FanFic - Other
"Misteltoe Kisses and Eggnog Nightmares"
Part 1
by YoshiBouncer
Disclaimer: TBTB own all Roswell characters..blah blah. Only two new characters in the story are under my power.
Summary: This takes place after the "Max in the City" storyline and mostly focuses on the relationships of Max/Liz and with a good touch of Michael/Maria. There will be some interesting sci fi twists and several Roswell characters from the past will reappear.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I know I leave the ending open with some unanswered questions, but I've really haven't thought about continuing on since this was just a nice and fun holiday story. Written 12/07/00
After schoolÖ.

( Liz is putting books back into her locker while Maria is leaning up against the one next to her. )

Maria : I donít get why finals are such a big deal.

Liz : Because theyíre accumulative Maria and itís going to take more than an hour before class starts to do some studying.

Maria : Yeah, but whatís the point of making us remember everything weíve learned from the beginning of the semester? I mean, itís not like weíre going to remember any of this after we finish taking the test. Look at me for example, itís already gone and done with. My brain has definitely gone kaput!

Liz : I guess thatís what teachers do to get back at us for sleeping throughout the semester.

Maria : Well, if learning didnít have to be so boring then these grinches wouldnít have to go through so much trouble to steal our Christmas spirit.

Liz : At least itís over with. Now we can just sit back and enjoy the holiday.

( Maria sees Michael taking a drink from the water fountain down the hall. )

Maria : So, did you get Max a present?

Liz : Um, yeah..but I donít know if I should give it to him.

Maria : Right..because the point of buying presents is to hide it.

Liz : I donít know, it just feels weird ya know? Hey, he did give me back the present that I got him last Christmas.

Maria : Oh yeah, thatís right. Ouch..that mustíve hurtÖsorry.

Liz : Itís okay. I understand why he had to do that. ( Liz scrunches her face ) I guess..

Maria : Well, you didnít get him anything likeÖ

Liz : Meaningful? No.

Maria : Okay, then I donít see what the problem is if itís something simple. On a side note, I donít care what people say, itís way better to receive than give.

( Liz looks over at Maria watching Michael walk away down the hall. )

Liz : What do you think Michael got you?

Maria : All I gotta say is, it better not be shampoo.

( Liz closes her locker laughing and then they both exit the school. )

Later on at the CrashdownÖ

( Isabel and Max are sitting at their usual booth. )

Isabel : Come on Max, could you just do it please? For the kids?

Max : A red suit does not match well with this complexion.

Isabel : Honestly, where is your holiday spirit Max? Once a year, the whole world is at peace, well generally and everyone is just full of festivity and love...and look at you. Could you at least smile? Is that too much trouble?

Max : Well, yelling at me isnít going to help out.

Alex : I think the shoes are a little too tight.

( Isabel and Max both look as Alex walks towards them from the back room dolled up in an elf costume. )

Isabel : You look great Alex. Thank you so much for helping out. Itís nice to know what some people still care.

Max : Iím gonna go

( Isabel rolls her eyes as Max leaves the Crashdown. )

Alex : Whatís wrong with him?

Isabel : I think Michael is starting to rub off on him.

Alex : So, I guess that means weíre still missing the big fat white bearded guy huh?

( Alex sits himself down across from Isabel. )

Isabel : Yeah, you donít think Michael wouldÖ

Alex : Are pigs flying?

Isabel : I thought so..

( The door to the Crashdown opens and a light smile spreads on Isabelís face. )

Grant : Isabel

( Alex turns around and looks up and down at Grant unhappily. )

Grant : Alex right?

Alex : RightÖso, uh, how long does it take to dig up dirt?

Isabel : Alex! So, are you coming in for a bite to eat Grant?

Grant : Yeah, I was going to get some take out and then go back to the lab to finish up my work.

Alex : So, youíre almost finished up with your work in Roswell?

Grant : Yeah, looks like it.

Alex : Well, it was nice having you around. Ya know, Roswell is such a small, no nothing town full of weirdos, my adviceÖprobably not wise to take another trip back.

Isabel : Are you leaving soon?

Grant : Actually, Iíll be staying up till Christmas.

Isabel : Thatís great.

Alex : YeahÖgreat.

( A waitress walks by to give Grant his food in a bag. )

Grant : So, I guess Iíll be seeing you then.

Alex : Alrighty, bye!

Isabel : Bye..

( Isabel watches Grant leave the Crashdown and then notices Alex watching her, so she turns back to him. )

Isabel : Ya know what would be a great idea, if Grant dressed up as Santa. I mean, thereís no one else.

Alex : Donít jump so fast..let me think, Iím sure I can come up with someone.

Inside Lizís bedroom that eveningÖ

( Liz is sitting on her bed wrapping presents when she hears a knock at her window. )

Liz : MaxÖ

( Liz happily walks over to open the window and lets Max inside. )

Max : Wrapping presents huh? I hope this isnít a bad time.

Liz : No, itís fine. So, whatís up?

Max : I was thinking something and itís been like bottled up in my head for awhile now and really need to ask you this.

Liz : ( looking nervous fearing what Max is going to ask..again ) Uh, what is it?

Max : Do..( looks Liz straight in the eyes ) Uh, do you know what kind of present Maria would like for Christmas?

Liz : Present? ( Liz questions looking at Max knowing that it wasnít what he wanted to ask)

Max : Yeah, ya know..for Michael. Heís not really that smart when it comes to buying gifts.

Liz : RightÖum, I really donít know.

Max : Well, what did you get her?

Liz : Clothes

Max : Michaelís a fashion victim, so thatís not really such a good idea.

Liz : ( laughs ) Yeah, probably not.

Max : Okay then, thanks anyways.

( Max turns back around ready to leave. )

Liz : Is that what you really came to ask me about?

( Max turns back around facing Liz. )

Max : No

( Lizís bedroom opens up and Mr. Parker walks in. )

Mr. Parker : Max! What are you doing in Lizís bedroom?

Liz : Dad, itís nothing.

Max : I guess Iíll be going now. Bye Liz..Mr. Parker

( Max starts to crawl out of the window. )

Mr. Parker : Max, you know, you can leave through the front door.

Max : ( guilty look on his face ) Um, okay

( As Max walks past by Liz to leave, he notices a wrapped present on Lizís bed with his name on it and he starts to smile. )

Max : There wonít be a next time sir.

Mr. Parker : I hope not because I donít want to start putting bars up now. Good night Max.

Max : Night

( Leaving out through the backdoor into the Crashdown, Max bumps into Kyle. )

Kyle : Max

Max : Hey

( Max and Kyle both look at each other feeling akward with silence as Maria passes by holding a bucket of dirty dishes. )

Maria : You boys are making way too much noise. You better stop or Iíll have to call the cops.

( Maria continues on to bring the dishes back to the kitchen. )

Kyle : about those Florida recounts huh?

Max : See ya

( Kyle rolls his eyes as Max walks by and leaves the Crashdown. Then he goes to sit at a stool at the counter right in front of Maria. )

Kyle : Man, did you see the way he was looking at me? Youíd think he was about ready to zap me with his laser eyes.

Maria : When you thought something was going on between Max and Liz while you two were dating, look how you much of an ass you turned out to be. Dude, Max saw you and Liz in bed together, what do you expect?

Kyle : Yeah. But, it was just crazy and wild sex. It didnít mean anything.

Maria : Kyle! Liz already told me nothing happened between you two so keep your jewel back inside the box. And also..what the hell are you doing spreading this thing around school?

Kyle : What are you talking about? I didnít say anything.

Maria : Well, if I didnít say anything and certainly Liz wouldnít, who else does that leave? Iíll give you one guess.

Kyle : It wasnít me man. Swear to Buddha.

Maria : You donít think Max would say anything right?

Kyle : Why would he?

Maria : I donít know, maybe to let it spread around school that Liz sleeps around to get even?

Kyle : Yeah..cause itís such a Max thing to do.

Maria : Then how do you think it got around?

( The door of the Crashdown opens and Kyle and Maria both see Tess walk in. )

Out in the city streetsÖ

( Max is walking along when he sees Michael carry a small Christmas tree out of the lot. )

Max : Getting into the holiday spirit Michael?

Michael : What? And that surprises you?

Max : Yeah..

Michael : Honestly, just this afternoon, I was sitting in my apartment staring at this empty spot and I was thinking, ĎGee golly, what could I do to fill this space up?í

( Max stares off at Michael not so amused with is sarcasm. )

Michael : It was Mariaís idea alright? Sheís going on a decorative frenzy at my place. Youíd think I was living in Whosville.

( Max lets out a smile. )

Michael : Ya know how girls get this time of year. Itís all bouncy and cheery and forcing everyone to ride along with them.

Max : Yeah, I know.

Michael : I just want to get her off my back.

Max : You mean make her happy.

Michael : Same difference. Besides, I have too much on my mind right now to start trouble with her.

Max : Whatís on your mind?

Michael : I donít know, maybe the fact that I have a killer double out there. Think about it Max, if Rath goes psychotic or decide to do a mass killing spree, youíll be seeing my face on Americaís Most Wanted.

Max : I donít think Rath would do anything that stupid. Iím sure heís smart enough to know about the FBI hunters going after him if he makes a public move like that.

Michael : Yeah, letís just hope that we at least both have the smart gene in common.

Meanwhile, in the streets of New York CityÖ

( Rath and Lonnie are walking around the lighted snow-filled city. )

Lonnie : All of this happiness this time of year is making me sick.

Rath : Why couldnít Halloween be the big holiday of the year?

( Rath and Lonnie both stop when they spot Ava crossing the street. )

Lonnie : Looky who decided to show their little traitor face back home?

Rath : Guess weíll be having our own holiday spirit tonight.

( Rath and Lonnie both give each other evil grins. )

Rath : Shall we?

Lonnie : We shall...

( Ava walks down the street and senses like sheís being followed, so she ducks into an alley. She continues to walk down the alley when someone taps her on the shoulder. )

Lonnie : Boo!

( Lonnie laughs as she watches Ava run away frantically for her life. )

Lonnie : What? No hug from an old buddy?

( Rath jumps out and blocks Avaís path. )

Rath : Where do you think youíre going?

Ava : Stay away from me!

( As Rath walks closer to Ava, she backs away from him and ends up bumping into Lonnie from the back. )

Lonnie : Then you should have thought about it before showing your face back here.

Rath : We have a lot of catching up to do.

Lonnie : Yes, letís start with you screwing with our plans going home.

Rath : We know you had something to do with helping zombie Max.

Lonnie : Ava..Ava. What? Couldnít stand to see Max get hurt or die like Zan? I donít know why you cared so much anyways. Itís not like youíre anyone special to Max..or Zan.

Ava : I did what I had to do.

Rath : And so do we.

( Ava tries to struggle free when Lonnie grabs her arms. )

Rath : Letís settle this at home.

( Rath and Lonnie both pull Ava down the alley and cover up her mouth to prevent her from screaming. )

Back at the CrashdownÖ.

( Kyle is still sitting around at the counter while Maria is cleaning up the tables. )

Kyle : Iíve been thinkingÖ

Maria : Hold on, let me sit down for this special occasion.

Kyle : Yeah, funny. Anyways, I still donít get why Liz faked all of this for Max to see.

Maria : For the good of the planet. Ya know, itís an awful lot of load of pressure to carry on your shoulders when the balance of everyoneís lives is in your hands.

Kyle : What?

Maria : Nothing..basically, itís the whole stupid destiny thing.

Kyle : So, itís about getting Max and Tess together right?

Maria : Something like that. Why? You have a problem with that?

( Maria gives Kyle a little smirk knowing that heís been giving Tess some looks. )

Kyle : No. So, if itís about this whole destiny thing, then how come youíre with Michael?

( Maria looks at Kyle stumped. )

Maria : Whatís with the twenty questions man? Am I on trial here?

( Maria and Kyle both turn around to see Liz coming out from the backroom. )

Liz : Hey guys. Kyle, itís kind of late donít you think?

Maria : Yeah, get lost dude. Youíre starting getting on my nerves. Donít worry Liz, Iíve got everything covered down here.

Liz : Yeah, I know. I just needed to talk to someone.

( Liz and Maria both look at Kyle. )

Kyle : Okay, I get the hint. Iím going.

( Kyle gets up off of the stool and walks over to Liz )

Kyle : I know whatís on your mind Liz. Youíve been having this same look on your face ever since..ya know, the night. You look like youíre about ready to cry and explode at the same time.

Maria : Hmm..this new found religion of his is definitely making him in touch with his feminine side.

Kyle : Itís spiritual side.

Liz : Kyle..

Kyle : Hereís my advice, the truth will set you free.

( Kyle and Liz both give each other a smile and then Kyle leaves. )

Maria : Heís just saying that cause he wants Tess all to himself.

Liz : Maybe heís right Maria. Keeping this all inside is killing me. Every time I see Max I just want to tell him everything and just grab him and kiss him ya know?

Maria : Then whatís stopping you?

Liz : I just donít know how. Maybe itís too late.

Maria : Trust me, itís never too late.

Liz : What if I tell him and then the next thing I know, a different version of future Max comes back and tells me that the world ends again?

Maria : You definitely have more problems than an average teenage girl.

Liz : Tell me about it. And besides, it looks like Max and Tess are getting along nicely.

Maria : If you ask me, sheís just a rebound shoulder to cry on. I mean, sheís the only one who would come crawling to Max at his beckoning call.

Liz : And sheís definitely taking full advantage of it.

Maria : Isnít this what you wanted Liz?

Liz : YeahÖbut it doesnít mean that it hurts any less.

Maria : Didnít you say that the world comes to an end because Tess leaves after being treated badly by Max?

Liz : Yeah.

Maria : Well, maybe as long as Max just continues to be nice to her, strictly on a friendly basis of course, then whatís stopping you and Max to be together?

Liz : But what if Tess leaves because she canít handle seeing me and Max together?

Maria : Stop with the what ifs and think about the what isÖand what is real is that Max still loves you and he always will. Trust me, you canít deny and run away from stuff like that. Prime exampleÖmy identity crisis little Michael. Think about it.

( Liz stares off in space thinking as Maria finishes up clearing the tables. )

Down below in the sewers of NYCÖ

( Rath and Lonnie are sitting back relaxed on the couch staring off at Ava, who is bruised up and tied in a chair. )

Ava : Please stopÖ

Rath : Did I hear some begging?

Lonnie : A little louder, we canít hear you.

Ava : PleaseÖIíll do anything.

Lonnie : Anything?

( Rath and Lonnie both look at each other with a smirk. )

Rath : Maybe there is one thing that you can do to make it up.

Ava : What?

Lonnie : To go kill Max.

( A noise is heard down the dark end of the sewer and Rath and Lonnie both look up. )

A female voice : No one is going to kill Max

Rath : Who the hell?

( Slowly approaching the Dupes is a trendy looking male and female. )

Lonnie : You two just checked into the wrong neighborhood.

Rath : And thereís no way out.

( Rath and Lonnie both get up from the couch and head over to the two strangers. )

Guy : Is that so? Weíll just see about that.

( The guy raises up his hand and Rath is knocked backwards crashing into the wall. )

Lonnie : Who the hell are you two?

Girl : Do you think sheíll remember?

Lonnie : Remember what?

Guy : Weíre your old buddies from ya know? ( points his fingers upwards )

( The girl looks over at Ava. )

Girl : How about letting the girl with the bad dye job go?

Rath : Sheís with us.

Girl : So, this is how family gets treated here. Iím scared to think how friends get treated.

Guy : Or even strangers..

( The guy and girl both look at each other pretending to be scared laughing. )

Rath : Iíve had about enough of this crap.

( Rath gets up and kills Ava, burning her up with his hands. )

Guy : Someone is getting a tad too violent here.

Girl : Hey, we didnít even get to question her yet. That wasnít fair.

( Lonnie tries to attack the two, but they immediately put a force-field around their body. Lonnie backs away to get closer to Rath. The girl starts running straight at Rath and Lonnie, but all they could see were blurry images of her figure bouncing all across the room. )

Girl : Over here! ( waving over at the right side of the room ) No no, over here! ( waving over at the left side ) No! Here I am!

( Rath and Lonnie turn around to see the girl behind them. With her power, she pushes them down to the ground. )

Guy : Play nice, youíre just too fast for them.

Girl : Okay, Iíll try and go easy on them.

( The girl picks Rathís legs up and then flings him across the room, smashing into the pods on he wall. )

Girl : Oops, sorry about that. Weíll clean up the mess later.

( Lonnie raises her hand over to a sharp metal bar stuck to the cement. The bar starts shaking out and flies over straight at the girl. The guy quickly pushes the bar away from the girl by waving his hands and the bar flies across the room piercing Rath straight through the chest, killing him at the spot. )

Lonnie : Rath!

Guy : One down.

Girl : One to go.

( The guy picks Lonnie up by the neck. )

Girl : Hey now, itís not right beating up girls.

( The guy drops Lonnie back on the ground as the girl walks over. )

Lonnie : No waitÖ

Girl : Good nightÖVilandra

( The girl smashes her feet into Lonnieís face, snapping her neck and killing her )

Guy : That was easy and you were worried.

Girl : Yeah, about breaking my fingernails.

( The guy and girl go over to Ava and lift up her dangling head. )

Guy : Sheís still breathing a little.

Girl : Hey!

( Ava is moaning in pain quietly. )

Ava : Uhh..

Girl : Whereís Max? Where can we find Max?

( Before Ava could utter another word, her head drops back down to her side. )

Guy : Shit, sheís gone.

( The guy and girl gets up off of their knees and start searching the Dupeís nest. The guy spots the backpack that belongs to Ava lying on the floor. )

Guy : Check it out.

( The girl goes over to see him holding a bus ticket. )

Guy : Roswell, New Mexico

Inside Mariaís bedroom late that eveningÖ

( Maria is sleeping when her phone rings. )

Maria : This better be good Liz, to call me up at 3 a.m. again.

Max : No, itís me

Maria : Max? What the hell are you doing calling me up at this hour?

Max : I couldnít sleep.

Maria : I knew I shouldnít have given you my number.

Max : Actually, I need to ask you something.

Maria : Let me guess, itís about Liz. So, what is it? Make it quick cause my eyes lids are dropping.

Max : Did she tell you anything about Kyle?

Maria : You mean about getting some Kyle nookie? Okay, Iím sorry..I take that back. Hey, Iím half asleep deal. Yes I did. I heard it going around school and then I went to confront her about it. And speaking of rumors, that little blond whose always attached to your arm really does have a big mouth.

Max : Did uh, Liz tell you if..uh..

Maria : When I went to confront her, she told me that it was true.

( There is silence over the phone. )

Maria : Hereís my take on it. I know Liz, know Liz and you probably know more about what sheís feeling inside than I do. The truth is, if I were you, Iíd still keep my faith in her and let her come to you when sheís ready.

Max : I have and Iím trying to. Iíve tried to get her to open up to me, but sheís always giving me the same response and I donít think I can sit through those anymore.

Maria : So, she keeps telling you that she slept with Kyle.

Max : Yeah

Maria : And do you believe that?

Max : No

Maria : And why not?

Max : Because I think sheís hiding something. Like before I left for New York, she was telling me about the granolith.

Maria : Makes you think huh?

Max : Whatís that suppose to mean?

Maria : Itís suppose to mean that itís time for you to think Max! When Liz found out that you were an alien, what did she do? Follow her heart and trust you. Then, when you kissed Tess, which I thought she let you off way too easy, she followed her heart again and believed in you. Just sleep on it and maybe itíll come to you, god I hope so. Doing this dear Abby thing is definitely going to cost you in the future.

Max : Sleep on it huh?

Maria : Yes! Good night Max!

Max : Okay, thanks. Bye.

( Maria hangs up the phone and pulls the covers back over her head. )

Inside Maxís bedroomÖ.

( Max is lying on this bed staring up at the ceiling. Then, Max thinks of an idea and gets out of bed. He goes over to his sock drawer and takes out Lizís picture. Afterwards, he leaves his room and enters Isabelís bedroom.)

Max : Iz, wake up..I need your help.

Isabel : W..what? Whatís wrong?

( Isabel sits up on her bed and wipes her eyes. )

Max : I need you to dreamwalk Liz for me.

Isabel : Youíre kidding me? You woke me up for this? Take a hike Max!

( Isabel rolls back into bed and covers herself up with the blanket. )

Max : Isabel please. Somethingís up with Liz and she wonít tell me what it is. This is the only way for me to get a clue.

Isabel : First off all, why should I help you when you obviously didnít care enough to help me out. Secondly, the last thing I want to see right now is walking into Lizís head and see you two making out.

Max : Youíre not going to see that.

Isabel : Wanna bet on it?

Max : How about you help me go into her dreams then.

Isabel : Fine, but you owe me.

( Isabel takes Lizís picture with her left hand and holds onto Maxís hand with the other. )

Inside a churchÖ

( Max walks inside and stands at the door. )

Priest : I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

( Max sees himself dressed up in a tuxedo lifting up Lizís veil to give her a kiss while their family and friends clap on. Max watches happily at his own wedding when a sudden turn of events occur. All of a sudden everyone disappears leaving Liz standing all alone in the church in her wedding dress.)

Liz : Max!

( Max is about to run up to Liz when he stops immediately upon seeing a grungy looking version of himself walking out to Liz )

Future Max : We already changed the future, but now you failed again Liz.

Liz : ( crying ) What happened? Where did everyone go?

Future Max : Theyíre dead, theyíre all dead because of you couldnít let go.

( Max watches stunned as Future Max disappears and then Max is transported into the many scenes from the past, when he heals Liz at the Crashdown, when theyíre at Michaelís apartment making out, when they tell each other that they love each other for the first time, when Future Max tells Liz ďYou have to help me fall out of love with you.Ē, when Liz is crying on the lawn chair on her balcony telling Future Max that she canít do it anymore, and finally when they dance at the end to ĎI Shall Believeí. )

Back in Isabelís bedroomÖ

( Max opens his eyes up and looks at Isabel speechless. )

Isabel : Max? Are you alright? Did it work?

( Max nods his head in confusion. )

The next morning at the town plaza, a whole ďNorth PoleĒ display is set up for the kids to come take pictures with SantaÖ.

( Liz and Maria are walking by with some shopping bags when they see Alex dressed up in an elfís uniform carrying a crying baby back to her mother. )

Liz : Look, thereís Alex.

Maria : Doesnít he look cute?

Alex : My two favorite ladies, how about taking a picture with Santa?

Maria : Iíll pass.

Alex : Liz?

Liz : No, I donít think so.

Alex : Oh come on, itíd be fun.

Maria : Go on, you know you want to Liz.

Liz : Alright, alright..

( Alex leads Liz over to Santa. )

Maria : Remember to make a Christmas wish Liz!

Liz : I feel kind of silly.

Santa : Thereís nothing to feel silly about. Santa doesnít just limit himself to kids you know.

( Liz shyly sits herself on Santaís lap. )

Santa : So, what is your Christmas wish this year?

Liz : For a friend of mine to be happy.

Santa : Does this friend have a name?

Liz : Max Evans..

Santa : Thatís a very thoughtful wish. And you donít want any special present for yourself?

Liz : I guess seeing Max happy is special enough for me.

Santa : I think that this is one wish that will come true.

( Liz looks over at Santa shocked to hear his sudden change of voice. )

Liz : Max? Oh my god!

( Liz jumps up from Maxís lap and runs away )

Max : Liz! Wait!

( The kids all start pointing and some crying when they see Santa chase after Liz. )

Alex : Donít worry kids. Santa will be right back. Okay, who wants candy?

( Behind a building, Isabel and Maria are helping stuff a pillow into Kyle's Santa suit. )

Kyle : How did I let you guys talk me into doing this?

Isabel : Okay, all ready. Go!

Kyle : Okay, going..

( Kyle starts running off back into the plaza. )

Maria : Kyle!

Kyle : What?

( Isabel is motioning to him that he is beardless. )

Kyle : Ohh..

( Kyle snaps on his white beard and jets off as Maria and Isabel laugh.)

Maria : I guess it is better to give than receive.

At an empty part of the plazaÖ

( Liz is sitting at a fountain crying. Max walks up from behind, now out of his Santa suit. )

Max : Liz..

( Liz looks up and fights back her tears ready to leave. )

Max : Liz, wait! We need to talk.

( Max holds Liz back and looks straight into her eyes. )

Max : And this time, I wonít walk away that easily.

Liz : I know what youíre going to say Max and..

Max : No, you donít. Just hear me out please?

( Liz remains silent as she nods her head. )

Max : The truth is, it hurts too much to be friends with you because every time Iím with you, I just want to hold you and kiss you and tell you thatÖeverything is going to be alright, but I canít and I donít know how much longer I can control myself. When I saw you with Kyle that night, I didnít think that anything could ever feel that painful. But, deep down inside, I didnít believe it and I still donít because my heart wonít let you go. And right now, my faith in you is the only thing thatís keeping me sane. I know that youíre hiding something and you still wonít tell me.

( Liz looks at Max surprised. )

Max : But, you have to trust me Liz because thatís the only way weíll get through this together. Iím taking a big step here and I canít do this alone. You have to meet me half way. So, whenever youíre ready to tell me, Iíll always be here.

( Max starts to leave and then turns back around to Liz one last time. )

Max : Even if you did sleep with Kyle, yes, it still hurts but eventually Iíll have to come to terms with it. It doesnít mean that I love you any less orÖ.fallen out of love with you because asking me to do that would be like asking me to stop breathing.

( Liz and Max both stare at each other in silence. )

Meanwhile at the CrashdownÖ

( Maria is talking to Michael back in the kitchen. )

Maria : So, I was thinking that maybe youíd like to spend Christmas with my mom and I.

Michael : Uh, I donít know. Iíve always spent it by myself, itís kind of a tradition now. Itís not that big of a deal.

Maria : Well, I think itís time for a change.

Michael : Are you making me go?

Maria : Ya know what? Forget about it. I donít want to force you to do anything and especially spend time with me on one of the most beautiful days of the year.

( Maria leaves to the front and sees her mother coming in. )

Amy Deluca : Maria, honey.

Maria : Hey mom, got more pies for us?

Amy Deluca : Yes and they all seem to be going away fast.

Maria : Tis the season to be jolly and fat.

( Maria takes the boxes of pies out to the back. )

Sheriff Valenti : AmyÖitís nice seeing you.

Amy : Jim, hey..yeah, you too.

Sheriff Valenti : So, how are you these days?

Amy Deluca : Good..good and you?

Sheriff Valenti : Good.

Amy Deluca : Thatís good.

( Thereís a slight akward silence between the two. )

Both : Would you like to come over for Christmas?

Sheriff Valenti : ( laughing ) Yes, Iíd love too. And Kyle too right?

Amy Deluca : Of course.

Sheriff Valenti : Umm, and Tess?

Amy Deluca : Sure, the more the merrier right?

Sheirff Valenti : Right, great. So Iíll see you then.

Amy Deluca : Okay.

( Maria goes back out to see her mother waving good-bye to the Sheriff and then her mother turns back around to face her. )

Amy Deluca : Looks like Iíve got my date for Christmas, how about you honey?

Maria : Donít get me started.

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