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"Meet Zahandra"
Part 2
by T.L.
Disclaimer: Roswell Charters belong to Jason Katims/ Melinda Metz, no infringement intended.
Summary: Secrets about Max’s son and his relationship with Zahandra are revealed. I hope you like the ending. Please keep giving me feed back and Thanks for reading (smile)…
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Rating: PG
(Setting: Michael’s apartment, a few days after Max is discharged from the hospital. Max is trying to sort out the last few days and why Zahandra is in Roswell)

Michael: Max so what are your plans for Zahandra?

Max: Michael, all I know is that I need to speak with her. She’s the missing link between me and my son. I can’t fully explain it but I know that she is the key.

Michael: So what are you saying? What does that mean? Max how can this woman be the key, the key to what and how does she have the Granolith?

Max: She’s the key, that’s the one thing that I am certain of right now.

Michael: Okay so how are we supposed to find her? I mean she isn’t going to just appear when you call her is she. I thought we agreed to leave Antar behind us and just be human. Now this spooky eyed chick just appears, has the power to freeze us cold and you want to find her. Max are you even thinking clearly? Besides that, didn’t she say some one’s trying to kill us and her?

Max: Michael you don’t understand! I saw Antar, I saw our home, I saw my life, my son. Michael I REMEMBER!

Michael: So now what?

Max: We find her?

Michael: Yeah, okay, so where exactly do we look, It’s not like she’s listed in the phone book.

Max: The park!

Michael: What about the park?

Max: That’s where she pulled me the first time. Maybe I can go back to the park and some how focus on her. Michael I have to try. I don’t know what else to do. I know my son is out there and his mother is here on earth.

Michael: About that mother thing. I thought you slept with Tess. Remember Hot Alien Love, the feeling lasted for an hour and Tess is the mother of your son. If nothing else we have to find Zahandra so you two can explain the kid thing to me. But, you’re forgetting one thing?

Max: What?


(Setting: Fade away from Michael and Max. Pan into the Roswell Desert near the site of the original landing. Zahandra is walking towards the site. She appears dazed and weak. Zahandra begins to cry out to herself)

Zahandra: How did I get here? Why is this happening to me? I have to get back to my son. I wont let him. He cant take him.

( Zahandra begins to hear a man and woman’s voice in her head)

Man’s Voice: Zahandra you cant hide. You cant stop me. DO YOU HEAR ME! YOU CANT STOP ME!

Woman’s Voice: Run to your precious Zan. You betrayed me, you betrayed us all. The child that you carry is mine. The Royal council will never let you go unpunished.

Man’s voice: Did you think your betrayal to me would not go un-avenged. You are my BLOOD!

(Zahandra faint’s from the voices: Max has a sudden rush of pain run through him. He sees Zahandra.)

Max: I know where she is!

Michael: Then lets go get her! Is she in one place, is she traveling. Max you got tell me how you know where she is.

Max: She’s at the site of the crash. I don’t know, but she’s in pain and we have to get to her.

(Max and Michael rush out of the apartment, Max begins to feel the pain that Zahandra is feeling. They drive past Liz and Maria sitting at a red light)

Maria: Liz Isn’t that Max and Michael?

Liz: That’s Max’s car, Maria you gotta follow them. They may have found Zahandra.

(Maria turns the corner quickly and begins to follow them as they drive towards the desert)

Maria: Okay Liz, tell me again about Zahandra and what connection does she have to Max.

Liz: Maria, I only know what she and Max said in the hospital. Her name’s is Zahandra, she’s from Antar, and she healed Max when he was sick. (Liz begins to mumble) And she’s the mother of Max’s son. .

(Maria turns and looks at Liz with her mouth wide open)

Maria: Wait, wait, wait! She’s what? You didn’t tell me that part. She’s WHAT, WHO?

Liz: Max said she’s the mother of his son.

Maria: When did he say this? Okay! I thought we kept no secrets. How could you not tell me that part. So your saying that this Zahandra had Max’s kid? Umm wait a hot alien minute. If she’s the mother of his child, where does Tess come in? Are you saying that Max was some kind of Antarian Rico Suave‘. I mean, did he like have like a hundred wives or something.

Liz: Maria I know as much as you do. I know that she said she was his Co-Nasedo. I haven’t had time to really talk to Max. I mean he went to his parents house after he got out of the hospital and today he’s with Michael. Maria just follow them please.

Maria: Okay, but what is a Co-Nasedo. Is she gray with big black eye’s and shape shifts. What does she look like.

Liz: She’s actually beautiful (Liz’s voice lowers) She’s about my height, dark hair and the most beautiful eye’s you have ever seen. They just seem to look right through you.

Maria: Okay so she’s nice looking, this isn’t a Jane Austin novel. You don’t have to romance me with her beauty. What is a Co-Nasedo?

Liz: According to her, she was a child just like Max and the others. But she was chosen at birth to be Max’s friend.

Maria: Like what, are you saying Max was some homely, butt-ugly looking kid. Did they have to force kids to play with him, is she kind of like a permanent playmate.

Liz: Maria, their stopping, lets go!

(Both car’s stop. Liz and Maria jump out of the car)

Liz: Max, what’s going on?

Max: Liz, she’s here somewhere, somewhere near the crash.

Maria: Okay so let’s look near the crash.

(They begin to run towards the crash site. As they run closer They all see Zahandra lying motionless.)

Maria: O my God is she dead.

Michael: Is she dead?

Max: No she’s just unconscious, I can feel her pain. Let’s get her inside.

(Max lifts Zahandra’s body, they all enter the cave remains of the ship. He finds a clearing and lies her down.)

Michael: Can you wake her up?

Max: I don’t know. I’ll try.

(Max tries desperately to use his powers to wake Zahandra, but nothing is working, Liz walks towards Max)

Liz: No matter what, I’ll be by your side

Max: I know you will, and I love you for it. Don’t ever forget that okay.

Liz: I know that you love me, but we have to help her Max.

Michael: Max you said you remembered things about Antar. Then try to remember how she healed you.

(They all stand silent as Max tries to focus on his memories of Antar and how to help Zahandra. Max feels another rush run through him, vivid images of Antar flash through Max‘s head)

Liz: Max are you okay? What did you see? What happened?

Michael: Did you remember anything that will help her?

Maria: She’s moving

(Zahandra slowly begins to awaken)

Max: Are you alright?

Zahandra: My son, our son, he’s trying to reach you.

Max: How

Zahandra: Through the boy, through me, he’s trying desperately, Max I have to get back to Antar.

Max: How, tell me how you got here?

Zahandra: The caves of Dumas

(Liz’s cell phone rings)

Liz: Hello

Kyle: Hey, where are you?

Liz: I’m with Maria and -- (Kyle cuts her off) Kyle: You guys better get back to the Crashdown quick

Kyle: Your college recruiter is here and your dad is about to boil

Liz: No, no , no, no, no, I thought that was not until tomorrow

Kyle: Uh, NO! She’s here now (Liz’s father in the back ground) (Is that Liz?)

Kyle: Yeah it’s her, she and Maria had a flat.

Mr. Parker: Tell them to try and hurry

Liz: We’re on our way now! (Liz hangs up)

Liz: Max something came up with my father, I’m sorry but I have to go

Maria: What, are you kidding? This is just getting good.

Liz: I have to go, I’m really, really sorry

Max: It’s no problem, Michael and I are going to make sure Zahandra is okay and I’ll call you later

Liz: Yeah, there is something I want to tell you.

Michael: So are we going to talk later too! (Sarcastic)

Maria: I thought you had to go play in traffic

(Max and Michael walk Liz and Maria out to the car)

Liz: So you promise to call me later

Max: Scouts honor!

Liz: You weren’t a Scout. (They both laugh, Max hugs Liz and promises to call her again)

Michael: Is it okay if I ride back with you guy’s

Maria: Yeah, if you ride on the hood

Max: Why are you leaving?

Michael: This just seems like something you and Zahandra need to talk about. I’ll give you a little space. Besides you’ll tell me later anyway.

(Liz, Maria, and Michael leave in Maria’s car) (Max returns to the cave, Zahandra is now sitting up, Max sits beside her)

Max: So, um uh are you feeling okay?

Zahandra: Better, I guess

Max: Oh, um so you’re here! I mean your actually here!

Zahandra: Are you uncomfortable with me?

Max: No it’s not that.

Zahandra: Then what.

Max: I never thought I’d hear your voice again, I never thought I’d see you, touch you. See those eye’s again. (Max’s voice begins to crack)

Zahandra: You remember my eye’s.

Max: I remember, not all of it, but you I remember even more than Tess.

Zahandra: Is Tess, the young Queen Ava? How did you remember, in your hybrid form most of your memories should have been suppressed.

Max: Yes, Tess is Ava, but she is not my Queen. Zahandra, tell me how you managed to come to Earth from Antar.

Zahandra: He, I mean Kivar has his people working on a new form of transport.

Max: Yeah, we finally met

Zahandra: Larik and the rebellion forces have been secretly working on a way of their own to transport the Royal Four home. They were using the caves to hide their work. Nicholas found out, a fight broke out and I ran, I heard an explosion and I can only guess that I was some how thrown through the transport from the cave

Max: There is no Royal Four. Was Larik caught?

Zahandra: I don’t think so, I really don’t know.

Zahandra: I know that the Royal Four is no more, rumors have run all through out Antar that Queen Ava has returned. No one has seen her. The rebellion had secret meetings and talked about the arrival of the transport ship, that was to have carried you all home.

Max: Was my, I mean our son, safe?

Zahandra: I think he’s okay, for now. I have not been able to see him. Stories are that Kivar has them hidden away on the third planet. I can only feel him reaching out to me, out to you. He’s scared. He can feel that something is not right. I believe that he knows the truth, Ava or Tess as you call her is not his true mother.

Max: What do you mean, help me to remember all of my life with you.

Zahandra: Zan or Max, what do I call you? It wont all just come to you over night.

Max: Call me Max, on Earth I’m Max Evans

Zahandra: Okay, Max

Max: What can you help me to remember?

Zahandra: Hold my hands, and focus on my eye’s.

Max: Wait, please tell me why your eye‘s seem to look right into me. Why are they such a cold gray. (Zahandra’s eye’s begin to tear up)

Zahandra: They changed the day that our son was taken. My heart was broken and the sadness that I felt appeared in my eye’s. Please, Max, focus on my eye’s!

Max: Wait, what do you mean? He was taken!

Zahandra: Focus on my eye's and try to remember.

(Max stare’s deep into the clear gray eye’s of Zahandra. A rush runs through him)

Zahandra: What do you see?

Max: I see me holding you, lying next to you, placing my hand upon your stomach to feel our son. I see you and I as children running through the caves. You are so beautiful. Your eye’s are black, like mine (Max hears a child crying) I see him, I feel him rising out of you. He’s beautiful, he looks like you.

Zahandra: What else?

Max: He‘s beautiful, so beautiful, Hello Ronin, my son. Heir to the thrown of Antar (Max begins to cry)

Zahandra: AND!

Max: I see the Royal Council, I can hear them speaking!

Max: They have punished you for having an affair with me. I can hear them (A deep male voice speaks through Max) Zahandra, you stand before this Royal council accused of adultery, how do you plead. (Zahandra speaks) I love him please, please (The male voice speaks) Your punishment has been decided. The child known as Ronin is to be taken away. He shall be raised by his father King Zan and Queen Ava his new mother. NEVER, shall he know of you! (Max let’s go of Zahandra’s hands and wipes away his tears)

Zahandra: I know that was to much for you. Are you okay?

Max: That’s when your eye’s changed! Isn’t it!

Zahandra: I’m so sorry!

Max: Don’t apologize, I saw my son, I heard his cries, I know that I loved you. I know that you were, no, you are my lover!

Max: I did this to you. I should have protected you and Ronin. I should have married you, when I had the chance. But, no, I had to do the honorable think and marry my chosen bride.

Zahandra: Don’t say that, don’t ever say that. You are the king, I should have just taken Ronin and left. Max no one could have known.

Max: I should have protected you, I cold have left the throne and been with you. I would never have let you leave me. I love you, I couldn’t have lived without you.

Zahandra: Don’t be like that. It was wrong for you and I to have been together. Maybe things would have been different if he.. (Zahandra stops mid-sentence)

Max: He, who is he. Zahandra what do you mean?

Zahandra: Not now, I don’t want to talk about him. (Max grabs her hand, a sensation quickly runs through him, he quickly lets go of her.)

Zahandra: What’s wrong, what is it?

Max: I remember! (Max’s voice sounds angry)

Zahandra: What?

Max: KIVAR, Kivar is the he that you are talking about. ISN’T HE! (Max grabs her arms)

Zahandra: YES, Yes he is!

Max: Why is he trying to kill you. Why you?

Zahandra: (Zahandra yells) You know why, you know why.

Zahandra: What else do you remember? Tell me (Zahandra yells)

Max: I remember you , I remember Ronin, I remember that Kivar is your brother (Max yells back at Zahandra.)

(Max grabs Zahandra and holds her close to him. Max begins to hug her tight, Zahandra begins to cry)

Max: I promise you, I wont let anything happen to you. We will get our son back!

(Fade Out)

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