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"Family Ties"
Part 5
by Syndee
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Summary: The last story in the "Prophecy" series. The Human/Alien Alliance meets with Liz's grandmother's protégé at the reservation and is surprised when the Podsquad is given an opportunity to leave the country by an unexpected source. No spoilers that I'm aware of.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Prerequisites in order: "Treasures Found," (CD After-hrs,) "Tess to TESS," "Reflections," "The Baby Nexus," "Crab Nebula in Taurus," "Purple Passion,"(CD After-hrs,) "Descendants-the Liz/Max Connection," and Nih-Hi-Cho."
Alden is reluctant to let go of Max's hand because once the pleasantries are over, the questions will begin. Max's questions will be a breeze compared to the ones Michael and Teresa will have.

Michael's mother had been Alden's first love. He was there for her, as a friend, when her husband was killed and later as a lover and eventually married the widow with two small children.

He chances a glance at his stepson and can see the pent up anger that Michael harbors. He remembers the anger that the young Michael of another species exhibited when his father became one of the first casualties of the civil war of their planet all those years ago.

Teresa barely remembered her father so was able to accept Alden immediately. Michael on the other hand adored his father, and was dragged kicking and screaming into a relationship with his stepfather, but grew to love and respect his mother's new husband.

Alden's decision to become one of the first experiments in the cloning of his species with that of human DNA was made not only for the sake of his planet, but also in the hope that it would save the children that he considered his own.

Max and Isabel are both watching him now. Their faces reveal several emotions-apprehension is the most prevalent and well deserved.

Alden thinks to himself that now is as good a time as any to test their memory of language and means of communication.

Isabel's head tilts in his direction as he telepathically addresses her by her royal title.

Her heart begins to race when she realizes that she recognizes the language. "Is that my name?"

Everyone in the room's attention is drawn to Isabel as she moves forward and embraces the stranger. She then turns to a concerned Max, "He spoke to me in our language and I understood it."

Max is awarded the same courtesy and nods his acknowledgment that he understood but is still cautious because of the mind games exhibited by the imposter Tess.

"I understand your reluctance to accept me at face value and I'm prepared to answer all of your questions but I am very anxious to reacquaint myself with my stepchildren." He turns toward Michael and their eyes meet and hold.

"Michael, Teresa, may we go somewhere to talk?" Alden's voice cracks with emotion as he faces his wife's children whom he hasn't seen in over seventy earth years. "The last time I saw you - you were a different life form."

"What?" Michael takes a step back and is immediately joined by Teresa and Sondra.

"Michael, I know that this comes as a shock to you and that it will take some time for you to get use to the idea. But, I was married to your mother for over ten years and you and I were close at one time." Alden stops within a couple of feet of the siblings and calls Teresa by her nickname telepathically in their languange and she responds in turn addressing him as father which brings tears to his eyes.

Teresa has her arm around Michael's waist as she turns her tear stained face up to her brother acknowledging that she trusts that Alden is who he claims to be.

Teresa had given Mirror free reign of the classroom and the small dog is vying for Alden's attention by jumping up and down in front of the newly acquired family member.

Michael looks to Max who shrugs his shoulders as if to say "Your call."

Michael clears his mind and focuses, trying to establish a connection with the man standing in front of him claiming to be his stepfather.

The images are bits and pieces of recognition at first, and then memories of feelings, and lastly a name, which Michael conveys, in his native language to the man in front of him.

Hesitantly Alden moves to embrace Michael and is met with an unrestrained hug from his stepson. "It's so good to see you again, Son."

Michael, not one for public displays, pulls away first and releases his hold on Teresa to allow her an exuberant hug from their stepfather.

Michael grabs Sondra's hand for comfort and begins to scan the room looking for Maria when he feels her arm encircle his waist.

"Michael, are you okay?" Maria's voice is soft and loving as he pulls her closer into his side.

"I've never been better," as he smiles down at her and kisses her forehead.

"Hmm, Dad," It sounds strange on his lips. "I'd like for you to meet Teresa's and my sister Sondra." He propels Sondra from his side and into the welcoming embrace of Alden.

"And this," Michael lovingly looks directly into Maria's eyes as he squeezes her shoulder, "is Maria."

Maria extends her hand to the man who has his hands full with Teresa's arms around his waist as he hugs her to his side and Sondra attached to his other side.

"We can shake hands later." Maria smiles and nods her understanding.

Diane Evans takes the opportunity to go over and introduce herself to her children's uncle, as it appears Max has accepted him and acknowledges him to be who he claims.

Chatter continues around the room as more introductions are made. Alden has an audience as he conveys to his children how their mother died and how he volunteered to come to earth knowing the prophecy, which tells of Max and Isabel's deaths and their resurrection as humans.

He didn't know until a few months ago that Michael and Teresa were also cloned upon their deaths and sent to earth.

"If you left our planet before we died how did you know it was us?" Michael asks his newly acquired father.

"I followed Max and Isabel to where you lived with your foster father and your anger reminded me of how you were after your father died and I made a connection and knew it was you." Alden lets out a heavy sigh as he recalls the impact the knowledge made on his heart.

He also remembers his anger and the only recourse he could take at having Hank abuse his son. He couldn't risk that Hank would further abuse Michael or even worst expose him as a visitor.

Alden takes a deep breath before continuing, "I couldn't approach any of you until I was certain Max had accepted his destiny and that Liz was his chosen mate. The future has been laid out and any interference could change its outcome, so I waited."

"There was no need to worry about that." Max lifts Liz's chin up to receive a loving kiss. "I've know since the first time I laid eyes on her that she was the one."

"It took me a little longer," Liz laughs, answering the question before it's asked.

"Yea, I know what you mean. My son knew the minute he laid eyes on his wife that she was the one." Alden smiles to himself before looking up to see all eyes on him.

"You have a son, here, on earth?" Michael's look is incredulous.

Alden had not meant to reveal this information until he was alone with Michael and Teresa. "Yes, I have two sons and a daughter by my wife here."

"Am I to understand that your wife is human and that your biological children with her are...?" Sondra cocks her head to one side awaiting Alden's answer.

"Part human." Alden answers to the open question put forth by the medical curiosity of Dr. Sondra Gallagher.

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