FanFic - Other
Part 4
by Syndee
Disclaimer: The characters belong to The WB.
Summary: A secret society is formed when an Ancestral Pueblo Shaman prophesizes the coming to earth, in human form, of a being who along with his human mate with save the earth from annihilation.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Prerequisites in order: "Treasures Found," (CD After-hrs,) "Tess to TESS," "Reflections," "The Baby Nexus," "Crab Nebula in Taurus," "Purple Passion,"(CD After-hrs,) and "Descendants-the Liz/Max Connection."
"Things are kind of quiet here," Liz looks around the restaurant to see two tables occupied and it's customers enjoying their meals. "Lets all sit down and I'll tell you what I've learned from Eddie."

"Speaking of Eddie," Teresa nudges Isabel. "He's getting ready to leave."

Teresa, Isabel and Maria watch as the young man picks up his check and heads for the cashier. Liz had informed the cashier earlier that Eddie's meal was on the house so he looks over to Liz to smile a thank you before turning to leave.

The girls watch his progress out of the door and literally run to the front of the restaurant where they gather near the large window to watch him walk to his truck.

Maria shakes her head, "My oh my, is that a sight to behold, or what?" She watches his distinctive swagger and takes note of the sighs coming from her cohorts in man watching.

Max watches the girls drooling over Eddie and grins when he catches Liz stretching her neck and peering thought the window to catch any remnant of the Native America's derriere. "Go ahead, join your fellow voyeurs," he nudges her towards the door.

Liz smiles and blushes when she realizes Max had seen her curiosity towards what her friends regard as a fine specimen of a man.

She playfully slaps him on the arm, "Thank you, but I have all the man I can handle right here Mr. Evans."

He pulls her into his arms and she slides between his legs to match his passionate kiss lip for lip. One hand moves to her hair as the other cups her face.

Exaggerated coughing echoes throughout the restaurant as the couple breaks apart to the stares of their friends already seated at a booth and waiting for Max and Liz to join the group. "I think that we're being paged," Max pulls away from Liz and looks in the direction of the group already seated and shooting him death daggers with their eyes.

"Michael and I are still working and we may only have a few minutes before the lunch crowd encroaches." Maria says as she looks at the wall clock.

Liz grabs her notebook from the counter with one hand as she accepts Max help down from her stool as they head over to where the group is waiting for them.

Alex, Isabel, Maria and Teresa are sitting at the booth recently vacated by Eddie. Michael has one knee firmly implanted on the bench directly behind Maria and is casually running his fingers through her hair when Max pulls a chair from a nearby table and places it at the end of the booth next to Alex.

"Teresa, where's Kyle?" Liz looks around the restaurant and back to Teresa.

"Baseball practice. He'll meet up with us later." Teresa smiles thinking about how nice Kyle looks in his uniform.

Liz opens the small notebook and is posed to give the details of what she's learned from Eddie. She lifts her eyes to her friends harrowing looks.

"What?" Liz splays her arms questionably.

"Maybe you shouldn't write things down." Isabel points to the notebook.

"Yeah, I know. I'm going to burn it as soon as we finish here." Liz wrinkles her nose and slaps the notebook against the palm of her hand.

Max gives Liz a reassuring look, "Go ahead hon, we're listening."

Liz looks around the restaurant once more before lowering her voice. "Firstly, unlike most Native American folklore, the true story of Gray Ghost has never been published even though parts of his story appear in some ancient folk myths."

"Everyone in New Mexico is familiar with Shiprock right?" Liz looks to her friends for their nod of acknowledgement.

"I'm sorry Liz, I'm not from New Mexico. What is Shiprock?" Teresa looks to the others and back to Liz for enlightenment.

Liz ponders the question as she thinks of a way to describe the landmark. "In the most basic terms, it's a huge chunk of rock rising 1700 feet out of the New Mexican desert located about 20-30 miles away from Four Corners, USA."

"This eroded volcanic plume is sacred to the Navahos as Tse Bi dahi, or the Rock with Wings. The name comes from an ancient folk myth that tells how the rock was once a great bird that transported the ancestral people of the Navahos to their lands in what is now northwestern New Mexico."

Liz flips the page in her notebook before continuing. "The Navaho ancestors had crossed a narrow sea far to the northwest (believed to be the Bering Strait), and were fleeing from a warlike tribe. Tribal shamans prayed to the Great Spirit for help. Suddenly the ground rose from beneath their feet to become an enormous bird. For an entire day and night the bird flew south, finally settling at sundown where Shiprock now stands."

"Geologist tells us the rock was formed 12 million years ago during the Pliocene. The legend of the rock seems more likely to be a metaphor hinting of the site's magical power to lift the human soul above the problems of daily existence into awareness of the Great Spirit." Liz pauses, sighs and turns the page.

"Here is where things get really weird." Liz looks to Max and smiles.

"The little known corresponding story tells of visitors from another world who happened upon the Navaho ancestors' plight and transported the rock and the tribe to its new home hundreds of miles south to Shiprock's present location." Liz closes the notebook and moves to sit on Max's lap.

"Liz, are you saying that these visitors where from our planet and manipulated this huge rock as though it were a magic carpet and transported a whole tribe?" Isabel leans forward and around Alex as she voices the mind-boggling possibility.

"It's incredible isn't it?" Liz smiles as she puts one arm around Max's shoulder as his arm slips around her small waist.

"If this is true. Why is it that so few people know of this particular story?" Michael asks Liz as he looks from Max to Isabel.

"I think it may have something to do with the Nih-Hi-Cho." She meets Michael's gaze.

"Why do you say that?" Michael asks.

"Because when I asked Eddie about the secret society called the Nih-Hi-Cho, he laughed and said that no one talks about it because it's a secret. But then he said that it would be best if I forgot I've ever heard of it because its members are experts at making sure that secrets are kept."

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