Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"My Season Three"
"Baby Blues"
Part 2
by Delilah Parker
Disclaimer: In no way do these characters belong to me.
Summary: Michael and Mariaís honeymoon days are cut short when they find out that Maria is pregnant. Isabel discovers that Kivar is possessing Kyle and with the help of Ava finds a way to send him back to Antar. At the same time, Max asks Liz a surprising question.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This episode is the second chapter of my version of season three. It takes place after ďUnexpected HappeningsĒ
Scene 1

The whole gang is gathered in Michaelís living room nervously waiting for the results of Mariaís pregnancy test. Michael is sitting on the floor in front of the bathroom where Maria obviously is. Michael looks very upset.

Liz walks over to the door and knocks on it.

Liz: Maria, how are you doing?

(Maria doesnít answer and Michael groans putting his head in his hands)

Liz: Maria, are you alright?

(Maria opens the door abruptly and Michael falls backwards hitting his head on the floor. Sheís holding up the pregnancy test and is crying. She attempts to say something but breaks into an uncontrollable blabber)

(Liz opens her arms and Maria collapses in them)

(While Maria is crying Michael gets up and walks over to the two. He reaches for Maria and slowly Maria moves from Lizís arms into his)

(Isabel motions Max out of the apartment.)

Isabel: We canít hide this.

Max: (nods) I know.

Isabel: What do we do?

Max: (looks to Maria and Michael hugging through the window then turns back to Isabel) I donít know.

Fade out. (Opening credits)

Scene 2

Liz, Isabel, and Max are walking down a stretch of road.

Liz: I donít think any of us have any say in whatís going to happen, this is Michael and Mariaís situation.

Max: I know that. Do you think I donít understand what theyíre going through? I KNOW what theyíre going through. I lived it!

Liz: Exactly. And we didnít interfere with what you and Tess decided did we? No. So donít go pulling your King crap with Maria, she doesnít have to listen to a word you say.

Max: I didnít say that she did!

Liz: Look Max, Maria and Michael love each other and whatever they decide to do better be their decision and not yours.

Isabel: Stop it! Stop it both of you! This isnít about how angry you are at each other right now. This is about how scared Michael and Maria are feeling and how they need you two to be getting along! Yes, Max slept with Tess and got her pregnant. He made a mistake and is trying to put it behind him. And Yes, Liz accused us for killing Alex but she had good reason and wasnít far off. So both of you just drop it!

(Liz and Max lower their heads in shame)

Liz: Youíre right, Iím sorry.

Max: (nods) Sorry Iz.

Isabel: Good. Now that thatís out of the way, thereís something else we need to discuss. Something else Ava said that I didnít remember right away because of everything else.

Max: What?

Isabel: I think Kivar is possessing Kyle.

Liz: What? How do you know?

Isabel: (shakes her head) I canít be sure really, but just before Ava said she was on her way she told me that Kyleís not Kyle anymore.

Liz: Did she actually say that he was Kivar?

Isabel: Well no, but we know Kivarís here possessing someone and if Kyleís not himself anymore who else could he be?

Max: Weíll keep our eyes opened.

(Isabel nods)

Liz: Did Ava mention when she would be getting here?

Isabel: (shakes her head) All she said was that she was on her way.

Liz: So maybe we should be at the Crashdown where she can find us.

Max: We have to get the jeep first.

Liz: Ok, so you get the Jeep and Isabel and I will start to town.

Max: (nods) Yeah. Ok, Iíll see you guys there then.

(Liz and Isabel begin walking towards town as Max heads towards the hill where the jeep had been thrown off.)

(Max climbs down the cliff and walks over to the jeep. He then proceeds to use his powers to fix it. After a short while the jeep is fixed completely. He climbs into it and drives to a place where he can drive out of the ditch and back onto the road.)

Scene switches to Michaelís apartment. Maria is lying on her back on his bed, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Maria: What now, Michael?

Michael: (lays down on top of her and lays his head on her stomach. He sighs loudly) I guess we decide.

Maria: (another tear roles down her cheek) Whatís there to decide? We canít have an abortionÖ I wonít. I donít believe in that Michael. Alien or not, I donít believe in that.

Michael: (closes his eyes and lets out a loud sigh) What else can we do Maria. This baby isnít normal, and we know that. Who knows what it will turn out to be. And then our coverís blownÖ for good.

Maria: This isnít just about you, Michael.

Michael: I know that.

Maria: I donít think you do. This is about me, you, and a baby- a baby thatís likely to be more human than alienÖ if alien at all.

Michael: (lifts his head from her belly and sits up) How do you know?

Maria: Youíre a hybrid.

Michael: Yeah, so?

Maria: So technically, you arenít even an alien. You are a human with alien blood cells and an alien essence. Everything else in you is human, whether you like it or not.

Michael: Whatís your point?

Maria: My point is, how alien can a baby be if itís mother is human and itís father is a hybrid?

Michael: (lays his head back on her belly) I donít know. (thereís fear visible in his eyes)

(Maria strokes his hair as they lay there together)

Fade Out.

Scene 3

At the Crashdown. Liz and Isabel are sitting at a booth when Sean walks in. Liz looks up and smiles. Isabel turns around.

Isabel: You have to tell me Liz, whatís going on with you and Sean Deluca?

Liz: (shakes her head) Nothing.

(Isabel doesnít look convinced)

Sean: (approaches the two) Whereís Maria?

Liz: Sheís with Michael.

Sean: She was supposed to be home two hours ago.

Liz: Sheís at Michaelís, Sean. Call her there.

Sean: (obviously angry about something other than just Maria no being home on time) Can I use your phone?

Liz: (nods) Yeah, follow me.

(Liz leads Sean to the back as Isabel shoots Liz an ĎI told you soí glance) Scene switches to the backroom of the Crashdown.

Liz: (points to the phone on the wall) Itís right there.

Sean: (marches over to the phone then suddenly turns around) Whatís going on Liz?

Liz: Sean, please leave it alone already. I donít have the energy for it anymore.

Sean: So, just tell me.

Liz: Call Maria, Sean. Just call her and leave. Iím not dealing with this anymore.

Sean: Ok then tell me this, whatís going on with Maria and Michael?

Liz: Nothing.

Sean: (purses his lips together) I know thatís a lie. Somethingís going on with them I can tell.

Liz: If I tell you will you drop all the snooping around?

(Sean nods)

Liz: (hesitates) Theyíre having problems.

Sean: What kind of problems?

Liz: You promise you wonít say a word?

Sean: I wonít say a thing. I wonít even mention it to Maria.

Liz: (motions Sean closer) Mariaís pregnant.

Sean: (looks furious) What?!

Liz: You promised Sean. You canít say anything to anyone about this. You donít know whatíll happen if you do.

Sean: (shakes his head in anger) I knew that boyfriend of hers was a bad seed.

Liz: Oh yeah, you should talk.

Sean: So what are they going to do about it?

Liz: (shakes her head) They donít know yet.

Sean: They arenít thinking about keeping it are they? Amy would disown Maria.

Liz: I donít know Sean, but you have to keep this secret. Please, itís so important that Maria doesnít know you know.

Sean: (after a long while nods) I promise I wonít tell.

Liz: (smiles) Thank you.

Scene switches to the front of the Crashdown.

Ava walks in.

Isabel smiles and walks over to her. They embrace.

Ava: Whereís Liz?

Isabel: Sheís getting Mariaís cousin off of our backs for a little while. Sheíll be out in a second. Letís go sit down.

(Isabel leads Ava to the booth her and Liz had been sitting at.)

Isabel: Kivarís possessing Kyle isnít he?

Ava: (nods) Yeah.

Isabel: So what do we do?

Ava: I know a way to send him back. Itíll be hard though and itís only me and you who can do it.

Isabel: What about Max and Michael?

Ava: Their powers wonít do any good. We need to get into his head. Only you and I can do that.

(Isabel nods)

(Liz and Sean re-enter the Crashdown from the back)

Liz: ( spots Ava and runs over to her) Ava!

(Ava stands and the two embrace)

(Sean looks confused.)

Sean: I thought your name was Tess.

Ava: (squints her eyes and looks to Isabel and Liz. She turns back to Sean.) No. Tess is myÖ twin sister.

Sean: (nods slowly, checking out her hair and clothes) Were you two separated at birth?

Ava: (smiles slightly) Something like that.

Sean: Itís was nice to meet you but I have to get going. (shoots Liz a knowing look and begins towards the door)

Liz: (calls after him) Sean!

(Sean turns around)

Liz: (hesitates) Do youÖ want to do something tonight?

Sean: Yeah. (smiles) Iíll come by around eight.

(Sean leaves the Crashdown and the three take a seat)

Isabel: What was that about?

Liz: (shrugs) Itís just my way of helping Maria get him off her back.

Isabel: (doesnít look convinced) Sure it is.

(Liz looks as though sheís about to argue with that statement but Ava interrupts)

Ava: We donít have much time. If we are going to send Kivar back to Antar it has to be tonight.

Liz: How?

Ava: Iím going to mind warp him.

(Liz shudders and Isabel grimaces)

Ava: What?

Liz: Tess killed Alex that way.

Ava: Iím sorry, I didnít know.

Isabel: (forces a smile) Itís ok. Weíre moving past it.

(Liz nods)

Ava: I guess I donít have to explain how itís going to work then.

Isabel: (shakes her head) We know too well.

Liz: You wonít hurt Kyle right?

Ava: (shakes her head) Iíll keep it all in Kivarís head. I promise.

(Liz nods)

Isabel: So do you have a place to stay?

Ava: (shakes her head) I donít really care where I sleep. Iím not staying long anyway.

Liz: What? Why not? We need you here Ava.

Ava: (smiles a half smile) No you donít.

Liz: (shakes her head persistently) Trust me, we do.

Isabel: What are you talking about Liz?

Liz: (shakes her head) I canít say.

(Ava and Isabel turn to each other in confusion)

Ava: (turning back to Liz) Why canít you say?

Isabel: Since when do you keep secrets from us Liz?

Liz: (looks regretful for saying what she did) Itís not a secret as much as knowledge I canít tell.

(Max walks in)

Liz: (turns to Isabel and Ava in a panic) Donít say a thing to Max and I promise Iíll tell both of you later.

Isabel: Whatís this about Liz?

Liz: (shoots Isabel a pleading look) Please.

(Isabel hesitates for a moment then nods)

(Max approaches the three girls)

Max: Hey.

(Max looks to Ava then quickly turns away. He turns to face Isabel and Liz)

Max: The jeepís fixed.

Isabel: Good, cause weíre going to need it tonight.

Max: Tonight?

(Liz looks to Ava. Ava acknowledges the look and quickly jumps into the conversation)

Ava: We know how to send Kivar back. (she touches his arm softly.)

(In a quick flash Max sees Ava and Zan. Images of her and him sharing moments together but he feels Zanís emotions about her and knows that he didnít love her. He then sees Lonnie and Rath kill Zan and feels Avaís horror. Max breaks out of the flash and looks confused for a moment)

(Liz looks to Isabel in a worried way)

Ava: Iím sorry. I didnít mean to do that.

Max: (takes a seat beside Liz and across from Ava) I didnít know.

(Liz and Isabel look to each other in confusion)

Isabel: What did you see Max?

Ava: (looks down sadly) He saw Zan.

(Max nods)

(Liz and Isabel nod in realization)

Fade Out.

Scene 4

At the Evansí home later that day. Isabel is talking to her mother in the kitchen.

Isabel: Itíll only be for a couple of weeks until she canít get back on her feet.

Diane: I donít mind her staying Isabel. Youíre friends are more than welcome here, but Iím confused as to why sheís here.

Isabel: (takes a seat at the table across from her mother) Tess and Ava didnít grow up together. Sheís lived her whole life in New YorkÖ with her mother- Mrs. Harding. But then, just a couple of weeks ago Mrs. Harding died and now Avaís looking for Tess (who she just found out existed when her mother died) so now sheís here. And well, Tess isnít so I really think that while she figures out her next step it would be a good idea for her to stay here rather than live on the streets.

Diane: But Isabel, you hardly know this girl.

Isabel: Sheís a good person Mom, trust me.

Diane: (smiles) I do trust you Isabel but I canít make a decision until we talk to your father.

Isabel: (forces a smile) Ok.

Scene switches to Isabelís room. Max and Ava are sitting on her bed.

Max: Does it hurt you to see me?

Ava:(pauses for a moment)Well, does it hurt YOU to see me?

Max: (nods) A little. Iím just so pissed at her you know? But I know you two arenít the same person, itís just that I canít help thinking about how mad I am at her when I see you.

Ava: (nods) I feel the same way when I see Michael and Isabel sometimes.

Max: How do you get past it?

Ava: I remind myself how different they are from Lonnie and Rath, how different theyíll always be. And it makes me feel better.

(Max says nothing for a long time)

Max: But how do you make yourself realize that it wonít happen again? You know, that history wonít repeat itself?

Ava: You already know Max. The answer is inside you. You can feel it canít you?

Max: (nods) I feel it. But I donít know if I can trust it.

Ava: (smiles a half smile) Trust your heart Max, follow it always, cause thatís what will make you a great king.

(Isabel walks in)

Isabel: Mom says that we have to see what Dad says first but I think itís going to be ok.

Max: Good.

Isabel: Have you spoken to Liz yet?

Max: (shakes his head) No, why?

Isabel: We thought it might be best for her to lead Kyle here while Ava and I prepare.

Max: (shakes his head) Itís too dangerous.

Isabel: Max, we need to do this. Thereís no other way.

Max: There has to be another way.

Isabel: There isnít. Have you told Michael yet?

Max: (hesitates) I called him and he said he would be here but he didnít say when and he didnít seem like he wanted to.

Isabel: Thatís to be expected.

Max: (shrugs) I guess. (thereís a long pause) Whereís Liz now?

Ava: I think sheís out with Sean.

Max: Oh. Did she say when she was going to help us with Kivar.

Isabel: We didnít ask her yet. We were going to call her after we spoke to you.

Max: Are you sure she will? I mean, if sheís out with Sean she might not want to be bothered.

Isabel: (shoots Max a strange look) She wants to help us Max. Sheís just keeping Sean off of Mariaís back for a little whileÖ Itís nothing more than that.

Max: (shrugs) It doesnít matter, all that matters right now is sending Kivar back to Antar and getting on with our lives.

(Isabel and Ava shoot each other a knowing look.)

Ava: What about your son?

Max: What does that have to do with this? And besides, thereís nothing I can do about my son, heís on a completely different planet and I canít get to him no matter what I do.

Ava: So youíve just put it behind you?

Max: I have no other choice.

Ava: Give it time Max. You might just find yourself with another choice.

Scene switches to Michaelís Apartment.

Maria is in her pjís and making supper in the kitchen. Michael is sitting at the counter watching her.

Maria: (turns to look at Michael) Are you mad?

Michael: No, Why?

Maria: You havenít spoken to me all afternoon.

Michael: Iím not mad, I just donít know what to say.

Maria: Well I donít know either. But itís not going to go away just because we arenít talking about it.

Michael: (looks slightly annoyed) I just need time with the idea, Maria ok? I donít know what to do. We could be making a big mistake, one that might get the FBI back on our tracks, and you just want to disregard that cause you donít believe in abortion! It pisses me off, alright! I think youíre being selfish.

Maria: Iím being selfish?

Michael: Yeah. I think you should at least consider the abortion for us- Max, Iz, and I. I mean what happened to Max in the White Room could happen to me, or Isabel, or even our baby. Do you really want to take that chance?

Maria: (lets out an exasperated scream and allows herself to slide to the floor down the cupboard. She begins to cry) I canít believe this is happening to me! Oh God, I just donít know what to do! I always said that if I ever got pregnant at seventeen I wouldnít have an abortion no matter what. I said I would give it up for adoption if I couldnít keep it and nowÖ now everythingís different and I donít know what to do!

(Michael walks over to Maria whoís sitting up against the counter wiping away her tears with her sleeve. He sits next to her, puts his arm around her, and pulls her to him)

Michael: Iím sorry Maria , I didnít mean it. I should have thought about what I was saying before I said it. I know youíre under a lot of pressure right now and it was wrong for me to think that this wasnít about you too.

Maria: (still crying as she speaks) I donít know what to do Michael. And I canít think of anything to make it better. Itís like Iím stuck in this nightmare that I canít wake up from. I just feel so helpless.

Michael: I know. (he closed his eyes for a couple of seconds then opens them again) Letís give it a day for now. Letís give it one day and then maybe tomorrow weíll be secure enough to give it another. Weíll take it day by day. No one says we have to make a decision right now.

(Maria nods and cries into his chest. He wraps his arms around her and kisses the top of her head.)

Michael: I love you Maria. I know I donít say it much but I do. I just wanted you to know that.

Maria: (keeping her head on his chest) I love you too Michael. And Iím glad itís you that Iím going through this with.

Michael: (half smiles for a moment) Iím glad too.

(Telephone rings. Michael gets up to answer it)

Michael: Yeah?

Scene switches to Max in Isabelís room.

Max: Hey, itís me.

Scene switches to Michael.

Michael: Not right now Maxwell. Iím in the middle of something.

Scene switches to Max.

Max: We need to do this tonight Michael. Are you going to help or not?

Scene switches to Michael.

Michael: (somewhat annoyed) Well then I guess Iím not. Listen Max, Iíve got a situation here and maybe to you it doesnít seem like much compared to your enemy being here and all, but right now, to me, it is. So just leave me alone and Iíll talk to you tomorrow. (slams the phone down)

Scene switches to Isabelís room.

Max: (looks to Isabel and Ava) He hung up on me.

Isabel: (smirks) What did you expect Max? Did you expect him to just forget about Maria and come running? Would you do that to Liz?

Max: Iím not with Liz.

Isabel: But if you were, would you leave her when she needs you most?

Max: Of course not.

Isabel: So why do you expect Michael to? (thereís a moment of silence)

Ava: Liz and Kyle will be here soon. We should get ready.

Isabel: (nods) Yeah, letís get started. (she shoots Max one last look before turning her full attention to Ava)

Scene 5

Liz and Sean are walking down a street in town.

Liz: Iím sorry that I have to cancel Sean. I really did want to go out with you tonight.

Sean: Itís ok Liz. Can we make a new date?

Liz: (looks up to Sean and smiles brightly) Sure.

Sean: (returns the smile) Ok. So Iíll call you sometime then.

Liz: (nods) Ok.

(They continue to walk for a moment in uncomfortable silence.)

Liz: Well, I should get going to Kyleís.

Sean: (nods) Yeah, ok. I should get going to Michaelís anyway. See if Mariaís going to come home tonight.

Liz: You wonít say anything about her being pregnant right?

Sean: (shakes his head) I promise.

Liz: Thanks. Iíll see you tomorrow Sean.

(Liz and Sean separate in the street and Liz quickly walks towards the Valentiís home but before she reaches it, Kyle sneaks up from behind her. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she spins around quickly.)

Liz: (extremely surprised) Kyle! HeyÖ I was just on my way to your place. Weíre going to the movies tonight-all of us-I was just coming to get you.

Kyle: (looks confused) Why didnít you call?

Liz: Well, I was walking with Sean towards Michaelís- heís going to get Michael and Maria- and I just decided I would come and get you now to save some time. But I guess you werenít homeÖ where were you?

Kyle: (still looking confused) Picking up supper. (he shows her a bag of groceries in his hand) Dadís been kind of slacking off lately when it comes to his responsibilities. Plus, Amy hasnít been calling lately either and he thinks doing nothing but laying on the couch for days at a time is going to somehow miraculously make it all better.

Liz: (purses her lips together and looks at him closely) Kyle? Is it really you?

Kyle: yeahÖ (looks at Liz suspiciously) Whatís going on Liz?

(Liz looks at Kyle for a long time in a state of wonder)

Liz: When we were going out last year Kyle, why didnít we stay together?

Kyle: (Looks at Liz like sheís crazy) What the hell are you talking about Liz? Me and you werenít going out last yearÖ it was the year before. And you broke up with me, remember?

Liz: (smiles brightly) It IS you.

Kyle: YeahÖ Are you ok Liz?

Liz: Iím fine. Letís get going, thereís something I need to tell you. (she begins to walk towards Max and Isabelís place)

Kyle: But what about my supper?

Liz: Eat it on the way. (still far ahead of him)

Kyle: (calls after her) But it needs to be cooked first!

Scene switches Michaelís place.

Maria is still in her pjís and laying on the couch with blankets pulled up to her chin.

Michael is sitting on the floor playing Sony PlayStation.

Maria: Michael, could we please watch some TV now? Iím getting tiered of watching you die over and over again.

Michael: Iím not dying. Iím developing strategy.

Maria: Well whatever it is that youíre doing, could you stop for a bit so I can watch some TV.

Michael: (sighs) Yeah. (shuts of the PlayStation)

(Thereís a knock at the door)

Michael: Iíll get it.

(Maria is already flipping through the channels contently)

(he opens the door and Sean is standing in the doorway)

Michael: Hey Sean.

Sean: Hey. Is Maria around? (doesnít look Michael in the eye)

Michael: (opens the door to let Sean in) Yeah, come in.

Maria: (sits up on the couch) Sean, What are you doing here?

Sean: Aunt Amy asked me to come by and get you.

Maria: Tell her Iím staying at Lizís tonight and to call me on the cell if she needs me.

Sean: Are you?

Maria: Does it matter?

Sean: Damn right it matters. God, Maria! Do you think your momís an idiot? Do you actually think sheíll fall for another one of your made-up stories, and not know that youíre off with Michael somewhere?

Maria: Iíve reached the point, Sean, where I just donít care. Tell her anything! Tell her I was abducted by aliens if you want! I donít care. Just tell her something and leave me alone.

Sean: Aunt Amy told me to get you home and if I didnít she would come here and get you herself. Or does that matter to you?

(Maria looks over at Michael who looks very concerned. There is a long pause)

Maria: Fine. Go wait outside, Iíll be out in a minute.

Sean: (nods) Ok.

(Sean leaves the apartment, once he does, Maria turns to Michael)

Maria: Sheís getting nosier. I donít know how to hide anything from her anymore.

Michael: At least itís only our relationship that bothers her and not my alien status, you know?

Maria: (nods) For now anyway. (she hugs Michael) Iíll call you tomorrow Michael.

(Michael nods and Kisses Maria on the lips)

(Maria grabs her jacket and quickly gathers her things. She leaves the apartment.)

Scene switches to Isabelís bedroom. Ava, Isabel are sitting on the bed, Max is sitting on the chair.

(A knock comes on the window. And Max turns around to open it quickly)

Max: Hi.

Liz: You guys, we need to talk.

Isabel: Whatís going on Liz?

Kyle: (climbs through the window) Thatís what Iíd like to know.

(Max gets ready to use some sort of power on Kyle)

Liz: No Max! Heís not Kivar. Not anymore anyway. I asked him personal questions. Things Kivar couldnít know, Iím telling you Iím right about this.

Kyle: (looks confused) You thought I was Kivar?

Ava: You were possessed by him. I know you were possessed by him.

Kyle: WellÖ (he pauses for a moment) Now that you mention it, I noticed the past days have been a blur. How come you didnít tell me??

Isabel: We were trying to find a way to stop it. But now heís gone andÖ itís almost too easy.

Max: If he just left like that then why did he bother coming? Why didnít he reveal himself to us?

Liz: Iím not sure Max, but I think I know.

(They all look at her expectantly)

Liz: I think itís about Tess and your son. I think itís all just a plan so Tess can sneak back without being seen. I mean, Kivar still wants all of you returned to him right?

(Max nods)

Liz: Kivar was here to find a way to make sure she didnít fail this time.

Isabel: It makes sense.

Ava: It does but itís hard to say for sure.

Liz: I feel Iím right about this. I know it deep down.

Max: So I guess we work on a new plan then. How to capture Tess once she resurfaces.

(The group nods)

Max: Weíll talk to Michael tomorrow about it. Until then letís relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

Kyle: Can I go home now?? Iím starving and I still havenít had supper.

Liz: (laughs) Yeah Kyle. Weíll see you tomorrow and donít be surprised if we ask you really crazy questions during the next couple of days. Itís just to make sure he hasnít come back, you know?

Kyle: (nods and smiles) I know. Iíll see you guys tomorrow.

(Kyle leaves the room through the window)

Liz: Iím going to get going too. Check on Maria. Make sure everythingís ok.

(She starts out the window)

Max: Liz, wait. (Max follows her and she turns around) Can I talk to you for a second? Alone?

Liz: (hesitates) Sure.

(They begin out of Isabelís room.)

Scene switches to Max and Liz entering his room. Max turns on the light switch and they go inside. He closes the door behind them and Liz takes a seat on the bed.

Max: Weíve never really had an opportunity to talkÖ about everything.

Liz: I know. Iíve been avoiding it. The truth is Max, Iím not sure if I want to talk about everything. Iím not sure of anything anymore.

Max: (takes a seat on the bed beside her) Iím sure of one thing Liz. Being with you has kept me strong. And I WILL do whatever it takes to make you realize that what happened with Tess was a mistake, one that Iíll have to live with for the rest of my life, and Iíve accepted that. But I couldnít bear to go on without you.

Liz: Itís not that easy Max. We canít just go back to the way things were and pretend that everything thatís happened hasnít. It doesnít work that way.

Max: I miss you Liz.

Liz: (nods) I miss you too.

Max: So letís start fresh Liz. Letís put everything thatís happened behind us andÖ create our own destiny. Thatís what we always said be we didnít trust where it would take us. We didnít follow our heart and we should haveÖ I should have. But itís not too late, I realize that now.

Liz: We canít go back Max. Not because I donít want to but because too much has happened and we canít.

Max: Iím not asking you to go back, Iím asking you to start overÖ Iím asking you to take my hand and hold onto it for better or for worst. (he puts his hand out in front of Liz and she takes it.) Iím asking you to spend the rest of your life with meÖ( He gets down on one knee while she continues to sit on bed. She covers her mouth with her hand in shock) Liz Parker, would you do me the honor of being my wife?

(Liz looks around quickly in a state of shock as Max continues to hold her hand waiting for her reply)

(Suddenly Liz gets a flash of everything her and Max had been through for better or for worst) (After the flash is done Liz speaks)

Liz: (whisper) For better or for worst. (she looks Max in the eyes) Yes.

Max: (smiles) Yes?

Liz: (nods crying and smiling at the same time) Yes. (more sure this time) I love you Max. And YES I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

(Liz reaches for the back of Maxís head and pulls his face to hers. They kiss.)

Max: (interrupts the kiss) I want you to wear the necklace. The one I gave you when I thought I was leaving.

(Liz nods)

Max: Until I can get you the perfect ring.

(Liz smiles and a tear roles down her cheek. Liz and Max kiss again long and loving. In the background Enrique Iglesiasí Hero plays in the background.)

Zoom out, Fade out.


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