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Part 13
by Kari
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Summary: This is my modern day version of a Roswell Cinderella story! This is totally AU!
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Rating: PG-13
Isabella had fun hanging out with Alex, Liz, and Max, but she got tired very fast. "Liz, I think I'll go up to guest room now and go to bed. I'm really tired."

"Yeah, I should go now too," said Max. "I'll drive Alex back to the Sagebrush." The girls kissed their guys goodnight and headed upstairs. Isabella went into the guest room and collapsed in an exhausted heap onto the bed. She sighed and thought about how hard it was going to be for her to get a permanent place to live, and get a new job. As she started to drift off she began to think of Alex. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The next morning Liz ran into the guest room to wake up Isabella. "Wake up sleepy head!" she said happily as she opened the curtains, letting in the hot sunlight.

"What? Liz? Don't you have to go to work?"

"Nope. I called Amy this morning and told her I quit. We're going to find new jobs together!"

"That's great! Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Of course, I could never work for anyone who would throw their own foster child out and anyways, I always hated Amy just because of the way she treats me."

"Well, I'll go shower and then we can job search."

"Ok, but hurry. We need to get back here in time to get you ready for the auditions tonight."

"Oh my god! The auditions are today! What am I going to do? I can't go back to the Sagebrush!"

"Isabella, they'll never find out it's you, remember? Tonight you will be Star. Don't worry. Plus, Alex, Max, Mr. Valenti, and I will be there for you if anything happens."

Isabella nodded and headed for the bathroom. She showered and got ready. She ran downstairs to find Liz making toast. "Hey, thought we'd start the day off with a little breakfast."

Isabella gladly accepted some toast and ate it quickly. She stood up and grabbed her purse. "Ok, let's go," she said. They got into Liz's car and headed for the downtown area. They asked at about 10 places before they found a place that was even looking for job applicants.

They applied at The Sugar Shack, which was the local candy store, The UFO Center, which was like some kind of weird alien memorabilia museum, and The Crashdown Café, an alien themed restaurant.

They headed back to Liz's house at about 3:00 p.m. to eat something for lunch and get Isabella…er, Star, ready for the auditions. Liz took all of the needed supplies and brought them into the bathroom. "We'll dye your hair first," said Liz, prepping the dye and chemicals.

Isabella let Liz do all the work and when they were finally done, Isabella was a brunette. "Wow," she said, looking in the mirror. "I look totally different. I love it!"

Liz giggled and left so that Isabella could get dressed in privacy. Isabella stepped out of the bathroom and Liz gasped. "Wow," she said. "You look like a model…"

"I can hardly move in these pants, though," said Isabella, giggling and pointing down towards the leather pants she was wearing. "And these heeled boots are going to kill me…but I guess I'll have to deal with it."

Liz helped Isabella put on her fake nose ring. They both looked in the mirror and grinned. "You look like a completely different person," said Liz. "This was a genius plan."

They headed for Liz's car and drove to the Sagebrush, excited about the auditions.


Isabella and Liz walked into the lobby and looked around at the bustling crowd. The auditions were being held in the small ballroom, but it looked like the whole town of Roswell had shown up. Liz spotted Max on the other side of the room and the two girls made their way over to him.

"Hey Max," giggled Liz. "I'd like you to meet my new friend Star."

Max did a double take. "Holy cow…that disguise really works!" said Max, enveloping the girls in a hug. "Here comes Alex."

Isabella looked up and saw Alex walking towards her with a look of animal lust in his eyes. He grabbed her and kissed her hungrily, earning cheers and laughter from many other people in the room.

"I knew it," Isabella heard Tess saying to Maria. "He didn't love Isabella! Look at him with that girl! He's all over her!"

Isabella giggled and looked into Alex's eyes. "Hey there," she said. "My name is Star. It's nice to make your acquaintance."

"And it's nice to meet you too," said Alex. "But I must be going now, the band is warming up. I'll see you onstage."

They kissed one final kiss goodbye and Isabella turned back to Liz and Max.

"Well, let's go backstage and check me in," she said. They walked to the small room behind the ballroom and Isabella instantly spotted Amy, talking to one of Alex's managers, a short fat man wearing a name tag that said Tubby.

"Uh, hi, Amy Deluca?" said Isabella nervously. "I'm Star. I'm just checking in."

"Oh, how nice to meet you," said Amy, checking of her name on the list. "Please feel free to walk around, eat something, or talk to the band. We'll be starting soon." She turned to face Liz and Max and said, "I'm sorry. What are you doing here? Leave! Only the singers can be back here!"

Liz and Max left in a hurry, waving goodbye to Isabella and wishing her luck. "You know those two?" asked Amy.

"Oh, uh, not really. We met in the lobby."

Amy nodded and moved on to talk to the next person coming in the room. Isabella found a chair and sat down to wait. She was more nervous than she'd ever been in her whole life. She was going to audition in less than half an hour.

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