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"Letting Go"
Part 27
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: Max has come to terms with the relationship he and Maria share. Tess reveals some startling news the pod squad of something she uncovered in the compound while being held prisoner. The group is in their senior year of high school, but major changes lay ahead. When a call goes out to Nasedo offering a chance for the aliens to return home, they have to choose between what their mind and their heart says. Faced with the possibility of never seeing the humans again, the aliens must make a choice. Will they make the right one?
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Rating: PG-13
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Taye entered the cave cautiously. He didn't want to chance being seen, even though he'd formulated an excuse if he was caught. He looked around, trying to find Nasedo in the darkness.

"You came." Nasedo said, startling Taye.

He jumped at the sound of his voice. He didn't expect to hear Nasedo before seeing him. He followed the sound of his voice and saw him up against the cave wall. His body looked drained. He'd obviously done without food the entire time they'd been there. Taye made his way over to Nasedo and sat down beside him.

"They want to go back." Taye said slowly.

Nasedo shifted slightly, a pain shooting through his body. "I know." He said. "I should have never brought them here."

Taye shook his head. "I should have told you on the ship."

"Yes you should have. They are too attached to earth to be here. They would never be happy here. Especially if forced to stay." Nasedo moved again.

"I want to help you." Taye said, looking up at Nasedo. "I want to help return them to earth."

"Why?" Nasedo asked. "What's in it for you?"

"Nothing other than knowing they're safe." Taye looked away. "And." He let the words trail off.

"And What?" Nasedo asked.

"Well if I help you escape and return them to earth, the leaders of this planet will know that I was the one to do this. I was kinda hoping that you'd allow me to stay on earth with all of you." Taye said.

Nasedo smiled. It was the first time he could remember smiling since he'd arrived back on the planet. "I was thinking about that." He said. "I couldn't have you return because you'd die. I know that for sure. I didn't know if I should ask or tell you that I thought you should stay on earth. You've just made my job much easier."

"Thank you." Taye said. "You won't be disappointed in me. I won't be any bother."

"I know you won't." Nasedo said.

"Let's get you out of here now." He said, getting up.

"Wait!" Nasedo said. He reached over and touched Taye's arm. An instant connection was made.

Taye didn't know what was going on. Why had Nasedo grabbed him? Then he realized a connection had formed. He began to receive the information that Nasedo was wanting him to see. He saw Nasedo first discovering the aliens on earth, befriending them, finding out Maria was an alien, hearing that Mark and David were dead, receiving the message from Aardon, telling Michael about returning home, Nasedo at the controls of the ship, every button he pushed to guide them safely to their planet, the landing, being brought to the cave, being locked to the side of the cave, being beat, the hunger he felt, the pain he was in and then the connection was over. He pulled away from Nasedo.

"What was that for?" Taye asked. He felt so bad for Nasedo and everything he'd been through. He had to be a remarkable person to be able to deal with it.

"You have no time to free me." He said, smiling. "You have to go, now. Run as fast as you can back to Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Tess. You've got to get them back to earth now."

"But what about you?" Taye asked. "We need you to fly the ship."

"The connection, Taye." Nasedo said. "You now have the knowledge to safely fly back to earth. I can't go back. You'd never make it off the planet if I were to show up missing. You must go now, they're coming."

"Who?" Taye asked.

"Ian and his father. If they catch you here, it's all over. There is no chance that they'll make it back. Go!" Nasedo yelled.

Taye looked at Nasedo and turned to leave. "I have time. I can free you." He said.

Nasedo's face became stern. "No! Go! Now!" He said firmly. "Don't look back, just go!"

Taye smiled at him. "Thank you, I won't let you down." He said, breaking into a run. At the entrance to the cave her stopped at the sound of voices. He recognized them right away. It was Mark and Ian. They were talking to Nasedo.

"You are of no use to us anymore." Ian said.

Mark coughed. "We can't let you warn them."

The hair on Taye's neck stood up.

"I'm taking care of that." Ian answered.

"Ian?" Mark asked.

What followed next was the sound of Nasedo screaming. A sound so shrill and hideous that Taye knew instantly he was dead. He turned and looked back through the cave. He could barely make out Nasedo's limp body.

"He's dead." Ian said to his father.

Taye let a single tear fall and made a running dash out to his Zephyr. All the way back to the ship he couldn't figure out what he'd tell the others. Would they think he killed Nasedo? He remembered the connection Nasedo had made. He knew he was going to die. He'd deliberately given Taye the information to fly the ship. As he glided to a stop in front of ship he looked out over the vastness of the field. Somewhere, deep inside he heard the voice of Nasedo. "Hurry." It said.

He walked with his head down, slowly, as if not to disturb any piece of dirt he stepped on. When he reached the group he looked up. With tears in his eyes he made the announcement he'd come to make. "I'm sorry." He said. "Nasedo's dead."

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