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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 16
by John
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(Out at the abandoned trailer, Maria is stating to regain consciousness. Devin returned with some Subway sandwiches and drinks and left them for Maria and Michael to find. Devin wants to see how a relationship progresses beyond a first embrace. He certainly picked an interesting couple to kidnap. He’s hiding outside the trailer where he can listen to them.)

Maria: Oooo! My head feels like a cantaloupe. Where am I? Michael! Michael…wake up…please Michael…

(Michael is still out. He was last to go out and he hasn’t regained consciousness. Maria looks at Michael. His eyes are closed but he still looks really good to her. Even with him unconscious, she feels that just because he’s here, everything will be fine. She can feel him breathing and she knows he’s still alive. She just wants him to awaken soon so they can get away. She’s trying to remember what happened. The last thing she remembers is walking with Michael. He was taking her to make everything OK. )

Maria: Michael…Michael honey…please wake up…please.

Michael: Arrrrrgh! What happened…where are we?

Maria: Oh Michael…I’m so glad your awake. I feel safer now.

Michael: Don’t expect too much yet…I feel like I’ve been hit by a garbage truck.

Maria: Hey, you’re talking to me again. That’s enough for right now.

(Michael tries to move, but he has no muscle strength or coordination.)

Michael: Can you move, Maria?

(Maria tries, but she can’t move either. The anesthetic hasn’t totally worn off yet.)

Maria: I can’t…I can sort of move my hand…

Michael: We’ve been drugged and brought here. The drugs haven’t worn off completely yet. That’s why we can’t move.

Maria: Who…why…? The last thing I remember was walking with you. Liz and Max said to go with you and you’d make everything OK.

(Michael thinks to himself: “ I made everything OK all right! No doubt it’s because of me and what I am that we’re here. I’ve put Maria in danger. I need to tell her…tell her what I am…tell her I’m sorry.”)

Michael: Maria?

Maria: Yes, Michael.

Michael: I’m not sure where we are. I sort of remember getting into a car…it’s all foggy. I'm sure it’s my fault we’ve been brought here.

Maria: No, Michael…that can't be.

Michael: Maria…I wanted to tell you something about myself. I wanted it to be a plus. I know I can help your memory…but you have to know something about me first. I'd hoped it could be a good thing. I was hoping you'd accept it and me the way you did before and we could move on. But this…this thing may be putting us in danger. You may not want to be with me. Oh man…why…why me! All I want is some sort of normal life. Why can’t I have it?

Maria: Michael, you can. We can! As I was sitting here waiting for you to wake up, I was crying. Crying because I realized that I do love you. I know everyone said I did before…but I had to discover it for myself again. As I sat with your arms around me, with you still asleep, I felt the most calm, peaceful feeling. I knew as soon as you woke up, everything would be OK. …And it is Michael…it is. I saw the love in your eyes before we left the Crashdown. Just sitting here looking at you, I was finally able to return that love. We’ve just got to get out of here. Everything will be fine. I know it.

Michael: Maria, think. Why would anyone kidnap us and bring us here?

Maria: I don’t know, Michael. We're just unlucky, I guess.

Michael: No Maria. There’s more. Oh…Maria…I’ve never done this…ever. I didn’t think I ever could…or would.

Maria: What is it Michael? You can tell me. No secret you have could be enough to push me away from you.

Michael: I'm not so sure about that now. I thought it would be OK to tell you again…but now this.

Maria: I knew what you wanted to tell me before the accident, didn’t I? …And we were still together then, right?

Michael: That’s true. That’s the only thing that makes me think you’ll still be OK with this. I didn’t tell you myself the last time. Liz did. I could have killed her…and I could have killed Max for telling her.

Maria: What’s Max got to do with us?

Michael: A lot, Maria.

(Michael can finally move his arm enough to put it around Maria. She gazes into his eyes.)

Michael: Maria…I don't know how to say this other than to say it. If I told you I wasn't human, what would you say?

(Maria pulls away. As she does so, Michael is terrified she is going to reject him. He reaches for her hand and grasps it. Maria sees the terror in his eyes and she knows she has to remove it.)

Maria: You're…you're not going to tell me you're like Devin…you're not an android? You can't be. I know you're not. You're warm to the touch. I've heard you breathe. I've felt your heartbeat.

(Devin hears this and his computer brain is about to go into overload. He's been found out He computes to himself, "How does she know? It sounds like they all know. It must have been the way I acted at the party. Why haven't they said anything?" Devin is really scared! "Lab, here I come", he computes.)

Michael: No! I'm not an android.

Maria: The, if you're alive, you have to be human.

Michael: In many ways I'm human. But I wasn't born on earth.

(Maria grips Michael's hand tighter. She made him a promise that she wouldn't be pushed away.)

Maria: You're…you're a space alien?

Michael: As Max likes to say, we prefer, "not of this earth".

Maria: Ma…Max is one too?

(Michael nods.)

Maria: And Liz knows?

Michael: Yes…and you did too until you forgot it.

Maria: You'll excuse me if I don't believe you. I've heard some pretty fancy tales from guys…you'll really have to convince me on this one.

Michael: "He that seeketh signs shall see signs."

(Michael raises his hand and makes a book he spotted on the shelf come floating to them. Maria faints! Michael takes her in his arms and hugs her.)

Maria: (Coughing, she comes to.) I…I'm convinced.

Michael: I'm sorry I had to do that.

Maria: I wouldn't have believed you otherwise. I'm still not sure…

Michael: Why would I lie to you Maria. I love you. We do not tell anyone about this. We can't! Some people would freak. Others would put us in a lab for testing. All we want is to be left alone and live normally. Maria, I'm trusting you now. My life...our lives are in your hands.

Maria: Why did you come here to Earth?

Michael: We honestly don't know. We didn't consciously come here ourselves. We were brought here. We think we landed in the 1947 crash. We know we were in incubation pods until ten years ago. That's why we're only 17. Our lives were suspended for fifty years.

Maria: So your 67 years old?

Michael: No! As I said, we're 17…just like you. We just missed a few years by being in stasis.

Maria: So this is why when you kiss me, I see things. Things about space. About us.

Michael: Yes! And flashes like that only seems to happen with someone whom we truly care about…like Max with Liz or me with you.

Maria: She told me Max was helping her get her memories back.

Michael: And I can do that for you, Maria. I want to…if you'll let me. But I had to tell you this so if you saw anymore unusual things, you'd understand.

(Maria is quiet. She stares at Michael, not knowing what she should say or do. She thinks to herself, I can sure pick 'em. An android and an alien! She looks again at Michael and smiles. I'll take the alien for sure. She still sees fear in the eyes that before were showing her love. She realizes he still has fear that she will reject him. He's afraid I'm scared of him…that I won't want to be with him, she thinks to herself. Maria realizes that isn't what she wants.)

Maria: Michael?

Michael: (Fear in his voice)Yes Maria?

Maria: It's OK Michael. It doesn't matter where you're from.

(She throws her arms around him.)

Maria: I don't fear you. I don't even fear your kisses anymore. You've shown me that an alien can be as normal and as loving as anyone can. What I said before still goes Michael Guerin. I love you…what ever you are.

(She gives him a big kiss and they experience more flashes of their past together.

Michael has tears in his eyes. He's relieved that it's over. He's happy that Maria can accept him. The two continue to kiss and hug. Michael nips at Maria's neck. He's missed that since the accident. Maria runs her hands through his hair and all around his body. They enjoy just being together. Devin is getting a real good show.)

Michael: Oh Maria…we're back…back together. God how I've missed this!

(Another long kiss…then…unfortunately, reality sets in and Michael again realizes their predicament. Suddenly a worried look comes over Michael's face.)

Michael: Maria?

Maria: (Pulls away) What Michael?

Michael: In case you haven't noticed…we have a problem.

Maria: Does our being kidnapped have anything to do with what you just told me?

Michael: If it does, we could all be in danger. We know the FBI has an alien investigations unit. Things have been very quiet lately. We weren't expecting any more trouble since Topolski left.

Maria: Topolski…the guidance counselor?

Michael: Make that, Topolski, the alien hunter. And yes…one and the same.

Maria: How did you find out she was under cover FBI?

Michael: That's a long story. It'll be fun telling you at a campout some time. Suffice it to say that Alex helped exposed her by hacking into her computer.

Maria: Alex? He knows about you and Max?

Michael: Yes…I should have mentioned that. Liz, Alex, Max' parents…and now you for the second time…you're the only humans that know. Please…

Maria: I promise Michael. I'll never tell. I see the problems that being found out could cause. But Alex, he's been spending a lot of time with Isabel. She's Max' sister. She has to know, doesn't she?

Michael: I keep forgetting things…like I said, I've never been the one who's told anybody before. Isabel is like Max and I. We were all together when we came out of stasis.

Maria: This is beginning to make sense to me…why Liz said the six of us were good friends.

Michael: Look…whoever brought us here left us some food.

Maria: Do you think we dare eat it? It might be drugged.

Michael: Can you move yet…I think I can.

(Michael gets up and walks shakily to the counter. He puts his hand over the food.)

Michael: I think it's OK. Are you hungry?

Maria: Yes…a little.

(They both eat a little. That nutrition stirs some memories.)

(They look at each other as they both suddenly remember what happened as they were walking to Michael's apartment.)

Michael & Maria: (together) Devin!

Michael: I remember getting into his car.

Maria: Then I remember feeling sick. Next thing I realized, we were in here.

Michael: He must have somehow knocked us out and brought us here. We've been worried that he was part of a government conspiracy to spy on us. I think this proves it.

Maria: How would he have known about you?

Michael: The government…even the local sheriff has suspicions about us…but no proof.

Maria: But Devin is Alex' cousin…or supposed to be. If Alex is your friend why would he allow Devin to come to Roswell?

Michael: He didn't have a choice. The story we got was that Devin's parents had to go overseas and left the cousin to stay with his uncle, Alex' father. Alex has been concerned too. In fact, he's the one who found out what Devin really is.

(Devin has been listening to all this right outside, but now he experiences the equivalent of an "illegal operation". His little plan to learn about how couples make out has changed the picture for everyone involved. He decides the best thing to do it make a run for it. He gets in the Jeep and takes off. Upon hearing the car start, Michael and Maria look out the window and see the gold Cherokee speeding away. Michael realizes that Devin was right outside and overheard everything. Michael's panicked! He rushes to the door. He finds it padlocked from the outside.)

Michael: Stand back, Maria.

(Michael tries to kick the door open, but he can't.)

Michael: Alien boyfriend lesson number two, Maria.

(Michael uses his powers to burn a hole through the door and melt the padlock. They both run out, but realize they will have to walk out to the main road.)

Michael: We've got to get to the others…especially Alex and Max. Max was the one who wanted to let the Devin thing play out for awhile. Well now it's way overplayed. Someday, Max will learn to listen to me. Devin's a threat to us now. He must be stopped.

Maria: How do we do that?

Michael: I'm not sure…but the fun with him is over. What if he gets into a condition like he was the other night at the party, knowing what he now knows? Maria, you might be watching the FBI take us all away. They might come after you to, just for being our friends. I never wanted to put you in danger, Maria…

Maria: I know Michael…but if being with you means being in danger, then danger it is. I'm sure Liz feels the same way about Max.

Michael: Thank you, Maria! We'll get out of this.

(Maria and Michael reach the highway. A truck pulls over and gives them a lift to town. Meanwhile, Devin has arrived back in town and is running to find Alex. There are just too many secrets involved here. Devin is computing to himself, " I wonder if I can make a trade. They don't turn me in and force me back to the lab and I don't tell anyone what I just heard. Michael doesn't understand why I took them out there. I'm not after them like they think. I just wanted human relationship information so I could act normal too. I think I've learned something more than I was supposed to. But I did see how Maria and Michael behaved after the first kiss. That was good. That was dammed good! So much input. I've got to get to the computer fast and rebuild. This is too much data all at once".)

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