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"Honey I Can't Remember"
Part 15
by John
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(Well, the movie party was very interesting, but all it really proved is that Alex can make Devin’s behavior unusual. They still don’t know who’s really controlling him, or how they could take over control. Devin did get back to normal using the correct program. It’s a couple of days later, and Devin wanders in to use Alex’ computer again.)

Devin: (Thinking… or computing…to himself) I better get my fix for the day. This is such a pain…to be married to the Internet. But if I don’t check in and stare at the symbols, I seem to get all confused…like at the party the other night. I can’t imagine what the others must have thought. The more I’m away from Alamogorda, the more I like being with people. It was so boring at the lab. I know I can fit in here. The way the girls yell at me when I sing with Alex’s band tells me I can live outside the facility. All I’ve got to do is keep my secret and act like a human. No one will know. They made me look very normal. Too normal! I can’t believe they made me look like someone from Roswell. Michael! He’s just a normal guy I’m sure, but why did they pick him? I don’t want to ask them. They might make me come back to the facility and I don’t want to. (pause) I wonder if I could trust Alex with my secret. He loves computers. He’d probably…no… better not even consider it. I can’t risk my freedom. No way do I want to go back. But, I need to know more about human relationships. I seem to only be able to keep people’s interest for so long. Maybe Alex can help me with that. Well…time for the virtual fix.

(Devin stares at the computer screen as if he’s in a trance. It’s raining outside and the wind is blowing very hard. Suddenly, the electricity flickers for a moment, causing some scrambling of the image on the computer screen. Devin doesn’t notice. He comes out of his trance and is shutting down the computer when…)

Alex: Hi Devin…surfing again?

Devin: Just checking my e-mail. My dad sends me something almost every day.

Alex: How’s he doing…he’s overseas, right?

Devin: Yes. He’s fine.

Alex: So what on your agenda?

Devin: Alex, can I ask you something?

Alex: I suppose.

Devin: When you’re with your chick, Isabel…and after you guys greet and give each other a kiss…then what do you do.

Alex: What do you mean?

Devin: What do you do next?

Alex: That’s kind of personal, Devin. It depends on where we are and who we’re with. We really like each other. When two people are in love…well all sorts of things happen.

Devin: I seem to be able to meet girls OK, but I don’t know what to do with them after I start talking to them.

Alex: You said you left some broken hearts in Alamogorda. What did you do to those girls?

Devin: I did say that didn’t I. The truth is, I was never really very good with women. I want to get better. I thought, maybe you could help me. I could start over again here in Roswell.

Alex: What you do when you’re together with someone just kinda comes naturally, Devin. I think it’s something built into the human psyche.

(Alex thinks: “and thankfully, the Czechoslovakian psyche too”.)

Devin: Oh? I guess I wasn’t built that way.

(Thinks to himself: "And how were you built…and by whom?")

Alex: Just do what comes naturally, Devin.

Devin: So have you and Isabel ever…you know…

Alex: Devin, I don’t have to talk to you about my sex life. It’s personal! And if you want some tips on womanizing, ask Kyle Valenti. He’s the undisputed king in this town.

Something else Devin…stay away from Maria. She belongs with Michael.

Devin: But she’s nice to me. With the music, I have something I can talk with her about. I actually have a little relationship with her.

Alex: She and Michael would still be together if it weren’t for her memory loss. It’s not fair for you to take advantage of that.

Devin: OK Alex. I’ll try. Can I ask you something else?

Alex: I guess?

Devin: If I…I mean…what would you think if…just suppose…oh never mind…I’ll talk to you later!

Alex: Whatever Devin!

(Devin leaves! Alex thinks to himself: “Was he thinking of telling me his secret? That would be interesting. Why would he do that? I need to see where he was on the Internet. Hmmm……what could that be? Some laboratory? Almagordo, New Mexico no doubt. I guess I’ll just have to ask my dad about Devin. Maybe he’ll tell me. But why hasn’t he told me already?” Alex decides he better talk to the others again first. He should tell them about the questions Devin was asking. Meanwhile, Devin has taken off in his Jeep. He drives to the old abandoned mine outside of town and walks around. “This will be perfect”; he computes to himself, as he spots an old trailer. “If Michael and Maria are such a hot couple, they can teach me what to do”, he thinks to himself as he forces the padlock off the door. “ I have to know how to interact if I’m going to stay free. Now, all I’ll have to do is bring out a better lock.” "…And there's one more stop I need to make." Meanwhile, back at the Crashdown…

Michael: (Stares at Maria in her waitress costume!) Could we have a little service here?

Maria: How little?

(Michael drags her into the booth and the antennas on her headband poke him in the face. He gives her a quick kiss.)

Michael: About that much.

Maria: That’s all the service I can be to you? After the video party, I thought…I was thinking, Michael…

Michael: What Maria?

Maria: You know, when you kiss me…I mean a real kiss…I see things…things I’ve forgotten. I was scared at first…but I’ve been thinking…if you’re willing, I’d…

Michael: You mean like this?

(Michael gives Maria a passionate kiss. As before, she she’s scenes from her time with Michael. She’s smiling as sees them together…playing…kidding…being part of the group. All of a sudden she screams! "MICHAEL!" She pulls away…she’s pale…she just stares at him…)

Maria: Mi…Michael!

Michael: What’s wrong honey?

Maria: I…I just saw you…you were all wrapped up in…it looked like…I don’t know, but everyone including me was around you and I felt so empty. Michael, it was terrible. I think…I think I saw you dying. Oh Michael!

(He puts his arms around her to assure her that he’s fine. Just then, Max walks in with Liz.)

Maria: What was going on in that vision, Michael? I saw everyone surrounding you…like we were praying over you.

Michael: Maybe…maybe in a sense you were, Maria. We need to talk.

Max: Hey! That’s my line.

Michael: Max, I think she saw…

Max: You kissed her again?

Michael: Yes…she wanted me to. I’m afraid she saw me when I was sick and…

Maria: That was the strangest sick condition I ever saw…but I know it was you, I felt it. I don’t know what’s happening, Michael. The more I’m around you, the more I think I should be. But then those kisses of yours…I’m…I’m scared, Michael.

Max: It’s time Michael. Especially if you’re gonna keep on with those kisses.

Michael: I know…but not here. Maria, can we go back to my place?

Maria: Alone?

Michael: If you’re willing.

(Maria looks pale as a ghost. She’s shaking. She looks at Michael and sees nothing but love in his eyes. She calms a bit.)

Maria: I…I think I need you Michael…but at the same time I’m scared of you.

Michael: I can explain everything, Maria. I can help you with your memory loss too. Max and Liz can come with us if you want.

(Maria looks at Liz. Liz gives her a “everything’s OK” look.)

Maria: I…I…Liz?

Liz: It’s OK, Maria. Everything will be fine…more than fine.

Maria: Liz? Do you know what he wants to tell me?

Liz: Yes, I think I do.

Maria: And it’s OK, right?

Liz: Like I said…it’ll be more than OK Maria. Michael loves you. He’s not scary. Go with him. I’ll finish your shift.

Max: Yes, go with him, Maria. There’s no reason not to.

Maria: But those flashes…

Michael: You should be glad they’re happening. I am! It just tells me how much we’re meant to be together.

Maria: I…I…OK…let’s go.

(Michael and Maria begin to walk to Michael’s apartment. Maria has calmed down and Michael is joking with her about what she doesn’t remember. As they approach the halfway point in their walk, Devin drives by in his Jeep Cherokee. He pulls over. He's actually been out looking for the two people he just found.)

Devin: Hey you two!

Maria: Hi Devin.

Michael: Hey Devin!

Devin: Want a ride someplace? I’m just crusin’!

(Maria looks at Michael. She’s kind of tired and shaken after what she experienced. She looks at Michael. He feels like maybe they shouldn’t take the offer but then reconsiders. He’s thinking that maybe they ought to make sure Devin is functioning well enough to be driving. Michael says OK. They get in the Jeep.)

Maria: How’d you like the video party?

Devin: I guess I acted kinda silly…I wasn’t feeling well…I wasn’t really myself that night.

Maria: Hey! I like to hear you sing anytime. You’ve got a great voice.

(Devin enjoys the complement, but he’s not going to be diverted from his plan. He reaches down to the left of his seat and opens the valve on a canister of anesthetic gas that he fished out of the dumpster behind the hospital. Of course, the gas doesn’t affect him, but very quickly Maria moans and passes out in Michael’s arms.)

Michael: Maria…Maria…what’s wrong? Maria, please!

Devin: What’s wrong Michael?

Michael: I…I don’t know…Devin…she’s…Devin…oh man…I feel dizzy. Stop the car.

(Devin slows down. Very slowly he brings the car to a stop. Devin thinks…er…computes, “they should both be out by now…why is Michael still awake?” Michael groans; then he too succumbs, slumping over Maria who is bent into his lap. “He must be in really good physical shape. It took him twice as long as it took Maria to go out”. Devin allows the anesthetic to continue to envelop the Jeep so as to make sure they both stay out for awhile. He quickly starts the car again and heads out to the abandoned trailer at the old mine. When he arrives, he lifts both sleeping bodies into the trailer and lays them on a couch, arms around each other. “They’ll enjoy waking up in that position”, he computes. “Now, all I’ve got to do is watch them. I’ll learn the steps I need to know for developing human relationships. I better do something for them before they wake up. They are human…I better go get them some food and water for when they regain consciousness.” Devin padlocks the trailer door and heads back into town. Meanwhile, back at the Crashdown, Isabel and Alex have joined Max and Liz…)

Liz: I’d like to be a fly on the wall at Michael’s place right now.

Max: I’m glad he thinks she’s ready.

Liz: I saw the look in her eye. She trusts him like I trusted you Max. It’ll be fine.

Isabel: A little more kissing…a few more flashes… and both of you will have enough memory back that we can all be normal again.

Liz: It’s wonderful. I want to thank you for the nighttime school updates, too. They’re helping a lot.

Isabel: Good! I didn’t know if they’d work. Maybe we can do that for Maria too.

Liz: I’m glad you’re our friends and are willing to share your gifts.

Max: I do wonder how Michael is doing explaining things to Maria?

Alex: I’ll bet by now she’s melting in Michael’s arms.

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