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"Far from Normal"
Part 4
by Nace M.
Disclaimer: I don't own any Roswell characters, but Jason is mine. All other copyrights go to Melinda and the WB.
Summary: Alex and Isabel are sent to check up on Jason.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
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Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria all sat waiting impatiently scattered about in the Crashdown. They'd closed about an hour earlier so the place was completely empty. Alex and Isabel and gone to investigate that guy about an hour ago and had yet to return. Liz tried to keep herself bust by refilling all the sugar bowls, while Michael and Maria were having the usual staring match. Max just sat and stared incessantly at the door, eagerly awaiting Alex and Isabel's return.

"Max?" Liz asked.

"Hmm?" he grunted.

"You know, I've been thinking. I really don't think that he could have been working for Valenti. You saw how scared he was when he ran out the door. I think someone sent to spy on you would have been a little more calm and collected."

"You do remember how Topolsky had us all fooled for awhile," Michael intervened.

"Well I don't think we should jump to anymore conclusions until we have a little bit more information," Maria said.

All of their heads shot to the door when they heard a car pull up. A few seconds later Alex and Isabel came strolling through the door. Their faces didn't give off anything other than total shock.

"What happened?" Liz asked.

"Well let's just say Isabel here shouldn't plan on a career that requires any kind of stealth skills," Alex said.

Michael's eyes were shooting daggers and Alex thought he'd better get to the point.

"What did you find out?" he asked before Alex could speak.

"His name," Isabel spoke up, "his name is Jason."

"Is that it?" Michael asked, his tone slightly annoyed.

"No," she said scuffing her foot on the floor. "That's not it."

"Then what?" Michael roared, "Is he working for Valenti or some other indiscrete government agency?" Tell us!"

"Michael calm down," Max said. "Iz what else did you see?"

"Well um, he was moving things without…without touching them." She replied her eyes circling the room.

"What do you mean?" Max asked.

"She means we saw him unpacking boxes and putting things away without ever laying a finger on them," Alex said. "It was like he had, what do you call it? You know when you can bend spoons and stuff with your mind."

"You mean telekinesis," Liz answered.

"Wait a minute," Maria said, "That's impossible isn't it?"

"If you believe that we can be sitting here," Max stated, "and not be open to anything else unusual, perhaps you should re-evaluate your state of mind."

"Okay," Maria replied. "But you guys have all sorts of neat little powers because your aliens, he's just a normal kid right?"

"As far as we know," said Alex.

"We still don't know that much do we?' Michael said. "I'm going back to get a little more than a name and a so-called ESP ability."

"You can't," Isabel spoke up.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because I, I uh…"

"She blew our cover," Alex finished.

"How?" Liz and Maria implored.

"I saw him doing whatever it was that he was doing, and sort of freaked out. I kind of yelled 'oh my god' pretty loudly."

"Smooth," Michael said sarcastically.

"Michael just stop it," she shot back.

"Well what are we going to do know?" Michael asked looking at Max.

"I don't know…I just don't know," he replied.

Jason drove in what seemed like endless lines across town. He had no idea where he was going, but a little voice in the back of his head told him where he'd end up. Low and behold, he found himself staring back at the Crashdown Café. It was only his second time ever setting eyes on the place, and he already detested the sight of it. This was the place he'd screwed everything up in. It was the first time since he discovered his powers he'd ever slipped up and in public no doubt. Now he had people spying on him, hell it was only his first day here for crying out loud. It would be at least another year and a half till he could escape the confides of Roswell.

"If I even make it that long," he thought.

He now had this nagging fear gripping the back of his neck. Today had instantly become the worst day of his life. It was all his X-files induced conspiracy theory paranoia come to life. Aliens, spies, what next Captain Kirk landing the enterprise in his backyard? He was most terrified of being turned into the government. He knew what a government agency would do if they ever got their filthy little mitts on him. He'd be brainwashed and trained into some CIA contracted assassin or something. Jason couldn't handle that, leading what he thought would be a normal life just to pick up the phone one day and hear 'Code word Lazarus' and end up killing the president. He just couldn't live like that, he wouldn't.

Jason turned his attention back to the Crashdown. He could make out six figures moving around inside, and figured four of them must be Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria. The other two must be the little spies sent to look through his window. He geared up all his courage to actually go in and confront them. Besides, they couldn't turn him in, not while he knew Michael and Max's secret. He stepped off the sidewalk and slowly crossed the street.

The chimes of the front door brought everyone out of their argumentative state. The sight of Jason standing right in front of them appalled the six.

"You know, if you want to play secret agent man you could at least ask first." He said.

All of them were still too shocked he'd come here to confront them, so he continued talking.

"Anyone care to tell me why those too were being little peeping toms?" he said pointing at Alex and Isabel. 'That's right,' he thought, 'Play it cool, don't let them see you sweat.'

He took another look at Isabel and felt that same odd vibe he got from Max and Michael.

'Wait a minute,' he thought, 'That must mean she one of them.'

He turned his attention away from her and focused on the humans, trying to get anything from their minds that would tell him why he was spied on. He looked at the guy that was there outside his house, Alex; his mind was mostly full of thoughts about the blonde haired alien girl he was sitting next to. This wasn't what he was looking for; he wanted information, anything that would tell him why. Then he saw it; the thought was playing itself over in his mind. He saw Max and Michael tell him to go after Jason because they were as scared as he was. It was basically the same worst case scenario Jason had envisioned himself in. With the assassin part changed to being dissected and studied.

"So that's why you were checking up on me," he said aloud.

He glanced around the room, as all their eyes were focused on him.

Michael shattered the silence… "Really?" he inquired, "just why were we as you put it 'checking up on you?'

'Because you were afraid I was working for Valenti," Jason answered. "You thought I'd turn you in."

"Why would you think that?" Isabel put in, "What would you turn us in for?"

"Easy," Jason said, "Because you, Michael, and Max are aliens.

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