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"Misteltoe Kisses and Eggnog Nightmares"
Part 2
by YoshiBouncer
Disclaimer: TBTB own all Roswell characters..blah blah. Only two new characters in the story are under my power.
Summary: This takes place after the "Max in the City" storyline and mostly focuses on the relationships of Max/Liz and with a good touch of Michael/Maria. There will be some interesting sci fi twists and several Roswell characters from the past will reappear.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I know I leave the ending open with some unanswered questions, but I've really haven't thought about continuing on since this was just a nice and fun holiday story. Written 12/07/00
Inside the Evanís kitchenÖ

( Mrs. Evans is baking cookies when Max and Isabel walk in. )

Mrs. Evans : Hey guys, youíre home just in time for some homemade cookies.

Isabel : Itís not from the Martha Stewart catalog again is it?

Mrs. Evans : No, this is your grandmaís recipe.

( The oven timer goes off. )

Max : Mom, I got it.

Mrs. Evans : Thanks honey.

( Max goes to get the cookie sheet out )

Mrs. Evans : About Christmas, do any of you want to invite some special friend over?

Isabel : Mom..

Mrs. Evans : What? I think that since itís the holidays, your father and I should at least get to know some of your friends more. Max, how about that girl that you seem to be getting along with these days, what was her name again? Tess right?

Max : Uh..weíre just friends.

Mrs. Evans : Okay, well then how about Liz?

Max : Iíll work on it.

Mrs. Evans : Good, so Isabel honey? Do you want to invite Alex over?

( Max starts smiling over at Isabel now. )

Isabel : Um, I think Alexís family would want to spend Christmas with their son.

( Luckily, the doorbell rang at the house. )

Isabel : I got it!

( Isabel rushes out to open the door. )

Isabel : Tess, hey.

Tess : Hey Isabel.

Isabel : Is something up?

Tess : No, I just thought that Iíd hang out with you and Max..if thatís okay of course.

Isabel : Sure, yeahÖcome on in.

Tess : Thanks

( Max and Mrs. Evans walk out to the living room to find Tess. )

Tess : Hi Mrs. Evans..Max.

Mrs. Evans : Hi, itís nice to see again. We were just talking about..

Max : Mom, I think the next batch are ready now.

( Mrs. Evans goes back into the kitchen as Max walks over to Tess. )

Max : Hey Tess, is something up?

Tess : Why does something have to be up for me to come by? Canít I just drop by for no reason? Itís not like I know anyone else in this town.

Max : No, itís fine.

Tess : Okay then.

Isabel : You want something to drink Tess?

Tess : Anything would be fine.

( Isabel goes into the kitchen while Tess walks over to the Evanís Christmas tree. )

Tess : Itís really beautiful.

Max : Yeah, itís all Isabelís work. It has to be just right or else weíll have to stay up all night to make it perfect.

Tess : I really never had a real family Christmas thing going on.

Max : It must have been hard with Nasedo.

Tess : But when you grow up not having it, thereís nothing to miss ya know? Now, I finally feel like Iím part of something, of a real family.

( Tess looks up at Max with a smile. )

Max : Tess, I think we need to talk.

( Max and Tess go to sit down at the couch. )

Max : Youíve been a really good friend to me these past weeks and I really appreciate all of the support that youíve given me. But, uh..

Tess : Thereís nothing more than friendship right?

Max : Yeah..Iím sorry, I mean, if I lead you on or anything. I didnít mean to.

Tess : No you didnít. I guess I was feeling a little too hopeful, but all of this time I knew that you still love Liz. I see it in your eyes and Iíve come to terms with it. I mean, even Liz doing something like sleeping with Kyle couldnít make you turn away from really shows how much she means to you and Iíve finally realized it.

Max : Iím glad and I hope youíre okay with it.

Tess : Sure, but weíre still friends right?

Max : Yeah, of course.

Later that evening in Michaelís apartmentÖ

( Thereís knock on the door and Michael opens it to find Maria. )

Maria : Look, I just came over to tell you that Iíll be singing at the church tonight. And Iím not forcing you to go because I hope that you would have the heart to just go without thinking twice. Not because I asked you to, because you want to and also becauseÖI need you there.

( Maria starts choking up with tears. )

Maria : Ya know, I just want to sing and have a smile on my face knowing that youíre out there sitting in the crowd being proud of me and saying, "Hey, thatís my girlfriend up there." and because once in awhile Iíd like to know that you care enough about me that Iíd be your number one priority. Is that too much to ask?

( Michael goes to hug Maria. )

Michael : If I didnít care enough about you, do you think my apartment would look like this?

( Maria starts giggling looking at Michaelís very decorative and lighted apartment. )

Michael : I have something to show you.

( Michael takes Mariaís hand and leads her to the Christmas tree that he got, now decorated and points up to the angel at the top of the tree. )

Maria : Yeah, what about it?

Michael : Take a closer look.

( Maria takes a good look at the angel and a big smile is on your face when she sees that the angel is actually a sculpture of her. )

Maria : Awww..MichaelÖ

Michael : Yes, handmade by Michael..again. I know I donít always show it and I can be an ass sometimes.

Maria : Sometimes?

Michael : Okay, most of the time. But, what Iím trying to say is that youíre like my little angel who looks after me and I donít think I couldíve made it this far without you.

( Maria puts her arms around Michaelís waist and they lean in for a kiss. )

At the church that eveningÖ

( Maria is singing ĎO Holy Nightí along with the choir up on stage with a smile on her face. The church isnít that crowded, only faces here and there. Among the familiar faces are Alex, Isabel, Michael and Max. Max turns around to look at the back of the church and sees Liz walking in. The gang looks up to see Max get up to leave. )

Max : Liz..hey

Liz : Hey, um..Iíve been doing a lot of thinking and um..

Michael : Shhhsshh! My girlfriend is singing up there.

Max : Letís go outside.

( Liz nods her head and they both go outside. Liz takes out a small wrapped box from her jacket pocket and hands it to Max. )

Max : What is it?

Liz : Your Christmas present.

( It occurs to Max that this wasnít the same gift he saw lying on Lizís bed before. )

Max : Itís not even Christmas yet.

Liz : Just open it Max.

( Max unwraps the gift and opens it up to find the knife that he gave Liz back and stares at Liz speechless with his teary eyes. Liz : Ya know Max, you donít give presents back even if youíre hurting because itís just not right. I mean, whatís the point of giving presents if people just end up giving it back. And when you gave it back to me, it really hurt me, not just because it was something that I gave you from my heart, but it was because I thought that this was itÖthat I lost you for good.

( Liz cries unable to hold her tears back )

Liz : And I donít want to lose you Max because you mean everything to me. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to be with someone they love, not just any kind of love, but love that defies everything. We have that and Iím not ready to let it go, I donít want to, and I donít want to let you go because I love you and that will never change. I know you said that I need to trust you and I do, itís just that Iím afraid to take that risk and if something goes wrong, itís going to be my fault.

( Max pulls Liz close to him as she buries her face into his chest. )

Max : Weíll do this together Liz, I promise youÖ.everythingís going to be alright.

( Liz looks up at Max as he wipes away the tears from her eyes and she nods her head. )

Meanwhile at the CrashdownÖ

( Kyle and Tess are at a booth having a good time talking and eating dinner. The door opens up and the two strangers from New York enter the cafť. The girl immediately spots Tess sitting at the table and looks shocked, nudging the guy with her elbows. )

Girl : Look over there..does that blond curly haired chick look familiar to you?

Guy : Holy crap, but it canít be.

Girl : Letís go find out.

( The two strangers walk over to the table and both Tess and Kyle look up at them oddly. )

Kyle : Can we help you?

Guy : ( Ignores Kyle ) Hey..

Tess : Hey right back at cha. Do I know you?

Girl : MaybeÖyou sure look familiar to us.

Tess : Iím sorry, I really donít remember. And your names are?

Girl : Val

Guy : Cody

Tess : Yeah, those definitely donít sound familiar.

Val : And you are?

Tess : Tess

Val : Oh, okay..Tess. Itís Tess Cody.

Cody : Right, sorry about the mistake. Are you sure you donít have a twin out there?

( Val and Cody both look at each other pretending to laugh. )

Tess : no. Itís just one of me. Itís okay.

( Val leans in closer to Tess and grabs a hold of her arms. )

Val : Oh and one more thing, we were wondering if you know where we can find Max.

Tess : ( nervous and scared look on her face ) Max? I donít know a Max.

Kyle : Hey! What are you doing? Let go of her!

( Cody pushes Kyle back into his seat. )

Cody : Calm down man, no oneís going to get hurt. We just want to know where Max is.

Tess : Like I said before, I donít know a Max.

Val : Listen, weíre old friends of Max and we really need to find him.

Cody : Weíre just here to help him out.

Tess : Youíre lying, how can you be old friends of Max if heís lived here his whole life and you two certainly donít look like youíre from Roswell.

Val : Hey, wait a minute here..I thought you didnít know Max. Come on, scoot over, my legs are killing me.

( Val pushes Tess inside the booth and sits down next to her while Cody does the same, next to Kyle. )

Kyle : Who are you two?

Cody : Would you believe us if we told you?

Kyle : No

Cody : Then whatís the point of telling you then?

( Cody grabs a french fry and sticks it in his mouth. )

Val : Look, you seem like a good person, a friend of Max. So, I understand that youíre being protective of him because you donít even know who we are. I mean, we could be..

Cody : The FBI

Val : Oooooohh ( Val makes a scary face at Cody. ) But, weíre not.

Cody : But, we know who you are.

( Val points her fingers at Tessís chest smiling. )

Val : On the inside..

( Right then, the front door to the Crashdown opens and Max, Liz, Maria and Alex walk in. )

Tess : Max! Get out of here!

( Max, Liz, Maria and Alex all look at the two strangers sitting next to a frightened Kyle and Tess and they all burst back out of the door running. )

Cody : Damn, which one of those two is Max?

Val : Iíll get the tall slinky one.

( Val and Cody both jump out of their seats and run out of the cafť. )

Out in the streetsÖ.

( Alex and Maria are both walking around trying to hide. )

Maria : Are they skins? Bu, I thought theyíre wiped out.

Alex : Maybe theyíre a different breed.

( Someone grabs Alexís shoulder from behind causing him to scream like a girl. Maria and Alex both turn around to see Val.)

Val : Hey

Maria : Ahhhhh! Alex!

Val : Alex?

( Alex kicks Val in the shins and starts running off with Maria. )

Val : Ouch! And I barely even touched you.

( Val starts chasing after Maria and Alex. As she runs, she starts to gain speed in quite an excess and before Maria and Alex could see, she is standing in front of them. )

Alex : What the hell?

Val : Hey, I come in peace dude. Iím not hear to hurt you. I just need to find Max.

( Maria and Alex start running back the other way. )

Val : Whatís wrong with these people?

( Val sees a Christmas light hanging across the light poles and with her powers, pulls it down. Then she swings the rope around and wraps it around Maria and Alex, pulling them back.)

Maria : ( looks up to see Michael and Isabel passing by ) Michael!

Val : Damn it! Theyíve got doubles too?

( Michael and Isabel both run over to try and rescue Maria and Alex.)

Michael : Maria!

Isabel : Alex!

( Michael raises his hand and with his powers tries to knock one of the light poles down over Val. Val quickly ducks out of the way and Isabel knocks her back, smashing into the wall. Maria and Alex both try to untangle themselves free and then run over to Michael and Isabel. )

Michael : Who is she?

Maria : An alien.

Alex : The bad kind..

( Cody walks by and sees Val smashed up against the wall and looks up to see Michael and Isabel at the other end)

Cody : Val!

( Cody runs over to Michael and Isabel. )

Cody : When will you two ever learn?

Isabel : What?

( Cody and Michael both raise their hands up at the same time and both of their powers bounce back against each other. Cody then leaps at Michael and they both start rolling around punching each other.)

Maria : Get him Michael!

( Cody and Michael both try to zap the other one with their powers, but it always gets knocked away. As Max and Liz are walking by to find the others, they see everyone down this street and run over to help out. Just about the same time, Cody pushes Michaelís hand away before it could get him and the force ends up knocking down a electrical wire up above Max and Liz. Val looks up to see the electrical wire hanging and with her speed, runs over to push Max and Liz out of the way before the wire kills them. )

Maria : Liz!

Isabel : Max!

( Michael and Cody both stop fighting and everyone runs over to see if theyíre alright. Val gets up off of the ground and starts cracking her neck. Then she reaches both of her hands down and offers to help Max and Liz up. Max and Liz both look at each other unsure, but then take her hand. Isabel, Michael, Maria and Alex walk over beside Max while Cody stands next to Val, looking at each other.)

Max : Who are you?

Val : Letís talk about this inside. Iím definitely going to catch a cold out here.

( Max nods his head and everyone leaves, but Val and Cody still have their eyes on Isabel and Michael. )

Later on inside the back room of the CrashdownÖ

Val : Okay, to make the long story short. We were your best friends from back home Max and now weíre here to help you.

Isabel : Were?

Val : Yeah, meaning we died. Actually you should know, you killed me Vilandra.

Max : Hey, sheís not Vilandra.

Val : Well, her dupe sure seems to carry a great resemblance to Vilandra.

Isabel : Iím not anything like Lonnie either.

( Val just nods her head )

Michael : Okay, go on.

Cody : Donít worry, weíre not like alien ghosts or something.

Val : Which by the way would be kind of funny this time of year. Ya know, like..

Cody : The ghost of Christmas past.

( Everyone looks oddly at Cody and Valís sense of humor. )

Val : Basically, weíre like you guys. Ya know, alien-human hybrids. We were sent later on a different ship just in case.

Max : Just in case of what?

Cody : Just in case you guys used the orbs, which sent out signals all over the planet to every single alien race out there..your enemies Max. Since you guys are the original royal four, your memory was basically wiped out, for the moment at least because it was too dangerous for you guys to know everything. It was better that you guys were kept a secret and that way the granolith wouldnít be revealed so quickly when you were young and couldnít protect it.

Michael : You know about the granolith?

Val : Yeah

Michael : So, you know what itís used for?

Val : Not really. We know that itís really powerful, but the only person who really knows what it does is the king.

Cody : Also, if you had memories from your past wouldnít be who you are today. Most likely, you could have turned out like your dupes.

Max : So, youíre protecting us from who?

Cody : Khivar, heís out to kill do a Max assassination.

Val : Khivar ring a bell to you Isabel?

Isabel : No!

Liz : Max..

( Val notices Max reach out and hold Lizís hand and she smiles. )

Tess : So you guys have been on your own this whole time?

Val : Not the whole time. But, you donít need to hear about our boring old lives. We have gramps.

Alex : Gramps?

Val : Yeah, heís our protector that came along with us.

Cody : We call him gramps cause heís always uses the form of this old man. I donít know why he likes it so much. So thatís what we call him.

Val : Senior discount thatís why.

Michael : So, you guys know everything about our past lives.

Cody : Not everything, like maybeÖ75% of it. Theyíre all just really blurry memory images though.

Liz : So, um..why is Khivar out to kill Max?

Val : Basically, he wants Maxís throne permanently. Max is the last connection to it..yada yada yada. And there are a lot of people who actually want to bring Max back home and regain order. So, with Max out of the way, nothing can stop him.

Max : They want me to return to the throne?

Cody : Well, are the king.

( Max looks over at Liz. )

Val : Donít worry, itís not like she canít come back with you. They all love the queen.

Liz : What? I..I..Iím not the queen.

( Everyone looks at Val puzzled. )

Val : Youíre not? Then who is?

Tess : I am.

( Val and Cody both look at each other confused and then look back at how cozy and loving Max and Liz look with each other. )

Val : Iím confused. If youíre the queen ( pointing to Tess ) then how come youíre sitting all the way over there while Max is giving Liz the goo goo eyes?

Liz : Itís a long story..

Cody : No, it doesnít make sense. Max, wellÖthe old Max loved and only loved one person. His bride, queen and expected mother of his child.

Max : Expected mother?

Val : Yeah..she was carrying your child and was killed before she was able to give birth.

( Everyone turns around and looks at Tess. )

Tess : Hey..I donít know anything about that.

( Everyone then turns to look at Liz )

Liz : Donít look at me! Last time I checked, I was human. This is crazy.

Val : Well, itís you two who were destined for each other.

( Val turns to look at Tess and starts swinging her fingers between Max and Tess. )

Val : Or you two..

Maria : Wait a minute..but Michael and Isabel were also destined for each other.

Cody : What Michael and Isabel had was different. They didnít love each other in that way. It was sort of an arranged marriage. ( Looking at Isabel ) Your mother thought that it would be best for everyone if you married Michael. Ya know what? I really canít answer this. Val and I died before you guys were created so I donít know what happened with the pods or anything else.

Val : We should wait for gramps..maybe heíll clear this up.

Kyle : Where is he right now?

Val : Good question, where is he Cody?

Cody : I donít know, maybe somewhere in Africa.

Maria : Africa?

Val : Yeah, we kind of ditched him while we were in Europe, but we left him a message and he should be on his way to Roswell.

Cody : I think you guys have had enough for tonight.

Alex : Yeah, itís getting kind of late.

( Everyone gets up and starts to leave out to the front of the cafť. )

Isabel : ( to Val ) Iím sorry

Val : For what?

Isabel : Ya know, killing you.

Val : Donít worry about it. Like you said, youíre not the same person.

Isabel : Thanks. So, you remember how you died?

Val : Not really. I remember seeing you and then it all being black and painful.

Isabel : Okay..

( Val leaves the back room and just as Isabel is about to follow, her cell phone rings. )

Isabel: Hello?

Grant : Hey, itís me.

The next morning of Christmas Eve in the Valentiís houseÖ

( Kyle walks pass by Tessís room and sees her looking depressed. )

Kyle : Whatís wrong?

Tess : NothingÖ

( Kyle walks into the room and sits next to Tess on the bed )

Kyle : Youíre still thinking about what Val said last night huh?

Tess : I couldnít sleep all night. It sucks cause I thought I knew who I was and why I was brought here. But now, I donít even know who I am anymore.

Kyle : Yes you do.

Tess : Then who am I?

Kyle : Youíre Tess, plain and simple.

Tess : Just Tess huh?

Kyle : Why? Do you want to be more? Like the queen?

Tess : No. When I thought I was Maxís bride, I felt like I was part of something. And I know that Max loves Liz, but I still felt like I was part of a family, this connection to him and Isabel and Michael. Now, who am I without that?

Kyle : I donít know. I think thatís something youíll have to find out for yourself. Take me for example. I donít feel like Iím the same Kyle from before since Max healed me. Iíve changed so..who am I now? At least Iíve got a sense of spiritual peace with myself.

Tess : Youíre not trying to convert me to Buddhism now are you?

Meanwhile at the CrashdownÖ

( Maria and Liz are talking behind the counter. )

Liz : Stop looking at me like that.

Maria : Like what?

Liz : You know what Iím talking about.

Maria : I canít help it ya know? My best friend, a queen.

Liz : Maria, shut up!

Maria : Okay..okay. Iím just messing with you. But itís kind of weird though ya know? What Val and Cody said does make sense. Why did Max fall in love with you when he was destined for someone else? AndÖfor crying out loud when he was like 7 years old or something right? Itís gotta make you wonder.

Liz : This is nuts. Iím not an alien.

Maria : Alright, Iíll stop. I know, youíre human and I love you that way.

Liz : But what if..

Maria : What if?

Liz : Max and Tess really are..

Maria : Stop! Enough! Letís not start that all over again. Iím having enough problems as it is with Michael and having to sit through you guys too, my head it literally going to explode.

( Val and Cody enter the Crashdown and sit at the counter near Liz and Maria. )

Liz : Hi

Val : ( to Liz ) So, whatís the breakfast special your highness?

( Maria starts to laugh as Liz walks away rolling her eyes with a smile. )

Cody : You know that we still have to keep a look out for the others.

Val : Donít worry, my radar screen is set and ready.

Maria : Do you guys even know who these umm..( whispers ) assassins are?

Cody : ( whispers ) No..

Maria : Oh..wait a minute, how do we know that you guys arenít the ones?

Val : Ooh, sheís a clever one. How do we know youíre not one of them?

Maria : I guess youíll never know.

Later that evening at the CrashdownÖ

( The whole gang is at a private little Christmas Eve party along with Val and Cody, family and several other friends. Everyone looks like theyíre having a good time with Christmas music pumped in the back.)

Mrs. Evans : Okay, who wants some eggnog?

( Mr. Evans carries out a large glass bowl of eggnog out from the back room )

Mrs. Evans : Get them while theyíre hot.

( Cody goes over to drink some eggnog and makes a funny face after taking a sip. )

Cody : Who says theyíre hot? Not hot enough if you ask me.

( Cody grabs a bottle of Tabasco sauce from behind the counter and pours some inside the bowl. )

Cody : Thatís more like it.

( Val sees Liz sitting by herself at a table and goes over to talk to her.)

Val : Are you okay?

Liz : Yeah..Iím fine

( Val looks up to see Max and Tess talking across the room. )

Val : You wanna hear what I think?

Liz : Sure..

Val : Even if Tess is really who sheís suppose to be, itís obvious to me that Max loves you and Iíve only been here for two days. You shouldnít get yourself worried or jealous about it. Donít do anything stupid like pushing Max to Tess or giving them a chance to be together because of this destiny thing. Simply, guys are stupid and they wouldnít know whatís up if it hit them right on the nose. Seriously, the women are the real power behind them. Where would Cody be without me? Lost!

Liz : Are you two like together?

Val : No no..weíre best friends. Heís like family to me. Okay, from a girl to a girl..technically speaking. If Tess does try and make a move for Max, my advice to you is to fight back. Ya know, stick your face in her face and let her know that Max is yours, otherwise..she could very well end up getting him in the end if you back off. Trust me, I know it personally.

Liz : So, like exgirlfriends stole guys from you before?

Val : Yeah right, like they could ever. Iíve always been the exís honey.

( Val gives Liz a little wink and walks off. As she passes by the counter, she sees the bottle of Tabasco on the counter and pours some inside the bowl of eggnog. )

Maria : Michael? ( poking her head in the backroom and sees Michael putting something in her locker ) What are you doing?

Michael : I just..( holds out a gifted present with a smile ) wanted to put your present in your locker.

( Maria walks inside with a kiddish smile )

Maria : My present?

Michael : Yeah, I was going to give it to you tomorrow when Iím over at your house for Christmas, but then I thought Iíd stuff it in here cause I wanted you to think that I forgot to get you a present and then youíll get on my case about it and when you find it in your locker the next day, youíll feel all guilty for bitching at me and have it blow back in your face.

Maria : Oooh..great plan.

Michael : Well..I gotta have my fun for this holiday too.

Maria : So, youíre going over to my house for Christmas?

Michael : Yeah..

Maria : Cause you want to be there?

Michael : Cause I want to be thereÖ

Maria : Since you have my present, can I open it now?

Michael : Why not.

( Maria happily opens up her present and takes out a big bottle of M&M candies. )

Maria : Candy? Well, at least itís better than shampoo.

Michael : Ya know, your name starts with an M and mine starts with an

Maria : Oh my god! Michael! That is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you. I love it!

Back outside the frontÖ

( Cody and Kyle and talking. )

Kyle : So, how are the European babes like?

Cody : Youíve got your hot ones and youíve got your not so hot ones.

Kyle : Not so hot ones, like the ones who donít shave their pits?

Cody : No, those are the hot ones.

( Kyle gives Cody this disgusted and weird look. )

Cody : How about you? Blondes or brunettes?

Kyle : At first brunettes, but nowÖI think blondes. ( Looking over at Tess )

( Michael and Maria are walking out from the back and over to Cody and Kyle. )

Maria : Hey guys, who wants some M&Ms?

( Michael sees the bottle of Tabasco sauce on the counter and decides to pour some into the eggnog. )

Val : You want to get her attention?

Alex : What?

( Val looks over at Isabel talking to some guy friends. )

Val : Youíve got it bad for her.

Alex : That noticeable huh?

Val : Just a tad..

Alex : Does it make me look pathetic?

Val : No, it just shows youíre the loyal kind and who will stick by her side no matter what. But ya know what else it shows?

Alex : What?

Val : That she would take you for granted cause she knows that youíll always be there. The best way to get her attention and to notice you is to make her jealous.

Alex : Jealous? Right and who would ever help me out with that? Iím like the last guy on all of the girls list for dates and probably not even on many lists at all.

( Val grabs Alex and gives him and big kiss. Isabel looks over and doesnít look too thrilled at the spectacle. )

Val : There, now you know that youíre at least on my list.

Alex : Ugh..okayÖ

( Val walks away smiling and giving Alex and pat on the back. )

Val : ( whispers to Alex ) I think youíve got her attention now.

( Alex looks up to see Isabel walking over to him. )

Out in Lizís bedroom balconyÖ

( Liz is standing all alone and looking up at the night sky. She turns around smiling to see Max come out. )

Liz : Hey..

Max : What are you doing out here?

( Max goes to wrap his jacket around Liz. )

Max : Itís kind of cold..

Liz : I was just thinking..

Max : About what?

Liz : If we really make our own destiny and if I did change the future.

Max : I think you did.

Liz : How do you know that?

Max : Itís just a feeling..and also, if you didnít change it than I donít think that weíd be standing here right now. Iíd probably be sitting somewhere staring up at the sky wondering if youíre also staring up there thinking of me too.

Liz : I would..

Max : And weíd both be having a miserable Christmas. About this destiny thing..

Liz : Max, you donít have to say anything. I think weíre both sick enough hearing about it. I know already, you donít have to..

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