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"Letting Go"
Part 17
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: Max has come to terms with the relationship he and Maria share. Tess reveals some startling news the pod squad of something she uncovered in the compound while being held prisoner. The group is in their senior year of high school, but major changes lay ahead. When a call goes out to Nasedo offering a chance for the aliens to return home, they have to choose between what their mind and their heart says. Faced with the possibility of never seeing the humans again, the aliens must make a choice. Will they make the right one?
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Michael, Maria, Kyle, Tess, Alex, Isabel, Liz and Max stood at the entrance into the cave. Nasedo, who was just outside the cave walls, had made arrangements for the ship to land nearby. They were quiet. Not knowing quite what to say. Liz held on to Max like there would never be a tomorrow. She didn't want to let him go.

Nasedo appeared at the entrance to the cave. "It's time." He said. "Say you're good-byes. This is your last chance. If you don't want to go, don't come aboard."

Tears sprung into Liz's eyes. She didn't care who saw them. How could she face the world without Maria? How could she face life without Max?

Michael walked over to her. "Take care of yourself." He said, pulling her close in a hug. "We'll be back before you know it." He kissed her, as a small single tear escaped his eye. He hadn't meant to cry but Liz was just like a sister too him. It was going to be hard to leave.

"Don't let anything happen to Max, ok?" She asked. "Return him to me safe. I'm going to miss you so much!"

"I've got his back." Michael said. And he meant it. He wouldn't let anything happen to Max.

He moved on to Alex. "I am gonna miss ya, man!" He said, shaking his hand and then pulling him into a quick hug. "You kept things light." Michael smiled. "Take care, ok?"

Alex laughed. "I'll do my best. Try to improve those.uh.manners while your gone. Impress your parents." Alex smiled. "Be cool, man."

Last but not least there was Kyle. "Watch out for Liz and Alex for me will ya?" He asked, shaking his hand. "Take care of them."

Kyle smiled. He'd only recently gotten to know Michael, but he was glad they'd become friends. "I will, buddy." He leaned closer to Michael's ear. "Take care of Tess will ya?"

Michael smiled. He knew they had a thing for each other. "No problem."

He walked back over to Maria and stood beside her. Tears were already streaming down her face. He took her hand and kissed her forehead.

It was Tess's turn to say good-bye. She walked over to Liz. "I know we really never got to hang out and stuff, but I just want you to know that I thought of you as one of my closest friends." She hugged her. Tess wished she'd gotten to know all the humans a little more.

She moved on to Alex. "See ya." She said, hugging him. She felt almost out of place, yet for some reason it felt right.

"Take care." Alex said. "We don't want to lose you.again." He smiled.

"Don't worry." She said. "You're stuck with me."

She sauntered over to Kyle. She knew this would be the hardest to say good-bye to. They'd been through so much together. She looked down at the ground. She couldn't look him in the eye. It hurt too much.

"Good-bye Kyle." She said, softly. "Thank you for everything."

"You don't have to leave you know?" He said, his voice cracking.

"I know, but I have to do this for myself. Maybe it's selfish, but I need to know what I left behind. I need to know my past." She said.

She started to back away but was stopped by a strong hand on her arm. "Look at me." Kyle commanded.

"I can't." Tess sobbed. "It's too hard."

Kyle slowly reached over and lifted Tess's chin up. Their eyes made contact and Tess could see the tears in his eyes. He slowly brought his lips down on hers. They entangled themselves in an earth-shattering kiss. When Kyle finally pulled away, he smiled. "Take care of yourself. Come back to me."

Tess smiled and threw her arms around his neck. "I will." She promised. "I will."

She dried the tears that were falling from her eyes and moved to stand by Michael. It had been so hard to say goodbye, but yet she felt relieved.

Isabel walked over to Kyle. "Watch out for Alex." She said, hugging him. "Don't let him do anything dumb. And don't let him pick up another chick." She smiled.

"10-4." Kyle said laughing. He had to admit he was going to miss Isabel.

She moved on to Liz. The tears threatened to fall, but she pushed them away with all her might. "I'm so sorry." She said, hugging her. "I wish you could go. We'll be back before you know it."

"I know, Iz." Liz cried. "It's only a few weeks right?" She smiled. "Take care of that brother and sister of yours ok?"

"I will." Isabel said.

She released Liz and looked up to find Alex standing in front of her. "Hey." She said.

"Hey." He replied.

Alex took her hand in his and placed a small circular object around her finger. "I want you to have that."

Isabel looked at it. "A ring?" She asked.

"It's a promise ring. Promise me you'll come back?" Alex began to cry.

Isabel couldn't hold back the tears any longer. "I can't do this. I can't leave you." Isabel stammered. "You're going to have to go without me."

Maria came over and put her arm around Isabel. "Stay strong Izzy. You can do it. It's almost over."

She looked back at Alex. "I'll be back as soon as I can. I just know I won't like it there."

Alex smiled. "How do you know that?" He asked. "You've never been there before."

Isabel gasped for breath; all the sobbing hadn't been doing her any good. "Because you won't be there."

Alex pulled her close and kissed her. A long passionate kiss, that reminded her of the first time they kissed. She pulled away first. "No regrets right?" She asked, knowing he'd know what she meant.

"None whatsoever." He said.

She hugged him one last time and went to stand by Tess.

Maria decided it was her turn. She went to Kyle first. "You know, I never did really like you." She began."

"Thanks." Kyle said smiling.

"Well, that was before I got to know you. You're a pretty decent guy under all that macho exterior." She said.

"You're not so bad yourself, Maria." He said, pulling her in for a hug. "Take care of yourself."

"You too, Kyle." She said, moving on.

Alex smiled at the sight of Maria. Her mascara had ran down both sides of her face. "If you aren't a mess." He said, wiping what little mascara he could get off her face.

"I am SO going to miss you." She said, throwing her arms around Alex.

Normally, Michael would have been overcome with jealousy, but all he could feel right now was the pain that Maria was in. If anything, the trip was going to be hardest on her. She had nothing except a father she was going back to.

"I'm going to miss you too, kid." He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a package of Reeses Pieces and handed them to her. "Remember when Liz, you and me would spend hours watching ET at my house? Take these with you and when you start to feel sad or lonely, eat one. Think of the good times we had together and then hurry your ass home." He pulled her close and hugged her again. He was really going to miss her. He kissed her gently on the cheek and stepped back.

Before they were even near each other, Liz and Maria began bawling. Everything that was said to each other was incoherent. A lot of mumbling, babbling and bawling took place. After what seemed like hours, Maria finally released Liz.

"I love you." Maria said. "You know that right?"

Liz shook her head. "I love you too. Don't be gone long."

Maria dropped Liz's hand. "I'll bring you back a souvenir."

Liz laughed. "I'd be happy to just have you guys back."

Maria went straight over to Michael and he hugged her. He felt her pain. Isabel touched her shoulder. It was time to go.

"Max?" Michael said. "It's your turn."

Max looked up. Everything seemed so surreal. He couldn't imagine being able to go back to his planet. He walked over to Kyle and Alex. "For all the good times, and the bad times, I thank thee!" He said. Then without even hesitating he pulled both of them into a hug. "I'll miss you guys. We had some fun didn't we?"

"We sure did." Alex said. "Don't think that fun has ended. When you get back, we're going to really party it up."

"Stay away from the booze, man." Kyle said laughing. "That stuff really whacks ya out."

Max had to laugh. He had some great times with Kyle, Alex and Michael. He truly felt like one of the guys when they were around. He high-fived both guys and then moved on to Liz.

He took one look at her face and his heart broke. He was breaking the promise he had promised just a few days before. "I wouldn't even hear of it. Besides, where would I go? My life is right here in Roswell, with you." He had meant that totally when he had said it. But now, here he was getting ready to leave. How ironic?

He didn't hold back the tears. Liz threw her arms around him and buried her head into his chest. Her cries became incontrollable sobs. Max just held her tighter. So much communication was going on between them, yet no words were being spoken. He pulled her back to where he could see into her eyes.

"I meant what I said." He began. "I love you with all of my heart and soul. No matter where I go, there'll be no one else but you. I'm not complete without you by my side. You are my other half, the part that makes me.human."

"Max-" Liz started.

"I just want you to know I'll be back as soon as I can. I won't leave you long." He pulled her close again and kissed her. Long, hard and passionate. He wanted to remember the taste of her lips for as long as possible.

She pulled away. "I love you, too." She said. "From the moment you saved my life, I've loved you. I don't want anyone else in the whole world, except you. God, Max, I am going to miss you so much."

Max pulled her close, yet again, and hugged her until her breaths became even again. "I won't be long." He said.

Michael came over and put a hand on his shoulder. Even Michael had allowed more tears to fall. "We gotta go, buddy." He said. "It's time."

The five aliens gave quick hugs to everyone again. If they didn't go now, they may never leave. Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Tess joined hands and walked towards the ship. At the entrance, they turned and waved to Liz, Alex and Kyle. They then rejoined hands and stepped onto the ship as one, venturing into parts unknown.

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