FanFic - Other
"Letting Go"
Part 14
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: Max has come to terms with the relationship he and Maria share. Tess reveals some startling news the pod squad of something she uncovered in the compound while being held prisoner. The group is in their senior year of high school, but major changes lay ahead. When a call goes out to Nasedo offering a chance for the aliens to return home, they have to choose between what their mind and their heart says. Faced with the possibility of never seeing the humans again, the aliens must make a choice. Will they make the right one?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: You must have read "Secrets" and "The Journey" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see the Other category on Crashdown.Com if you need either of the fictions.
Max rolled over and kissed Liz gently. It had been another magical night. He didn't want it to end, but knew that her parents would be stirring soon. "Good morning, beautiful." He said, noticing her eyes open.

"Good morning." She said back. She placed a kiss on his neck and then allowed her lips to make their way to his lips. "Thank you." She said.

"No," Max began. "Thank you. Last night was wonderful."

Liz got up out of bed and went into the bathroom and slipped on a robe. She came back and set at the end of the bed. "Max?" She asked. "Is this going anywhere? I mean, do you really love me?" Max looked at Liz. "God Liz, I love you with all my heart and soul. I would never do anything to hurt you." He kissed her. "As for me leaving? I wouldn't even hear of it. Besides, where would I go? My life is right here in Roswell, with you."

Liz moved closer to Max and allowed her lips to brush his gently. She jumped at the sound of her window opening.

"What the hell?" Max demanded.

"Sorry Maxwell, I knew I'd find you here." Michael began. "Something's up. We have to go. Now."

"Manners Michael. Remember?" Max said. He couldn't believe Michael was being so rude. "Don't you ever stop and think?"

"No, Max. Guess that's my problem." He said, getting defensive. He turned to Liz. "I'm sorry, Liz. I need Max."

Max started to say something but Liz put her hand over his mouth. "Go." She said, smiling. "It's important. Michael wouldn't be here if it wasn't. Give him a break."

She turned to Michael. "What's wrong?" She asked.

Michael looked at Max and then to Liz. "We're all supposed to meet at the Crashdown later on today to talk about it. Meet us there and you'll find out."

Max gave him a stern look. "What is it?" He asked.

"It's time Maxwell." Michael began. "Our fathers have sent for us."

Liz froze as the words tumbled out of Michael's mouth. Could it be possible that they had finally gotten the chance to go home? She looked at Max and then back to Michael. A year ago she hadn't even known aliens existed on earth; now she faced the possibility of losing some of her closest friends and the man she loved.

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