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"One Night Forever"
Part 6
by Mslayer713
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Authors Note: This stoy might be kinda sad, so be warned... ;<)
Michael had only cried once in his life. He came close to a second time once, when he saw Isabel's face after she dream-walked Max and he was informed on all the horrible stuff that was happening to him. It hit home--they were dissecting his best friend. But tonight was the only other time he actually let his guard down long enough to let his feelings out.

Maria had sobbed right along with him, mumbling how it was all gonna be ok; things were gonna work themselves out. He nodded, acting like it was all true, but it wasn't. He knew it, and so did she.

She had acted like he was just leaving for a few weeks, due back next month. Souvenirs in hand, suitcase at feet, with a huge kiss to greet her at the door. Was that even possible?

The rumble of a truck going down the highway brought him back out of his thoughts, making him suddenly look up.

Paranoid much? After the events of the last few days, yeah, paranoid was high on his list.

The eighteen wheeler barreled down the road, it's headlight splitting up the night like a knife. As it got closer, Michael wished he had a brush or something to hide behind. But the road was empty, only hard desert land as far as the eye could see. Michael felt the lights hit his back, and he kept on walking, ignoring the sounds as it roared past, spitting dust up into his face. Micahel coughed and cursed wanting to make the guys tries burst so he'd have to walk.

Not that walking was bad; it actually helped him clear his head. But that as the thing, there was only one thing in his head, and he wanted to keep it safe and there as long as he could. He kept on going, hoping to met up with the others in time.

Micahel reached into his pocket and wrapped his fingers around the vile of cedar oil. He kept his hands there, trying to capture the feeling of Maria.


The sun was coming up by the time Tess had reached the cave that housed their pods. She was the first to arrive, making it up to her to get the car out of hiding. Tess calmly walked behind the huge cliff and pulled the tan tarp off of the huge Oldsmobile. She cringed and shook her head, not particularly liking the idea of having to drive around in this.

She climbed behind the wheel and pulled down the blinder only to have the keys fall into her lap. "Oh, that's not obvious, Micahel." She turned the key and nearly cried as the car just at there, not even trying to start.

"Piece of shit!" she screamed, balling up her fist and pounding into the steering wheel. She kept hitting it until she felt her knuckles start to get raw. Still needing to get out some of her frustrations, Tess jumped out of the junker car and raced up to incline, stumbling as she tried to see through her tears. The sun was starting to rise behind her, making her face seem to be black with anger.

Tess reached the cave opening and, with a trembling hand, she placed it over the secret opening and waited. When nothing happened, she let out another scream and started to kick the door.

"This is all your fault!! You lied to me, told me he loved me...that we belonged together!!!!"

She pounded with her fist, imaging it was Nasedo she was hitting, not just a stone wall. "They all hate me...and all I wanted was a family," Tess sobbed, sliding down to the floor.

"It's not over yet" a voice said in her head. She recognized the voice and picked up some rocks and let her powers go haywire. "Go away!!! I hate you!!" Tess flung them at the door, and with some help of her powers, the rocks imbedded themselves into the secret passage opening.

Suddenly, arms were around her and Michael was yelling at her. "Tess, what are you doing?!"

"I hate you..." Tess kept saying over and over, until her voice was raw and she couldn't speak any more.


Liz felt his arms before she even opened her eyes. she was lying on his chest, his hands around her tightly, holding her close. She snuggled up to him even more, not wanting to let her mind wake up.


At the sound of her voice, Liz looked up, only to find Max was already awake. His eyes were deep and passionate as he stared at her. Liz smiled and pulled herself up to his face. "Morning," she said softly right before their lips touched.

As the couple kissed, the sun rose up in the background. Max pulled back and tucked a strand behind her ear. "Morning," he said back. He looked up at the sun and then back at her.

Liz knew what was coming next and sat up, pulling his shirt tighter around herself. she had said last night she could handle this, but now... She forced the thought out of her mind and thought about right now. Right now was when Max was still here, right beside her in only his boxers.

"I think my shirt looks better on you," Max joked, tugging playfully on the collar. He was trying to lighten up the mood, but Liz's heart still felt heavy and empty at the same time.

"It does," she replied, buttoning it up, intending on wearing it. Max just nodded and reached for his pants. He pulled them on and turned back to her. "Here."

Liz looked at him and saw he was holding her bra and underwear. She felt her face get red as she leaned forward to grab them, only to have Max pull them back a little, a smirk on his face.

"Don't even think about it Evans," she warned. She reached for them again, and Max caught her in a sudden kiss, deepening the kiss instantly.

Liz forgot about the under garments as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and felt his snake around her waist. As the kiss went on, Liz was suddenly aware of a salty taste in her mouth. She pulled back and looked away, not being able to even hold her tears back for a single kiss.

"Liz..." Max gently pulled her face back to his, kissing her tears away.

"I'm so sorry," she said, running her hand over his chest. "I'm just..."


"Yeah, sad." Liz looked at Max and sighed. "This is so hard."

Max nodded. "I don't wanna leave anymore then you want me to--"

"But it ahs to be this way," Liz finished.

" were right last night."

"I know...but it still hurts." She took another deep breath and reached for her underwear, only to have Max reach them first. She was expecting him to pull them away again, but held them out for her to slip her legs into. Liz did, and Max slide them up onto her hips.

"I wanna remember everything about this night," he whispered.

Liz nodded, feeling her love overflow for him. She then helped him put his shirt on and he helped Liz with her pants. Maybe he was leaving, but she would have all this to remember. And Liz planned on making it last forever.


Max helped Liz into the jeep and the couple drove in silence back to the cave. Max pulled up and saw Micahel, and Tess leaning against the rental car they had gotten. He pulled the jeep to a stop and looked over at Liz. She was putting on a brave face, but the tears were still there, waiting to fall.

Max slowly got out and went around to her side and held out a hand. She took it and got out also, never taking her eyes off of the skyline. Max looked over and saw the sun was finally fully up, marking the start of a brand new day.

"It's beautiful," she whispered.

Max nodded and took both of her hands into his. "I love you, only you," he said kissing her softly.

Liz nodded and kissed him back, but not deepening it. "I know. You too."

"If there's a way...I'll be back," he said, knowing he would die trying to find a way. He wanted nothing more but to ask her to wait on him, be knew that was asking too much.

"I'll be waiting," Liz said, looking right into his eyes.

Max let out a sigh and wrapped her up into a hug. He held her tight, feeling like he would die when he let her go.

"I feel it too," Liz whispered back. Max looked into her face and knew she heard what he was thinking.


"I don't know," she admitted, but she smiled. "I like being able to feel you."

"Max...It's time."

Liz and Max both looked over and saw Isabel had joined the group also. They both then focused in on Micahel, refusing to go by his time table.

"I love you," Max said again, kissing her all over her face. Liz returned all of the kisses, holding him close. she was shaking and Max pulled off his coat and warped her up in it.

"Um...I never showed you this...but here's my class ring," Liz said, thrusting it at him.

Max took it and studied it, letting the sunlight bounce off of it. He caught something on the inside and glanced at Liz. She nodded and he looked at it, reading the inscription. "Max and Liz forever."

Max took a deep breath and looked back up at her. "I want you to have you can remember me," Liz said softly.

Max placed it on his pinkie and kissed once more. "Like I could forget."

The couple held the embrace for a few more moments, savoring the closeness. After what felt way too short, Max let go of Liz and started to back away, walking backwards so he could watch her.

With every step her took, Max could feel both of their hearts break. It was all too hard. Why did it have to be this way? Why couldn't they just live happily ever after?

Max knew the answer even before the question finished forming in his head. Who even heard of an alien and human living happily ever after?

*She's like the wind, through my tree
She rides the night next to me
She leads me through moonlight
Only to burn me with the sun
She's taken my heart
But she doesn't know what she's done

Feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can't look in her eyes
She's outta my league
Just a fool to believe
I have anything she needs
She's like the wind

I look into the mirror and all I see
Is a young old man with only a dream
Am I just fooling myself
That she'll stop the pain
Living without her
I'd go insane

Feel your breath on my face
You body close to me
Can't look in your eyes
You're outta my league
Just a fool to believe
I have anything you need
You're like the wind...*
"She's Like the Wind," by Patrick Swayze TBC

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