Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"My Season Three"
"Unexpected Happenings"
Part 1
by Delilah Parker
Disclaimer: In no way do these characters belong to me.
Summary: Liz attempts to put her and Maxís relationship in the past while Michael and Mariaís relationship is taken to different heights. Meanwhile, Isabel discovers that Kivar is on Earth and looking for her. So in order to find out more she contacts Ava who turns out to have information no one expects to hear.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This episode takes place after the season two finale ďDepartureĒ
Scene 1

Liz and Maria are closing the Crashdown. Maria is in the Kitchen while Liz is at the counter.

Maria: Liz?

Liz: (looks up from the counter sheís scrubbing and sighs loudly) Yeah?

Maria: Things have been so crazy since that day and IÖ put off telling you something that I know I should have told you right away but didnít.

Liz: (looks slightly worried) What is it, Maria?

Maria: Well, you know the day we had to say goodbye?

(Liz nods)

Maria: Well, Michael was acting particularly strange and I know what youíre going to say ĎMichael acting strange is nothing newí but this was an amazingly good strange Liz.

Liz: (putting down her cloth) So what happened?

Maria: Oh Liz, where do I start? My god, he had a whole dinner set up, I mean, weíre talking Scooby plates and the whole deal.

(Liz smiles)

Maria: He didnít tell me what was going on. I mean, he told me later, but not then. You know what he did then? Youíll never guess! (excited)

Liz: (smiles a big smile) What?

Maria: (comes out of the kitchen and takes a seat at the counter) He let me SEE him.

Liz: (eyes grow wide) You saw into his soul?

Maria: (nods) I saw his childhood and meÖ me Liz, if you can believe that.

Liz: Oh my god, this is wonderful Maria!

Maria: (bright smile) I didnít know what to say or why he was acting that way. I mean, I had no idea he was leaving. AndÖ

Liz: (looking as though she might burst) And what, Maria?

Maria: And we, well, we took the next step in our relationship that night.

Liz: (stands there a moment speechless) Are you saying what I think youíre saying?

(Maria nods)

Liz: You and Michael slept together?

Maria: We did.

Liz: And you waited two weeks before telling me?

Maria: Believe me Liz, it wasnít easy.

Liz: So when Michael came out of the pod chamber that day, it was because he chose you over his planet?

Maria: (nods) Who would have thought heíd turn out to be this wonderful? I mean, I would have never guessed that Michael would eventually have things more together than Max.

(Lizís smile fades)

Maria: No, thatís not what I meant Liz. Iím not putting down Max. I wouldnít.

Liz: (shakes her head) No, youíre right Maria. Max and Michael have very quickly traded personality places. Youíre not the only one who noticed, we all did.

Maria: But Max is willing to make it up to you. He wants to make it right.

Liz: (shakes her head and forces a smile) I really donít think that any amount of making up will change the fact that he slept with a killer and got her pregnant. Would you forgive Michael?

(Maria shakes her head)

Liz: I know that he feels horrible and guilty about everything thatís happened, but Iím just not ready to forgive him yet.

Maria: (nods her head) I donít blame you at all Liz. And Max knows where youíre coming from too.

(Michael enters the Crashdown. Heís dressed well and had a well wrapped gift in his hand)

Maria: (turns to Liz and squeals quietly) Do you mind finishing up alone? Heís taking me out for our anniversary tonight.

Liz: (smiles) Go ahead.

(Maria quickly walks over to Michael, kisses him, and then jogs to the back to get her jacket)

Liz: (to Michael) Hey.

Michael: Hey.

Liz: (sounding surprised) So you got her a gift.

Michael: (looks to the package in his hand and scratches his eyebrow with the other) Yeah, I wasnít sure whatís good for an anniversary gift so I asked the woman at the store and she told me a ring would be good.

Liz: (smiles) You got Maria a ring?

Michael: (looking somewhat embarrassed) Yeah well, I knew I had to get her something and I guess a ring is romantic, so I got it.

(Maria re-enters the Crashdown from the back with her jacket and slips her arm into the crook of Michaelís. He half smiles)

Maria: Thank you so much girl, I owe you.

Liz: (smiles) Itís fine Maria. Have fun. (Liz watches them leave and her smile changes to a look of sadness)

Fade Out (Opening Credits)

Scene 2

At a restaurant. Maria and Michael are sitting at an elegant table waiting to order.

Maria: Michael, I canít believe you remembered out anniversary. I mean, I wanít expecting anything really cause of that wonderful night a couple of weeks ago.

Michael: I almost wasnít going to do anything but Isabel kind of got on my case about it so I just called here and um, (scratches eyebrow) got them to fit us in tonight.

(Mariaís smile fades entirely)

Michael: (smiles) Iím kidding. I had this planed for a while, and I didnít need Isabel to tell me what to do either.

Maria: (slightly confused) Isabel usually tells you what to do?

Michael: (looks to the waiter) Iíll order now.

(The waiter walks over to their table)

Waiter: And what would you like Sir?

(Michael quickly looks over his menu)

Maria: Iíll have theÖ (looks to Michael) Michael, did you say youíre paying for this meal?

Michael: (eyes Maria with a warning look) Just keep it under twenty dollars ok?

Maria: (looks to the waiter) How much is the Filette Mingnont?

Waiter: Nineteen ninety-five.

Maria: Ok, (big smile) Iíll have the garden salad and goat cheese with um, Italian dressing to start. For the main coarse Iíll be having the Filette Mingnont with mushroom sauce.

(Michael is trying hard not to blow up)

Waiter: And to drink Madam?

Maria: A glass of your most expensive wine.

Michael: Water, sheíll just have water. The both of us will. And Iíll have the chicken.

Waiter: And how would you like your chicken Sir?

Michael: (looking somewhat annoyed) Iíd like it to taste like chicken and look like it too.

Maria: Heíll have it with the spicy honey cream sauce.

(Waiter jots that down and walks away)

Michael: What the hell was that?

Maria: (innocently) What?

Michael: I told you under twenty dollars and you just went on and ordered the most expensive stuff you could find.

Maria: I intend on paying for the salad Michael.

Michael: (shrugs) Whatever.

Maria: I was just joking with you. You know that I love to make you mad. (big smile)

(Michael glares for a little bit while Maria takes his hands and attempts apologizing.)

Scene switches to Liz up on the roof writing in her journal. Sean appears at the window of her bedroom.

Sean: Liz, we need to talk.

Liz: (closes her journal) I really canít get into this right now Sean. I know that everything thatís happened really confused you, and all you want is an answer to whatís really going on. But I already told you Sean, I canít tell you whatís going on.

Sean: No Liz, this isnít about all that weird stuff. You told me you couldnít tell and I respect that. This is about Maria and Michael.

Liz: looking slightly uncomfortable) What about Maria and Michael?

Sean: Well, Aunt Amy is concerned. I mean, not half as much as she used to be but she asked me to talk to you. Sheís worried that theyíve been getting too close lately. Ever since everything thatís happened-

Liz: Everything?

Sean: Well Alexís death and now Tess Hardingís disappearance.

Liz: Oh yeah (nods) itís been a rough couple of months for all of usÖ but what does that have to do with Maria and Michael?

Sean: (shrugs) You know guys like Michael Guerin, they want things.

(Liz has a sudden memory of Max and Tess)

Liz: (frowns) As far as Iím concerned, all guys are like that.

Sean: (takes a seat on the wall of the roof) Aunt Amy just thinks that lately Michael and Maria have been spending way too much time together.

Liz: (eyes Sean suspiciously) Are you here speaking for a concerned mother, or are you here speaking as a concerned cousin?

Sean: (shakes his head) She has a right to be concerned you know. Mariaís always taking off for days on end with the guy, and when she isnít leaving Roswell sheís spending all her extra time at his apartmentÖ alone, with him.

Liz: (smiles) Donít be ridiculous Sean. You know Maria, you know that sheís not like that.

Sean: I know Maria, but I donít know her boyfriend and thatís the problem. Speaking of which, where are they off to tonight?

Liz: Michael took her out for their anniversary.

Sean: Sheís been with him for a year already?

Liz: (nods) Things are just getting good for her Sean, please donít ruin it.

Sean: I just want to make sure that sheís ok. Is she ok?

Liz: Sheís fine Sean. She loves Michael and he loves her too.

Sean: So he treats her good?

(Liz nods)

Sean: So I- Amy has nothing to worry about then?

Liz: Nothing at all.

Sean: (smiles) Good. (walks over to Liz and takes a seat next to her) So how are things with you?

Liz: (sighs) They arenít getting any better. (apparently upset)

Sean: (wraps his arm around her shoulders) Do you want to talk about it?

(Liz nods. She is near tears. She moves closer to Sean and puts her head on his shoulder)

Fade Out

Scene 3

Back at the restaurant.

Maria and Michael are on better terms now and are laughing. Micahel hands her the gift.

Michael: This is for you.

Maria: (all excited) Ooh! Can I open it now?

Michael: (shrugs) if you want.

Maria: (begins to open gift, then stops) I have a gift for you too. Iíll be sure you get it by the end of the night. (winks)

(Michael raises his eyebrow but says nothing)

Scene switches to the shopping mall. Isabel and Kyle are quickly walking through the Mall area and itís closing time.

Isabel: I know we havenít even really spoken much Kyle, but I just want to apologize for everything thatís happened with Tess. I know how much you and your dad cared for her and accepted her. And I just wish I would have never insisted to have her in our lives.

Kyle: Itís not your fault. None of us knew or expected her to beÖ the way he turned out to be.

Isabel: (nods) I know that, but I canít help but think that if it werenít for me, none of this would have happened.

Kyle: (shook his head) Donít blame yourself for what happened to Alex. There was nothing you could have done to change the outcome of that situation.

Isabel: I know. (continues to walk quickly) I really need to get to that store before it closes though Kyle.

(They turn the corner and step into a clothing store where a woman is about to close the doors)

Isabel: Nah un, I donít think so. Come on Kyle help me find it.

(Isabel searches shelves on the left of the store as Kyle searches the right side)

Woman: Maíam, weíre closed. Please come back tomorrow for whatever youíre looking for.

Isabel: (ignoring the woman) I canít find it, Kyle are you sure she said it was here?

Kyle: (continues to look through the shelves) Trust me, itís here. (shoves a bunch of purses aside and a silver hand print appears on the wall) I found it!

(Isabel hurries over, puts her hand on the print, and removes the destiny book from inside the wall)

Isabel: I got it. Letís go.

Woman: Excuse me Maíam, thatís not yours.

Isabel: (rudely) Trust me, it is.

Woman: No, I donít think you understandÖ Valandra.

(Isabel stops in her tracks and turns slowly)

Woman: That book no longer belongs to any of you.

(Isabelís grip on the book tightens as she clenches her fists)

(the woman closes the storeís door with her powers)

Woman: The book belongs to me Valandra, Queen Ava has passed it on to me.

Isabel: Queen Ava doesnít exist. Now open the doors. (trying to remain calm)

Woman: (lets out and evil chuckle) Thatís where youíre wrong Valandra. Queen Ava finally exists once again and itís all on the account of your beloved Kivar. Antar will finally be ruled by royal blood now that your brother has passed on his life to our planet.

Isabel: (looks to Kyle quickly before turning back to the woman) Iím not Valandra and Iím leaving now. (She waves her hand and makes the door fly open)

(Kyle and Isabel take off out of the store)

Woman: (calling after them) Kivar's back Valandra! And heís a lot closer than you think!

(Isabel looks upset but continues out of the mall. They climb into Kyleís Mustang and speed off.)

Kyle: What the hell was that about?

Isabel: (near tears) That was my past coming back to haunt me.

(car speeds off)

Fade Out

Scene 4

The next morning at Isabel and Maxís home. Isabel just told Max about what has happened.

Max: And you say that she wasnít a skin?

Isabel: I couldnít be sure exactly, but I donít think so.

Max: Well then what was she?

Isabel: I think she was another Brody slash Larek. You know what I mean?

Max: (nods) Yeah, that could be what she was.

Isabel: Do you think we should call Michael right now or wait until we know what weíre dealing with?

Max: We should probably tell him I guess.

Isabel: So what are we waiting for then? Lets go.

(Isabel grabs her jacket and hurries to the door. Max follows close behind)

Scene switches to Michaelís apartment.

Michael and Maria are in bed only wearing the blanket. They have just woken up.

(Michael opens his eyes and looks to Maria)

Maria: (smiles) Good morning.

Michael: (smiles) Hey.

Maria: (moves close to Michael and takes him into and embrace) Thanks for last night. It was the best date Iíve ever had.

Michael: (half smiling) Because of the ring, the dinner, or the umÖafter stuff?

Maria: All of the above (hugs him hard) You were great.

Michael: (smirks) I WAS pretty damned good. (he leans in for a kiss)

(Thereís a sudden knock at the front door and Isabel storms in)

(Max and Isabel quickly approach the bedroom door which is open. Michael and Maria scatter for their clothes)

Isabel: Michael, we have a serious (stops dead in her tracks once she notices the two in the bed. She turns around quickly. Max also turns around)Ö problem. Iím so sorry, I didnít have any idea- I mean, I didnít knowÖ that Maria was over.

(Michael quickly pulls on a pair of jogging pants and leaves the room closing the door behind him)

Michael: Forget about the concept of calling fist? (annoyed)

(Isabel stares at him in disbelief)

Max: You and Maria decided to take it to the next level huh?

Michael: (pulls his t-shirt over his head) I guess you can say that. (he goes to the fridge and takes out a carton of milk. He takes a drink) But letís face it Maxwell, thatís not the reason why youíre here.

Max: No itís not. (looks to Isabel) Isabel and Kyle came across a situation yesturday.

Michael: What kind of situation?

Isabel: Kivarís here and is looking for me. Itís only a matter of time before he finds us all.

Michael: How do you know this?

Isabel: Someone from our home planet, a woman working at that boutique in the mall, told usÖ Kyle and Me.

(Maria comes out of the bedroom)

Maria: Whatís going on?

Michael: Nothing. We donít know anything for sure yet.

Isabel: We think Kivar might be here looking for me.

Maria: Why? How?

Max: We donít know.

Maria: So what are we going to do?

Max: Until weíre sure about what weíre dealing with, I think it would be better to just lay low.

Michael: (nods) But what should we do to make sure weíre ready for him when he does show up.

Max: IfÖ If he shows up.

Michael: Whatever Maxwell, the point is what are we going to do to make sure no one gets hurt?

Max: Weíll just stick together and lay low as much as possible.

Michael: Maybe itís time to look for Ava.

Isabel: (cautiously) What are you talking about Michael?

Michael: Ava, you know form New York.

Maria: (to Max) Michaelís right. Ava helped Liz save your life. She may look like Tess but I donít think they are anything alike. Just like how different Michael and Rath were or Lonnie and Isabel. Ava and Tess arenít the same personÖ I think itís time we start thinking of them in that way.

Max: Letís just worry about one thing at a time ok? First thing we have to do is tell Liz and Kyle.

Michael: (nods)Ok, but I have something I have to do first. (he looks to Maria)

(Isabel hides a smile)

Max: (not quite catching on) Alright but make it quick.

(Max leaves and Isabel follows but not before she shoots Isabel a smile and a wink)

Maria: (turns to Michael with a big smile on her face) SoÖ what exactly is it you have to do? (slyly)

Michael: (goes into the bedroom and takes off his shirt) My laundry.

Maria: (her smile fades away) Oh.

Michael: But thatíll only take like five minutes to put into the machine. I got a whole hour after that to waste. (a sexy smirk on his face)

(Maria squeals and jumps onto Michaelís bed playfully)

(Michael closes the door. We see the outside of the door)

Fade Out

Scene 5

Amy Delucaís kitchen. Amy is franticly pacing back and forth. Sean and Liz are sitting at the table.

Liz: I really wouldnít worry Mrs. Deluca. You know sheís with Michael and he wonít let anything happen to her.

Amy: The fact that sheís with him is what worries me.

Sean: Did you call Michaelís place Aunt Amy?

Amy: I called earlier this morning once I discovered that she hadnít returned from her date last night.

Sean: That doesnít mean that they werenít there. They might have been still sleeping and hadnít heard the phone.

Amy: Thatís exactly what I donít want to hear cause if my baby girl is off sleeping with a boy then I think itís pretty safe to say that sheís not just ďsleepingĒ with him. And if thatís the case, if Mariaís havingÖ sex with Michael, then know that once I get a hold of him he wonít live to see another day.

Liz: (shakes her head) Iím sure that isnít the case Mrs. Deluca.

Sean: Just try at Michaelís again Aunt Amy.

Amy: Fine. (she picks up the phone and dials a number)

Scene switches to Michael and Maria in PG-13 foreplay action.

Maria: This is so good.

(The phone begins to ring)

Maria: (mid-kisses) Let it ring.

Michael: (kisses Maria hard on the lips) Iím answering it this time. (he reaches over and answers the phone) This better be good. (thereís a pause) Oh hello Mrs. Deluca. (He straightens his back and his face gets real serious)

(Maria looks panicked)

Scene switches to Amy.

Amy: Michael Guerin, you have a lot of explaining to do! Where is my daughter?

Scene switches to Michael.

Michael: (scratches his eyebrow) Sheís right here beside me Mrs. Deluca.

Scene switches to Amy.

Amy: And what, may I ask, were you thinking allowing her to stay the night there?!

Scene switches to Michael.

Michael: I donít know Mrs. Deluca. Iím sorry.

Scene switches to Amy.

Amy: Well I guess you just werenít thinking were you Michael?

Scene switches to Michael.

Michael: Mariaís fine Mrs. Deluca, I wouldnít let anything happen to her.

Scene switches to Amy.

Amy: I want her home right now. Do you understand me Michael?

Scene switches to Michael.

Michael: Sure do Mrs. Deluca. Weíre on our way right now. (he hangs up the phone and turns to Maria) One of these days your mother is going to kill me in my sleep, you do realize that right?

Maria: Deep inside though, Michael, she really does love you.

Michael: Get dressed. I have to take you home.

Maria: Right now? What about the whole Kivar thing?

Michael: Weíll worry about that later Maria. Right now youíre going home because if you donít, youíre looking at a dead man.

Maria: (smiles) Youíre so cute when youíre scared.

Scene switches to Max, Isabel, and Kyle in front of Mariaís place.

Kyle: Maybe we should have called first. I mean, showing up here to look for Liz when we know Mariaís not even here is kind of pointless.

Isabel: Lizís dad said she was here.

Kyle: Lizís dad might be wrong.

(They walk up the walkway and Max knocks on the door.)

(Sean opens the door)

Sean: (rudely) What do you want?

Max: We need to talk to Liz.

Sean: What makes you think she wants to talk to you?

Max: I donít care if she wants to talk to me or not, the three of us need to talk to her.

(Sean stands there for a moment and there is tension between the two. He then opens the door wider so that they could enter.)

(Liz is sitting on the couch

Liz: Max, whatís the matter?

Max: We need to talk to you.

Liz: (nods her head) Sure. Give me a minute. (turns to Sean) I need to do this, itís important.

(Sean nods but is obviously not happy)

Liz: When Maria gets here tell her that somethingís up and that I need to see her.

Sean: Whatís going on Liz? I know thereís something up and I know that somehow itís connected to what happened a couple of months ago at the UFO center.

Liz: I already told you that I couldnít tell you Sean. Please donít make me.

Sean: One of these Iím going to find out the truth.

(Liz gives Sean a pleading look)

Sean: Fine. Iíll tell her as soon as she gets here.

Liz: Thank you.

(Liz steps outside with the rest)

Liz: Whatís going on?

Max: Kivar is here. We donít know where but we know that heís here and looking for Isabel.

Liz: Oh my god. Do Maria and Michael know?

Max: (nods) We just came from there. Theyíre going to meet up with us soon.

Liz: Not Maria, her momís frantic. Maria didnít go home last night.

Isabel: We know. We kind ofÖ interrupted them this morning.

Liz: (eyes grow wide) I really do hope theyíre smart and are using protection.(she shoots Max an accusing look)

(Max looks away)

(Isabel and Kyle both nod)

Isabel: I hope so too.

(Maria and Michael pull up in the Jetta)

Maria: (gets out of the driverís seat) What are you guys doing here?

Liz: They came to get me. I was here with Sean.

Maria: (grimaces) Why? Never mind, thereís no time to talk. Momís going to kill Michael if I donít get inside.

(Maria rushes into the house)

(Michael walks over to the group)

Isabel: Not going in too, Michael?

Michael: (in disbelief) What?! Are you crazy? Mariaís mom wants me dead. (turns to Max) So, our fearless leader, have you decided what weíre going to do yet?

Max: Thereís really nothing we can do. I mean, without Tessí powers we wonít make it far.

Michael: (bitterly) So my ideaís out of the question?

Max: Yes.

Liz: Wait Michael, what was your idea?

Michael: (looks to Max, scratches his eyebrow then turns back to Liz) I thought it might be a good idea to start looking for Tessí dupe Ava. I mean she had the same powers as Tess does right? So the way I figure it, it would be worth a shot to go looking for her.

Liz: (nods) Michaelís right. If you want to beat Kivar your going to need as much power as you can get.

Max: (looks annoyed) Even if we wanted to, where would we look? Americaís a pretty big place.

Isabel: Actually Max, Kyle and I were getting the destiny book for exactly that reason. Thereís stuff written in there about finding one of us when one of us is missing. Thatís why went out to find the book.

Max: Why didnít you tell me?

Isabel: Cause I wanted to make sure I was on the right track. I needed to be sure it was possible.

Max: What was possible, Isabel?

Isabel: I needed to make sure that I could use my powers to call Ava to us without contacting Tess at the same time.

Max: And is it?

Isabel: (nods) Yeah, absolutely.

Max: Are you sure?

(Isabel nods again)

Michael: I say thatís what we do then.

Liz: I agree. We need Ava.

Max: I guess thatís what weíll do. Weíll all meet at Michaelís in an hour.

(Everyone agrees)

Fade Out

Scene 6

In Mariaís bedroom. Maria is digging through her dresser. Michael is standing in the opened doorway with an annoyed look on his face.

Michael: (glances at his watch then looks back to Maria) Could you hurry up?

Maria: (stops what sheís doing to look Michael in the eyes) Iím going to pretend that you arenít trying to rush me after I spent nearly forty-five minutes in the living room talking my mother out of murdering you.

Michael: Hey, I never asked you to stick up for me to your mother. Iím a big boy, I can handle those things on my own.

Maria: (scoffs) Oh really? Mom!

Michael: (jumps and hurries over to Maria to shush her) What the hell are you doing?

Maria: (shrugs) listen Michael, my momís getting more freaked out by our relationship each day and if we donít reassure her that youíre a good guy itís just going to get worst.

Michael: So what are you suggesting?

Maria: Stay here for a little while.

Michael: What!? No! Are you crazy? Besides Iíve already stayed here before and your mom said I was welcome anytimeÖ on the couch.

Maria: Those were different circumstances Michael. I want you to spend time here when the vibes are happyÖ well normal anyway.

Michael: No way! Thereís no way Iím going to move in with you and your mom just so we can get to know each other a little better.

Maria: Michael. Do you want to go through this every single time we want to be ALONE together?

Michael: No, butÖ

Maria: No buts Michael. You know that this is the only way to get her to know how much of a great person you are.

Michael: I donít want her to know how much of a great person I am.

Maria: MichaelÖ (looks sad) please.

(There is a long moment of silence as Michael fights to say no)

Michael: Fine! Iíll stay for one week but thatís it.

Maria: (she jumps up and down) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michael: Ok, can you hurry up now?

Scene switches to Isabel, Max, Liz, and Kyle waiting in Michaelís living room for Michael and Maria to arrive.

Max: (pacing back and forth) Where are they?

Isabel: He said heíll be here Max, heíll be here.

Max: (takes a seat on the couch) So what exactly do we have to do to get her here?

(Isabel flips to the back of the destiny book and points to a picture of Tess/Ava as a child)

Isabel: Itís like ten words that we have to figure out what they mean but it canít be too hard to figure out. I mean, we have a lot of the words translated already, itís just a matter of picking them out.

(Michael and Maria walk in)

Maria: Iím sorry you guys, Iím so sorry. My mom gave me a really hard time about last night and wouldnít let me leave until I told her what happened- yadee yada yada.

(Michael half smiles and takes a seat at the table. Maria sits down beside him)

Maria: So whatís going on?

Kyle: Isabel found a way to contact Ava. Well, she almost did anyway.

Isabel: (brings the book over to Michael) This right here (points to a group of symbols) are our instructions. All we have to do now is compare these symbols with the ones that have already been translated and it should work.

Michael: (nods) So letís get started. Whereís the translated booklet?

Isabel: Itís here. (pulls it out of her purse) Iíve been reading it over the last couple of days looking for a loophole to help us through this.

Liz: So what did you find Isabel?

Isabel: I have a connection to her. To Max and Michael too. But as long as long as Ava- or even Tess is on this planet, I can get into her mind. And since Tess is gone it shouldnít be able to work on her.

Max: Shouldnít?

Isabel: Thatís why we need to figure out what this means. We need to make sure that Tess isnít the one I end up contacting.

Michael: There isnít enough time for all that investigative junk, we need her now.

Isabel: (nods) Heís right Max, I have all the information thatís needed for this. Iím ready to do it.

Max: Itís not safe.

Isabel: There isnít enough time for this Max. Just decide, tell me if you approve.

(Max takes a long look at Liz and they share a moment. Liz looks away)

(Max thinks about Tess and everything that happened with her. Then he begins to think about Ava, how she helped, and then Lonnie and Rath killing Zan.)

Max: Yeah. Do it.

Scene switches to later on. Isabel is sitting on Michaelís bed getting ready to go into Avaís head.

Max: Be careful. (he gives her a hug)

Isabel: Iíll be fine Max.

(Isabel lays down and closes her eyes) and is suddenly in a dream world. A world that resembles the desert and the pod chamber at night.)

(Isabel looks around)

(Ava suddenly appears)

Ava: Why are you here?

Isabel: We need your help. You have to come back to Roswell.

Ava: What makes you think I want to go back there?

Isabel: Youíre already here. Look around. (scenes of the desert are shown) Why are you here if you donít want to be?

Ava: Because Iím seeing things from all of you all the time. The visions always bring me back to here so I just stopped fighting it.

Isabel: There you go. Youíre a part of us, of everything thatís going on right now. We need you to come back. Tess is gone, she killed Alex and then went back to our planet pregnant with Maxís son.

Ava: I know those things already.

Isabel: How? How do you know?

Ava: Roswellís not home to me Isabel. I could never be a part of what all of you share. But Iím connected to the three of you. (she turns and shows a blurry image of Maria and Michael and Maria is very pregnant) I know things about all of you too.

(Isabel covers her mouth in shock)

Ava: (smiles) I donít think they know yet either.

Isabel: (amazed) Is this true? Is Maria pregnant?

Ava: (nods) Now that Michael has chosen his path, have you decided on yours?

(A picture of Kyle appears)

Isabel: (shakes her head) Not Kyle.

Ava: (deep in thought) Heís not Kyle anymore. (just realized it) Iím on my way.

(Ava closes her eyes)

(Isabel suddenly awakes and sits up in the bed. She looks to Kyle then quickly looks away)

Isabel: Sheís coming. She knows things.

Max: What kind of things?

Isabel: (turns to Michael and Maria) Mariaís pregnant.

(a look of shock forms on Mariaís face and she looks up to Michael) (Michael looks scared)

Fade Out


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