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"Moral Quandary"
Part 4
by Em
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Summary: Maria has to make a choice without a solution that leaves everyone happily ever after.
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Rating: R
Maria woke up, turned over to give Michael a kiss, but he wasn't there, so she turned around to get up when she came face to face with the shiny silver gun pointed at her forehead by none other then Max Evans.

"Why did you do it Maria? Didn't you even THINK how this would effect me? Did you even CARE?" Max said with a voice any desperate man would have that just lost their love.

"How can you eve say that? I knew Liz longer then you have, do you have any idea the TORTURE involved in that decision? Do you have any idea how it feels to have the choice between Liz, or a baby that will save millions. Your baby would save your race Max, and PEOPLE ARE DYEING!"

"You killed her YOU KILLED HER! I didn't get to say good-bye! I NEVER GOT TO SEE HER! Why ::sob:: why did she just leave me? Why wouldn't she say good-bye?" Max said tears streaming down his face, sob his words out.

"Max, it's gonna be okay, you still have your son, so please...please put the gun down. I want to help you with your child, I want to help raise it. Liz can't, and I refuse to not be taking care of him."

"God.. she's really gone." Max cried, as he fell to his knees dropping the gun, and wept.

"Max.." Maria said as she gathered him in her arms.

"Did she- did she saying anything..before?" Max asked after he calmed down.

"She tried Max! They cut her off before she could finish. But all the way their, all she could talk about was how much she loved you and your child." Max said rubbing his back.

"Can I see my son?" Max asked after a while.

"Absolutely." Maria said without any thought.

When they got to the crib, baby Max was gone.

Bursting the Bubble

Maria wanted to scream. She wanted to shout, she wanted to break something. But she couldn't form any words, or make any movements other then look at Max with her mouth hung open, and eyes blurred.

"No no no nononoonono" Was all Max could say, he said it so frequently they words started to bunch together.

Max felt like he was in an orb, a bubble of some kind. Everything was stretched and far away. He couldn't reach out to them, he couldn't understand why he couldn't stop anything. He had no control in this bubble. Maria was talking to him, but she seemed so far away.

Then Max fell to his knees, grabbed the gun and looked up.

"I need to go now- I need to go where I can escape myself... I have to leave! I want out! I just want out! The bubble- it took Liz! Now my son is gone! It's all gone! I want to leave so badly!" Was Max's madman babble.

"MAX no! MAX YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! WHAT ABOUT YOUR SISTER? WHAT ABOUT MICHAEL! WHAT ABOUT ALEX? WHAT ABOUT ME! We love you! Don't do this please! It will be ok!" Maria finally found her tongue and started to shout anything that would make Max put the gun down.

"THERE IS NO OK ANYMORE! Ok was when Liz was sleeping in bed pregnant, while I was getting dressed for work! Ok was when we would go to the spaghetti house every Friday! Ok was when all 6 of us would laugh together! OK WAS SHOT TO HELL WHEN YOU CAME BACK!" Max shouted.

The last thing Max Evans ever heard was Michael walking through the door with baby Max.

"MAX NO!" Michael shouted



With that Max Evan fell to the ground. Up somewhere with Liz, where they would go to the Spaghetti Warehouse, and watch the Conan O'Brien Show at 12:35 when they were all home relaxing.

"OH MY GOD!" Maria said in a sob.

"MAX no Oh God Max, buddy, shit I'm gonna help you Max, it's gonna be ok I'm gonna try!" Michael babbled putting his hand to his temple.

"FUCK! NO! IT WON'T WORK! WHY DID HE DO THIS?! WHY DID HE HAVE A GUN!" Michael shouted, after a failed attempt to save Max.

"No---Michael, why did you take the baby? Why? He came over a little crazy, he was pointing a gun at me, but then he- he calmed down and asked to see his son, and when he wasn't there he lost it!"

"I- I just wanted to spend some time with him...I just was getting used to babies..I didn't know! Oh God there both dead! What are we going to do! We were never the leaders! You were the wacky sidekick, and I was 2nd in Command! That was the way! We aren't the thinkers! Were irrational!"

"We are never aloud to be irrational again Michael. This is the what they fucking wanted! I *KNEW* THEY WEREN'T FUCKING WITH ME WHEN THEY SAID THIS CHILD IS MY RESPONSIBILITY! Michael, I have to take care of it! I have to train it! I HAVE to now!"

"You mean WE, both of our best friends are dead Maria, we both owe them this much, and I will always protect this child. We have to leave. We have to go somewhere, where everyone won't ask questions, where we can raise this child without danger. We have to disappear!" Michael said taking the leaders job seriously.

"What about Isabel and Alex! Max and Liz dead and now we disappear! Think of what that will do to them! We have to tell-"

"WE DON'T THEM ANYTHING! Nothing is safe Maria! All we trust is eachother, this is to important! They have eachother! We have to leave a soon as possible, no strings!" Michael shouted. He knew this was the only way, and he wouldn't let Maria, or his best friend's child get hurt.

"Oh God, where do we go now?" Maria finally said understanding that this is something that had to be done- whether she liked it or not.

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