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"Freaks and Geeks of Roswell"
Part 24
by Kari
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Summary: What happens when a dare goes too far? Who will get hurt?
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Liz looked in shock at Max. "Are you serious? You are willing to leave your parents, your familiar surroundings, at the drop of a hat?"

"Liz, we have no other choice," said Isabel in a calm, quiet tone, as if Liz were a small child to whom she was explaining this to. "Valenti is getting the FBI. They will find us. And even if we try, they will get it out of us that you and Alex are also aliens. We are all in danger. We have to leave if we want to live."

Liz thought about what Isabel had said and nodded her head grudgingly. "I hate the idea of leaving. But you're right…it really is the only option."

"You two are also in danger," said Michael, turning to speak to Tess and Kyle.

"Me?" asked Kyle in a very high, nervous voice. "How am I in danger? I'm not an alien. And besides, my dad is the sheriff…he's not going to hand me over to the FBI."

"No, but the FBI could take you anyways. You know us, so the FBI will try to find out what you know about our alienness."

"So, what are you saying?" asked Tess. "That we go with you?"

"No," said Michael. "That wouldn't be a good idea." He turned to look at Isabel and Maria. "Would you two be able to form a mindwarp to erase their memories?"

"Whoa…what?" said Kyle. "I said I'd keep your freaky little secret if you didn't brainwash me! So please, don't brainwash me!"

"Michael, I don't think Isabel and I can do that alone," said Maria. She turned to Liz. "We need you to help us."

"No! You aren't going to do this to me!" yelled Kyle.

"What?" said Liz. "How can I help? I haven't seen any evidence yet to tell me what kinds of powers I have. Alex has the powers, ask him."

"He can't do it," said Isabel. "Only the females of our race are capable of manipulating the mind. The next closest thing, that the guys can do, is to dreamwalk."

"What's that?" asked Alex.

"I'll explain later," said Isabel. "So, Liz, will you try to help Maria and I?"

"Uh, sure. Whatever I can do to help," said Liz doubtfully.

"NO!" screamed Kyle, standing up and looking down at all of them, his face flushed dark red with rage. "No one is going to manipulate my mind, or any other part of me! I promised to keep your damn secret, now respect my decision to not have you mess with my mind!"

"Kyle, the girls have to do it!" yelled Max. "If the FBI gets ahold of you, I can guarantee that no matter how powerful or persuasive your father is, he won't be able to get you back in Roswell until they have the information they want. And if you don't give them that information willingly, they will torture you until you tell them. Then we will be in danger all over again. And once they have the information they might very well decide to kill you…and Tess."

At the mention of Tess, Kyle's face paled. He hadn't even thought about her. He didn't want any of those FBI bastards to hurt her…he shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He looked down at Tess.

"Are you willing to let them change your memories?" he asked her quietly.

"Yes," she said. "I have known them for a very long time. I trust them and I trust their judgement. If they feel that this has to be done, then I am in no position to stop them."

"But it's your mind!"

"Which is part of my body. My body is merely a temple."

"Now you're sounding like me when I get done praying to Buddha…" said Kyle, slowly sitting down again. He looked up at Maria, Isabel, and Liz and said, "Ok, you can do it. But what memories are you going to change?"

"I think we need to erase some memories of the six of us from your mind," said Isabel, looking to Maria and Liz to see if they agreed.

"Yeah," said Maria. "And then we need to give you fake memories of the dance, and all of today, so that you seem to remember this day totally differently."

"We need to make it so that you never found out about us. You will of course have some vague memories of us, and more vivid ones of your cousins, because it would seem weird to just completely forget we exist."

Kyle nodded, and then reached over and grabbed Tess's hand, not to comfort her, but because he, big manly Kyle, just needed someone to hold his hand.


"What are we going to tell Mom and Dad?" asked Liz. She was sitting in her room, in front of her desk. Alex was behind her, on her bed. They had just finished packing a few small bags to take with them. They were now trying to figure out what to write in a note to their parents.

"Who the hell cares," said Alex angrily. "They aren't our parents! And they've been lying to us our whole lives! I really couldn't care less if they never get a goodbye from us!"

Liz swiveled around in her chair and looked at Alex. She saw the pain and hurt etched into his face. "I know you're angry, Alex. And so am I, believe me. But admit it…you still love them. This could be the last chance we get, we need to do this right. We have to say goodbye."

Alex looked into Liz's eyes and saw that she really wanted to write the letter, so he nodded his head. "Ok," he said. Liz gave a half smile, and turned back to face the desk. She started to write, with Alex throwing his comments at her from time to time.

Dear Mom and Dad

Alex and I are leaving today. We can't tell you why, or even where we are going. We can't tell you when we'll be back either, because we doubt we'll ever be back. Please rest assured that we will keep ourselves as safe as possible. Also, we know. We know that we were adopted. Why would you have lied to us all these years? Did you think we would love you less? Because we don't. Right now we are angry, and confused, but we still love you…because you're the only parents we've every known. Please try not to worry too much about us. Don't wait for us to return. Just know that we love you and we'll think of you, and Alex and I will be together at all times. One last time, we love you. Goodbye.


Elizabeth and Alexander

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