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"In My Eyes"
"The Last Person"
Part 1
by Irish Queen
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Summary: Tess POV story, think of it as Tess's diary.
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Rating: PG
God, heís beautiful. So much there inside of him that only makes what I see outside so much more breathtaking. How many times have I dreamt of what it would be like to just have Max Evans hold me and not be so guarded about it; to know that when his trance inducing eyes looked into mine that there was something more behind his gaze than pity, or obligation. I donít think Iíll ever know these things, not from anyone, and most importantly not from him.

I came to Roswell with a mind full of hopes and dreams. My life had been empty while living with Nasedo. He taught me how to use my abilities, and itís obvious that I am quite better at using them than Max, Michael, or Isabel. But Nasedo didnít teach me love. Love was some fairy tale, until Nasedo told me about Max. And for a while, I thought that I might have that fairy tale. To know that I was meant to be with someone, and have someone love me in a way I never thought Iíd know. Through past lives, enemies, planets, and humans he would always be mine. So imagine my surprise when I arrived in Roswell and discovered that the one who is too beautiful for words is in love with anotheróa human. The man Iíve been waiting for, the man who is destined to be mine, is in this mad crazed love with a human named Liz.

To try and take my mind off of my destined love, I tried to get close to Isabel. It saddened me that these 3 people in the world that are just like me didnít seem to know very much at all. They had been raised as human, and they had to use their strength to hide the fact that they werenít from around here. I was in awe of Isabel, and still am. She is so beautiful, so strong, so everything that I wanted to be. But who knows? Isabel probably would have turned out just like me if she had been raised as I had. For months I felt more alone in Roswell-with my family-than I did when it was just Nasedo and I. I honestly thought that if I made it to Max, Michael, and Isabel, I would finally find true happiness. I would have unconditional support and love, and even romance. It just didnít happen that way. All three of them distanced themselves from me, treated me like an enemy. And I couldnít really make friends with humans like Liz (for obvious reasons), Maria, or Alex because it was obvious that Max, Michael, and Isabel had influenced them into having as bad an opinion of me as they did. Couldnít they tell when they looked into my eyes that I didnít come to them to make trouble? I just wanted the family I never had. Why was that so much to ask for?

And then last May in that caveÖhow it turned their little worlds upside down to hear that I was destined to be with Max, and that Isabel was destined to be with Michael. And of course, Liz had to be standing right there. I underestimated that Liz though. She told Max that he had a destiny he must follow, and she walked away from him that day. Poor Max, trying to follow her like a puppy. Didnít he know that regardless as to the reason why, it pained me to see his eyes tear up? I guess not, for when he finally turned to look at me standing up on the rock, it was a look Iíd rather not remember. It was the look of regret, disappointment. It was obvious that I was the last person he wanted to see.

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