: You're still you...why wouldn't we?

Max: I was just afraid...

(Just at that point, the driver of the truck in from of Max and Liz throws a beer can out his window. It's about to come down and hit the jeep windshield. Instinctively, Max lifts his arm to make it veer out of the way. It slows and veers to the side of the car.)

Liz: I thought you said you couldn't do that.

Max: I did. I mean I couldn't.

Liz: But...

Max: I know...I did I'm even more confused...what's going on?

(Hmmm...could it be that the kiss brought back the power...or was it the ice cream with Tabasco sauce.)

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