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"Letting Go"
Part 13
by Jamie Phelps
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Summary: Max has come to terms with the relationship he and Maria share. Tess reveals some startling news the pod squad of something she uncovered in the compound while being held prisoner. The group is in their senior year of high school, but major changes lay ahead. When a call goes out to Nasedo offering a chance for the aliens to return home, they have to choose between what their mind and their heart says. Faced with the possibility of never seeing the humans again, the aliens must make a choice. Will they make the right one?
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: You must have read "Secrets" and "The Journey" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see the Other category on Crashdown.Com if you need either of the fictions.
Michael and Maria were waiting at the Crashdown when Nasedo arrived.

"What the hell is going on?" Michael asked, sounding almost angry.

Nasedo looked at both Maria and Michael. "I was contacted by your fathers." He said bluntly. "They know you are still alive and healthy. It was believed that you had perished in the crash. But with the return of your fathers, so came the realization that you were still alive."

"What about Maria?" Michael asked. He couldn't bare the thought of having to leave Maria behind. "Where does she fit in?"

"On our home planet, she's considered one of us." Nasedo began. "Your fathers contacted me to say they were coming here, to give you guys a chance to go back if you wish. You will also have the chance to return if you don't want to stay. It's strictly up to you. The only sacrifice you'll have is the humans cannot go. Isabel, Max, Tess, Maria and you are the only ones allowed. There's no telling how the human's bodies would react to our planet. It's safer this way."

Maria looked at Nasedo. "Do we have to go?" She asked. "I mean, if our fathers are coming to get us, can't we just say 'hi, how you doing' and then see them off. I can't just disappear. My mom isn't that trusting."

Nasedo sighed. "It's not that simple, Maria. A ship will land outside of Roswell in three days. It will be auto-piloted. I will then take over the controls and take you five to Aardon. Your parents will never set foot on Earth. If you want to see them you will have to make the trip back to our planet."

Michael put his arm around Maria. This was the chance he'd been waiting for and he wasn't about to give it up. "I'm going." He said. "Where do we meet?"

"Just a minute." Nasedo began. "We've got to tell the others and see what they wish to do. If it's just Michael, then -"

Maria cut him off. "I'm going too." She said. "I won't leave Michael. It's just, I don't know if I can leave Liz and Alex either. And what am I going to tell my mom?" She was on the verge of crying.

"I've already made a decision. The evening before you leave, if Max and Isabel decide to go, then you will sit down together and tell your parents the truth. They need to know the truth. It was in your best interest before that they didn't know, but you have a choice now. You can either return to earth or spend the rest of your life on Aardon." Nasedo smiled.

"When do we leave?" Michael asked again.

"The ship will land in three days. You will have 24 hours to get to the ship and then I'll leave. Please talk everything over with Max and Isabel before you make any decisions." Nasedo stood to leave. "I will find you tomorrow to hear what you've decided."

Michael and Maria watched as Nasedo exited the Crashdown. It was almost morning and they'd been talking all night. Could it be possible that they were going to get the chance to return to their home planet? Maria stood up.

"I've got to call Isabel." She said, walking over to the phone. "She's got to hear about this."

Michael stood up too. "We've got a big decision to come up with today. Let's not waste anytime. I'm going to go find Max."

He walked over to Maria and kissed her on the forehead.

"Whatever you decide," Maria said quietly. "I'll be right there with you."

Michael smiled at her and walked out.

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