Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"Meet Zahandra"
Part 1
by TTray26
Disclaimer: Roswell Charters belong to Jason Katims/ Melinda Metz, no infringement intended.
Summary: Unknown secrets are revealed in this story of Maxís life on Antar and his Life on his home world. Youíll be shocked by the ending. I hope! Please give me some feed back!!
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG
(Setting: A Park near the center of town mid-afternoon. A Solar Eclipse is going to happen at 12:45.. Pan in on a empty semi secluded park bench. A burst of light runs through the Roswell sky line. A young woman appears, dressed in black (w/ice gray eyes), sitting on the bench)

Young woman: Iím here, how is this possible? One moment the Antarian caves now here. I have to find him. He has to know, before itís to late!

(Setting: Fade into Michaels apartment. Max standing in front of the door. Michael sitting on the floor listening to music. Max tumbles to the floor stunned by a unseen shock to his head. Michael turns to help Max up.)

Michael: Max are you okay? Man what happened?

Michael: Max answer me!

Max: Something hit me, some one hit me!

Michael: Who, What, Max are you feeling okay. Dude maybe you just tripped.

Max: No, someone or something hit me.

Michael: Yeah, okay, and you know this how? Maxwell, I think looking at the eclipse just made you goofy and you fell. Chalk it up to nothing, alright.

Max: Your probably right!

Max: Iíll catch you later I need to get something for my head ache. (Michael nodes his head. Max leaves the apartment walking. Michael turns back to his music and notices Maxís car keys. Michaels runs to the door to give Max his keys. Heís gone) (Fade into Max walking along Main St. dazed still by the pain in his head. Liz is coming out of a store and they meet)

Liz: Hey Max wait up! Max, Max!! (He turns slowly)

Max: Liz sorry I didnít see you

Liz: You didnít hear me yelling your name?

Liz: Whatís up?

Max: Nothing, nothing at all. So are we still on for tonight. I would just like to spend some time alone with you now that your father has approved of us dating again.

Liz: Yeah, I have something special planned for you. Hey I have to go finish getting ready. Iíll meet you in front of the Crashdown at seven tonight. (They kiss, Liz walks off. Max now standing in front of the park staring, searching the park for what ever has pulled him hear. The young woman has left the park.. Max stands there still searching unsure of what or who. Fade into Zahandra now walking along the side walk. She passes Isabel as she comes out of her apartment building)

Isabel: Excuse me, Ms! Ms! (The young woman turns)

Young woman: Yes, is there something wrong

Isabel: No nothing, itís just, sorry never mind. For some reason you seemed familiar. Like I know you. Itís your eyeís I think. I have never seen eyeís that color before. Can I ask you what your name is? This isnít like me at all, really. But I feel like I know you. Please whatís your name?

Young woman: Itís Zahandra and yours.

Isabel: Itís Isabel. Zahandra, what a beautiful name, almost alien (she laughs)

Zahandra: You have no idea. (At that moment Max walks up and they make in eye contact)

Max: Isabel whoís your friend? (At that moment the pain returns, Max falls to his kneeĎs. Zahandra turns staggering and tumbles to Maxís side. Zahandra returns to here feet and walks off suddenly)

Isabel: Wait, Zahandra are you okay!

Max: Did say Zahandra? Iz tell me, is that what you just called her. (Max returns to his feet slowly, grabbing at his sister for support)

Isabel: Yeah, she said her name is Zahandra. I was going to make sure sheís okay. What of it?

Max: Nothing! I donít think (He falls again)

Isabel: Max are you okay, what made you fall.

Max: I donít know (Max falls again. going unconscious. Isabel yells for help, asking some one to call for help. Pan into a emergency room. Max is lying on his back in a bed, still unconscious. Liz, Isabel, Michael, Jessie stand by Maxís bedside. Isabel reaches for her husbands had and begins to cry)

Jessie: Honey your brother is going to be okay I promise. I called your mom and dad, theyíll be on their way in a minute. Max is going to be fine, trust me.

Isabel: But whatís wrong with my brother, we have to get him out of here

Michael: I agree, Max is just a little ill heíll be better in no time.

Jessie: What the is wrong with you two? Max fell unconscious and you want to just get him out of the hospital. Good thing that old lady next door called the ambulance or else you might have let him just lay there. I need some air. (Jessie walks out of the room, stunned and angry)

Liz: We have to get Max out of here before the nurse comes into the room to take Maxís blood sample.

Isabel: Liz is right, but how (Liz begins to sob quietly)

Liz: Max weíre going to get you out of here some how. (Liz turns to Michael and Isabel) What are we going to do. How are we going to get him out of here with out getting caught, going to jail or worse. (Lizís cell phone rings.. MariaĎs calling from the Crashdown)

Liz: Hello

Maria: Hey, where are you?

Liz: At the hospital

Maria: Whatís going on, are you sick, pregnant, did you break something? What!

Liz: Maria, itís Max. Max fell unconscious earlier and they rushed him to the hospital. We didnít have time to stop them. Maria we need to get Max out of here before his parents come or one of these nurses tries to take his blood. I donít know what to do.

Michael: Let me talk to Maria (Michael reaches for the cell phone)

Michael: I know you still hate me or what ever made you dump me, but we really need your help. I have a plan. Isabel will go distract Jessie, while I short out the lights. Maria I need you to be waiting outside near the back of the hospital. Max your about to become dirty laundry.

Maria: Okay, Okay, but put Liz back on the phone.

Michael: Are you going to do it or not.

Maria: I just said yes didnít I SUPER GENIOUS!! Now put Liz on. (Michael hands the phone back to Liz. At the same moment Zahandra walks into the hospital. She has been mysteriously drawn there. As she walks into the hospital it goes black. The staff begin to run around franticly. A nurse cries out what happened to the back up lightís? Zahandra makes her way through the ER to find what she is looking for)

Isabel: Michael what did you do. I didnít think you would do it now

Michael: That wasnít me, I didnít use my powers, I swear. (Isabel and Liz turn to the door way in Maxís ER room, Liz drops the phone, knocking the battery a lose, disconnecting the call)

Liz: Who are you?

Isabel: Zahandra itís you. What are you doing here?

Michael: Look lady we need some privacy, okay.

Zahandra: I thought it was you. From the moment I saw you.

Michael: What are you talking about? Look lady Iím not sure if you came from the mental ward but we need some privacy.

Isabel: Your not human are you? (Michael, Isabel, Liz circle Maxís bed to protect him. Isabel has a memory flash to their meeting earlier: Isabel: For some reason you seemed familiar. Like I know you. Itís your eyeís I think. I have never seen eyeís that color before. Can I ask you what your name is? This isnít like me at all, really. But I feel like I know you. Please whatís your name?

Zahandra: Itís Zahandra and yours.

Isabel: Itís Isabel. Zahandra, what a beautiful name, almost alien (she laughs) the flash is over)

Isabel: Get away from my brother (Michael raiseís his hand to use his powers, but Zahandra raiseís her hand to them first. Revealing a burning image of the Granolith imprinted in her palm)

Liz: Who are you? What are you and what do you want with Max.

Michael: If your another one of Kivarís skins then youíll die like the rest of them.

Zahandra: You must be Rath? Iíd know your sharp tongue no matter what you were!

Isabel: Who are you? Is your name really Zahandra?

Zahandra: I told you my name is Zahandra and your name is really Valondra, but I donít have time for small talk. My brother will kill us all if you donít stop talking and listen. (Zahandra turns and sees Max lying on the bed) My king I was a fool not to have known it was you.

(Before any them could do anything, Zahandra lowers her head almost in a brief faint, slowly raising her head to turn to them (Liz, Michael and Isabel) Her Ice Gray Eyeís are now black as night and the imprint of the Granolith in her hand has now begun to glow with a fiery burn. Liz tries to head to ward Zahandra but with one swing of her hand in the air, the three are paralyzed instantly. Held frozen and can only watch. Isabel scans with her eyeĎs in hope that some one outside of the room has noticed something and will come in. But it is obvious that they seem to see nothing. Isabel Michael, and Liz stand stunned and watch as Zahandra slowly seeming effortlessly glides toward Max as he lies still and motionless.)

Zahandra: Zan, PLEASE, here me now, feel what I feel. Itís me! (She turns to look at the three of them standing frozen.) Zan is only sleeping. My coming here may have triggered him to fall into an Antarian form of comma. (Her head lowers again and she begins to speak) I am his Co-Nasedo. Not like the Nasedos that were sent to protect the Royal Four. I am his friend, chosen from birth to be a companion to the High King of Antar. ( Zahandra raised her hand and slowly placed it on his forehead. The image of the Granolith still burning bright in her palm. Symbols, images and pictureís of all Antar begin to appear in the back ground. Debaris rock surrounded by red water. Images of the Antarian caves they played in as children. Misee (pronounced My-Sea) cliffs that over look the majestic Antarian forests of gold and red and browns, with leaves of diamond shapes with shades of purple. Surrounding a lush garden with almost glass like flowers of crystal. Leading up to the Antarian Palace. The palace gleams brightly with what appears to be glass towerís and many happy people. The images fade as Max begins to awaken. Slowly Max opens his eyeís and sees Zahandra standing before him. He arises slowly into a sitting position.

Max: Zahandra

Zahandra: Zan or should I say Max?

Max: How did you find me? How did you get here?

Zahandra: Dumas cave, where we played as children.

Max: How is that possible?

Zahandra: I cant explain that now! Are you alright?

Max: What happened to me?

Zahandra: I can only assume that our connection is still strong? (Max turns to see Liz, Michael, and Isabel frozen. Still to weak to move completely he asks)

Max: What happened to them, can you help them?

Zahandra: Yes, Iíll release them now. (With a turn of her head the three of them are released. They hurry to Maxís side.)

Michael: Max are you okay

Isabel: Max, O God I thought we lost you.

Liz: Max are you okay? Donít ever scare me like that again! (They all turn to see Zahandra leaving)

Michael: Wait! Look I know we came off harsh, but you saved Max and you showed images of our home world. You cant just leave, and who is going to kill us? (Zahandra turnís slowly with a smile on her face)

Zahandra: Iíll reveal all, but not here, NOT NOW! Iím not leaving Roswell with out you knowing the truth. (Simultaneously the power is restored, and the crowd of people in the hospital begin to calm. People move quickly to restore order. Zahandra disappears in the crowd. Jessie along with Mrs. Evans and a nurse walk into the room. Jessie reaches for his wifeís hand)

Jessie: Max your awake!

Mrs. Evans: Honey your okay, the nurse told me you were unconscious! (The nurse takes his vitals)

Nurse: How odd, his temp is normal. His vitals are fine. Are you okay to move?

Max: Fine nurse couldnít be better. I think it was just exhaustion or something like that.

Nurse: You check out normal, Iíll get the discharge papers and your free to go. (The nurse leaves)

Mrs. Evans: Honey Iím going to talk with the nurse for a minute ( She leaves with the nurse)

Isabel: Jessie will you get me some coffee? Please.

Jessie: Sure, Iíll be back in a minute (He exitís the room with a relieved smile)

(The four of them stare at each other with looks of relief and wonder)

Isabel: Sheís obviously from Antar, but how did she get here through a cave?

Max: I remember her. I remember Zahandra. I have to find her (Max tries to move)

Michael: Donít try to move yet Max. We have a lot to talk about. For one thing how is the Granolith or what looks like the Granolith in her hand and whoís going to try to kill us.

Liz: Who ever she is, she healed Max, thatís whatís important now.

Isabel: Max you remember Zahandra? Then who is she?

Max: The real mother of my son..

(Fade out)

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