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"Far from Normal"
Part 2
by Nace M.
Disclaimer: I own no Roswell characters, but Jason is entirely mine. All other copyrights go to Melinda and the WB.
Summary: Continues from Far form Normal.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: Any feedback would be grand.
Jason ran as fast as he could out the front door of the Crashdown and into his car. Fumbling with the keys for a few seconds, he finally got it to start. He threw it in reverse, peeled out of the parking space, and floored it down the street. For awhile he wasn't even looking at where he was heading, or stop signs, or stop lights for that matter. He must have run three of them each.

"What the hell was that!" he shouted pounding his fist against the steering wheel.

Never before had he been jolted with such a rush of someone's thoughts. It felt like somebody had punched him in the face. Plus he still didn't know how to handle the fact that those guys, Max and Michael were aliens. Real life, in the flesh, honest to god aliens. The skeptic in him didn't want to believe it, but Liz's mind showed no trace of deception, there was nothing that would convince him that she was just crazy. Though right now he really wasn't wanting to dwell on them.

"Jeez," he thought. "Five minutes in this town and what happens? You expose yourself to complete strangers. I mean this is a small town, people just don't forget about these things.

After running what must have been his fifth red light, he saw a park out of the corner of his eye. Jason thought it best to pull over and try to calm down before he crashed into a phone poll or something. He swung his car into a parking stall and ran to the nearest bench. He held his head in his hands and rocked back and forth nervously.

"Do they know about me?" he wondered.

He knew they could tell something was definitely up, and now Jason would have to start answering questions. He'd never had to answer questions before, if he ever had difficulty blocking someone out he would just say he had a headache. It never went much past 'are you alright?' but then again he never did go into a full body spasm. It was the strangest thing, afterwards Liz game him a look like she'd this happen before. Jason closed his eyes and leaned against the hard grained wood of the bench. Reaching into his pocket he found the napkin with the directions Liz had written for him. He held it in his palm, looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and mentally willed it to unfold and levitate in front of him. This was his favorite power by far, who wouldn't like being able to move things with a mere thought? Feeling he had calmed a bit, he plucked the napkin out of the air. Glancing up at the sky he thought he better try finding his house before it got dark

Meanwhile back at the Crashdown…

"Max," Liz said pulling him aside. "I think, I mean he looked like he knew something."

"Yeah," Max said looking at the counter.

"You saw he spazzed out for a second," she continued, "I've only seen that happen when… her voiced trailed off.

Max knew what she was getting at. The only times they'd ever seen someone spasm like that was when he, Michael, or Isabel made connections. While their mind were still able to focus the rush of images caused the whole body to jerk around a little. The new kid couldn't be one of them; him and Michael would have felt something for sure.

"Why does everybody look like they've seen a ghost?" Alex said walking up to the counter.

"Yeah," Isabel said continued following close behind him. "Is something wrong?"

"Something kind of strange went down a minute ago," Maria said.

"Strange?" Alex said arching an eyebrow. He wondered if it had anything to do with the mustang that peeled out of the parking lot a minute ago. "How strange?" he finished.

Liz and Maria proceeded to tell them what happened while Alex and Isabel looked on stunned. Alex wondered why Max and Michael were just sitting over there wrapped in silence.

"So," Isabel began. "You touched his hand,"

"Brushed his hand," Max interrupted.

"All right brushed his hand," she continued. 'This is no time for Mr. Jealousy' she thought. "He looked like we did when we make connections?"

"Exactly," Maria said. A few more people entered the café and she sighed.

"I'll get them," she offered Liz, then grabbed some menu's and strolled over to them.

Isabel glanced over at Michael, she knew that look on his face, he was biding his time till he could break away and track the guy down.

"You guys say he's not one of you?" Alex asked Max and interrupting her train of thought.

"No, at least I don't think so. Michael, Isabel and I can feel each other's presence. I got nothing from him, right Michael?"

"Right," Michael said staring at the door.

"I know what you thinking," Max said. "We can't just go chasing after him."

"Yeah? And why is that Maxwell," he said bitterly. "You saw what happened with your own two eyes. Anything outside of us doesn't happen that strange around here lately."

"Lower your voice Michael," Isabel warned.

"Sorry," he said through clenched teeth.

"What if was a trick?" Alex asked. "He could just be working for Valenti or something."

"All the more reason to go after him," Michael said.

"Someone should go find him," Max agreed. " But not just yet, and not any of us who were sitting right here when it happened."

"Then who?" Liz asked. She nodded when max pointed his eyes at Alex and Isabel.

Alex sighed. "All right, all right. You don't have to pull like my leg," he said, looking at Isabel.

"How do we keep ending up together?" she cooed.

"Fate," Alex said smiling.

Max and Liz rolled their eyes in unison while Maria walked back over to them.

"I better get one hell of a tip," she muttered.

"So when this going to happen?" Michael asked.

"When's what going to happen?" Maria asked.

"Alex and Izzy are going to the guys house…tonight," Max stated.

"Right, and as soon as you find out anything, you came back and tell us," Michael said in a rather drill Sargent like tone. "Sir, YES SIR!" Alex said mockingly. "Where exactly are we going?"

"He was looking for Arroyo Drive," Liz said. "He was looking for his house."

"Did anybody happen to get his name?" Isabel asked.

"No, but he was kind of quick to call us by ours," Maria said.

"Yeah that was a little odd," Liz commented.

"What do we do till tonight?" Alex asked.

"Simple," Max said, "We wait."

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