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"Far from Normal"
Part 3
by Nace M.
Disclaimer: I don't own any Roswell characters, but Jason is mine. All other copyrights go to Melinda and the WB.
Summary: Alex and Isabel are sent to check up on Jason.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
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Alex and Isabel sat parked in his car just a few houses down from the new kid's. Isabel wished they found out his name soon, this calling him the 'new kid' was getting a little repetitive. The house had been easy enough to find, the Realtor's sigh was still staked in the front lawn with a big 'SOLD' label stuck on it. So his moving here story seemed to check out. It was a nice blue one-story estate; the kind typically found scattered across southwestern suburbia. Another big clue in finding the place was that the moving still parked in the driveway.

"How long have we been sitting here?" Isabel whined. "I think my butt fell asleep."

"Oh come on," Alex said, "We've only been here a half-hour."

"A half-hour hour to long if you ask me," she replied. "They said he took off in a mustang, and since I don't see it here, he must not be here. I really don't see the point in staking out someone if they're not even here to stake out."

"That's what a stakeout is Isabel, waiting for someone to show up," Alex informed her.

"How do cops do this?" she asked.

"We could get some donuts," Alex offered with a grin.

"Funny," she said nudging him.

Alex almost shivered at her touch, and felt the heat rising in his cheeks.

"Isabel?" he began.

"Ssh," she interrupted spotting a mustang pulling up to the house; "He's here."

The two would be detectives ducked just enough to where their eyes peered a little above the dashboard. They saw a man and a woman ran out of the house.

"Jason!" they cried. As they squeezed him into a bear hug.

"What did they say?" Alex asked.

"Jason," she replied, "I guess his name is Jason."

The three stood on the lawn for a few minutes having a rather heartfelt hello, until finally heading back into the house.

"Let's go," Alex said opening his door.

"Go where?" Isabel asked with that wide-eyed uncertain look of hers.

"To get a closer look," he replied exiting the car.

"I didn't know you had the commando instinct in you," she said quietly.

"Oh yeah, I'm a regular GI Joe," he replied. "Now be quiet we can't let them hear us."

They crept closer to the house and crouched in a bush just outside the living room window. They took turns glancing up through the window, and if they were quiet enough, could make out what the people inside were saying.

"How was the drive son?" the father asked.

"Pretty boring," Jason responded. "The desert looks the same no matter how far you've gone."

"Oh honey, you're always so cynical," his mother said.

"Meet any local kids yet?" his father, asked lightheartedly.

"A few," Jason said looking out the window. He could have sworn he heard something, felt something.

"Possible friends?" his mother asked.

"I don't know," Jason said looking out the window again. He didn't want to have this conversation anymore; his parents were trying to hard to make him happy about being here. "Can I see my room now? He asked.

"Of course," they said in unison.

They all filed out of the living room and into the hall as Isabel was glancing in the window again.

"They left," she said crouching back down.

"We'll just wait for them to turn the light on, then we'll know which room is his," Alex said scoping out the other windows of the house.

"Are you sure you haven't done this before?" Isabel asked giving him that little smile of hers.

"Not on purpose," he said blushing.

A light snapped on a few windows down as Alex and Isabel quietly snuck over to it. Alex gave her the sush signal with his finger so he could eavesdrop again.

"Do you like it?" the father asked.

"It's cool," Jason replied.

"Not to small?" his mother prodded.

"It's bigger than my old room mom," Jason said. "Can you leave me alone for awhile?" he asked, "I'd like to unpack and stuff."

"Sure son," his father said.

"We'll call you when we're ready to get dinner," his mother added.

Jason sighed as he closed the door behind them. They'd taken the liberty of setting up his bed for him, so walked over to it and sprawled out. After today he really needed to relax.

"If he's working for Valenti," Alex whispered, "They sure are going to great lengths to put on a good show."

Jason stared at all the boxes piled around the room. It would be a piece of cake unpacking them all; he just needed the motivation to do so. He laughed to himself a bit for almost forgetting he didn't need to get up at all. He stared at the first box marked 'Jason's room' the topped ripped open and he carefully willed the contents out. Jason smiled as his favorite books appeared before him, and he dutifully guided them across the room and onto a pre-installed shelf on the wall.

Alex looked up through the window and could not believe what he saw, books just seemed to be floating around in mid-air. He quickly ducked back down to Isabel and the look of sheer disbelief layered across his face worried her a little.

"What?" she whispered, "What did you see?"

Unable to spit any words out, Alex pointed back to the windowsill with a shaky finger. Isabel cautiously lifted her head to see Jason sitting on his bed. She thought she was starting to hallucinate when she saw boxes opening and closing and their contents floating around seemingly by themselves. It took her a minute to make the connection, but it was confirmed when she saw him raise his hand and guide a pile of clothes in a little parade around the room.

"He's doing it!" she thought. "Oh my god!" she shrieked.

Alex immediately grabbed her hand and sprinted toward the car.

"What did you do that for?" he cried.

"I'm sorry next time I'll plan my reaction to seeing something that," she shot back.

They reached the car, jumped in, and screeched down the street.

Jason heard the shriek and instantly froze causing his things to crash to the floor. He ran to the window to see a guy and girl running across his yard and down the street.

'Someone's spying on me!' he thought. 'Did they see?' they had to have seen. He felt his blood turn cold. Was it those kids from the Crashdown? It had to be them, he hadn't met anyone else yet, and after this afternoon it just had to be them. He felt the panic start to se it in. He wasn't going to just sit here and wait for the MIB or CIA, NSA, or whatever government agency that could use a gifted teen like him to come crashing through his door. He grabbed his keys and headed out the door…

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