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"In My Eyes"
"I Wasn't Gettin' Any Summer Lovin'"
Part 2
by Irish Queen
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Summary: Tess POV story, think of it as Tess's diary.
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Rating: PG
So I spent the summer trying to once again prove to Max, Michael, and Isabel that I was not the enemy. I offered to help them learn how to use their abilities, which Michael did take me up on my offer. He’s getting much better at it-at least he’s trying to learn how to control his power. Isabel and I hung out some, but I always felt like she was doing it out of guilt. The way she stared at me when she thought I wasn’t looking…I could tell she felt bad for the way all of them had treated me. Yet her effort was minimal.

And Max…I didn’t know how to act with him. I wanted us to become closer, even if it couldn’t be the romance that I dreamt of. But I soon realized that he would take any kind of advance from me as one of a sexual nature. Sure, I’d be lying if I never thought about what it would be like to kiss him. Well, I did kiss him shortly after I arrived in Roswell, but I could tell his heart wasn’t in it. I’d rather not ever feel his lips on mine than to have a meaningless kiss. I found that the best way for me to deal with him was to just be friendly when he was around. I had to make him believe that I would never pressure him into being with me. Of course, it was even harder to control myself over the summer since Liz was gone. She had left to stay with some aunt in Florida, trying to get away from the turmoil that was her life in Roswell. Even if he hurt me greatly, I’m not sure I could ever just leave Max Evans.

I tried not to feel too bad over the summer though. It’s not like anyone else in our little gang was having too much romance either. Michael had ended it with Maria, he said he couldn’t carry out his destiny as a second-in-command if he was having to worry about some girl. I know it hurt Maria, and I felt bad for her. Yes, to the great surprise of many I do have actually emotions that revolve around someone other than myself. And that sweetheart Alex, he had just gotten close to having his dreamgirl Isabel when their beginning came to an abrupt halt.

At first, the message in the cave gave me hope. I thought it would unite us with an even stronger bond, to know that we four belonged to each other in a way no human could understand. But with each passing summer day, I saw that this destiny message just screwed us all up even more.

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