FanFic - Max/Liz
"One Night Forever"
Part 1
by Mslayer713
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, they belong to the WB.
Summary: One night decides the fate of the whole gang as the future looms nearer.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: Feedback!! And just so you know, this story may get a little sad
Liz could feel the hot water running down her skin, making it's way the pool of water at her feet. She knew she had a reason to get out of the shower soon, but her mind was blank on why. The night was upon her, and it seemed like it would never pass. Her gut was telling her to let it all go and follow her senses.

Liz shut off the shower and watched as the water swirled at the drain then disappeared down the hole. She climbed out and pulled her towel close around her body, trying to hold out the cold.

The cold...Liz's body was suddenly very ld, as if something was leaving it. All of her heat was going away; away into the night. She took a deep breath and glanced up into her mirror. Liz noticed for the first time that her bedroom window was closed.

Liz pulled the bathroom door open even more and looked out into her room. Everything looked normal, but she could feel the loneliness and coldness that occupied the room. She shook her head and walked over to the window and looked out, leaving it shut tight.

Something was wrong with the night. It was darker then usual, more threatening; as if it could take something away from her. Liz felt a shiver run through her body and she wrapped her arms around herself. As soon as she did, she felt him. She could feel his eyes on her, caressing her body as if his arms and hands were actually around her.

Liz slowly turned around and noticed him in the chair, watching her with pint up emotions. Emotions that had been put to rest two years ago; never to be reawakened. She took a step toward him and stopped. The look in his eyes told her it all. The time had come; it was all over.

Liz felt the tears sting her eyes and she blinked, hoping they never reached her cheeks. She needed to be strong; not just for herself, but also for him.

"You seemed cold," he said softly, explaining why he had shut the window.

Liz just locked her eyes on the floor. "Not for that reason."

She could feel Max rise to his feet, making his way over to her. "I need to talk to you."

Liz nodded and looked up at him. "Why now?"

She knew he understood the question. "Why did you come to me now? Why are you leaving now? Why is it all happening now?" The questions could go on forever, but Liz just wanted one answered. "Why do you have to love me now?"

"It's always been you," Max whispered, letting his hand rest on her cheek.

Liz closed her eyes at his touch and nodded, knowing he was leaving, and wanting to savor every thing about him. She could see him in her mind, his warm and loving eyes looking into hers; his strong, but gentle, hands caressing her to him; his soft, passionate lips on hers, making her knees weak just at the touch.

"Can we talk? Somewhere else?" Max asked, his voice breaking her thoughts.

Liz pulled open her eyes and regarded his look with one of confusion. Should she go off with him? She'd spent the last two years trying to stay away, only to slip up and ruin it all in one night? Was it worth it?

Liz looked into his eyes and knew the answer was yes. No matter how much she wanted to stay away, she knew where she belonged, and it was in the arms of Max Evans.

With his hand still on her cheek, Liz nodded. Max gave a small smile and pulled his hand away. He walked over to the bathroom and walked in, giving Liz some privacy to change.

She riffled through her clothes quietly, trying not to let her mind know what was going on. Her heart was now in charge, and it was telling her to go along with Max.

After changing into a red tank top, over shirt, and jeans, Liz slipped on her sandals and walked over to the bathroom door. She opened it slowly and Max was waiting for her. He walked out into the room and Looked down at her face.

"Are you ok with this?" he asked softly.

Liz nodded and waited patiently for his response. She saw a sad smile from on his lips and she knew he was upset about the outcome of it all.

Liz saw his hand twitch at his side and, taking a big risk, gently intertwined her fingers in his. She felt his hand clamp over hers as is his life depended on it, and her chills suddenly vanished.

Max led them over to the window and opened it, helping Liz out and joining her on the balcony. Liz looked up at the stars and felt the tears in her eyes again. Soon Max would be gone, and they were all she would have left of him.

Liz followed Max down the fire escape and silently took his hand again as they walked toward his jeep. She looked over at him and saw his face had no expression, just a void of endless heart-aches.

As soon as they were both in the vehicle, Max started it and they drove in silence out toward the desert. Liz knew what he was going to tell her; she knew it all the way down to her bones. He was leaving, and she was losing her soul-mate.

Max pulled the jeep off of the road and drove a few more minutes. Liz watched the scenery pass by and her heart constricted as it dawned on her where they were headed. Max was driving out toward the radio tower on highway 41. The same place where they found the orb and almost made love.

Max brought the jeep to a stop and silently climbed out. He walked over to Liz's side and opened her door. Liz took his outstretched hand and climbed out also. She heard the door shut with a soft click and closed her eyes; letting the memories of that night wash over her.

That night she knew she was in love. Her and Max had been getting closer and closer, and when the subject of sex came into play, she didn't back down. She knew he wanted her and she wanted him. They would be together forever.

Liz opened her eyes and felt a sad smile tug at her lips. How could she have been so innocent and naive? She felt Max take her hand again and she walked with him over to the tower. Max kept walking and soon they were both standing at the edge of a cliff.

Liz held her breath and gazed out at the vision in front of her. The lake was a dark black and all the stars were reflecting back, making the sky seem to go on forever. Liz smiled at the pun and felt Max's gaze on her again. She looked over at him and saw the love in his eyes.

"It all started that night," Max said, also thinking about the night they found the orb. "It was the most amazing thing that had happened to me. I got to hold you in my arms all night."

Liz looked back out over the lake. "Will we ever get to do it again?" She asked softly.

Max turned his body toward hers, and Liz did the same. He took a deep breath and started in a sad voice, "I'm...all of us...are leaving in the morning."

Liz nodded, knowing it was coming. How long had she feared this day? "Are you going..." She trailed off, knowing it was a pretty good assumption that they were going home.

"We don't know where it is," he said softly. Max looked up into her eyes and added, "All I know is that my home is you..."

Liz felt her tears overflow and she wiped her hand up, only to have Max gently take it and place it over his heart. She could feel his heart beating beneath her palm, all soft and slow.

"My heart's not in's in you," he whispered, wiping her tears away with his free hand.

Liz took his hand and placed it over her heart. "Mine beats for you only," she said, rubbing his palm with her thumb. Max smiled and pulled her hand up to his lips, softly kissing all of her fingers and then her palm. As soon as he did, a connection opened up between them, and Liz knew why they had to leave.

Pierce was found out to be Nasedo and was killed, only to brought back again and again and tortured, until they were able to get information out of him; information on Max and the others.

"Oh my god..." Liz breathed out, feeling her heart ache for him. Nasedo might have thought of humans as just things that could be tossed away, but no one deserved to go through that.

"We can't risk them getting close to us...or anyone we love," Max said after the scene was once again back at the cliff.

Liz knew why Max agreed to leave; he was doing it to keep her safe. Her, his parents, Maria, Alex; all of them. He was leaving his home and everyone he loved so he could keep them safe.

Liz slowly moved in closer to him and leaned up, planting a soft and lingering kiss on his neck. She tasted the salt from her tears and then felt his arms come around her. She breathed in his feel and scent and locked it into her memory.

"I...I can't risk you getting hurt," Max said in a choked voice. "Without you, my life isn't worth living."

Liz felt more tears come in response to his words, and she circled her arms around his neck, pulling his face down to hers. She looked up at him and Max closed his eyes, softly brushing his lips over hers.

The wind picked up as their kisses deepened, making their bodies look like one in the moonlight.

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