Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"Freaks and Geeks of Roswell"
Part 5
by Kari
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Summary: What happens when a dare goes too far? Who will get hurt?
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
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Isabel looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:00. "Finally," she muttered as she went to the employee's lockers and changed into her jeans and sweater. She walked back into the main room and saw Alex waiting for her.

As she walked up to him he pulled a pink rose from behind his back. "I know it's not much," he said, "but I thought a dozen roses would be too much for a first date situation."

"No, Alex, one rose is great. It's so beautiful. Thank you. Let me just put it in some water behind the counter here." Isabel filled a small soda bottle halfway with water and stuck the rose in. "Well, let's go," she said. They walked outside and Isabel said "So, where are we going? Dinner and a movie, right?"

"Yup, but I want the dinner part to be a surprise. I'm going to have to blindfold you."

Isabel just nodded her head, but inside she was cringing. It was such a dorky thing to do!

Alex pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket. He gently turned Isabel around and placed the makeshift blindfold over her eyes.

"Now, I'll have to spin you around a few times, so you don't know where we're going. Can you see anything?"

"No," said Isabel, hoping no one she knew came along right then. Alex spun her around five times and grabbed her hand. "We don't have far to walk. Just go slow, I'll lead you."

Isabel walked with Alex for only about 5-10 seconds when he said, "Ok, we're here." He took off her blindfold and she gasped in surprise at where she was. She was in the Crashdown, but it had been changed! There were black curtains around their booth, and on the windowsill there were candles and incense.

"Do you like it?" asked Alex nervously. "Liz did all this in like 2 minutes, sorry if it looks dumb."

"This is so cool, Alex. Thank you." She decided to be a little nicer and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

Alex practically passed out from happiness.


Liz finished setting up the stuff for Alex's date, and went upstairs. She collapsed on the living room couch and decided to play with the Playstation 2 Alex had bought recently.

She was really getting into one of the racing games when she was interrupted by the phone ringing. She paused the game and ran for the phone.


"Hi, Liz? This is Max…Evans."

"Oh…um…what do you want?"

"I just…Liz, I won't take no for an answer. Please go out with me, just once."

"Max, I'm sorry, but the answer is still no." Liz gently placed the phone back in its cradle and went back to her video game. She felt a little bad, but Max just had to get it into his thick skull that she wasn't interested in going out with him. Even though he had the most amazing eyes…

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