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"Family Ties"
Part 16
by Syndee
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Later that night, Max and Liz retreat to her room and then to the balcony to say their goodnights.

She has yet to open the bag, which contains Aisling's necklace, and suddenly she decides that she wants to see it - to wear it.

She hands the small bag to Max to open because her fingers are suddenly all thumbs. They both look down at the 900 year old necklace, a link between their families and their species.

Liz looks up at Max as he places the necklace over her head and lifts her hair out of the way as the coarse leather tie slides around her soft neck and the pendant rests between her breasts.

His hands move to her face and his thumbs massage her cheeks. Their eyes lock and hold as he focuses blindly on her mouth, studying it, staring at it as though he is starved for the feel of her lips on his.

"Max," Liz breathes his name into his mouth for their lips are only a whisper away from each other, their bodies and souls even closer.

Their lips touch for only seconds before breaking apart. They both seem to have forgotten how to breathe because they inhale deeply before surrendering to the vortex of feelings drawing them in and holding them captive.

Liz's arms creep up and around Max's neck as his hands move down her face to the back of her neck and the sensitive area at the nape. Her head falls back and she moans her pleasure, while exposing her neck's creamy whiteness begging for attention.

There is not a spot on her body that Max hasn't explored with his mouth. Whether he has touched her here once or a million times, it always gives her pleasure.

They suddenly pull apart, eyes wide and questioning. The flash was vivid and over way too quickly.

"Max, was that "Gray Ghost?" Liz stares up into his eyes knowing instinctively that they shared the same flash.

Max lifts the pendant that was obviously a gift from his father to Liz's ancestor and wonders if it is the catalyst for their shared flash. He rubs his fingers across the emblazoned "Orb Symbol" before gently returning it to the warm crevice between Liz's breasts.

"I'm not sure. I felt the same familial stirrings that occurred when I first met Teresa - but different, almost beckoning." Max's breathing is shallow and uneven when he pulls Liz into his chest to continue their exploration of mind, body and soul.

As the kiss deepens, their minds explode into an array of images past and present, Earth and not of this earth. Max sees his alien self as his father had - compassionate and wise.

When the connection is finally broken, Max and Liz are spent not only from the passion that they've shared but from the far reaching bonds of their family ties.

They have already traveled light-years from being strangers to lovers, confiding and exploring thoughts and feelings, making personal discoveries that heightened the adventure of being together, increasing the excitement and fun while engendering a harmony that keeps strengthening and deepening. This new knowledge of alien Max will serve them well in the struggles that lie ahead.

"Goodnight Max," Nancy Parker yells from the doorway of Liz's bedroom.

They both laugh and enjoy one last kiss before Max heads for the fire escape.

"I don't think curfews were figured into the equation when I was sent here to save the planet."


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