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"Moral Quandary"
Part 5
by Em
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Summary: Maria has to make a choice without a solution that leaves everyone happily ever after.
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Rating: R
"How are we going to do this?" Maria said after a while of pushing down her objections.

"Well, I figure we have to take all of our saving account money out, quit our jobs, abandon our apartment, and start packing."

"You would have this all figured out." Maria said rather suspiciously. It wasn't uncharacteristic of Michael to leave out of the blue.

"Well I suddenly became a quick thinker." Michael said dryly.

"Michael, I just had a thought. Yeah, yeah that's a thought, ok now I'm having a suspicion. Doesn't all these events seem kindda...planned? A little to coincidental for even this group?" Maria said with a frown.

"What do you mean?" Michael inquired.

"Liz dies, then like right after the doc tells me I have to take care of little Max. The doc never mentioned Max being there for him, then poof Max dies. Then you suddenly developed rationality! It smells if you ask me. You leaving with baby Max doesn't seem like a coincident. Michael, what inspired you to leave?"

"Well, I just woke up and I heard the baby cry, and the diaper wasn't wet or shitty, so I figured little Max was hungry. When I came back with the bottle I heard some rustling outside. When I checked there was nothing so I assumed it was squirrels or something. I felt how nice it was so I decided to feed the baby outside. Right near the end of the feeding I heard some muttering in the back to I went back there just to check it out, I saw nothing there- so I came back in then you know what happened next.." Michael finished grimly. Maria put her arm around him.

"Rustling? Muttering? Oh God Michael, that muttering happened right when Max showed up! Someone distracted you so he wouldn't see little Max! I think someone knew this was going to happened! Now we know how goody two shoes Evans got the gun!" Maria ended bitterly.

"Shit. SHIT! I fell for a fucking scam that cost my FRIENDS LIFE!" Michael exploded.

"Shh Shh Michael it's okay, let's just do what you said ok? Let's get out of this town, it's just gonna hurt us to stay." Maria whispered, as wrapped her arms around him and stroked his head.

They had no choice now, they had to leave, or they wouldn't make it together. You can't live in a constant reminder of what happened to your friends when your taking the responsibility of being there only child's parent.

*2 Weeks Later*

"Why can't we just say good-bye to Alex and Isabel, they were a wreck these last two weeks. They lost too much!" Maria argued while walking to the car with Michael.

"Maria, they barely talked to us, they had eachother, now they'll have eachother. This is for the greater good, a new start! We both wanted something better, and maybe we will find it in LA.

"Yeah, your probably right-


The car exploded, leaving Maria on the ground, under the car door-with a piece of glass stuck in her neck...

"MARIA!" Michael screamed. He pulled the piece of glass from his side and ran over to Maria and pulled the door of her. That's when he saw the chunk of glass stuck in her neck...

"Oh shit oh shit..." Michael chanted as he closed his eyes, counted to three, and pulled the glass from Maria's neck fast like a Band-Aid. The wound was deep and the blood was pouring out.

"Maria baby hold on, please don't leave me...I'm gonna try...just stay with me..." Michael whispered as he stroked her hair. The other hand he had left, he placed on her wound and concentrated like he never had been able to before.

He got no flashed this time, there was nothing left to see, he had seen them all through all the intimate moments he and Maria shared-that hopefully they would share again.

Hours, Days, Weeks, Years passed. Or that's just what it seemed like as he stared at her face waiting for her to come back. But she wouldn't.

Then with a startled gasp Maria shot up from Michael lap and looked around.

"THEY FUCKING TRIED TO KILL US!" Was the first thing that came out of her mouth, and the only thing for a while when Michael got a hold of her.

*Some time later*

"You almost joined the body count today." Michael whispered in her ear, while Maria lay on her side up against his chest.

"No kidding. When I was out-it was the strangest thing. I didn't see a bright light or angel yelling 'come to the light,' all I saw was what was happening around me. Like I was watching it from above. I saw the car explode, and the glass hit me. I saw me bleeding, then you bleeding, then you saving me. It was so scary I had no control of my body, it was like all I had were my eyes or something. It just kind of inspired me. I don't want to feel helpless anymore. I want those assholes to get theirs. I want to help you fight them."

"Maria no way. It was an eye opening experience for me to you know. All these people that I love are in complete danger, and I will do everything I can to keep you safe, to keep little Max safe. Thank God he is with Isabel, or he would be dead. We have to leave tomorrow. We will get little Max, get our money, and we will have to steal someone's car..."

"Hey change the subject guy, I would just like to state that I am not a wimp, and that I can hold my own. Don't typecast me as the defenseless woman Michael Guerin." Maria stated with a smack on the shoulder for emphasis.

Michael just smiled, Maria would never be the damsel in distress. But she is still in very real danger, they all were, and leaving soon would be there only chance....

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