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"No Guarantees "
Part 3
by alien squeeze
Disclaimer: I don't own, just gonna borrow. I also don't own the song on the radio in the story. That's Dido's!!!
Summary: Valenti knows and help comes from an unexpected source.
Category: Other
Rating: R
Alex pulled up behind the Soap Factory to find everyone already there. Liz had called him in a frenzy. She'd talked so fast he could barely understand her. He'd finally gotten her to calm down enough to relay the message. His stomach had tied in knots at the news. He'd bundled up some cans of soup and other foods to take. Alex had known that none of them would have though of it in the rush to leave Roswell.

He pulled his car in next to Maria's and climbed out. He walked over to the the others who stood next to the abandoned car. Everyone had distant looks in their eyes.

"Thanks for coming, Alex," smiled Max. He nodded to the bag in Alex's hand. "What's that?"

Alex managed a small smile. "Canned soups and fruits. I wasn't sure if anyone else had thought of it or not." Isabel grabbed Alex's hand and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Thank you, Alex. That's very thoughtful." Alex blushed. "No problem," said Alex. "So, is the letter in there?" he asked, nodding to the car. Maria nodded. "Backseat, just like the letter said."

Alex nodded. No one made a move to open the car door. Alex shifted from one foot to the other. He was anxious to find out what it said. He gave a look around at the empty lot, then reached over and opened the door.

The envelope looked just like the one on Liz's bed. Only this time the letter was addressed to "Everyone."

Alex leaned back against the car, the group staring at the letter in his hands. He tore open the end of the envelope and pulled out the piece of notebook paper inside.

Michael cleared his throat. "What's it say?"

Alex just stared at the paper in disbelief.

**What the hell?**

"Alex!?" said Isabel.

Alex looked up. "Whistle."

"What! Let me see that!" cried Michael, grabbing the paper from Alex's hand.

"It says whistle," Alex said again, his voice confused.

"This isn't a time for games, Alex," stated Liz, getting slightly annoyed.

"He's not lying," said Michael, running a hand back through his spiky hair. "It just says whistle."

"Who's twisted idea of fun is this!" cried out Isabel. She looked around frantically. "You sick bastard!" she screamed. "Who the hell do you think you are!?" She walked to the middle of the lot. "Who the fuck are you!?"

Max ran over and grabbed Isabel by the shoulders. She turned into his arms and started to cry. Michael kicked the tire on the car, causing Maria to jump and squeeze her eyes shut in fear.

"I said whistle, not scream," said a voice.

Max whipped around. The voice had come from over towards the factory.

"Who's there?" called Max. They couldn't make out the person as he moved from out of the shadows. The steps were slow but confident, with a small swagger. It was the one person no one had ever expected.

Kyle Valenti shoved his hands deeper into his pockets. "Is everyone packed?"

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