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"Moral Quandary"
Part 1
by Em
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Summary: Maria has to make a choice without a solution that leaves everyone happily ever after.
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Rating: R
"Maria, Liz has signed a document that states that you will be in charge of any decisions that will have to be made while she is unconscious."

"She has? Well- ok, thanks for telling me..." Maria said uncertainly.

"Um..Ms. Deluca we only bring it up because you have a decision to make."

"What's that?"

"Well your friend is the mother of our new prince, but she did not meet with one of our doctors when she was in her third month. If your friend gives birth her child dies. And we can stop the birth and kill the child- but if the child dies everything that I come from will die. This child is our only hope- and your friends only threat."

CrashDown midnight ice cream session, that was the last time Maria remembered laughing with Liz.

Max was not here. Michael was not here. Isabel was not here. Alex was not here. This was her call- no one to help her, no one to disagree. She was the one person that controlled a whole civilizations life or death, and her own soul-sisters life or death.

"How can you make me choose!? Either way I LOOSE! This is the weight of LIVES on my fucking shoulders! WHAT THE HELL CAN I SAY TO MAKE THE GOOD GUYS WIN WHEN THERE ARE NO FUCKING GOOD GUYS?!" Maria shouted.

This wasn't a fairy tale anymore. This was real. She was playing God with a girl she saw grow up and who has seen her grow up. There was no bad guy that she could just valiantly defy. And she had no time.

On one side, Lizzie would want nothing more then to have her child live. She would want the greater good to come from a 'small tragedy' as she would call it. Her Lizzie was a good person and wouldn't allow her son, or a whole colony to die.

On the other side, there was her family. Liz's dad would be crushed, her mother nonverbal. Alex would barely have the strength to sob, Isabel ala ice queen would shed a tear, Michael would even have a facial expression. Max would be completely destroyed. And me. My God. I would have lost my only family aside from my mother. My Lizzie. Best friends for life are not easy to find, and even harder to keep. How could she be responsible for killing her? She wouldn't get to see Max to say good-bye, she wouldn't even get to see her fucking child! The child that she will have to die for.

Maria had made her decision.

And she couldn't even bring herself to say the words. She just collapsed and cried. She cried for all the times Liz had helped her with her homework, the day they had first met Alex, the day the three musketeers started highschool. When Liz helped me through all my break ups. When she first found out Lizzie got a boyfriend that happened to be the most popular guy in school. When the both got summer jobs at the crash down. When she was shot. When she was saved. When the whole ordeal started.

"Before I tell you my decision, may I please see her one last time?" Maria said in a brave voice. Or was it grave?

"Of course my dear. I am sorry for this incredible weight on your shoulders-but it is how we do things."

Maria only nodded as she somewhat marched to the room her beloved friend was in. She choked back a sob, the room was so white. So emotionless. Liz's face was raw and emotionless. No-no this is not Liz, this isn't her! Her Liz was passionate! She would get worked up over a simple visit from her Grandma! She would fall inlove with a man that saved her life, and put some sparkle in her eyes. She would laugh at my jokes!

No she wouldn't. She won't anymore. 'I have to face the fact that this is the last time I see her'. So Maria just fell to her knees and clutched Liz's hands. Her mantra:

"I am so sorry Lizzie, I love you, I will take care of your son, I hate this. I HATE THIS I HATE THIS!"

Then she went up to the man and said,

"Save the baby."

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