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"More of Us"
Part 9
by Christina
Disclaimer: All the people and places from the TV show Roswell are not mine. I only own a few characters in this story.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: I own Anna, Caley, Jordan, and any other characters not mentioned that arenít the WBís. Just remember, the characterís thoughts are in brackets [like this]. The apartment is where Caley, Anna, Jacob, and Jordan live. It is located above the Crashdown, next door to Liz and her family. Have fun!!! Luv ya. Christina Conrader
Mondays Donít Suck That Bad

Section 1

Sept 18,2000 Annaís room

*BEEEEEP!!!!!!* *Slam*

Anna: Itís not morning. It canít be morning. I just got to sleep like five minutes ago.

Jacob: Anna Banana? You up?

Anna: Prick! Go to Hell!

Jacob: Iíll take that as a yes. Breakfast is in five. Weíre having bagels and sausage.

Anna: Go away! It canít be six already. And if you call me Anna Banana ever again I will bash your head in with a. . . Something. I donít know.

Jacob: Iíll come and get you in five.

Jordan: She up?

Jacob: Yeah, but Iíd be risking my life if I went in there to get her out of bed. You do it.

Jordan: Why canít Caley do it?

Jacob: Youíre really afraid of her arenít you?

Jordan: Shut up!

Jacob: Wuss.

Jordan: Fine Iím gonna prove you wrong. Get me some ice.

(The door swings open. Anna is standing in the doorway with a hairbrush in hand.)

Anna: Donít even think about putting ice in my boxers. Youíll be wearing this brush in a very uncomfortable place. Now, letís eat.

(Jacob and Jordan exchange a look and follow Anna into the kitchen.)

Jordan: Are you working today?

Anna: From five til ten.

Jacob: Three til eight.

Caley: Four til ten.

Jordan: That sucks. What am I gonna do?

Anna: Hereís the paper.

Caley: I know I have a hi-lighter around here somewhere.

Jordan: I can take a hint. Iíll look for a job after school. I know I can find something.

Jacob: Yo Queiro Taco Bell?

Jordan: Thatís low, man. Really low.

Anna: Did somebody say McDonaldís?

Caley: Checkers. Fresh because we just made it.

(They all burst out laughing.)


Section 2

Sept. 18, 2000 Mariaís house

*Take me to your leader. Take me to your leader. Take me to yo-* *Slam*

Maria: I swear, Iím going to take a shotgun to that clock..

Amy DeLuca: Honey, itís time to get up!

Maria: I know, Mom! I have to take the alarm clock to itís leader. The garbage can. Why canít I have a normal alarm clock?

Amy DeLuca: We can discuss this, after you get out of bed.

Maria: Yeah, yeah. Iím up.

(She walks out into the kitchen.)

Amy DeLuca: Tell your house guest from two nights ago that he left his wallet here.

Maria: Oh that. . . Michaelís a classmate. We were studying. How did you know that it was from two nights ago?

Amy DeLuca: I saw him asleep on the couch. He was snoring and the TV was on. I assumed you were in your room sleeping too so I didnít disturb you.

Maria: Yeah, thatís right. Youíre not mad, are you?

Amy DeLuca: Youíre a big girl and I trust you. Now eat up and get to school.


Section 3

Sept. 18, 2000 The halls before school

(Maria grabs Michael aside in the halls.)

Maria: We need to talk.

Michael: Maria-

Maria: This is serious.

Michael: What is it?

Maria: My mom found out that you stayed over.

Michael: I thought you said-

Maria: She heard you snoring from the kitchen, so she checked up on you.

Michael: She didnít see you?

Maria: No. You canít see that much from the kitchen doorway. She assumed I was in my room.

Michael: So you came here to scare the hell out of me for nothing?

Maria: And to give you this.

(She holds up his wallet.)

Michael: Where did you find that?

Maria: You left it on top of the television and my mom found it.

Michael: Oh. . . Well, Iím going to be late. I promise not to snore next time.

(He slips her a note and heads down the hall.)

Maria: Eraser room. Two oíclock. Michael.

(She smiles to herself and walks down the hallway to her first class.)


Section 4

Sept. 18, 2000 Lunch time in the quad

Liz: What are you so happy about?

Maria: Would you believe Iím high on life?

Liz: High on Michael is more like it. What happened between you two?

Maria: Nothing. Nothing. Iím just meeting him this afternoon. Thatís all.

Liz: Hi Anna. Hi Caley.

Anna: Are you working today?

Liz: No, Iím not.

Anna: What about you, Maria?

Maria: Nope. Anges, our do-nothing, two-hour cigarette-break taker is.

Anna: So basically, I have the whole cafť tonight?

Liz: Sorry.

Anna: Mondays usually arenít that busy. I should be fine.

Caley: Have you ever thought of firing her?

Maria: Yeah right. Her husband is a lawyer. She would claim prejudice because she smokes. Mr. Parker doesnít want to fight that in court. It would be a joke.

Liz: Sheís right.

Anna: We could drive her crazy and make her quit.

Maria: Already tried it. Sheís not inside enough to annoy.

Anna: Thank God sheís only part-time.

Caley: Whereís Isabel? She usually sits with us.

Liz: I think sheís still mad at us.

Maria: Sheíll be fine in a few days. I mean. How mad can she be?

Anna: apparently not that mad. Sheís heading this way.

Isabel: Hi guys.

Liz: Hi Isabel. We werenít expecting you today.

Isabel : Iím not mad at you guys. Max told me the whole story.

Caley: So, what were we talking about?

Anna: How to drive Anges crazy so sheíll quit.

Isabel: You mean the one that takes two hour cigarette breaks?

Liz: The one and only.

Isabel: I might have a few ideas.


Section 5

Sept. 18, 2000 Eraser room after school

Maria: So. . . Here we are and he has yet to show up.

(She sighs and closes the door.)

Maria: What was I thinking?

(The door swings open. Maria jumps.)

Michael: Talking to yourself?

Maria: If I ever answer myself, you can cart me away in a straight jacket.

Michael: Whiteís not your best color.

(He kisses her. She wraps her arms around his neck and runs her fingers through his hair. He stops suddenly.)

Michael : Did you hear that?

Maria: Itís probably the janitor.


Maria: Oh no!

Michael: Damn it! Itís pad locked.

Maria: Great. Fabulous. Wonderful.

Michael: I guess weíre stuck here for a while.

(He sits on the floor and leans back against the wall. Maria sits down next to him and leans her head on his shoulder. Then suddenly sits up.)

Maria: Wait. You have your powers.

Michael: Oh yeah.

Maria: That is so like you.

Michael: What is?

Maria: To forget that you can get us out of here.

Michael: Do you really want to fight right now?

Maria: Sorry.

(He stands up and unlocks the door.)

Maria: Thanks.

Michael: We donít have to leave right now.

Maria: Oh. . . What the hell.

(Maria pushes him against the door, closing it while she kisses him.)


Section 6

Sept. 18, 2000 Annaí Journal

Isabel definitely knows how to make someone crazy. She turned Angesís lighter fluid into water and made her cigarettes turn to dust when she picked them up. She also fused her purse shut so she couldnít buy any more. I also did my part. I rigged the soda machines to spray her in the face and work right for me. I also broke her pencil more times than I can count, and made her shoes squeak. Loud. Hereís the best part. She quit! She mumbled something about a nervous breakdown, threw her order pad at Mr. Parker and stormed out of the cafť. Iím not sure, but I think I heard Mr. Parker laugh.


Section 7

Sept. 22, 2000 The Apartment

(Anna flops down on the couch.)

Anna: Alone at last.

(The door slams.)

Anna: Damn it!

Jordan: Honey, Iím home!

Anna: Hi Jordan.

Jordan: Donít act too happy now.

Anna: I thought you had work tonight.

Jordan: Nope.

Anna: Fired already?

Jordan: So sensitive.

Anna: Gee. People seem to say that a lot.

Jordan: I wonder why.

Anna: Can we talk?

Jordan: Canít we just avoid the subject forever?

Anna: Weíve barely been holding our tempers around each other. How long do you want that to last?

Jordan: Okay. Weíll talk.

Anna: You start.

Jordan: Last Friday I was going to give you an answer. I came up to your door and I heard you tell Erik that youíd love to go to the party with him. I got pissed off and I-

Anna: Let it out that you went into my dream.

Jordan: I did do that didnít I?

Anna: Yes you did, and you called me and impatient little bitch who has a cold storage shed where her heart should be.

Jordan: Anna. Iím sorry I said those things.

Anna: You quoted Scream 2. It was very creative on your part. Youíre forgiven. Just never go into my dreams again.

Jordan: You know, I was going to say yes to you that day.

Anna: I should have known better. Iím sorry.

Jordan: Itís okay.

Anna: Does this mean weíre a couple now?

Jordan: I thought youíd never ask.

Anna: Does this mean youíll go to homecoming with me?

Jordan: Yes.

(Anna leans in. Her lips brush Jordanís and she kisses his cheek. Jordan moves her mouth back to his. She opens her mouth letting his tongue run over hers. She sighs as they move closer to each other.)


Sorry this one took so long to type. Next is part X. Ask Me. By Christina Conrader

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