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"Love Takes Time"
"Love Won't Wait"
Part 2
by Mellissa
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Summary: Max POV
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
She doesn't love me anymore. I'm sitting here in my room, running it over in my head. She doesn't love me. Liz doesn't love me anymore. I came so close to having it all.

She's out of my life She's out of my life And I don't know whether to laugh or cry I don't know whether to live or die And it cuts like a knife She's out of my life

The thing that hurts more than anything? I pushed her away. I could have been with her. But I'm to blame here. Me, not Liz. I tried to blame her at first, but it didn't work. I tried to tell her she'd regret it, that I knew she still loved me. Even as the words left my mouth, I knew I was lying.

Because Liz Parker doesn't love me anymore. And it's all my fault.

It's out of my hands It's out of my hands To think for two years she was here And I took her for granted I was so cavalier Now the way that it stands She's out of my hands

Six months. Six months that I could reached out, held her, been with her, loved her. Six months. And, now I have nothing but the memory. And the thought. What could have been. What should've been.

She's right. I try to protect everyone. Make their choices. I've always been like the leader of our little group. And what's it cost me? The love of Liz.

So I've learned that loves no possession And I've learned that love won't wait Now I've learned that love needs expression But I've learned too late She's out of my life She's out of my life

I saw her the other night. With another guy. We were all at the new club. Isabel and Alex. Michael and Maria. I was there with the new girl from school Tess.

Liz was dancing with a kid named Dave. When I saw dancing, I mean, DANCING. She was doing all those body grinding moves. I look at her and think that it could've been me.

Yeah, it could've been me. I could have been dancing with her, holding her tight, moving my body with hers. Could've, would've, should've. They're all just words now. Nothing matters now that Liz is gone.

Damned in decision and cursed pride Kept my love for her locked deep inside And it cuts like a knife She's out of my life

She's gone. She doesn't love me anymore. And it's my fault.

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