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"Our Real Families"
Part 9
by Charmed Kitten
Disclaimer: I don't own them...just borrowing, but don't worry, I'll bring 'em back the way that I found them, all broken and depressed.
Summary: This is my thoughts on the aftereffects of Meet the Dupes with a bit of Max in the City or Journey to New York thrown in. I wrote the dupes without their accents, simply because it was easier to write. Hope you don't mind. Starts where Meet the Dupes spoilers just my own random thoughts. It does get a little dark later in the story, but not too bad. =)
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my first Roswell fic so don't be too cruel to me, please? Hope you like it!
The connection ended abruptly between them as they fell back onto the bed in exhaustion. Isabel and Maria quickly covered them with blankets since they were shivering. They instinctively reached for each other and their shakes subsided to an extent. They sat up and propped themselves up against the headboard. Tears were streaming down their faces as they looked up at Isabel and Maria with Alex, Kyle, Ava and Jim behind them.

Kyle finally broke the silence and the staring. "What did you see?"

Liz and Michael's eyes met. Everyone in the room knew that they were speaking to each other without words.

*Do you want me to tell them or do you want to tell them?* Liz asked him in their minds.

*You. I don't know if I can talk right now.* Michael smiled with such joy and happiness on his face. *I know my family now, and they loved me so much. And I loved them. And they were so proud of me. That I know. I just don't know if I can explain it, but I know that you can, Liz or Kalika. Tell them."

*I understand what you're saying.* She laughed at that statement. *I guess this is what Max and Isabel feel sometimes. This constant bond and connection. I wonder if it will fade,* Liz said with sadness in her voice.

*We won't let it,* Michael said fiercely to her. "I won't ever let you go again."

Liz smiled and gave him an awkward hug as they sat on the bed. She then turned to her friends and said, "I'm only going to tell you what we learned of our past lives. Everything else is private between Michael and me. The first thing that we saw was a beautiful castle made out of metal and stone. Then we saw the inside and our parents.

Our father was a prince of one of the planets in our solar system. King Maximos, Zan and Vilandra's or Max and Isabel's father was our High King. He was the overall ruler of our five planets with our father ruling one and our Uncle Kiril ruling another. I don't know about the other two planets.

Our father's name was Nareg and he was King Maximos' trusted friend, advisor and second-in-command. Our mother's name was Sirvat and she was beautiful and greatly loved by the people of our planet.

Our father's sister was Metea and she was married to Kiril. She was beautiful as well and known for her gentleness as well as her sense of humor. She passed that along to her son."

At this point Liz pulled her gaze from the far wall of her room and looked straight at Alex. "Our cousin Thanos was the same age as us, only a few months younger. He was tall, taller than his father and his uncle. He had long blond hair that he had caught in a small ponytail at the nape of his neck. He had a angular face and thin lips that always seemed to be twitching. He always found amusement in the things around him. He was a great fighter but his greater love was for music."

Liz then turned her gaze to Ava. "Our cousin Ava was four years younger than us. She adored the finer things in life yet was concious of her position in life and her ability to help others in need. She was tall with blue-black hair and a round face with full red lips."

Maria stopped Liz at this point. "What are you implying, Liz? That Alex is Thanos and he and Ava or Tess or both are brother and sister like you and Michael? Wait, that means that Rath is your brother too. He kissed you! Oh, my God, I think I'm going to be sick."

"Maria, please don't remind me that Rath kissed me added to the fact that I've just found out that he's my twin. Eww!"

"Sorry, but I just thought of that."

"It's okay. Ugh!" Liz shuddered at the memory, but quickly pulled herself together. "Okay. Yes, I'm saying that Alex is or was Thanos and Ava and Tess is, was, his younger sister."

"Wait. So everyone in this room is an alien or was an alien but Maria, my dad and me?" Kyle asked. Liz and Michael nodded. "This is a little weird." Kyle got dirty looks from all the aliens in the room. "Hey. Aliens are normal now, but what is the deal here? I mean, Liz and Alex were born from human parents. How do you explain this?"

Liz looked at Michael. They both wore expressions of worry, concern, fear and confusion. They spoke simultaneously, "I don't know. But we'll find out."

"What time is it?" Liz asked. "We're hungry."

Everyone except for Isabel looked at her strangely. "It's noon. I'd say that you two would be hungry. Ava and Maria made some food earlier. We can warm it up for you. But I have something to ask all of you first." They all looked at her. Ava got the food that she and Maria had made earlier and warmed it up for Liz and Michael. Once she had finished, Isabel started again. "What do we tell Max? I mean, this is believable to us cause we've seen Michael and Liz together lately. We see the connection between them, but Max and Tess can't. And do we really want Rath and Lonnie to know, no offense Ava, but what should we do?"

The group of friends fell silent and into contemplation at Isabel's question. Alex broke the silence and said, "This Lady Raine, she's was important to you guys, us, in our past lives right?" Isabel, Michael and Liz nodded. Alex continued, "Have Max refuse to negotiate unless Lady Raine is present. She told Isabel that she was leading their army against Kavir, right?" Isabel nodded at her consent. "Well, since Max doesn't remember or know what is the current situation of the war and of home, then the person or woman who is taking his place until he returns should be there to help him come to a decision regarding peace."

Jim spoke up and said, "I agree with you, Alex. That way Max will put his enemy on their toes. They'll know that he remembers or knows something, but that he is also very cautious. It's a good plan. It will show that Max isn't just a little kid, but a mature adult who is capable of being King."

Michael turned to Isabel. "Is, try to connect with Max. Maybe he's taking a nap or maybe if we all join in you'll be able to connect with him while he's awake and get him to take a nap so you can dream walk him. Tell him that you had a dream about Lady Raine, don't tell him that Liz is my twin yet. Wait till he and Tess come home. Tell you that you believe and trust in her, that she's the one who will help us. Don't have him tell anyone about her until he's at the summit. It will be his trump card."

Isabel nodded her consent and started to prepare herself. Liz spoke up quickly, "Iz. One more thing, tell Max not to admit to having the granilith." Michael hugged her tight at that remark. "It's very powerful, don't ask me how I know, I just do. I think that what they really want is the granilith."

Isabel was about to question Liz, but Michael stopped her. "Iz. Just believe her. She's telling the truth. I saw it, I know. But it's too much for her to explain. She's not even to sure of it herself."

Isabel saw the pain on both of their faces. Michael's for Liz and whatever torment that she had gone through to get that information. Suddenly, Isabel had a feeling that it was dealt with Max and was part of the reason why Liz kept pushing him away. "Okay. I won't ask, but you will tell us if it ever becomes necessary, right Liz?"

Liz nodded her consent.

Isabel was satisfied with that answer. "Okay. Eat your sandwiches and I'll try to connect with Max."

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