Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
Part 3
by Kari
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Summary: This is my modern day version of a Roswell Cinderella story! This is totally AU!
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Rating: PG-13
The next few days were very boring for Isabella. She cleaned hotel rooms and worked in the kitchen.

On Saturday night, Liz asked Isabella if she'd want to go to a party with her and Max. Isabella gratefully accepted the offer, happy to be able to get out and do something.

She wore one of Liz's dresses (since she didn't have any that she hadn't already worn a million times before). They did each other's hair and makeup.

Max picked them up in front of the hotel in his brand new yellow jeep. "Wow," said Isabella. "This jeep sure is bright."

That set everyone off laughing. They all joked around on the way to the party.

Max pulled up in front of a huge house. They could hear the music coming from inside. They went inside and hung out together in a group, but soon Liz and Max went off to dance alone. Isabella sat down on a couch, watching everyone.

A guy walked up to her and took her hand. He pulled her off the couch and into the middle of the room. She decided it couldn't hurt her to dance with him. What she didn't realize what that she was dancing with Maria's boyfriend and that Maria was at the party.

Isabella was dancing with the hot guy when all of a sudden someone spun her around and slapped her. Isabella stood there, too stunned to speak. Maria had just slapped her in public! To make matters worse, everyone had stopped dancing and were all watching in interest. They were probably waiting for a fight to break out.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Maria screamed. Isabella was about to respond when she realized that Maria wasn't yelling at her, but at the guy. "How could you dance with this hussie that's a poor excuse for a sister?"

The guy said, "Calm down, Maria. We were just dancing. And I had no idea she was your sister. What's the big deal?"

"What's going on?" asked Isabella. "Is he your boyfriend, Maria?"

"Yes! Glad to see your brain has started to work, Isabella! Michael, come with me, we have to talk." She grabbed Michael by the collar of his shirt and dragged him across the room. He waved good-bye to Isabella.

Liz and Max walked up to Isabella. "What was that all about?" asked Max.

"I was dancing with a guy that just happens to be Maria's boyfriend. I didn't even know she had a boyfriend. I mean, we don't exactly talk about that stuff like normal sisters."

"Come on," said Liz. "Let's leave this party. Max, could you drop us off at the Dairy Queen? Isabella and I need to binge on ice-cream and talk."

Max smiled and led them to his jeep. "Sure," he said. They drove in silence to Dairy Queen.

"Thanks," said Liz. "We can both walk home from here, we only live 2 blocks away in either direction."

The girls got out of the jeep (and Liz kissed Max) and walked into the Dairy Queen.

They ordered their usual-one large banana split. They took it to the little table in the corner and dug in.

"So," said Liz. "I counted my savings the other day and I think I have enough to pay for my half of the rent and bills of an apartment for 10 months."

"That's great! I need to save up for another few months, but maybe we can get an apartment together in less than a year…that would be great. I just CANNOT stand living at the Sagebrush with my dysfunctional foster family."

"Things are bad there, huh?"

"Yeah, I seem to get more angry, sad, and impatient with them every day. I can't wait for the day when I'll be totally free of them."

"You poor thing," said Liz. "Here, have some more ice-cream." She pushed the banana split towards Isabella, causing them both to laugh.

The guy behind the counter gave them a weird look, but didn't say anything.

"So," said Liz after she got ahold of herself again. "Have you been practicing for the auditions? They're only 2 weeks away!"

"I don't have much time to practice…and I don't think I'll even have a chance unless I can get professional coaching."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that. I have a plan…but I can't tell you yet."

"A plan?"

"Yeah…just never mind for now. When I know for sure, I'll tell you."

"Ok, Liz." Isabella tried to think of what Liz's plan might be, but kept coming up blank.

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