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"More of Us"
Part 6
by Christina
Disclaimer: All the people and places from the TV show Roswell are not mine. I only own a few characters in this story.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: I own Anna, Caley, Jordan, and any other characters not mentioned that arenít the WBís. Just remember, the characterís thoughts are in brackets [like this]. The apartment is where Caley, Anna, Jacob, and Jordan live. It is located above the Crashdown, next door to Liz and her family. I also used part of a quote from Dawsonís Creek. See if you can find it.Have fun!!! Luv ya. Christina Conrader

Jordan Turns Green

September 10, 2000

After school at the the apartment.

Jacob: Hey, Caley.

Caley: Hey.

Jacob: Iíve decided to stay for the rest of the year.

Caley: Iím glad. But what happens after that?

Jacob: I donít know.

Caley: Are we going to pick up where we left off?

Jacob: I have no idea.

Caley: What do you know? Jacob: Iím not sure. Caley: Youíre hopeless. You do know that, donít you?

Jacob: Yep. Caley: Are you going to think about what I asked you?

Jacob: Yes. Defiantly.

Caley: Good.

Jacob: Do you want to go out on Saturday?

Caley: I could be in to that. Jacob: Cool. Iíll see you later. Iíve got to meet Jordan.

(Jacob gives Caley a quick hug and heads out the door.)


Section 2 After school at the Crashdown

September 15, 2000

Anna: Are you serious? You have a date with Jacob on Saturday?

Caley: Yes!!

Anna: I am so happy for you.

Caley: What should I wear?

Anna: Youíll be in a dark theater, Caley. Does it really matter?

Caley: Yes. Heíll see me before we go into the theater.

Anna: Fine. Wear something nice, but not too fancy.

(Michael walks up to them.)

Michael: Hey.

Caley: Hey Micheal.

Michael: Engaging in stimulating conversation?

Anna: Caley has a date. Michael: Then I think Iíll see what Jordanís up to.

Anna: Hey. Michael.

Michael: Sup?

Anna: Mariaís looking for you. Sheís in a mood.

Michael: Isnít she always.

Anna: Good luck.

(Michael walks into the kitchen. Maria is scraping grizzle off the grill.)

Michael: Anna said you wanted to talk to me.

Maria: That night that you kissed me. You knew that it would change everything. Didnít you?

Michael: Do we have to bring this up?

Maria: What about the night at the Crashdown and in the eraser room>

Michael: Maria, please.

Maria: You and I canít avoid talking about this forever. Weíve avoided it for almost nine months. I canít do it anymore.

Michael: I donít want to talk about this. Maria: Thatís your problem. You never want to talk!

Michael: Okay. What crawled up your ass?

Maria: I could say it was you, but just thinking about it grosses me out on so many levels.

Michael: Glad I could be of service.

Maria: Are you going to answer me or not?

Michael: Not.

Maria: Well, thank you for being honest. Now get out! Michael: Maria I-

Maria: Are you deaf? I said, get out! Michael: Fine, Iím going.


Section 3

Mariaís thoughts

I should have never let him in that night. It was all a big mistake. I should have realized it sooner> That hidden depth I saw in Michael Guerin must have been a moment of insanity on my part.

I swear, if he shows his face in the cafť again they will have to carry him out in a body bag. Liz and Anna can take his orders because I wonít.


Section 4

Michaelís thoughts

Oh yeah. I blew it big time. I hurt Maria more than I ever intended to. Iíll have to sit in either Lizís or Annaís section from now on. Sheíll never forgive me. Maybe itís all for the best. I should have never gotten involved with her in the first place, but she got to me somehow. Once again Michael Guerin proves that the groin is mightier than the brain.


Section 5

The cafť

September 15,2000

(Maria walks out of the kitchen and furiously starts to scrub the counter. Her eyes are red and her face is flushed.) Max: Whatís wrong with Maria?

Liz: I think she just had that talk she had been meaning to have with Michael. Max: Looks like she didnít take it too well. Liz: Iím going to get Anna to sub in for her tonight.

Max: She deserves the break.

(Liz gives him a quick kiss and goes over to Maria.) Liz: Youíre going to rub a hole through the counter.

Maria: Ha, ha.

Liz: You talked to him? Maria: God, I donít know what came over me.

Liz: You can take the rest of the night off. Anna will sub in for you.

Maria: Thanks, but I need to keep busy or Iíll go crazy.

Liz: Okay, but take a break if you need one.

Maria: Donít worry.

( They hug and Liz walks back over to Max.)

Max: Are you going to take my order now? Liz: What? Oh,duh. Sorry. What can I get you?

Max: A cherry Coke.

Liz: Okay. Iíll be right back with your order.

(She walks over to the bar. Anna is standing behind the counter.)

Anna: Do I need to fill in or not?

Liz: Nope. Maria needs to keep herself busy. Iíll call you if I need you. Anna: Cool. Caley and I will be upstairs. We already paid Maria.

Liz: Iíll see you guys later.

(Anna and Caley leave. Liz walks over to Max again.)

Liz: One cherry Coke and itís time for my break.

Max: Do you always take a break after you serve me? Liz: Not always. Itís just nice to be with you.

(Jordan walks into the cafť and heads over to Max and Liz.)

Jordan: Have you seen Anna?

Liz: Upstairs with Caley.

Jordan: Thanks.

(He runs out of the cafť.)

Max: He was in a hurry.

Liz: Itís probably nothing.

Max: Are you going to the party tonight after the football game? Liz: Youíre not serious? Max: Why?

Liz: Itís at Kyleís house. You know, Valenti?

Max: It is? I didnít even realize. Liz: Itís okay, Max, we can find something else to do.

(Anna slams open the kitchen door and walks out into the cafť.) Anna: I donít feel I have to explain my actions to you. Jordan!

Jordan: The hell you donít.

Anna: Whatever. Iíve waited a week for you to come to a decision. One week. It doesnít take guys that long to think. Jordan: Thatís real mature Anna.

Anna: I tend to sink to the level of the people around me.

Jordan: Can we go somewhere else? People are staring.

Anna: Thatís what I thought you wanted, considering you followed me out here. (Jordan turns and exits the cafť through the front. Anna sinks into the nearest chair and rubs her temples.) Liz: Iíd better talk to her.

Max: Is there ever a time when weíre not interrupted?

Liz: Soon. I promise.

(She leaves Max and sits down across from Anna.)

Liz: What happened?

Anna: Men are assholes.

Liz: What did he do?

Anna: He overheard a telephone conversation. I had just accepted an invitation to go to the party tonight with another guy. Liz: You know the party is at Valentiís house?

Anna: Yeah. Iíll be fine. Kyle probably doesnít even remember me.

Liz: So why is Jordan so angry? Are you guys a couple or something?

Anna: More like the ďor something.Ē I asked him a week ago and he didnít decide, so I did it for him. Heís jealous and heíll get over it. Liz: So, youíre okay?

Anna: Yeah. Iíll be fine.

Liz: My breakís over and Iíve got some customer back-up. Iíll check in on you later.


Section 6

Annaís Journal

September 15, 2000

I donít know whatís worse, the fact that Jordan eavesdropped on my phone conversation, or the fact that he went into my dream and saw into my soul. Despite what he may think, Iím not canceling my date tonight. Iím going out with Erik Kane from my bio lab. We were partners a couple of times when our partners ditched class together. We work well together and he seems to be a nice guy. Even though I can never tell him my secret, itís nice to do something normal. He has no taste in music, however, but thatís okay. Thereís lots of other stuff to talk about.


Section 7

Annaís room

September 15,2000

Jacob: Whatcha doiní? Anna: Getting ready for a party.

Jacob: Ah, the Valenti kidís party, right?

Anna: Yep. You going?

Jacob: Nah. I donít have a date.

Anna: Well, Erik just canceled on me so do you wanna come with me?

Jacob: I thought you would want to go with Jordan.

Anna: We arenít on speaking terms right now. Also, heís not here. So do you want to go or not?

Jacob: Let me get my jacket.

Anna: Is that all youíre going to do? Jacob: Fine, fine. Iíll gel my hair too.

Anna: Ahem. (She looks down at Jacobís smiley-faced boxers and back up at his face. He looks down and blushes.)

Jacob: Oh. . . Damn. Pants. Thanks.

Anna: Iím only here to help.

(Caley walks in as Jacob walks out.)

Caley: Whereís he going in such a hurry?

Anna: Heís going to the party with me. Will you join us?

Caley: That is a definite possibility. Is Jordan coming?

Anna: No. He still hasnít come back from where ever he went this afternoon.

Caley: Still mad?

Anna: Iíll talk to him tomorrow.

Caley: What happened to Erik?

Anna: He broke the date. He had to babysit.

Caley: Oh, sorry.

Anna: Itís okay. He didnít strike me as the party-on-down type anyway. Caley: Too bad. He was cute. (Jacob pokes his head into Annaís room.) Jacob: Hey, Iím ready to roll.

Anna: Caley, do you want to change first? Caley: Nah. This is fine.

Anna: Okay. Letís go then.


Section 8

September 15, 2000 The party.

(Anna rings the doorbell. Kyle opens the door.)

Kyle: Ah, more party people. Come in and make yourself at home.

Anna: Thanks

Kyle: Nice car.

Anna: Youíre kidding, right?

Kyle: No. Old VW Bugs in good condition are hard to come by these days.

Anna: Well, thanks, but the carís not much.

Kyle: What did you say your name was?

Anna: I didnít say.

Kyle: Well, whatís your name?

Anna: Anna.

Kyle: Cool. Iíll see you later, Anna.

(He walks off and Anna walks over to Caley and Jacob.)

Anna: I wonder why he wasnít being the jerk-off I know he is.

Caley: His dad is here. Thatís why. Jacob: You mean the sheriff?

Anna: Yeah. Caley: I canít believe he didnít recognize you.

Anna: Iím wearing make up and I just got a haircut.

Caley: True, but guys arenít that dense.

Anna: You donít know Kyle that well, do you?

Caley: You are so bad.

Jacob: Do you guys want something to drink?

Anna: Dr. Peppers for both of us please. Jacob: Iíll see what I can do.

(Jacob leaves the girls. Sheriff Valenti approaches them.)

Sheriff: Good evening ladies. I donít believe Iíve seen you around before. Anna: We live here, Sheriff.

Sheriff: But youíre not natives to Roswell.

Anna: We moved here in July.

Sheriff: Welcome to Roswell ladies. Iíll look forward to meeting your families at the Crash Festival this year on the 19th.

Anna: I donít think weíll be attending the festival. We donít believe in aliens.

Caley: It was a weather balloon Mr. Valenti. Everyone knows that. Sheriff: Yes, well, itís still entertaining to the locals and non-believers.

(Jacob comes up to them with the drinks.) Jacob: Ladies your sodas.

Sheriff: You have a good time now. ĎNight. (Sheriff leaves Anna, Caley, and Jacob.) Jacob: Thatís the sheriff?

Anna: Mm Hmm

Jacob: What did he ask you?

Anna: He asked us where he could find the aliens and we told him.

(Caley snorts, chokes on her soda and starts laughing and coughing at the same time.) Jacob: Very funny.

Anna: He asked us if we would be attending the Crash Festival.

Jacob: That could be fun.

Anna: Oh yes. A cheesy reproduction of a crash that happened over fifty years ago is certainly going to be fun. Not.

Jacob: Okay, so we wonít go.

Anna: Good.

Jacob: Ah, I spy some pretty fine earth chicas over there. Time to practice my bad pick up lines and get rejected.

Anna: You should have more confidence in yourself. Look at Caley. She has no problem asking a guy to dance. Jacob: No. She has on problem dancing up on some guyís leg. Anna: Youíre turning green.

Jacob: Shut up!

(Anna laughs.)

Jacob: Oh great. Itís Anna Banana, the amazing giggle bag.

Anna: Hey! You promised never to call me that again.

Jacob: You deserved it.

(Anna looks around the room and spots Jordan leaning in the kitchen doorway drinking what appears to be bottled water.)

Anna: What is Jordan doing here?

Jacob: Why donít you ask him?

Anna: Get real, Jacob. Come on.

( They walk over to Jordan.)

Jacob: Hey, Joe Cool! Whatís up, bro?

Jordan: Man, this party sucks. Iím going home. Iím through bumping, grinding, jumping, jiving, whatever. Jacob: Are you drunk?

Jordan: Drunk is an understatement. I am throughly wasted.

Jacob: Oh sh-

Anna: Iíll get Caley. Weíre getting out of here.

Jordan: Iím driving!!

Anna: Sorry, Jordan, but Caley called it a long time ago.

Jordan: I get shotgun, then. Lock and load! Yeehaw!!

Jacob: Okay, letís get you outside before Sheriff busts us.

(Anna goes to find Caley. Jacob escorts Jordan outside.) Anna: Caley, weíve got to go. Caley: Whereís your sense of fun? We just got here.

Anna: Caley, Jordanís here and heís drunk off his ass.

Caley: Oh no! Sorry, Chad. Call me, okay?

(They go out side. Jacob and Jordan are waiting on the porch.) Caley: He looks pretty sober for a drunk man.

(Jordan stumbles forward, leans over and vomits in front of her feet and passes out on the lawn.)

Caley: I should have shut my mouth.

Jacob: Letís just get him home and clean him up.

Anna: Whatís the fastest remedy? Caley & Jacob: Cold shower and coffee. Anna: Iíll start the coffee when we get home. God, heís heavy!

Jacob: Iíll stay in the back with him. If he wakes up, heíll be less likely to grope me. Caley: Bad mental picture.

Anna: Ditto.


If you think Jordan Turns Green is good just wait until Part VII Saturday Night in Roswell Things get really strange. By: Christina Conrader

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