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Part 5
by Syndee
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Summary: A secret society is formed when an Ancestral Pueblo Shaman prophesizes the coming to earth, in human form, of a being who along with his human mate with save the earth from annihilation.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Prerequisites in order: "Treasures Found," (CD After-hrs,) "Tess to TESS," "Reflections," "The Baby Nexus," "Crab Nebula in Taurus," "Purple Passion,"(CD After-hrs,) and "Descendants-the Liz/Max Connection."
(Mescalero Reservation)

Ten men gather in a classroom of the elementary school. Summer vacation assures them that they won't be disturbed but they still take the necessary precautions.

The Nih-Hi-Cho has existed for over 900 years and currently has a membership of close to a thousand. Originally consisting of Native Americans only but they have expanded to include anyone dedicated to the cause.

"You idiot, how could you say that to him?" The formidable Bear of a man scolds his young relative.

John Nez, with his hands in his pants pockets and head held low absently toys with a loose floorboard before facing the older man's wrath. "He didn't acknowledge that he knew what I was talking about."

"He knows who he is, and we know who he is. And I'm sure your statement, 'It's you, isn't it,' lets him know that we know who he is." His anger is still evident when he hops up onto the desk at the front of the classroom and lets out a heavy sigh.

"Liz trusts me and he trusts her. I'm sure my slip up will not scare him away." John Nez words are far more confident than he actually feels.

"He's found his mate and has accepted the role of leader. Telling him about us now should not effect the future." The soft-spoken elderly Native American in the back of the room states as he adjusts his cramped seating at the small student desk. "Shi-da, what do you think?"

"I know that we need Claudia Parker's Journal in order to pinpoint our enemy's central location." A deep unidentifiable accent echoes throughout the small room. "I also know that, at some point in the near future, whoever was making inquiries of Claudia's Chaco Canyons work will eventually discover Liz, thus finding Max." The man known only as Shi-da quietly voices his opinions.

One of the group members asks, "John, are you sure no one followed you to the lake yesterday?"

"I was very careful and I haven't seen or felt that I have been followed since I left Albuquerque three days ago." John Nez looks around the room at the intense faces of the elite group.

"Good, that might buy us some time." One of the elder men of the group interjects.

Shi-da takes a deep breath. "If Max comes to the reservation tonight to meet with John, I will tell him who I am and hope that he can forgive me."

(The Reservoir)

The Sheriff's arrives early at the reservoir and canvasses the area. He's still spooked from his enemy alien visit of the night before. His ability to see its reflective soul puzzles him because he had not been able to see it on the security camera's video when the others had.

The rest of the Human/Alien alliance will arrive shortly to discuss Liz and Max's plan to meet with John Nez, Claudia Parker's old assistant from the university. Max has expressed some concerns because of something that the young man had said, but Liz insists that he can be trusted.

Mirror starts to bark as a car approaches and the Sheriff stoops down and scratches behind the canines ear as he recognizes Maria's Jetta followed closely by Sondra's BMW.

"I guess we're the first to arrive," Michael approaches the sheriff and stoops to pet Mirror.

Maria goes over to greet Sondra who has parked her car directly behind the Jetta and they wave to the Sheriff before engaging in a conversation about the lake house celebration.

By the time Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex arrive the group has gathered near the edge of the high cliffs above the reservoir.

Even thought the Sheriff had made a through check of the immediate perimeter he employs added precaution by having Kyle and Max leave their car radios on with the volume high. Any electronic listening devices will have problems hearing the group from the distance they would need and remain unobserved.

The Sheriff is the first to begin. "I had a visit yesterday from someone claiming to be a reporter from the Atlanta-Roswell Review." He beckons for Mirror to come to him, picks the small dog up and holds her close to his chest.

"Mirror had been quiet all afternoon until the reporter showed up outside my office. She became so agitated that at first I thought that she was having a bad dream. Do dogs dream? Anyway I picked her up to calm her down as deputy Hanson showed the alleged reporter into my office." He hands the puppy over to Teresa and looks around the group.

"I was facing the window of my office when I was made privy to the dismal soul of the enemy alien, standing less than three feet away from me." The Sheriff acknowledges everyone reaction with a nod and lets out a deep breathe.

Max and Michael move closer to the Sheriff before hurling rapid questions at him.

"What did he want?" Max's voice is concerned but controlled.

"He said that he was doing an article on Sister Cities and that Roswell, Georgia didn't have anything as infamous as an Alien Spaceship Crash but he was looking for other parallels." He rotates his hat in his hands several times before replacing it to his head.

"Did he say anything that would lead you to think that he was looking for us?" Michael queries as he looks to the other members of the group.

"By this time Mirror was barking up a storm and I used it as an excuse to get him to leave. But, as we walked out of my office, he inquired if we could get together soon so that I may help him separate truth from fiction on the existence of aliens."

"Are you okay dad?" Kyle approaches his dad and they exchange a knowing look that passes between father and son when they face each other man to man for the first time.

"Yea, I'm fine. It was unexpected especially since I wasn't able to see the evil before. Any ideas on what may have changed that would now allow me to see what all of you have been able to see for weeks." He looks around the group and lets his gaze fall on Max but Sondra is the one to come up with a logical explanation.

"Jim, I've been thinking about this since that night at the loft and the video taped enemy alien was revealed to everyone in the room except you." She approaches Michael and he pulls her into the crook of his arm as she places her arm around his waist.

"And what conclusion have you come to Dr. Gallagher?" Michael smiles down at his sister right before playfully grabbing her nose in a vise between his fingers.

"We were all in the hotel room that first night when the joining of your hands created that bright blue energy force. All of us except Jim." She nods her head toward the Sheriff.

"Yesterday the ten of us, including Jim were engulfed in the bright blue energy force again when we joined hands around the ritual wheel. I think that that energy force is what gives all of us the ability to see the evil within." Sondra concludes.

"But Liz was able to see visions before that. How can that be explained?" Max inquires of Sondra.

"Max," Maria places her hand on his shoulder. "Liz's energy source was introduced differently if you catch my meaning." Maria lets a gaze move down his body and when apprehension dawns he blushes and turns away.

"Maria!" Liz playfully shoves Maria. "I was getting visions long before...Max and know."

"Well, at least we are all able to identify the enemy even thought a reflective device will not always be available to us. It's a start." Isabel looks around the group as she instinctively reaches for Alex's hand.

"I made some calls this morning and found out that John Nez is who he says he is. He's head of the Native American Artifacts department at the University. And, as far as I can tell, he's human." The Sheriff looks from Max to Liz and wonders if maybe he should have given Max this information in private.

"It's okay sheriff, Liz knows that I asked you to look into John Nez's background. She's just not too happy about it because she's known him all her life and she trusts him." Max looks down and Liz and rubs the frown marring her forehead in an attempt to erase it.

"Well, I need to get back to town but I'll be available if you change your mind about my going out to the reservation with you? Jim Valenti pats Max's arm, adjusts his hat and heads for his vehicle.

"So you guys are still determined to go out there alone?" Kyle states as he watches his dad pull away.

"Kyle, John said this was about my grandmother's journal. Its doubtful that he even believes in aliens. He's very conservative and straightlaced." Liz tries to reassure her friend.

"Still, I think it would be a good idea if we all stationed ourselves near the reservation so that if needed, we can get to you quickly." Michael looks to the others for their nod of approval.

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