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"More Of Us"
Part 8
by Christina
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Authors Note: I own Anna, Caley, Jordan, and any other characters not mentioned that arenít the WBís. Just remember, the characterís thoughts are in brackets [like this]. The apartment is where Caley, Anna, Jacob, and Jordan live. It is located above the Crashdown, next door to Liz and her family. Have fun!!! Luv ya. Christina Conrader
Then the Morning Comes

Part VIII Section 1

Sept. 17, 2000]

Mariaís house

(Maria is on the couch laying against Michael. It is six in the morning.)

Maria: *Yawn* How did I get here?

(She looks around the room and realizes where exactly she is. The Box is playing on the TV and Michaelís shirt is on the floor.) Maria: Oh no! Oh God! We didnít! Did we? Iím going to have a nervous breakdown!

Michael: What are you doing here?

Maria: I live here, genius.

Michael: We must have fallen asleep.

Maria: You donít think we. . . Michael: No! We didnít.

Maria: We couldnít.

Michael: Whereís my shirt?

Maria: On the floor.

Michael: Thanks Maria: You want breakfast?

Michael: What do you have?

Maria: Left over doughnuts in the bread box. Michael: Do you have any tabasco sauce?

Maria: Yes.

(She goes into the kitchen and emerges with a box of doughnuts and a bottle of tabasco.)

Maria: Anna is going to kill me if I donít drop of her books this morning. Michael: Sheís probably still asleep. I usually am.

Maria: That doesnít surprise me a bit. You seem like the type to sleep til noon.

Michael: When is your mom supposed to be home?

Maria: She probably already came in, changed clothes and left for work. If she came in the back she didnít have to go through the livingroom.

Michael: So she probably doesnít know I was here?

Maria: Right.

Michael: If anyone asks- Maria: You stayed on the couch and I slept in my room. I know. Michael: Thanks. . . for letting me stay here.

Maria: I had fun.

Michael: I should get going. Max was expecting me at the cafť last night. Maria: I have to go to work so I could drive you.

Michael: It will save me the long walk.

Maria: No problem. I just have to grab a quick shower and change into my uniform. You can watch television or do whatever.


Section 2

Sept. 17, 2000

Annaís room

(Jordan is pounding an her door.)

Anna: What do you want? Itís only. . .

(She looks at her watch on the night stand and groans.)

Anna: 7:30

Jordan: The cafť opens for brunch, hon. I want home fries.

Anna: Jerk.

Jordan: I aim to please. Now get it in gear. Youíve got a long day ahead of you.

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

(She gets up out of bed, pulls her uniform out of the closet, and goes into the bathroom.)

Anna: Where are the clean towels, Jordan?

Jordan: Can I open the door?

Anna: Come in. I still have my pajamas on.

Jordan: Your clean towels, miss. Anything else I can do for you?

Anna: Thank you kind sir. That will be all.

Jordan: Hey, whereís my tip?

Anna: Good day.

(She closes the door.)


Section 3

Sept 17, 2000

Lizís room

*Beep. Beep Beep. Beep.*

(Liz rolls over in bed and looks on the floor for her alarm clock. Max hands it up to her, rolls over and goes back to sleep. Liz turn off the alarm and steps over Max in his sleeping bag. He has gotten accustomed to sleeping on Lizís floor on weekends.)

Liz: I thought you would have left by now.

Max: Mmm?

Liz: How late did we stay up?

Max: Til two. Can I have my shirt?

Liz: You left it on the roof.

Max: Can you get it for me?

Liz: Max, Iím in my pajamas. I donít think all of Roswell needs to see them. Iím going for a shower. Iíve got inventory this morning.

Max: Okay.

Liz: While youíre getting your shirt, could you get my journal?

Max: Sure. Iíll meet you in the cafť.

Liz: Thanks, Max.


Section 4

Sept.17, 2000

Mariaís room

Michael: What are you doing?

Maria: Yoga. Now shh, and donít even think about stealing my car again.

Michael: Why not?

(She jingles the keys.)

Maria: Thatís why not.

Michael: I could start it without the keys. Maria: You wouldnít though.

Michael: Why is that?

Maria: Iíll tell Liz what the real sleeping arrangements were and Liz will tell Max and Max will get on your case and you really donít want that.

Michael: You make a good point, but it will be just as detrimental to you as it will be to me.

Maria: Liz wonít yell at me.

(She stands up.) Maria: Okay, all done. Letís go.

Michael: Finally.


Section 5

Sept. 17, 2000

The apartment.

Jacob: Annabelle, hurry up!

Anna: Just a minute. Iím drying my hair. Jacob: Donít take all day. I have to go to work too.

Anna: You have a job?

Jacob: Yes, I have a job. I work at the photo development place.

Anna: Get your photo taken with a real live alien! Of course, it costs $5.99 plus tax. Jacob: Ha, ha, ha.

Anna: Iím out. Itís all yours. (Anna puts on her uniform and goes downstairs. Maria has already started to clean the counters.)

Maria: Your books are under the counter. Iím so sorry I didnít get them to you last night. Itís a really long story and Iíll explain later.

Anna: Chill, Maria. Itís okay. I can do my work this afternoon. Howís Michael?

Maria: Heís fine.

(Isabel charges into the cafť.)

Isabel: Whereís Max? He didnít come home last night.

Anna: Last I remember, he was going to Lizís after work.

(Anna and Maria look at each other. It seems clear what theyíre thinking.)

Maria: I think he went over to Michaelís afterwards though.

Isabel: I am going to kill them.

Maria: Iz, you donít know all the facts yet. We donít even know all the facts yet.

(Liz walks into the cafť from upstairs.)

Liz: Good morning. Isabel, where did you come from?

Isabel: Whereís Max?

Liz: He went over to Michaelís after he left my house.

Isabel: When was that?

Liz: Last night.

(Anna and Maria exchange a look.)

Anna: I think Iíd better go.

Maria: Yeah. Weíve got to fill those ketchup bottles. Right, Anna?

Anna: Right. Letís go do that.

Isabel: Freeze!

(They turn around and smile.)

Isabel: You both know something I donít. Now spill.

Liz: Wow. Those ketchup bottles do look empty. I think Iím gonna fill them.

(Maria grabs Liz by the arm and pulls her back to them.)

Anna: Liz, I donít think you can get out of this. I know whatís going on, but itís not my place to tell so you two better tell her.


Section 6

Sept.17, 2000

Outside the cafť

Max: This doesnít look good.

Michael: Going on one of your paranoia trips, Maxwell?

Max: Isabelís inside.

Michael: So whatís the problem?

Max: I didnít exactly go home last night.

Michael: You either went home or you didnít. Max: I didnít. And Isabel looks pissed.

Michael: Where did you stay?

Max: I should ask you the same question.

Michael: I stayed on her couch. Now, answer my question.

Max: I stayed on Lizís floor.

Michael: You didnít. . .

Max: Do you think Iím stupid?

Michael: Well, you let Isabel catch you so itís a definite possibility.

Max: I know better though. You on the other hand, with your urges. . .

Michael: I stayed on her couch and she slept in her room.

Max: Should we tell her I stayed at your house?

Michael: Sheíd never buy it and I think she already knows what happened.

Max: Weíd better go face the music.

Michael: I donít think weíll be hearing music from Isabel.

Max: Me neither.


Section 7

Sept. 17, 2000

The apartment

Caley: Oh my God! I am so late! Whereís all the food? Whoís turn is it to shop?

Jordan: Itís Jacobís turn to shop and heís already left for work.

Caley: Great. Iím late, Iím hungry, and Jacob decided to work! I must have slipped into some alternate universe.

Jordan: Hereís a granola bar, a juice box, and your keys. Get a move on.

Caley: Thanks Jordan. Youíre the best.

Jordan: Remember that, okay?

Caley: Bye.

(Caley runs out the door.)

Jordan: Iím going downstairs for breakfast.

(Jordan gets dressed and walks in the front entrance of the cafť.)

Anna: I would recommend the back of the cafť.

Jordan: What happened?

Anna: All hell just broke loose.

Jordan: Are you talking about the Michael and Maria situation.

Anna: Plus Liz, Max and Isabel.

Jordan: Theyíre all screwed. You do know that, donít you

Anna: Iíve got to prevent a quadruple murder. Iíll be right back with your apple juice.

(She walks back into the kitchen.)

Anna: How is everyone? Good? Maria, youíve got some customers. Give Jordan his apple juice, and Liz, your father wants to know why you havenít started inventory yet.

(Liz and Maria mouth thank youís to Anna as they leave the kitchen.)

Anna: Max, your mother just called. She needs you to go grocery shopping. Hereís the list. Michael, thereís nothing I can do to save you.

Michael: I have to get home and get ready for work.

(Michael and Max leave. Anna sits down next to Isabel.)

Anna: Penny for your thoughts. Isabel: Thatís a total mom-thing to say.

Anna: Do you want to talk about it?

Isabel: How can they be so stupid? Theyíre always telling me not to do things like that and then they go and do it.

Anna: Iím sure nothing happened.

Isabel: How do you know?

Anna: I read minds. It comes in handy sometimes.

Isabel: I wish I could do that.

Anna: Itís genetic. I inherited it from my mom just like Caley inherited her ability to have visions from her dad.

Isabel: So I might be able to read minds?

Anna: Itís possible. If you can, Iíll teach you how to later, but I have to get back to my customers. Go home and cool off.

Isabel: Good idea.


Section 8

Sept. 18, 2000

After hours at the cafť

(Liz, Maria, and Anna are cleaning up.)

Liz: Thank you for bailing me out, Anna. Isabel was about to tear my head off an feed it to me.

Maria: I thought my life was flashing before my eyes.

Anna: I got her to calm down some. I told her I read some minds to make sure that no n\one had sex last night. I really didnít, but Iím sure you guys wonít tell her that. And I really donít need to know what happened so you guys donít have to tell me.

Maria: Youíre a life saver Anna.

Liz: Ditto.


Section 9

Sept. 17, 2000

The apartment

(Anna is in the kitchen and Jacob walks in the door.)

Jacob: Hello everyone. Iím home.

Anna: Hi, Jacob. Did you go grocery shopping?

Jacob: Yep.

Anna: Did you get everything on the list?

Jacob: Yes.

Anna: Good.

Jacob: So whatís the news today?

Anna: Caleyís still at work. Jordan is out with Michael doing guy stuff. I just left Lizís place. Maria was there too and Max and Isabel are at home. I think I covered everything.

Jacob: Cool. Iíll make dinner.

Anna: Tuna melts?

Jacob: Sounds good.

Anna: We used to do this all the time.

Jacob: What?

Anna: Sit and talk for hours about everything that was going on in our lives.

Jacob: Thatís part of the reason I came back.

Anna: How many different places have you been?

Jacob: When I first left I traveled up the coast until I got to New York. I stayed there for almost 4 months. From there, I took a train to Oklahoma. I stayed there for almost a month. God only knows why. Then I went to Louisiana and California. I lived in California the longest. I had actually planned on seeing all the states before I settled down. Iíll do it one day.

Anna: Oh really?

Jacob: Iím going to Colorado this winter. Itís the best skiing in America.

Anna: Be home for Christmas, okay.

Jacob: I wouldnít miss the free presents.


Section 10

Sept. 17, 2000

Lizís room

Liz: So where did you really sleep, Maria?

Maria: I told you already. I slept in my bed.

Liz: You are the worst liar.

Maria: Okay. I fell asleep with him on the couch, but nothing happened.

Liz: I knew it!

Maria: Listen. Shut up about it. It doesnít leave this room. Anyway, itís not like we had sex. We fell asleep. What about you and Max?

Liz: I was telling the truth about that.

Maria: You were?

Liz: You thought I was lying? Maria: The thought did cross my mind.

Liz: I didnít have to have a cover story. Weíve never slept on the same piece of furniture together before.

Maria: Hold the phone. Heís stayed at your house more than once?

Liz: Yeah.

Maria: Then Isabel has probably known about it for a while.

Liz: Youíre right. She was probably waiting for the perfect time to bust him.

Maria: Well, she ended up busting me and Michael too.

Liz: I donít think that was her intention.

Maria: All this because my car broke down.

Liz: Not all of it.

Maria: Right.

Liz: You donít think sheís still mad at us? Maria: Iím sure sheís cooled off by now.

Liz: Weíll find out tomorrow, now wonít we?

Maria: If Iím not there, get my homework for me.


Thatís all for now.

Next is part IX

Monday Donít Suck That Bad Interesting huh? By: Christina Conrader

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