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"One Night Forever"
Part 14
by Mslayer713
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Nancy Parker paced in the hallway of the police station, running her hand through her red hair. She wasn't any longer in denial; it was looking more and more like her daughter ran away, leaving her confused and upset. All of the parents were there, trying to figure out what was going on. Nancy wasn't in the mood to talk, so she just listened to them.

"I just don't get why they all would run away," Ms. Whitman said, sitting on the end of a row of chairs.

"Did any of the kids mention wanting to leave?" Jeff asked.

Ms. Evans, who had been trying to contact her husband, sighed and put down the cell phone. "Max and Isabel never...but Michael was always saying he was ready to leave."

Amy scoffed and crossed her legs. "Well, if Michael went--I'll bet Maria's right there."

"But didn't they break up a while back?" Jeff asked.

Diane Evans nodded. "Max and Isabel seemed to close themselves up. I never saw Liz or Alex anymore."

"They all stopped hanging out," Amy added.

"Didn't they all take a trip together though?" Ms. Whitman asked. "I remember Alex going."

"Well...they all went camping or something one summer," Diane said finally.

"Max and Liz pretty much stopped talking after that," Jeff explained. "I just figured Max broke up with her."

"She broke up with him," Nancy finally spoke up, getting a look from everyone. "Um...Max would come in the cafe and try to talk to her, but Liz would keep dodging him."

Diane, seeming to finally understand, nodded to agree. "I wondered why he broke things off with her--Max was so taken with Liz."

"And Liz with Max. Along with Maria and Michael," Amy put in.

"And Alex could hardly keep a grin off his face when Isabel was around," Ms. Whitman commented.

All of the parents stopped to let this info sink in. After a few moments, Amy spoke up. "Ok, we all agree that they all like each other; but that still doesn't answer why they all left."

"Or stopped hanging out all of a sudden," Jeff added.

Nancy finally sat back down beside Diane, eyeing the other lady. "Diane...did Max or Isabel ever clam up when you asked them about the others?"

"I guess--but Max always did shy away from questions about his personal life," she answered.

"What about Isabel?"

"She didn't really like to talk about everyone either. Why?"

Nancy stood back up and looked at her husband. "Did Liz ever talk to you about Max?"

"Honey, what's this about?"

"They would never talk about anything they did. Where they hung out, what they talked about, nothing. It was all this big secret," Nancy said. At the last word, Nancy noticed Diane stiffened up a little, but tried to act like nothing was wrong.

"They're teenagers. They aren't exactly known for being open and honest," Ms. Whitman replied.

" was more then that. Liz would clam up when I walked up to her with one of her friends--like she was talking about something bad."

Amy straightened up, taking notice. "Maria got like that too. Especially with Michael. After they were all gone that night she completely stopped talking about him. And when I asked her about it she'd change the subject."

"Maybe they had a bad break-up," Jeff reasoned.

"I don't think it was that," Nancy said.

"You think they were keeping something from us?" Ms. Whitman asked.

"Yeah, I do. I think they had a secret or something."


Jim Valenti wiped his brow and placed his hat back on, getting up from his desk. He had to get to the bottom of this before any more questions came up. All of the parents were outside and probably getting more upset. He opened his door and was shocked to hear what was going on.

Jeff stood up and caught his wife in mid pace. "Honey, a secret? I think you're going a little overboard."

"Why else would they all leave together at once?" Nancy asked, looking at the others for support. Both the other women finally nodded, but Diane Evans just sat there, staring at her purse. Valenti knew she was thinking about all he had told her about Max. And she didn't need all that on her right now also. He had to put a stop to this.

"They didn't."

All five heads turned and saw Sheriff Valenti standing in his office doorway. "I just received a call from my son. Alex and Maria are found." He wasn't sure if it was true, but Kyle seemed to have gotten info from someone earlier; and more then likely it was them.

"Thank god," Ms. Whitman breathed.

"Where were they?" Amy asked.

Jim waited a beat, then said, "Well, he didn't say, just that he saw them. I assume they had car trouble or something."

"And the others?" Jeff asked.

"I'm sure they'll turn up also," he added. "Listen...I need to go and look around at a few spots; see if I find anything." He hated having to lie, but there was nothing he could do.

"Can we help?" Jeff asked.

"Your best choice would be to go home and wait for some word."

" can't just expect us to do that! These are our kids you're talking about," Amy exclaimed.

Valenti sighed, knowing she was right. "I know, but it has to be done. If there was something for you to do to help, I'd suggest it."

Ms. Whitman stood up and nodded. "I guess you're right. If you see Alex..."

"I'll send him home," Jim said, giving her a smile.

"Call us as SOON as you get some news," Jeff added, urging his wife toward the door.

Valenti nodded, watching both parents leave. He looked back and saw Ms. Evans was still sitting in one of the chairs, her hands still placed over her lap.

"I would say the same thing...but I have a feeling you won't find any on my two," she said softly.

Jim sat down beside her, trying to gauge all she knew.

"Max told me it wasn't bad--just that it had to be kept a secret," she added.

"I'm sure it wasn't anything bad," Valenti said after a second.

"It was bad enough to make him have to leave," Ms. Evans said, looking up at his face. "I know he left on his own; him and Isabel both. I can assume Michael and Tess went too--I just hope he didn't take Liz along with him."

Valenti wasn't sure what to say. If he knew the two in question, and he'd gotten to know both Liz and Max, he would guess they both wanted to leave together. "I can assume that if Liz did go with was her own choice," Valenti admitted. "Ms. Parker can make up her own mind. She is 18."

Ms. Evans nodded. "I don't think the Parkers will see it that way. I'm not even sure if I see it that way."


Tess sighed as she woke up, letting the sun filter into her eyes. She knew it was after lunch; she could smell the Tabasco sauce in the car. Tess sat up and saw Michael was dipping chips into some and crunching down on them.

"Want some?" he asked, seeing she was awake.

Tess shook her head and settled back down into her seat. She heard a muffle behind her and turned to see Isabel shifting in her seat also, still dreaming.

"I wonder what she's dreaming about?" Tess asked lazily, trying to guess by her expression.

"One guess," Michael said.

Tess gave a small smile and sighed. "Alex."

Michael didn't reply, but Tess knew she was right. She was just dreaming about Kyle. They had been in his mustang, just driving out into the desert. Neither talking, but the both knew what the other one was thinking. It was nice...

"Is it just me, or is this the longest day ever?"

Tess gazed at the clock on the dash then back at Michael. "It's not you." It was only after noon.

Michael shrugged and looked in the rearview mirror. "Is he asleep?" he whispered.

Tess craned her neck and looked at Max. His head was against the glass, his eyes closed. But their was an awareness about him that made Tess shiver. "Um...I don't think so," she replied, turning back around. "He's just resting."

Michael nodded and sighed, running a hand over his brow. Tess saw this and stretched. "Want me to drive? I could use the change."

Micahel shrugged and agreed, pulling over and getting out. Tess slid over and fixed the seat, pulling it up so she could reach the peddles. "And off we go," she said as Micahel hoped in and she pulled back onto the road.


Alex was aware of the hostility in the car a and wanted to help, but Liz was too upset to talk. And to tell ya the truth, Alex was happy to just sit and relax also. Not that he would get to that for long, they were on their way to the police station to meet with Valenti.

Valenti...Alex was a little creeped at having to talk to him. Valenti was no longer after them or anything, but the older guy was still all 'conspiracy' and all. Alex thought it would've been better to only converse with him when necessary, but the others saw it differently. Max, Maria, and Isabel were like him--talk when necessary. But Liz and Tess seemed to like talking to Valenti. He guess it had something to with him saving Max's life. Liz felt obligated to be there for Valenti--plus she used to date his son.

But Alex wasn't sure why Tess seemed to be on his side. Maybe she saw Valenti as a father or something. Everyone knew Nasedo wasn't one to her. Plus Alex was pretty sure Tess had a thing for Kyle. But he wasn't sure what was gonna happen now that she was alone with Max. Would she try to get with him? Convince him of their destiny?

Not like it would work. Max was head over Liz; that was obvious. He would come into the Crash Down constantly and try to talk to Liz, who would run away like a chicken with it's head cut off. The only time she would be near him was when they had to do something all together. Like when they went to the dome. Alex gave a chuckle as he thought back to that day. Max spent the whole time staring at Liz, trying to spend some time with her.

He even managed to get beside her in the picture they took. Alex once took a magnifying glass and looked, and he could see that Max was actually holding Liz's hand. It was kinda weird, because Liz was actually smiling in the pic. Alex figured they would get back together after that, but nothing happened. He was actually wondering what Max did to get Liz to go with him last night.

Now him and Isabel...Alex was still marveled that she loved him. He'd spent years pining away for her from afar, and then actually getting to know her was amazing. Isabel was beautiful, loving, smart, sweet, and, well, totally perfect in his eyes. She wasn't anything like everyone perceived her; a total ice queen. You just had to get to know her.

Which he did. He even got to date her. Now, granted, it wasn't very long, but it was the single most best experience of his life. Well, after her saying she loved him; that would have to be on the top of the list. Isabel was his perfect soul mate. He was sure of it now; maybe even before. He always knew they'd make a great couple. She was sophisticated and popular; he was funny and a little goofy. Opposites attract and they were at the polar ends!

Alex felt a tingle at the back of his neck and a little dizzy. "Wow..." he was suddenly looking down.

" ok?" Liz asked, reaching over to him.

"Yeah...yeah," he replied, looking back up at the road. "I just felt a little dizzy for a sec."

"Want me to drive?" she asked, unbuckling.

", I'm good."

"You sure? You're really pale," Liz added, worry sketched all over her face.

Alex shook his head, trying to clear it. "I just feel...I feel like I was just pulled out of the water."

"Um...yeah, you lost me."

Alex looked over at Liz and sighed. "You know how you feel when you just get out of a pool?"

"I guess," she replied. "When you're under the water you feel clouded."

"Yeah!" Alex replied. "Well, I feel like I just came up."

Liz nodded and smiled. "Wish I could come up."

Alex felt his enthusiasm fade and reached over to squeezed her shoulder. "'s gonna get better. I promise."

She just shrugged and looked out her window. "I love denial. I spent 3 years telling myself I could handle this day. It would come and I would still be standing. And, I'm still standing."

" beat it?" Alex asked, a little confused at where Liz was going.

"No...I'm standing, but I'm not really here."

"Where are you?"

Liz looked over at him and Alex felt his chest flutter at the intensity of her look. "I'm where you are," she said.

Alex gave a sarcastic laugh and nodded. "285 south."


Kyle could hear his father yelling even with the phone pulled an arms length away. God, he always went over board!

"Dad..." Kyle sighed. It was useless to try and talk when he got like this.

"Kyle, you should have checked in with me!"

"I called-"

"And left some cryptic message! I even went out there looking for you! So, where were you?" his father demanded.

"Don't answer that."

Kyle looked over at Maria and sighed. She finally speaks and it's for him to lie to his dad. "Why?"

"He doesn't have to know," she mumbled. When Kyle just sat there, she went on. "We would like to have some secrets, you know."

Kyle, trying to gauge when was right, finally pulled the phone back up and lied his ass off. "We were in Frazier Woods."

"Why the hell were you there?"

"It was a safe place to meet," Maria said, trying to give him answers.

"Who was that?" Jim asked.

"Maria," Kyle answered into the phone.

"Tell her Amy was worried sick."

Kyle pulled the phone away and looked at Maria. "Your mom was freaking out as usual."

"Well, I'm sure your dad calmed her down, as usual," she said in a sarcastic tone.

"Hmm." Kyle shrugged and pulled the phone back up. "Dad, we're on our way."

"Come here first. We need to get your stories straight," Valenti said over the phone.

"Whatever. Later." He clicked the phone off and threw it onto the dash.

"Dearest daddy wanna make sure we're ok?"

"Lay off DeLuca," Kyle warned. "If it wasn't for him, your asses would've been grass long ago."

"Like I care," she mumbled.

"You would've cared if your poor little Micahel-poo was taken," Kyle threw back.

"It's not like it matters now! Liz is gonna do it for him."

Kyle stopped and looked at her, noting how she was on the brink of tears. "You really don't want her to know, do you?"

Maria sighed and looked back at him. "Ms. Evans is cool and all...but if she finds's gonna ruin everything."

"Why? you guys told some other people." Kyle wasn't sure what the problem was. What would it matter if one more person knew?

"Yeah, but only when we had to do. Ms. Evans is gonna have all this information and not understand how important it is! She could blab it to some reporter or something."

"How do you know that? She could keep the secret," Kyle reasoned.

"Ok, and if she does? How would she feel about Isabel and Max after knowing they were aliens? Would she still love them?"

Kyle was a little stuck on that. He always wondered if his mother would still love him if she meet him now. He didn't know the answer, but he always liked to think it would be a yes. "Listen...good point and all, but give the lady a chance. You dealt with it."

"Yeah, but I was more opened minded."

"How did you re-act when you first found out?" Kyle asked, always wanting to know. Maria got quiet and looked away. "You freaked, didn't you?!"

"Maybe! But I dealt, eventually," Maria protested.

"Hmm...then maybe Ms. Evans will too," Kyle said finally.

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