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"One Night Forever"
Part 16
by Mslayer713
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Maria was determined to be in control of the situation; it would be the only way she could prevent all hell breaking loose. Amy DeLuca would so not like it if she found out that her daughter was in love with an alien. Oh, Maria could so hear that conversation could go.

"But mom, he's only half an alien. Most guys are a full horn dog." Yeah, it'd go stellar. Her mom would only have, she'd say, about 5 heart attacks. And it wasn't like she could go to her dad for help. She didn't even know where he lived.

All Maria needed was to be in control. She would be in charge of the questions and determine what was said. So, in other words, she would only say one sentence. 'I needed some time to deal with all the things going on in my life.' It would cover everything, but still leave out everything. It was a win/win situation.

"She's not here?" Maria asked, looking around the police station parking lot as Kyle pulled in.

"Dad said we needed to get our stories straight. He'll call when we're done."

Maria nodded and climbed out, sighing. She closed the door and straightened her shirt, looking for Alex's car. "I don't like that we lost them."

"Look, they know were to go. If it gets to it, we'll go look for 'em," Kyle said calmly, but Maria noticed he was pacing.

"I still don't like it."

"You think I do?" he asked.

"We should've stopped when you noticed they weren't behind us," Maria snapped. "They could be in trouble."

"I'm sure they're--"

"We saw the FBI," Maria stated, making sure Kyle got the message. "They're already here."

Kyle sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Look...let's just go inside. If they're not here in ten minutes, we go back out. Deal?"

Maria thought a sec then nodded, following Kyle into the police station. As soon as they reached the front desk Valenti was there, ushering them into his office. "Where are the others?"

"Alex and Liz are on the way," Kyle said slowly. "We lost them a few back."

Jim Valenti sighed and sat down at his desk, running a hand over his brow. " guys wanna tell me where you were?"

"Frazier Woods--"

"I don't buy that," he stated plainly, making Kyle stop talking. "I want the truth."

Kyle shot Maria a glance and let her take the ball. She crossed her arms and stared Valenti down.

"Me and Alex were out looking for Liz."

"Looking where?"

"Places we thought she might have been," Maria replied.

"And you found her?" Maria nodded and just waited. "May I ask where?" he added.

Maria thought a moment then shrugged. "Out by Frazier Woods." Which was half the truth. The Indian reservation was near there.

Valenti nodded and sighed. "Well...and the others?"

"They're gone," Kyle stated for her. "Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess."

Maria watched the sheriff's face closely, trying to gauge how he was gonna react. "They left early this morning. Like at sunrise."

Jim let all of this information sink in, thinking of how he could help. "I told your mom and Ms. Whitman that you and Alex had car trouble."

"Thanks," Maria mumbled. She looked at his clock and felt her stomach clinch. Liz and Alex were still a no show. "Um...maybe we should go and get Liz and Alex."

"I was just thinking that."

"We'll go," Kyle offered. "You can call Ms. DeLuca and have her come down," he told his dad.

"Maybe I should go too--"

"I don't think that's a good idea," Kyle added.

"Why Not?"

Maria shifted on her feet and finally spoke up. "Me and Alex ran into an FBI goon. You were there when we got Max out..." she let her sentence drop off, not needing to explain anymore.

The sheriff nodded, motioning for the teenagers to get going. Maria and Kyle obeyed, walking out into the hallway.

"He hates not being able to help," Kyle said softly.

"I know the feeling," Maria mumbled back, noting there was a little crowd by the front desk. As she got closer, she could see Alex.

"Liz? Alex?!"

She walked up to them with Kyle right behind her. "What took you guys so long?"

Alex glanced at Deputy Hanson then back at Maria. "We got a little caught up."

"Your parents have been worried sick. You wanna tell me where you were?"

Maria watched as Liz stuck out her chin and gave the deputy a cool look, not answering; which was not a trade-mark Liz move. Alex, on the other hand, was acting like usual; guilty eyes on the floor.

"Leave 'em be, Hanson," Kyle offered. "They've been through a lot. Dad'll get all the info."

Hanson seemed reluctant to agree, but finally sighed an pointed back to the office. "Go on in. I'll call your parents."

"No!" Liz and Alex both replied.

Maria eyed them, trying to understand what was going on.

"I mean, can we talk to the sheriff first?" Liz amended, her voice heavy with charm. Alex rolled his eyes at the obvious tact, but said nothing.

Maria, on the other hand, did. "Are you ok Liz?"

When she didn't answer, Alex elbowed her in the side.

"Oh...yeah, I'm fine," she finally said. "I just need to talk to Valenti."

All four teenagers started down the corridor, Maria eyeing Liz closely. There was even something different about her walk. She seemed more confident.

"Nice move," Alex said finally.

Liz gave him a look and smiled. "It worked, didn't it?"

Maria noted how her voice ringed with charm, like she was all important or something. "Liz, are you sure--" But Maria never got to finish her sentence.

"In here," Liz said suddenly, taking Maria's elbow and leading her into a storage room. Alex followed with an equally confused Kyle.

"What is going on?" he demanded.

"We need to talk in private," Alex said.

Maria and Kyle exchanged a look, both being quiet for the others to talk.

Liz cleared her throat and started. "This is a little hard to explain, so I'm just gonna show you."

Maria was about to speak up when she felt a change fly through the air, sending a chill down her spine. A second later a folder on one of the shelves fell onto the floor.

"That was the wind, right?" Kyle asked, his eyes wide and on Liz.

Liz shot him a look and smiled. "Not likely Valenti."

Maria walked over to her slowly, looking her straight in the eye. "I felt the...surge. How did you do that?"

Liz looked at Alex, who walked over. "She's not Liz."

"She's not?"

"Then who is it?" Kyle asked, picking up on the conversation.

Liz cleared her throat again and looked Maria right in the eye. "I'm Isabel."


"I don't think this is a good idea."

Max ignored him, prompting Michael to keep trying. "Max, I'm serious."

Michael was trying to keep his cool, but it was kinda hard to do so when Isabel was lying there so lifeless. Michael took a deep breath and looked at Tess, asking her silently for some help.

"He may be right, Max."

"I have to do this," Max replied, his voice hard with conviction.

"Max...if Isabel can get stuck, who says you can't?" Michael asked.

"We need you Max," Tess added. "You're our leader."

Michael knew that was true, but there were other reasons too. "Max..." Michael was never really good at saying things that he felt, but this needed to get out. "Look...I wanna help Isabel; you know I do. But Max...we can't lose you too."

Michael watched as Max stared at Isabel's body and he was quiet; too quiet.

"Max...We--...I need you," Michael added, his voice getting soft.

Max shot his eyes up at his friend. "Isabel is in trouble--and Liz...What if it was Maria?"

"Don't do that--"

"Do what?" Max asked, his voice rising a little. "Make you face your emotions? You know very well that if this was Maria, we wouldn't be able to keep you away!"

Michael glanced back at Isabel and stared. His eyes started to play tricks on him, making Isabel look like Maria. As if on cue, Max leaned closer to him, making his voice low.

"I know you understand. Maria is as important to you as Liz is to me. And we both love Isabel; we need her also. We need them...I'd die if anything happened to Liz."

Michael kept his eyes on the Isabel/Maria's body the whole time, but he heard every one of Max's words. And he believed them all completely.

"And you'd die for Maria," Max added.

Michael felt the hot, stinging in his eyes and had to look away. Max was right; as always. Michael would die for Maria in a heartbeat. He looked up at Max and took a deep breath.

"If you get stuck..."

"You won't let me," Max insisted.

Michael thought a moment before looking back at, who was now, Isabel. She looked peaceful, as if she was having a nice dream. But she was too stiff and her face was colorless. Barely moving his head, Michael nodded, signaling to Max that he agreed. This needed to be done.

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out the vile of cedar oil. He ran it under his nose and was filled with 'Maria memories'.

Max moved back over Isabel's body, stroking her face sadly.

Suddenly, Tess spoke up. "Max, Michael...If it goes wrong..." her voice was emotional, alerting Michael that she was fearing for their lives.


"You can't do it," she said, her eyes wide with fear.

"Why not?" Max asked, still over Isabel. Michael knew he was only a heartbeat away from connecting.

"You can't mess with...her mind is already in over-load."

"What do you know?" Michael asked.

Tess seemed shocked, but didn't deny his accusation. She looked down at her lap, her face hidden behind her curls.

"Nasedo said that if we ever lose our...our mate that we would be over."

"Over?" Michael asked.

Tess looked up with tearful eyes. "Over, over."

"If I die," Max muttered.

Michael looked at Isabel then back at Tess. "Isabel is...was my....mate. If she doesn't come out, will I go in?"

"I...I don't know," Tess admitted.

"I'm not in now."

"She's not...I don't know how it works exactly--"

"Then you don't know for sure that I'll get hurt," Max stated.

Tess seemed taken back by just the idea that Max was still contemplating going. "I don't," she whispered, her voice barely audible. "But...something could go wrong."

"Something already has. Isabel is hurt and, going by what you said, if she..." Max halted a minute, but kept going. "If she doesn't pull through, Michael doesn't either."

"Going by what I said?" Tess repeated. "You don't believe me?" she accused.

Michael say where this was going and stepped in. "He didn't say that."

"But he implied it!" Tess looked at Max with hooded eyes. "I care for Isabel too--she's like a sister to me, but I don't wanna die! She could still be ok. You might not have to go in," she added.

"We already have a risk--"

"Why?" Tess demanded, cutting Max off. "Because your little Liz is involved?!"

Michael cursed under his breath as Max shot his gaze to Tess, and if looks could kill... there would be a pill of ashes driving the car.


"Exactly," Max said, way to calm.

Tess gasped and looked away, a emotional groan escaping her lips. Michael wanted to comfort her, but he was torn.

"I love Liz...and that transcends...labels," Max stated. "I'm not gonna argue with you about this. I'm doing it."

Tess didn't reply. Michael wasn't sure if that was good or bad. But he knew one thing, if this went wrong, he could lose Max and Tess. Or even Isabel and his own life.

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