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"More of Us"
Part 7
by Christina
Disclaimer: All the people and places from the TV show Roswell are not mine. I only own a few characters in this story.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: I own Anna, Caley, Jordan, and any other characters not mentioned that arenít the WBís. Just remember, the characterís thoughts are in brackets [like this]. The apartment is where Caley, Anna, Jacob, and Jordan live. It is located above the Crashdown, next door to Liz and her family. Have fun!!! Luv ya. Christina Conrader
Section 1

Saturday Night in Roswell

September 16, 2000

Annaís Journal

Jordan threw up a total of five time last night. Caley threw up once because she has a weak stomach and couldnít stand the sound of Jordan gagging all night. I stayed with him in the bathroom the whole time.

This morning Jordan woke up with a hangover. I said Iíd stay with him while everyone worked or did whatever today. I just finished an English paper and most of my homework. Maria has my other books. She said sheíd drop them off tonight.

My shift starts at five and Iíve got to get a few hours of sleep. Itís about noon right now. I think Jordan should be fine.

I just wish I could undo that whole night.


Section 2

September16, 2000

Jordanís bedroom

(Anna enters Jordanís room and sits on the corner of his bed.)

Jordan: You must think Iím a real jackass.

Anna: Nope.

Jordan: When was my last dose of Advil?

Anna: Two hours ago.

Jordan: Damn.

Anna: You should have known that first time drinkers donít handle their liquor well.

Jordan: I should have known a lot of things. Anna: Youíll know better next time, wonít you?

Jordan: What happened to that Erik guy?

Anna: He canceled, so I took Caley and Jacob.

Jordan: Youíll find someone better.

Anna: I think I already have.

Jordan: Let me guess. Kyle Valenti? Am I right?

Anna: I donít think so, Jordan. You figure it out.

Jordan: My head hurts too much right now. Is Caley taking over for you.

Anna: I think you can walk on your own, but yes. Drink Vodka next time. Youíre less likely to get a hangover.

Jordan: Were you a bartender in a past life? Anna: Get a clue. Thatís a question from You Donít Know Jack Volume three.

Jordan: Smart ass

Anna: Wastiod

Jordan: Bitch

Anna: Prick

(Caley walks in.)

Caley: Now thatís true love right there.

(She taps her watch.)

Caley: Youíre going to be late.

(They walk into Annaís room.)

Anna: Thanks. How big was your pay check this week?

Caley: A little over 400.

Anna: Impressive. Iíll see if I can beat you this week.

Caley No fair! You get good tips.

Anna: You should have thought of that before you went to the land of late returns and free popcorn. Caley: So supportive. Anna: I know, but as you said Iím running late and Mr. Parker wonít be too happy if Iím late when I live right upstairs. Caley: I can take a hint. Iíll go tend to Jordan.

Anna: Shoo!

(She shoves Caley out the door and closes it behind her.)


Section 3

Sept. 16, 2000

Crashdown Cafť

(Anna walks downstairs and into the kitchen. She fastens he hair with a scrunchie as she looks at her schedule. Mr. Parker comes out of his office.)

Anna: Sorry Iím late, Mr. Parker. Jordanís still sick and Caley just got off work.

Mr. Parker: Itís okay. Just donít make a habit of it.

Anna: Thanks Mr. Parker. I wonít. Hey Liz.

Liz: Hey. Howís Jordan?

Anna: Better than last night.

Liz: Youíve got the left side tonight.

Anna: Alrighty.


Section 4

Sept. 16, 2000

The highway

(Maria is sitting in her broken down car on the side of the old abandoned highway.)

Maria: My night off and I get stuck here. It could be worse. I could be with Michael.

(A dark figure approaches her driver side window which is open.)

Michael: What are you doing here?

Maria: Dumb luck.

Michael: What?

Maria: Nothing!

(She sighs.)

Maria: Look. Iím sorry. My car just broke down and things canít get much worse right now.

Michael: I can fix it.

Maria: Oh no. Remember the last time you tried to fix my car? We ended up in a cheap motel together and thatís how this whole mess got started. I donít think so, Michael.

Michael: Just start the car.

(He walks around and opens the passenger side door.)

Maria: Uh, you are not getting in this car, and for the last time, the car is broken.

Michael: So youíd leave me here on the side of the highway? And for your information I fixed your damn car while you were bitching at me.

(Maria roles her eyes and turns the key. The car starts.)

Maria: Thanks.

(She moves her purse off the passenger seat and opens the door.)

Maria: Get in.

Michael: No problem.

Maria: So how did you get all the way out here?

Michael: I hitched.

Maria: Iím not even going to ask why.

(Michael picks up a book on the floor.)

Michael: Youíre reading Ulysses?

Maria: Oh, that. I just picked it up one day.

(She takes the book from him and throws it in the back.)

Michael: Sure.

Maria: You think I read it because of you? Well. I did. Are you happy now?

Michael: Are you going to forgive me?

Maria: Why should I?

Michael: Turn here.

Maria: I mean, you started this whole thing and then you ended it just because I wanted to talk.

Michael: Iím not good at that sort of thing. Maria: Weíre here. Put your tray tables in the upright position and thank you for flying Air DeLuca. Michael: Thanks.

Maria: Sounds like you want to be anywhere but here. I could drop you off at Maxís.

Michael: Iíll be fine.

Maria: Or. . . you could stay on my couch. My momís not home so I donít think it would be a problem. Michael: Itís okay. I can deal.

Maria: How come I donít believe you?

Michael: Fine. Iíll stay at your place.

Maria: Do you need anything from here?

Michael: No. Letís just go.

(Fifteen minutes later at Mariaís front door.)

Maria: Damn it!

Michael: Whatís wrong?

Maria: Mom left out the back and she bolted the door.

Michael: So go through the back.

Maria: Thatís the problem. I donít have that key.

Michael: Shouldnít there be one under the mat or something?

Maria: No. There isnít. Could you do that pop-a-lock thing, please? I will be eternally greatful.

Michael: Yeah, yeah.

(He waves his hand over the bolt. It unlocks. Maria opens the door.) Maria: Thanks. Make yourself at home. Do you want anything to drink or eat? Weíve got lotís of stuff, so help yourself to anything in the kitchen. Iím going to get you some pillows and blankets.

Michael: Whereís your bathroom?

Maria: Down the hall and to the left. Donít forget to put the seat back down. [I must be crazy. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Why did I think that I could sleep with him in the same house? Oh, yeah. Iíve done it already! Lock me up and throw away the key. Mariaís going to the funny farm. I hope he washed his hands.] Michael: So. . .

Maria: So. . . Wanna watch some TV?

Michael: I guess.

Maria: Good, but I get the remote, so fork it over.

Michael: Come and get it.

Maria: Fine. You wanna play rough? Iím game. (She dives across the couch, reaching for the remote, but falls on the floor. Michael starts laughing.)

Maria: This is extremely unfair. This is my house and my remote and youíre laughing at me.

Michael: Chill out.

(He reaches for her hand and pulls her up. They stand inches away from eachother.)

Maria: So, can I have the remote, now?

Michael: No.

(He kisses her.)

Maria: When was the last time you shaved? Michael: Yesterday.

(Maria hooks her arm around Michaelís neck and pulls him to her.)

Maria: Oh well. Iíll live.

(She kisses him. Michael drops the remote on her foot as he wraps his arms around her.) Maria: Ow. . . ow! Michael: Well, you got the remote.

Maria: Smart ass.

Michael: Better than being a dumb ass.

Maria: Shut up and kiss me.


Section 5

Sept. 16, 2000

Crashdown Cafť

Anna: Maria was supposed to be here by now.

Liz: Why? Itís not her night to work.

Anna: Sheís got my books.

Liz: Iím sure sheíll bring them by tomorrow.

Anna: I guess youíre right.

Stan: Orders up ladies. Social time is over. Anna: Thanks Stan

Liz: Time to go

(Anna turns around, plate in hand.) Anna: Well, well, well. Look who decided to sit in your section.

Liz: My own personal stalker, right?

Anna: Want me to take it?

Liz: That would be great.

Anna: Good. You can handle a certain brooding loner who just sat in my section.

Liz: Thanks Anna.

Anna: No problem.

(She walks off to serve her customers. Liz serves a man at the counter and walks over to the newly seated customer.)

Liz: Hi. Iíd sit, but I already took my break. Do you want your usual?

Max: Sure. Have you seen Michael? He was supposed to meet me here.

Liz: I havenít seen him since yesterday. Have you seen Maria? She was supposed to drop by with Annaís books.

Max: No I havenít. You donít think theyíre. . .

Liz: No. Theyíre barely on speaking terms. Why? Did you get some kind of vibe from them or something?

Max: No. I just. . . I donít know. Call it a hunch.

Liz: Annaís break is coming up. I can have her call. So maybe, if by some slim chance they are together, we can find Michael. Iíll be right back with your Cherry Coke.

(Liz walks over to the counter.)

Anna: So whatís up with you two?

Liz: Iíve just been informed that Michael is missing too.

Anna: You donít think theyíre together, do you?

Liz: I donít know what to think. Anna: My breakís in five minutes. I can call then. Thereís Maxís Cherry Coke. Liz: Youíre the best.

Anna: Just remember to tell your dad that when I ask for a raise.


Section 6

Sept. 16, 2000

The phone call

( The phone rings three times. Maria finally picks up.)

Maria: Hello?

Anna: Maria, where were you?

Maria: Your books. Oh. I feel really bad. Itís kinda late. Can I bring them by tomorrow? Stop that!

Anna: Um, sure. Who is that in the back ground? I know your momís not there.

Maria: Um. . . The TV. I bumped the remote and the volume went up really loud.

Anna: I generally donít yell at the remote, Maria. Try again.

Maria: Okay. . . Itís Michael.

Anna: I donít want to know the details. Maria: Iíll see you in the morning, then.

Anna: Bye. (She hangs up the phone and walks over to Max and Liz who are looking at her expectantly.)

Anna: Liz.

Liz: Yeah.

Anna: I found Maria.

Liz: Oh, thatís good.

Anna: I also found Michael.

Max: Where is he?

Anna: Max, I only made one phone call. Max: Oh.

Liz: At least we found both of them. What did Maria say he was doing there?

Anna: I didnít ask, but it sounded as though they were getting along okay. Donít worry about it, Max. Max: I worry.

Liz: Youíve got a coffee cup waver in the back.

Anna: Yes maíam.

(She walks over to her customer with the coffee pot.) Liz: Iím sure theyíre fine.

Max: I know, I know.

Liz: Can I get you a refill?

Max: Thatís okay. What time do you get off?

Liz: Closing time. Iíll meet you in the roof.

Max: Iíll be there.

Liz: Good. Iíll see you later.


Section 7

Sept. 16, 2000

The apartment

Caley: So much for a fun night.

Jordan: What?

Caley: Nothing. Howís your head ache?

Jordan: Never again.

Caley: Drink Vodka next time.

Jordan: Anna already made that recommendation.

Caley: How did you get the liquor to the party, anyway?

Jordan: I didnít get drunk at the party. I drank half a pint of White Lightning before the party and pretended the other half was bottled water at the party.

Caley: How did you get the liquor?

Jordan: I had some old guy buy it for me.

Caley: You are so bad.

Jordan: Did someone call me Joe Cool last night? I havenít been called that in years. Caley: It must have been Jacob. Heís the only one that called you that. Jordan: How did I get that name?

Caley: That stupid shirt you used to wear when you were ten. And those sunglasses. Boy, what were you thinking?

Jordan: What about you, Swiss Miss?

Caley: That was Halloween. You dresses like a fashion victim daily. Who wanted to be one of the New Kids On The Block?

Jordan: Who wanted to marry them?

Caley: Shut up! That was along time ago. I think you need your head examined.

Jordan: I probably do, but thatís besides the point.

Caley: Well, Iíve got a date tonight, so Iím going to leave you here while I get ready. Lay off the booze. Okay?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah.

Caley: See ya.


Section 8

Sept. 16, 2000

On the roof

Liz: You made it.

Max: I said Iíd come.

Liz: Iím glad you did. I was just looking at the constellations before you came.

Max: Whoís cleaning up?

Liz: Anna. She wanted the overtime pay. Max: So that are we going to do?

Liz: Do you want to sit down?

Max: Sure.

Liz: Youíre still nervous about Michael and Maria.

Max: How did you guess?

Liz: I know you , Max. You worry too much. Iím sure theyíre fine. Michaelís probably home by now or on Mariaís couch.

Max: I still canít help thinking. . . Liz: Oh, this is going to be a fun night.

Max: Iím sorry. Iím just. . .

Liz: Worried about your best friend? Donít be. Maria wonít kill him. Now letís do something that wonít require thinking.

(She leans in and kisses him.)

Max: Definitely mind numbing.

Liz: Mmm.


He, he, he. Wanna know what happens next? Wait for part number VIII

Then the Morning Comes (Yeah, yeah. I know itís a Smash Song title, but itís appropriate for the next part.) Hope you enjoyed it! By: Christina Conrader

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