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"Playing With Fire"
Part 3
by Love
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"Let go of me!" Dawn's cries rang through the building as she was dragged by two security guards. She struggled against them, but they held fast, their beefy fingers digging into her flesh. They stopped so they could be examined and sterilized, and Dawn seized the moment. She kicked her legs up and flipped out of their arms, pulling her toned arms out of their grasp. She ran down the hall as fast as she could, but she could hear the guards' footsteps closing in on her. She saw a turn in the hall ahead and pushed herself to get there. She knew there were empty doors to the conference rooms and she could get out of the building through the windows. She came to the turn and burst into the first open door she saw. She quickly closed it behind her and latched it shut before the guard could see where she had gone. She ran over to the window and looked down, relieved to see she was only two stories up. When she had lived with her mother, she was always sneaking out of her second story bedroom and knew that she could make it without getting hurt. She flipped up the latch and swung the window out far enough so she could jump out. Because there was no ledge, she had no choice but to jump. She took a deep breath and jumped, landing on her feet and hearing a loud "snap." She fell to the ground in pain. The sound of footsteps on the pavement made Dawn look up and she scrambled off the pavement as Pierce came running towards her. She ran as fast as she could on her injured foot and let a sigh of relief out when she saw Liz's blue convertible in the traffic outside the building. It was in the right lane, close to Dawn, so she called out her name. "Liz!" Liz's head turned and her eyes widened when she saw Dawn. Max was in the front seat with her a Dawn hobbled over quickly; looking behind her and seeing Pierce close the gap. "Hey guys, think you could give me a ride?" Without waiting for an answer, she jumped in to the backseat of the car and yelled "go!" Liz's foot slammed the accelerator as Max glared at her. "What?" Trying to catch her breath, Dawn leaned back against the seat and closed her eyes. Massaging her ankle.

"You're a liar, that's what." Max's voice was hard and cold, and Dawn's eyes flew open. She stared at him.

"Excuse me?" She couldn't believe what she had been accused of. Sure, she wasn't the most angelic person in the world, but she didn't lie to her friends.

"You're a spy, aren't you? For Pierce?" As his accusations sank in, Dawn's temper flared up.

"If I were Pierce's spy, do you really think I would have run from him?" She wasn't going to sit there and let a seventeen-year-old tell her what she was and wasn't. Max was caught, and he knew it. She could see it on his face.

"Then what are you doing with him?" The question came from Liz, who had found a parking lot and had pulled in. Dawn was glad to see that it was full of people and that they would be hard to spot.

"Pull up the top and I'll tell you." She knew she had to tell them. She couldn't keep the secret forever. Liz obliged, then turned around expectantly.

Dawn took in a deep breath and proceeded. "Okay. The first thing you should probably know is that I'm not sixteen."

Max and Liz sat open-mouthed. Max was the first one to speak. "But you told us you were."

Dawn shook her head. "I never told you that. You assumed it on your own. I'm really nineteen, and I would be a sophomore in college if this hadn't come up. I look young for my age, I realize that, but I can't help it. But my name really is Dawn Fowler, and I'm here to help you. Before my mother died, she told me about Roswell. She said that there were aliens, and she told me who they were and who was involved with them. That's how I knew to find you Liz. I knew you worked at the Crashdown with Maria and that you were going out with Max. I knew Maria was kind of rocky with Michael, and that Max's sister Isabel and Alex Whitman were starting to get interested in each other. I also knew that Sheriff Valenti was trying to expose you, but now he's helping you. I didn't know about Tess, but that's because my mother didn't know. The thing with Pierce is that he knows why I'm here and he's trying to stop me. When you guys "killed" him, he disappeared into the FBI again. No one outside of that unit knew he was alive. They've been tracking you guys for months. I was never an official agent because of what they did to Mom, but I was on the "inside," as they call it. When they told me about this, I asked to be put on the case, partly because I wanted to help and partly because I want to ruin Pierce. I never did like him." She finished her incredible story and saw that Max and Liz were just staring. "What? Do you guys not believe me?" She felt as if she was going to cry, something she had not done in years. Liz slowly nodded her head."I believe you. But I have one question. Who was your mother?" Dawn took a deep breath, knowing what the outcome was going to be.

"Agent Topolsky."

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